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I got into the lore of Don't Starve thanks to my buddy @toki-wartoothxx. Hopefully I can get the game in the future but thanks to non-game materials like the comics and animations by Klei, I can appreciate the world building before I get to play the game itself. Steam summer sale wooohooooo Ready to play and maybe make comics and study sketches about.

Wilson profile.png




Such material inspired me to make art. Here's what I've drawn so far:

Wilson and Pines Twins find Apophenia


Lio has a Kodak moment with Maxwell

William Carter's Liminality

And some non-DS related art with the game style:
Klei's Herbert West

Don't Starve Bob, it's alright

Don't let the league starve

 To do list: 



  • One punch wilson blood eagles
  • what's he building in there Wilson/William carter
  • Bob and Bobby switch clothes
  • Walter Kovac's bust
  • potato cup confusion
  • bringing democracy to the pigmen
  • Inspired by Beck's farewell ride
  • Gangster skits(inspired by weird al's  "This is the life"
  • William carter and the trampled rose
  • Bedlam Harvest Moon
  • The Warrens(conjuring)
  • Wilson and Walter white(SCIENCE!)
  • Starchbottom and wickerbottom
  • Wilson and Benson switch bodies
  • Ariel on apophenia
  • You don't have to kill to be happy
  • eyeball kid-Wes
  • addicted to stress
  • I'll be mellow when I'm dead
  • Wilson ghostbuster outfit and angry abigail
  • Alchemy Piggo gets a poorly made coat from Wilson
  • Billy the saw puppet on the nightmare throne
  • Wilson and the oxygen not included mascot
  • Phelous's Old man replaces Maxwell
  • Wilson at Toonsylvania's Doc Vic's college lecture
  • Big big big Water(land before time)
  • Ib, garry, wilson, and Willow run from the portrait lady
  • webber and his kitty
  • "wes" craven
  • lucy in the sky with diamonds
  • Bobby in the Mary Poppins "votes for women" song
  • Jack Carter with jakyl making a Jack o' lantern
  • Music hymn quote
  • Little prince quote
  • Deleuze Entomo redesign
  • Wilson approaches the gate of truth from Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Cut the Rope Ohm riding a chester
  • duel between Wilson and the Mactusks
  • Hiding from Krampus Maxwell
  • Wendy on the yellow brick road
  • Prince Albert Higgsbury in a can
  • Maxwell and the knighthead
  • Ayenth and the gang playing D&D
  • Wes trying to give Wilson and Maxwell a pepsi
  • Rebel taxi sneaking up in Wendy and Abigail
  • Skeledork showing Warly the backpackhat
  • Woodie and a wyvernling in dreamfinder
  • Princess Media as a no-eyed dear
  • Webber and Wendy prank a tallbird
  • Lindsey Amer and Teddy approach Willow and Bernie
  • Weirdobob cuddling with a tallbird dakimura
  • Warly and rufus surrounded by junk crabs and crabbits
  • Wilson clinging to Deponia's Hermes
  • Slipster with a slickster
  • Jack skellington skin concepts
  • Shaking beefalo trader's hand
  • bacoon concept hunchbeast
  • Decorating a treeguard with ornaments
  • kittykit and wilbur playing with super monkey ball toy
  • Skeledork's oshnu scale collection
  • Wilson beautifies a rock lobster with a pickaxe
  • Alice Cooper "Cleansed by the fire" inspired lyrics
  • the 7d as DS gnomes
  • Layton and Wilson make robo dog for WX
  • hunch and winona beasts of notre dam
  • Going crazy in the night-Kim Carnes
  • angellobert learing at Willowca
  • fishermerm fishing
  • TMBG in DS style(Snail Shell)
  • Wendy qutes "TMBG's Let' start)
  • Woodlegs swiggety swooty\
  • Rafiki the splumunkey holding up a baby antlion simba.
  • Charlie gives Wolfgang a cat-coon puff puff(DQ8)
  •  Maxwell : Waking up alone(Paul Williams)
  • BigBird as a tall bird.
  • Hutch and hatch 
  • Warly and the gobooslet(making a gobbler, moosling, and rooslet turducken)
  •   Warly and Tiana
  •         Maxwell("You're Welcome" from Moana)
  • Grinch in the sharkkitten den
    Wizards poster redraw:Blackwolf/Max, Wilson/avatar, wx/peace, wigfrid/weehawk, charlie/elanor
  •    Maui steals the pig king's horn
  •        Wilson screaming "Citation needed"
  •        kids try to fix my engineer glasses
  •   Albert wakes up in a bikini bod t-shirt
  • ·klei artist(may) drawing a g on wolfgang's face
  •  Skeledork as a Dragon Quest Skeleton
  •  webber sleeping on Wilson's head
  •  cult of bonesaw
  • Black mirror: I wish it were christmas everyday(voxola radio)
  •  Wilson is a raindog too
  •  Manstroll as Webber and Willow asking Wilson and Maxwell about Base
  •  Obelix chiseling a obilesk next to the pig king.
  •   Angellobert and jessicillow dancing by monster trick
  •  Wilson carving a pi symbol on a wooden apple
  •  Jessicillow in the bunny suit and next to the sexyleg tallbird
  • kittykit pounces angry parent catcoon
    Miranda lotto and Gorge broken clock
    Skeledork mermsona 
  • Pengulls cuddling Kemono's Hururu
  • Drunken treeguards and berry bush sing "I'm a christmas tree/Hanukah bush"
  • Willow and Wilani dressed as Carman miranda
  •   yangus on a beefalo and wilson on a sabercat
  • Woody accidentally cuts his cheek while hugging Lucy
  •  Maxwell mispronouncs Higgsbury
  •  Wilson I'm still standing
  •   South park Woodie
  •     Wilson wonders what to do with cowpats
  •   Wolfgang and xibalba in military outfits
  •  Wendy and Wes-I can't understand the parisians(Gigi)
  •  Warly and Deponia's Gulliver
  • Wolfgang and Deponia's Bozo
  •  Wilson and Jumba Jukeeba working on experiments
  •   Charlie-Winter was warm
  •  Wx Mr Roboto(Kilroy Kilroy)
  •  Tom Waits using a clockwork knight as a accordion("cold cold ground")
  •  pigking and pugna as hogfathers
  • beyblade tortanks
  • lord hater and his army of smallbirds
  • jack skellington scares wilson in pumpkin king outfit
  • filmmaker oc and projectionist from bendy
  • wilson and starswirl the bearded
  • JAck and Wilon pimping the snowmobile
  • Winona the were hamster
  • WX declares Monika as best waifu
  • WX idolizes issac from the orville
  • starver gang as scooby doo characters
  • orphan willow on Merrymaker maxwell's shoulder
  • Winona to Maxwell "You're so dark you crap bats"
  • jouste the drawberian as Woodie
  • Whistling away the dark-henry mancini
  • Maxwell into the swamp by beefalo
  • Willow hugs the magma golem from Forge
  • Willow shows off the golem to spite princess Elsa
  • Maxwell with petrify tome; Wickerbottom and magma tome; wilson and living staff;willow and infernal staff; all pointing items up in unity
  • Don't starve brad pitt yells "What's in the box" at ungifting Wilson
  • Pugna singing "Gaston":I use antlers in all of my decorating
  • Woodie with spiral spear; Lucy looking up with worry as she hears the goofy yell sound effect
  • Batman confusing "Piggsbury" for Professor Pyg
  • Crow T. Robot replaced by clockwork bishop
  • Haunted Palace Vincent Price in the quagmire with merms
  • The pigmen complain to tallbirds about how the angry birds movie is anti-pig propoganda
  • Wilson as indiana jones preparing to get pig idol
  • ds cast larping in forge outfits
  • webber puts fake teeth in bernie
  • beck - beer can("old man eating all my food"[maxwell]; "running like a flaming pig"[Piggsbury]
  • black coffee-louis prima
  • tom waits plays one man  band with skin trader
  • Wilson on the cold cold ground
  • Beck - Beer can[wendy]"I'm sad and unhappy]
  • Maxwell makes a propoganda newspaper
  • Men from deliverance chanse a pigman
  • Webber curling up in a critter rock
  • Wendy blending with the lureplants
  • Mandrake wes among the mandreakes
  • Lureplant wendy and mandrake wes ride a reanimated skeleton
  • Shrek's donkey and dragonfly
  • Charlie -TMBG "In the dark"

  • Wortox offended at Krampwell

Walani and the penguins from Surf's up
  • Luffy's gonna be king of the pigmen

  • lureplant in super mario bros

  • Maxwell "I'm all alone in the world" McGoo's Christmas

  • Maxwell as the Winter warlock and Woodlegs as Winterbolt, Wolfgang as Kubla Kraus

  • "Gluteus Maxwellmus"/Name calling

  • John Dee and the mr. skits in the flask

  • Walani "apohlstery"(Phantom of the paradise)

  • Wind in the literal Willows

  • Willow Forge squad

  • "We can do it"(rosie the riveter) Bernie parody

  • "Just another day" Oingo Boingo

  • Wilson calling for Albert but gets Wayne's Vargling instead

  • Beck "Diamond bollocks" ("Some dead world that looked so new")

  • Beck Nobody's fault("When the moon is a counterfit")

  • Warly makes stargazy pie, carrot cake, toad in the hole, dragon roll

  • Skeledork and Wigfrid meat obsession

  • batilisk webber and bat handpuppet

wendy the tentacle loli Wicker and max using the oshnu scale to measure gems, Wilson records
  • Disney Puppy dog pals with max and charlie's faces

  • Webber asks if wendy shaved her eyebrows

  • Wilson explains what owning a pet is to WX[like stroking its fur], Wx asks if they're bonding while petting wilson

  • Charlie as the queen from Mozart's Magic Flute

  • Volgus as a pitpig

  • Winterfeast wayfare man



  • Webber and Max "Beauty underneath" from Love Never Dies

  • Starvers carol "Angels we have heard from high", max hams/bellows "in excelsus dio"

  • Winona drawn in Studio Ghibli style

  • Wilson using Magnificent beard as a blanket

  • DS in broodhollow style

  • Cancaning Woodlegs

  • Wilson questions the holiday structure and time in the Constant

  • pugna vs Captain underpants


  • Little debbie(riptide pow);'s Don't starve powcakes

  • Maxwell reenacting Felix Colgrave's Tainted Goods

  • Jack Skellington tries to steal Charlie's gift giving job

  • Wilson Piggsbury skin as a Boarrior

  • Laika the space age thulian astronaut

  • Forge Wayne confused for Cloud strife

  • Charlie - Already Dead(Beck)

  • Skeledork remembers grandfather when looking at Maxwell

  • Ghost pop teru-teru bozu bsheing hanged by Wendy

  • Wickerbottom got ran over by a no-eyedeer


  • Winter feast carol ends; wendy continues with "He's not dead but sleeping" from comedy of terrors

  • woody and wickerbottom topiary

  • Skeledork tries to teach Gizmo to hunt

  • Buddy the elf screams at the pig king that he's not the real santa

  • Curier and Ives inspired piece

  • Taking gold out of my purse hat

  • Maxwell offers cigars after victory/rest of class decline

  • Willow notices Bobbie's sunflower and shows her lighter

  • Wilson in Powerpuff style a la professor utonium

  •  Pitpug(doggy pitpig)


  • wes and maxwell as Cobbler and zigzag


  • Skeledork's growing bag collection and Wilson questioning(comic-con reasons)

  • Wilson, Winona, and dr finklestine work on robotic no-eye deer skeleton

  • woodie sewing with skeledork

  • Winona improving scale furnace

  • decorating the cemetary for winter feast

  • icicles, red berries, holly, and snow carol

  • Maxwell feeling demeaned by Jack Skellington's Maxwell costume

  • Wickerbottom as a kitchen witch

  • Warly makes a deviled egg recipe

  • Porky pig as a pigman

  • Maxwell reenacting John Wellington Wells

  • Close up of Skin trader's face[tiniest violin]

  • Pigking swimming in gold like scrooge mcduck

  • Catghost banana terrifying Wilbur

  • Tall hall-Taken for a ride"Though chemistry is gone"

  • Silence is one letter away from science

  • Loli squad protecting Wendy

  • Tally Hall-Ruler of Everything[max]

  • Warly hurries a dish to the gnaw altar

  • Wendy & Webber with Wilson as the Caractacus Potts family

  • Roses of success-Wilson, woodlegs, Wallace, Webber & Woodie

  • Webber inches away from Bam-bam the gingerbread man

  • Wilson "I'm tired of plans" rant


  • Wolfgang&Maxwell German rappers: Tragic Error

  • Grinch WX grinches the krampus

  • Fedora tipping Winter M'Goose

  • John McClaine shoots a mandrake(playstation die hard trilogy)

  • Tallbird tries hatching a m'Goose egg

  • Willow as a moth

  • Maxwell and Wilson Eels Mighty Boosh

  • WX ruins the caroling for others

  • Webber asks WX if they're nudists

  • Wilson's winterfall skin gets to his head(sheriff star)

  • Triumphant Wes among the umbrella academy

  • Warly makes his own john&kim chocolate bees

  • Winterfall skin Wilson and Quoth's Wes frost

  • Winterfall webber and JAck Skellington snowmen cosplay

  • Samara reminds Wilson he'll get a beard in 7 days

  • Dragonfly life cycle

  • Wilson is wondering why he's staring at his gift for several minutes, turns out skeledork is screaming at thier laptop to load

  • Little wilson and the rathergood crabbits

  • Boarrior surrounded by pigladies

  • Wilson & Winona finally build a submarine

  • Tankus the henge - Riddles

  • Tankus the henge - hat(skeledork)

  • Home alone 2 - "Hello pals"(Wilson and Albert as boys, Skin trader and Max behind them)

  • Skeledork bothering max by asking lore questions

  • Antlion sleeps tonight

  • 7 seconds of love - submarine

  • Glottis from Grim Fandango picks up Chester

  • Artistcrab's Hamilton singing a song from the play

  • Tom Waits - Innocent when you dream(MAxwell and eggnog)

  • Wickerbottom as perchten

  • Super WX vs winterfeast deerclops and lazer

  • MAxwell - Dance magic dance

  • skin trader and wilson - bushes of love(bad lip reading)

  • Some kind of nature- Gorillaz

  • Tom Waits - Briar and the rose

  • Gumtree designs

  • Winwood, Wilson, & max pursuade a weary Skeledork into their ethics

  • "come let us anew" hymn("and sit on my throne")

  • Wolfgang wants to friendly wrestle with dragoon and Wildbore(IT's his way of hugging)

  • Wolfgang changes bathing suits, there's no difference

  • Finding out what's underneath sorpeon's helmet

  • Skeledork compares MAxwell to the lanky man from Abadazad

  • Pink koelefants on parade

  • Skin trader as torgo "it'll be getting dark soon", with wilson saying "That's my line"

  • Wendy drawn in mangaka One style

  • photographing the cemetary

  • skeledork electrocuted while milking volt goat

  • wilson trying to invent while kids making noise behind him

  • don't starve monsters in yellow submarine style

  • Woodlegs-I am what I am(harry nilson)

  • Snowfall wilson and healing staff

  • Wendy does that one scene from umbrella academy dallas where number 5 feels free

  • Grace and her peppermint trees

  • badfish-sublime

  • artistcrab wickerbottom and her cellphone

  • ocelotina and winona use tape on empowered

  • antlion raving


  • nubby and that one girl from shimoneta sharing their degenerate hobbies

  • maxwell shouts from behind Wes "Dammit wesly"

  • maxwell - macarthur park

  • frank sinatra comes accross hallowed nights winona lounging

  • bob as a knight of hamilton

  • driving over frogs: before and after constant

  • wilson reacts to webber's beard

  • wendy as gert from I hate fairyland

  • ONI's synthetic brain came from DS's Bigfoot

  • Wilson "I love the smell of science in the morning"

  • Wilson and willow as dexter and deedee

  • back in the crowd(Tom Waits)-Maxwell

  • Pay me(tom waits)-starvers

  • do wxs dream of voltgoat-ewecus hybrids 

  • Marvin the Martian gives Sorpeon another helmet

  • Bearger wants to know who touched his ratatootoo(spaghet bear meme)

  • Krusty replaces Sideshow Mel with pigmen

  • Queen of winter with black deerclops

  • Max and wendy have a emo family bonding moment


  • Doro's wigfrid helmet has a doge head

  • webber in pigmen pajamas

  • Wilson "To bee or not to bee"

  • Wilson snowfallen skin like johnny storm

  • There's a light in every brave(princess and the goblin)

  • Wolfgang in the style of allmight

  • Tsuyu Asui in frog rain

  • Maxwell through the ages

  • Cornfed approaches a pigman and Duckman jokes about their intelligence

  • Wilson gives Willow a brassier

  • Wigfrid "Kill da wabbit"

  • Winwood sings Tom Waits's "I'm a alterboy" with drunk treeguards

  • "Do you want to hide a body" frozen parody with Charlie and winona

  • Wickerbottom reprimands honey from skeledork

  • Wendy, Willow, and Abigail in pop team epic style

  • Wilson sings "pirates life for me" but gets interruptedwhen Willow burns the ship when he says the word "ignite"

  • Warly questions about the portholes on his ship not having cannons

  • Toucan perches on toucan sam

  • Korosensei surrounded by rainbow jellyfish

  • crow dances the worm

  • Hamlet shopkeeper surrounded by unimplemented shopkeepers

  • Maxwell silver hammer

  • Wilson being defended by Phoenix Wright

  • Winona is the tools shopkeeper

  • chronometrophobia(Andre3000)

  • Peridot as a wyverling

  • Trucy Wright shows off at MAxwell

  • Wendy makes Webber carry the old bell

  • Hound chases mosquito

  • Hyouka Fuwa observes the alchemy machine

  • pigman as the piggly wiggly logo

  • jackass-beck

  • Wilson tries endless amount of weatherpains on deerclops

  • DS cast in space patrol luluco style

  • priapus enjoying the grumblebees

  • Wilson wears his piggsbury outfit among the hamlet civilians

  • Wigfrid as MArvel's thor and Maxwell as loki

  • Hamless(kittykit staring at a selfish pigman holding ham)

  • Wes as brother power the geek

  • Rock lobster in the fifth element

  • Ethan from H3H3 shows his frosted tips to snowfallen wilson

  • Wilson observes that Max's Verdant skin has facial hair

  • Woodlegs with a crabbit backpack

  • crablante(one punch man) surrounded by crabbits

  • Woodlegs making his pirate hat

  • Wigfrid and woodlegs having a hat-off

  • Lehi confuses Maxwell's tooth trap as the leohona

  • Fumikage Tokoyami playing with a terrorbeak

  • Skeledork theorizes why they're scared of Maxwell

  • Forge Wilson "Arise chicken, arise"

  • Woodie vs woodie woodpecker

  • Wolfgang catcalling Wigfrid compared to skeledork catcalling a catcoon

  • Kittykit sitting on Wilson's project

  • Maxwell talks about his childhood as wilson pictures him in a little lord fontaroy outfit

  • Webber-Dream stuff(5000 fingers of Dr. T)

  • Samurai wigfrid and winona riding beefalo with forge battle standards behind their saddle

  • Boarilla a la king kong

  • Verdant Maxwell in the ganja mod

  • Pokemon trainer Wilson with pikachu and joltik

  • Webber hiding from Maxwell in his snowfallen skin during winter

  • Willow and Wilani doing a firedance while wearing the piggsbury skin and Willow wearing the dragonfly hallow nights head

  • Voltgoat and krampus with Discord heads

  • DQ8 dancers replaced by the pig showgirls

  • Grace uses the hound whistle on Nero

  • broken umbrella in the rain

  • flup vs tentacle

  • Flups and Monkeys being annoying

  • Oingo Boingo I love little girls wendy fandom

  • Forge Wes as ultimate warrior WWE

  • Pig Power in the house pitpig boaron commercial

  • A real hero WX

  • Woodie drinking with the McKenzie brothers

  • Rose wilson and survivor Wickerbottom Sweeny todd  "By the sea"

  • Chuck Manglione "Feels so good"-Wilson, Maxwell, Whyatt

  • Maxwell and Wendy with princess Ariel's hair

  • raining keropii

  • Doki Doki Maxwell and Wilson chibis

  • Spudz mckenzie as a vargling

  • Pigman wears a piggy back while another looks disgusted

  • venture bros lepiderists surrounded by butterflies

  • wilson switches heads on the maxwell and cherub statues

  • Maxwell tries to censor Wendy wearing the wolfgang forge armor

  • Wilson gets fed up with skeledork calling all critters "Gizmo"

  • Kittykits singing on fences

  • Maxwell the dark knight(batman)

  • Goku thinks a pigman is oolong

  • Chester chestnut tree

  • Combine the wilson seasonal portraits in the timer

  • Wigfrid hanging with asterix and obolix

  • Wilson chopping trees with the weatherpain

  • skin trader slips away

  • "If the fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise"-william blake/maxwell

  • Wendy asks webber if he gave birth to the forge spider trio


  • Wilson and wendy dab with the hound whistles

  • Gay Puree Buggy ride song(Maxwell and Charlie)

My world is beginning today-Santa Claus is coming to town(Charlie)

  • Molier from Atlantis nibbling flints with the Constant Moles

  • One step ahead-Mad Monster Party

  • Wilson aerosmith Fling On

  • Wormwood priest singing "I'm a alterboy"

  • Wilson and Willow in the nauticle skins

  • Webber plays uno with his babies

  • Hamlet relic being praised by the gnomes

  • Pigman in saw robe

  • Sheer kahn triggered by Willow lighting a flower

  • Happiness - scrooge(Charlie and Maxwell)

  • Deponia's Ronny surrounded by evil flowers

  • Gizmo and cosmic sleeping on skeledork

  • Wilson telling maxwell the line from screw-on head about forbidden candy

  • Wigfrid dragged by her rainbow robot unicorn helmet

  • Webber sends Maxwell to the cornfield


  • Webber as film director "Quentin tarantula"

  • Put on your sunday clothes-Hello Dolly(Wilson and Albert)

  • The tiny - Closer(Charlie)

  • Aileen Rose ancient wes painting

  • Charlie Addler as MAxwell's assistant

  • Forge love story: Crocomander and pig audience member

  • Never smile at a crocodog - peter pan

  • Yokai watch's insomni with wickerbottom

  • Maxwell is... THE NOSE

  • Hatches stowing away in a hutch

  • Klaus cosplaying as popeye

  • Crocomander playing basketball with Tyrone Rex

  • Walani and ballphin cosplaying as Sue Nami

  • Chester a bum in chester

  • Webber pulls tyrone rex's arm for a adventure

  • Winona inspired by the gen forcer poster

  • skeledork's arm mauled by a fat catcoon

  • maxwell as binzuru statue

  • maxwell skeleton and kneeling boon comparison

  • Totem pole like the pig light

  • Wigfrid forced to eat vegetables by bunnymen

  • boarrior and scorpeon switch helmets

  • wx and ok ko's daryl

  • maxwell keeps screwing up abra kadabra[pokemon and skylanders cobra kadabra]

  • raving boarrior

  • boarrior cosplaying as willow

  • webber wearing a hoodie with a spider resting in the hoodie hood

  • Wolfgang a image of a modern general - gilbert and sullivans

  • wolfgang on jack carter's postcard

  • glom-glom resting in the Maxwell's forge hood

  • boarrior caught blepping as he sleeps

  • ren and stimpy log song

  • santa muerte charlie with screecher owl

  • willow tries to use winter dragonfly as a mistletoe on wilson

  • winter mooselings as mumbo and charles from duckman

  • kittykit resting in splumonkey house

  • wendy, webber, and wilson reading comics

  • wilson and jack work on the holiday portal

  • WX calls wilson a incel

  • wendy in a madoka magica outfit

wendy as lilo "My friends need to be punished"

  • ruffled up kittykit being held

  • skeledork accidentally throws a ball at cosmic's face

  • red dwarf cast as canaries

  • pugna as the hello neighbor guy

  • woodlegs singing whale of a tale

  • skeledork overstuffs their beefalo with dragonpies

  • kittykit, wyvernling, and beefalo need help with their mating

  • pugna confronts his concept self

  • wilson and maxwell struggle to complement each other

  • beefalo herd as a frog rain magnet

  • wilson asks ayden paladin to talk dirty to him

  • the pets(included beefalo) whine to be fed

  • MLP ponies confused by pitpigs baldspot as a cutie mark

  • valentine chest inspired spider

  • wilson has trouble reading skeledork's writing

  • pigking issues crimes of arson, murder, jaywalking, and spider

  • Maxwell and charlie as a alchemical rebis

  • ds versions of the gruff kids as gnaw occultists

  • thunder thunder thunder thunderkittykits hooooooooooooooo

  • Skeledork protects a tamed catcoon from feral catcoons

  • skeledork squees about stargazy pie

  • poisoning pigeons in the park Gnaw redux

  • Wilson squees over a sleeping sharkitten

  • thomas wictor starver sprite

  • wilson in frumplequest style

a7xsparx's astrid drawn as disney's mushu

  • L3-37 nags the hell out of WX-78 about robot rights

  • Dear wolfgang, how do you type with your boxing gloves on

  • Wilson protects wendy from shadman

  • Wilson as sammy lawrence("time for bed")

  • WX-78 as zenyatta

  • skeledork and warly: batalisk rights activist

  • Wilson pours a bunch of pomade on Wes

Snowfallen wilson and willow ice ice baby

  • woodie tells skeledork they overapologize

  • kittykit overnuzzles wilson

  • catcoon wants warly's coffee

  • wilson and the roses of success

  • tallbird kindereggs

  • wilson as hunter s thompson "Cant stop here, its batalisk country

  • webber "Can't sleep, pigmen will chase me"

  • Wilson has nightmare of turning into MAxwell

  • I'm the woodie, I eat the trees-Hallowed Nights

  • woodie in dr suess style

  • frogs - sma grodorna

  • series of unfortunate events webber wendy and

    abigail chased by maxwell

  • walani a la gilligans island

  • wilson asks mr hyde wolfgang if he wants to hide

  • Walani surfing starving usa

  • charlie and maxwell "It's our time to shine" (Mad monster party)

  • wilson tries playing fetch with werewolf woodie

  • tsundere wendy

  • mcdonaldland's sundae as a hound

  • skeledork offers wendy and webber star gazy pie

  • Antlion cub

  • aerosmith fling on

  • toadstool themed drekko

  • Webber plays with a toy boat

  • crocodog chasing tigershark

  • Willow as nero burning rome(her happy place)

  • "When spiderwebs unite, they can tie up a antlion"

  • Yangus teaches webber the underpants dance

  • Young wilson, willow, schoolgirl wendy,

    victorian webber: Another brick in the wall-pink floyd

  • Gruu the grue surrounded by wx-78 minions

  • Maxwell has p.t. flea and plankton as his shoulder angels

  • Wilson saying "I don't dig this" while hitting a mole with a shovel

  • twice upon a time wes and wilson

  • Fred Flintstone, Barney and wilson and the order of the water buffolo

  • Wilson the punomancer

  • Verdant Wigfrid riding a reanimated skeleton

  • frans van baars as a constant starver

  • pigman does a anti-goat government protest song

  • wendy drinks some depresso


  • Tom Waits "Good old world" gorge goats

  • Wilson and JAck Skellington "Out on the open road" (Goofy movie)

  • Willow worries wendy slits her wrist, reveals she messed with Wilson's kittykit

  • Wilson and Winona engineer a whirligig

  • Wilson called MAxwell a taro-ist during a fortune telling reading

  • Tankus the henge - Who's gonna catch ya(MAxwell)

  • Ska trumpet music battle Wilson vs Maxwell

  • Deponia rufus tries making a kittykit mail

  • ethan van sciver's cyberfrog aiming at wilson

  • kittykit tries to eat horsehair out of wilson's chair

  • David Hasselhoff-jump into my car(Maxwell)

  • Victorian Wayne working with Wes

  • DS Shank with a machete lunging at Pugna

  • Hamlet thief as scarlet pimpernel

  • I beg your pardom-Tom Waits(Charlie and Maxwell)

  • Hamlet mayor and pig lady dancing like Fizzywig and his wife

  • Sammy and pipton as fishermerms

  • Origin of Gizmo and Cosmic

  • Chimchimaree victorian wes

  • JoeW as a police officer calming down excited klei forum denizens

  • DQ8 Wilson and Pipton as navii the merm fairy

  • Harry Nilson-Jump into the fire(Willow)

  • We bare bears charlie dressed as charlie

  • The gorge burger dance-Dj Otzi

  • billiam and webber have a cute off

  • Winona makes Sandra Lee's kwanza cake for Warly

  • Billiam riding his bicycle with Webber

  • Wilson and Jack cook with the Corpse Bride chefs

  • Skeledork nuzzled by Cosmic on sleeping roll

  • Woodie flirts with Mumsy to Lucy's dismay

  • skeledork and pipton trade hats

  • Jolly holiday with wes and Pengulls

  • Skeledork feeds a batalisk bananas

  • Demon king koro sensei teases Dragon quest Maxwell

  • Wigfrid glares at the marvel thor comic

  • Merm smug pepe meme

  • Mumsy and billiam at a funeral

  • Wilson putting maxwell's foot in his mouth in frustration

  • Wes, winona, and Wilson trade aprons

  • Wilson tries to prove his art skills to spit the signs

  • Wilson loans mumsy his physician coat so she can pose in front of the queen statue

  • billiam finds pipton drunk on the floor, poking him with a stick

  • Wilson fishes a sharx from the saltpond

  • billiam stalking a old beefalo


  • Webber gives skin trader a wonkydonkey grossglobe

  • wolfgang detroit smashes pugna

  • Albert pretends to arrest mumsy for no knife license

  • Mumsy and billiam cosplay as toriel and asriel

  • mumsy and billiam in J G Quintel style

  • I rather be dead(harry nilson)-wendy


  • Billiam football/hockey

  • Gizmo and green puft have a stare off

  • Washu and wilson chemistry explosion

  • Wilson tries to break down a forge dart scientifically

  • Village elder and master splinter chat while having tea

  • elder pig salt bank

  • wilson worries for Mumsy's senility when she refers to herself as a lamb

  • Billy snuggles a wooly drekko

  • Wickerbottom in a recovery girl cosplay

  • Maxwell- With great power comes a ton of paperwork

  • Pugna snuggled by Mumsy and Billiam

  • Piggsbury fashion

  • Coolcat tries to snuggle Hallownights Wendy and webber to everyone else's horror

  • Sammy and pipton dressed up as Flim and Flam from MLP

  • Sammy giving billiam toffees

  • Mumsy tells the Wooly drekko about her "lambhood"

  • Kittykit hiding in gorge vase

  • merm pepe

  • cold-brains by Beck

  • Billiam playing with pebble crabs

  • pig elder with Dark crystal mystics

  • charlie and the victorian maxwell beast redux

  • The gnaw turned Wilson into a log

  • Wilson picks paints for his hamlet house

  • MArk twain - Teaching a pig to sing(wickerbottom)

  • wilson and kittykit in simon's cat artstyle

  • Webber playing with G.A.T. toys as he sings the theme song

  • verdant woodie cosplaying as Krillin

  • Webber wearing catcoon suit being snuggled by skeledork

  • WX: There is logic in what he says(Doctor Who)

  • Maxwell lord snoke cosplay

  • twa sisters(abigail, wendy, charlie, winona)-Tom Waits

  • Year of the piggsbury(starvers wearing pigguard heads)

  • wolfgang and warly watching soccor tournament

  • WX as the wiz tin man

  • wickerbottom Hallowed Nights bleats at Mumsy

  • Wilson: Wes doesn't know the meaning of the word surrender, and he's french!

  • Maxwell and the annuls of PAracelsus

  • Gorge pig goes to the eyedoctor

  • skeledork lets cosmic fistbump with their head

  • Webber recreates the toby mcguire spider-fail wrist scene

  • Woodie offers bearger fat pomade to WesGuest of Wilson and wendy mope at a party

  • Mumsy does a political campeign to clear the swamp of pigs

  • Wilson tiptoe through the tulips of the antlion cracks

  • wickerbottom has a confrontation of Ardelia Lortz

  • Jeff Agala seems to draw similar archetypes

  • Jan stresses to nome

  • Wes as Jarith the goblin king

  • Three Cabilleros in the forge

  • applejack and winona working

  • Applejack's dog Winona with the lady's head and yokai watch's mangy mutt

  • Jonah Jamison wants pictures of Webber

  • When Sammy and pipton were goats

  • Wild James wes and Wilson as Artemis Gordon

  • Pipton smothers Sammy with Worries

  • George Foreman as a merm

  • Wolfgang as Sargent shultz and Maxwell as Colonel Klink

  • Wilson inspecting Bendy Bacon soup can

  • Winona and my father have a intense conversation on cars

  • Woodie cosplaying as kemono friends beaver

  • Wilson, wendy, and webber riding a beefalo("are we there yet" "Don't make me turn this beefalo around!")

  • Antlion wishes kemono friend waifus were real

  • sammy with a MHA Asui dakimakura

  • Wilson Emoji

  • Extra cute sammy

  • Wilson chatting in goat society with a pig butler

  • Webbah the spidah "I gotta believe!"

  • Wes as muppet's beaker

  • grumblebee's pudgy hands

  • lambshank on a ewecus

  • wigfrid fangirls over the stamford bridge viking

  • Who's afraid of the bid bag werepig

  • John wickerbottom

  • winona does lasso practice with cowboy wes

  • verdent maxwell with forge healing items

  • Walani and sue nami ride cyborca

  • Wigfrid trains wilson like yoda "Run fast, fatboy!"

  • webber catching a rabbit on a fishing pole with a carrot

  • wendy braids webber's beard

  • schoolboy webber with knee pants

  • mumsy stretching portrait

  • gnaw occultists

  • Woodie introduces lucy to his mother(that looks like a ewecus)

  • Wx notices wortox has his anatomy

  • Skin trader riding donkey olli

  • Woodie to Lucy(Goldmine-H3h3)

  • Stephen King's sun dog chapter 9(description of a hound)

  • Gladiator wes dueling a maxwell shadow fencer

  • Boarrior blepping

  • Frog outfit webber "Hippity Hoppity get off my property"

  • Easter bunnyman delivering pugna and krampus easter eggs.

  • Wx and wigfrid say their not yelling

  • w.i.p. wx tells victorian wilson he has a monocle too

  • How I view wes compared to the fandom

  • Skeledork sings the ducktales theme which makes woodie goes bonkers

  • wilson criticizes tyrone rex's jumping skills

  • Wilson inspects wimpgang'sclothes

  • Maxwell and wilson on the road to hamlet(Bob Hope/Bing crosbyparody)

  • Aggretsuko tries to serve pig king

  • Hallowed nights regular and ice varients for skeledork

  • Webber's winter fur coat

  • Jordon peterson on rock lobsters

  • Skeledork, webber, and wendy garder, skeledork teaches them the guantanimo bay watering can technique

  • Wilson wants skeledork to stop picking their nose

  • Gnaw is fed pancakes, demons screech in horror

  • Maxwell asks Wilson for a plan, Wilson explains and Maxwell interrupts by repeating the same question to Wilson's frustration

  • Tankus the henge- You can do anything

  • Swinggrowers – Butterfly

  • Merm cuddling a hutch

  • Wilson crashing to sleep on his typewriter

  • Wx-not the future(bad lip reading)

  • Wilson and Woodie drunk "Show me the way to go home"

  • Woodie's werebeaver form waddling

  • wilson uses brain of thought as a floaty device when swimming

  • drecko and grassgecko staring

  • Maxwell says "he's not nice" as glomglom nuzzles him

  • [wolfgang and wilson]empires-Singrowers

  • (wilson)Harry Nilsson-Gotta Get up

  • Maxwell checking out Wickerbottom in bikini as he lowers sunglasses

  • (Maxwell)Tom Waits-Tango til they're sore

  • (Willow)Harry Nilsson-Jump into the fire

  • Wilson spazzes out about the floral shirt to Maxwell's annoyance

  • Webber drawn in Chris Sanders style

  • Wickerbottom disdains over floral shirt

  • Lazygorge cooking by the book

  • Wallace enjoys the breeze of Wolfgang's Mactusk wrap

  • Skeledork cringing over Cosmic in heat

  • Willow watches Wilson mock Maxwell with puns, yelling B U R N

  • Skeledork asks Maxwell to stop staring

  • Woodlegs steals Avatar's wizard clothes to Maxwell's horror

  • Year of the "Etc" Wendy and Winnie ewelet herding with a pedigree vargling

  • (Webber)Alice Cooper-Lullaby

  • (Bobbie Walters)Swingrowers-Butterfly

  • Skellington squeeing over the hallowed light skin

  • Wilson and Benson drunk over buffolo wings

  • Maxwell yells at Skeledork to stop apologizing

  • wickerbottom calls Webber a precious child in front of him and he fidgets

  • Lucy squees over werewolf woodie

  • Oneyplays kh 16 German oont, wilson mocks wigfrid behind her back

  • Wigfrid barges into C.B. Cebulski's office in rage over norse misinformation

  • Deadpool tries to hit on Wickerbottom

  • Wilsons singing Microwave wings, willow cringes

  • Sammy was just as derpy as a goat before he was a merm

  • (Wilson)Ashley Slater-Top hat, white tie and tails

  • Wilson and Willow in catnapped style

  • (Wilson and Maxwell)Sesame street-I like you

  • (Wilson)Tom Waits-Ain't going down

  • Iron maiden-run to the hills

  • Victorian Winona forges a iron maiden for wendy's birthday

  • Wolfgang vs glass joe

  • WX shrek cosplay

  • Willow squeamish about dead eels but wilson's isn't sure

  • Wilson shows two eels to willow and mashes them together to make it look like they're kissing, "That's aMORAY!" Willow burns his hair

  • Lambchop as a ewelet

  • Charlie and maxwell in the style of calvin's parents

  • Wendy as Alice Lidell assisting the wasp/beequeen in a wig

  • Woodie and wilson flying a plane

  • Wilson and Maxwell ask skeledork to do caricatures

  • (Charlie and max)Cole porter-You're the top

  • (MAxwell)One- Harry nilsson

  • Everything is food - Harry nilsson

  • Wolfgang lohr-Dizzy(Willow and charlie)

  • Soupy gorge-7 seconds of love

  • Wilson comments how the scale oven is alive

  • Wilson imagines maxwell as a rat(a la gay puree)

  • General Ackbar startles sammy and pipton about dumbella

  • Wilson realizes Jack Skellington can feel pain

  • Maxwell wonders why I like Whisper from Yokai Watch more

  • Supernaturals-Smile(Wilson and Wendy)

  • Video killed the Radio star

  • Wendy and wonderland's MAry Ann

  • Rick Sanchez turning into a merm

  • Wilson merm whines about his predicament while on the floor

  • BeckNausea

  • Wilson and webber having a cooking eating contest

  • Beck- up all night(The starvers)

  • (MAxwell)Slim thug-like a boss[Groose pitlight mix]

  • Beck-dear life

  • Just a robot in a WX cosplay

  • Skeledork making miso soup

  • Wilson assists Jack Skellington with flower garland

  • Kittykit pomf on the sleeping mat

  • Skeledork asks maxwell if they're incel

  • WX forces Wilson to feed him honey nuggets

  • Woodie tells shrek he can taste the swamp in bunwich

  • Webber goes "owo what's this"

  • Catcoon hoarding frogleg from kittykit

  • Raspberry shake faints in front of winona

  • Wilson, max, wolfgang, and wendy in maxx style

  • alex jones and wolfgang mighty form flexing

  • Wilson lily night rider and Webber chrysanthymum

  • Skeledork enjoying burch nutter butters

  • Webber pretends he's a dinosaur

  • Woodlegs uses krampus's lock on the booty bag

  • Woodlegs tossing coins into the air

  • (Gary and his demons)Wilson and woodie "Sun is gonna shine"

  • Wilson-retsko 9091-89 the death to MAxwell dirge(aggretsuko)

  • Wilson, willow, and webber going down a hill while in a shopping cart

  • Alethea and Donny Jepp pirate parrots

  • Rock lobster triggered by lobster recipies

  • Wx eyeing Lyndsy Lamor's ukelele as she sings

  • Skin trader's missing boot

  • Skeledork paints trojan horses with mlp colors with mewthemew

  • Headless and limbless catcoons

  • Willow maniacally throwing obsidian bombs

  • winona ready to use obsidian workbench

  • maxwell summoning a fencer with his codex

  • Maxwell as the club leader from eyes wide shut

  • Willow sailor moon with star caller staff

  • Pepe deluxe-in the cave

  • Skeledork and wilson jerk and seaweed lunchbreak

  • dumbella pomf pomf break

  • Dumbella wearing a dumbrella

  • Wilson and Maxwell at the black lodge from Twin Peeks

  • Wilson, willow andmaxwell (Ghost of stephen foster)

  • Wilson(Cuphead) &Maxwell(King dice)Dice house

  • Maxwell tells a tired Wilson to stop making a groggy expression

  • Maxwell tells Wilson to stop being frustrated which leads to Wilson's breaking point

  • Wilson as a stitchpunk

  • Wes with a more defined outfit

  • 1930s space age Wilson and WX

  • Wendy shares the voodoo doll with the pig king

  • Constant bohemoth ancient guardian and Leviathan Quacken

  • Nicotene and gravy-Beck(MAxwell and charlie)

  • Stinky makes max into Maxwell

  • Turn the lights off- Tally Hall

  • Wes the arteest

  • Wilson asks Maxwell why he's trying to do a American accent

  • Wolfgang wonders about Skeledork's "Championship belt" when it's just a strap from a bag.

  • H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon Merm description

  • Wilson 2018 valentine with skeledork stealing the plans to figure out what he's making

Wx in liquid peptonoid fashion
Wilson thinks back to his boyhood reading Frank reader JR.
Wilson lightly pinches hand of bee specimines
Step right up-Tom Waits(MAxwell)
Wendy dressed as Alia Altreides
Oxygen not included Woodie and Lucy(dimension of love-tenchi muyo)
Queendotkong-Lady Sovereign(Charlie)
Bara squad: Wolfgang, pugna, pig king... And Wilson
Wilson squees over A. Robida's Sci-fi art of 1879
Wx steals hazard from Pugna
Wx is the fastest thing alive(sonic satam)
Missing someone-DJ quads(Maxwell)
Let's face the music and dance
Maxwell as number2 from the prisoner
(WX) D-code Dust devil
(Charlie)Gangster Paradise-Robyn Adele Anderson
Spongebob style Sammy and Pipton
Oxygen not included Wendy and epithets
Robotic Chester(Based on Gizmo from Professor Layton)
(Maxwell)Without you-Harry Nilson
Pigmen leave outhouse home in ONI
Charlie trolls Wilson with leopard chester chest
Wolfgang tells wilson he needs to eat more to Wilson's frustration
(Maxwell)Former Glory-Bendy and the Ink machine
Merms are aquaholics
Old man from red dwarf telling woodie that pete's a bird
Batilisk Groucho Marx
(Duckman)Wilson does the "You push your pelvis" dance
Catcoon proudly carrying Webber's skull
Webber protects his spider backpack from Willow
Willow running a torch at the olympics
Glossaryck popping out of the codex
Train conductor leaves the tumbleweed
Skeledork realizes WX has a loophole from the three laws of robotics
WX shakes fist at Adamn Link
Webber gets morale from both Wolfgang and Anansi during a boxing match with a Tigershark
Wolfgang at evil flower "IS not potato" then points at Verdant WX
Wilson in "WE happy few" artstyle"
Wilson doesn't trust Dee the bird but Maxwell shrugs the stranger bird off as "Safe"
Wilbert Audry with train toys with Wilbur
Skeledork observes Max "What a punchable face"
Victorian Wilson(Black butler book of Atlantic) "We are phoenixes"
Tie fighter battle during the Don't Starve origins trailer
WX is presented Olympia from Couppelious
Canary explodes upon cactus
Wilson and Wickerbottom explain to Wolfgang about wrestling being fake
Winona and Wilson reconstructing broken clockworks
Wendy and Winona la chancla at charlie for duplicate shoes
Wx and scud fight
Pig king with king krool
Wolfgang and warly boxing match(a la muhammad ali)
Bearger as disney's friar tuck
Wilson, lying robot, bishop, and depthworm as MST3k cast
Wilson taking a bubblebath(soapy covered beard) with his kittykit
Temple of the unfed fire-Pepe Deluxe(willow)
Sow empress cheesecake
Wolfgang in beserk style
Winona is easily amused
Wilson to a pigman "That'll do pig"
Curio Collector recites Tom Waits's army ants
Skeledork antlion cosplay on a victorian hearth in front of a gravestone(reference to the Hebrew origin of Ariel)
Knock a little harder-cowboy bebop
Woodies buries the hatchet
Maxwell wearing a topat while sitting on one
Wolfgang's magic moustache
Wilson snuggling his kittykit
Pigman playing with pig grossglobe
Lunar ad Webber stuffs the piriogis into his face
Santa fe-Newsies(Willow and bernie)
Kittykit popping out of a catcoon backpack
Grace with winchester rifle
Wilson reads the definition to Versinia Pestis and Maxwell changes the term's definition
Rafiki the splumunkey
Curio collector and avatar try smoking by foot
invisible wilson surrounded by playboy bunnymen
Maxwell a la charlie the unicorn to a drunk charlie "chaaaaaarlie"
Wilson does the mighty monarch speech about building the machine to kick MAxwell's ass
JAck Skellington merm
creature of the lake tnbc snuggling a uncomfortable merm wilson
one of the bunnymen get caught under a rabbit trap
Mumsy and wicker hold each other's hands while Wendy says "If you like each other so much, why don't you marry?"
Pigking's spot empty, "gone for holiday weekend" sign
Wolfgang's obsession with not wearing pants
Wilson makes a anthanor
alchemic green antlion metaphorically eats the moon/sun
Wilson and willow blow sand to make glass
Bearger in we bare bears style
Slipster and the Grinch brawl
Wolfgang is captain literal
Wilson and the court of the crimson king
Pure imagination on the nightmare throne
Bacoon as antlion-men priests
Skeledork humming Beck's "Wow" while eating ice cream, suddenly has ptsd
Wilson caressed by nightmare hands, he yells "stranger danger"
Wickerbottom to Wilson "He can be taught"(Aladdin)
Winona flextape
Deerclops surrounded by no-eye deer
Wplfgang as robotnic
Wickerbottom, wimpgang, woodie, and warly as Dola and her sons
Little webber nemo meets Camille Wendy
(Maxwell)Antwerp Gypsy-Kiloslivokra
Snowfallen Wilson as a Wizard Blizzard
Boohoo the pig gets a pitpig remake
Charlie in the smokey the bear 1970 ad MAsk
Macwolf and Physician Wilson discuss like gentlemen
Wilson to a cheeky beequeen "oh beeeeeehiiiiiiive"
Starblazers theme song
Gloomy sunday song
Peghook "when there's a whip there's a way"
Wendy tells Wigfrid she has no soul due to her being a ginger
Maxwell and skits as Jafar and Iago
MAxwell and charlie as Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend
Krampus having cramps
Wes in Junji Ito's balloons
Pigman doing a hula dance
Woodlegs in steve the pirate dodgeball cosplay
Sledgehammer- peter gabriel
Wx-78 glaring at Final Space's kevin
Hounds of the basketbalkl hoops
Merm willow messes with merm wilson's tail
Jotaro acting stoic around ballphins
Brian wilson-sail on sailor
Willow and wicker use the moon idol and magic seal
Wendy pretends to be a fortune teller with the portal perephenalia sign
Wolfgang ringleader, Webber the acrobat assisting Equestrienne Wickerbottom
Wilson notices the moon idol looks like Maxwell
Charlie at the acadamy awards
Kittykit sitting on Maxwell's codex umbra
Goatfather tries out hamlet pig fashions
Wilson, willow, and MAxwell in dingo pictures style
Wilson and Doofenshmirtz argue on the Invention naming style process
Charlie a la tex avery miss glory
Wild boarrior vs Charlie's griffin
Tallbird as a purple people eater
Billiam and Mumsy on voltgoat steads
Wilson struggles lifting Willow like a hero
Beck - paper tiger
The camera sensually rubs Wilson's back
Wendy with the walrus and the carpenter
Kittykit tries to follow catcoon up tree
Willow squeeing over her magma skin
Wilson: "Charlie, the monacle does nothing"
Wilson assists Webber with his tie
Tiana as a frog among the frogs
Wilson begs the police not to arrest him
Curio Collecot manning a Hamlet store
Goofy as a quagmire goat and pluto as a voltgoat
Warrior spider themed spider-man suit
Mumsy dressing as the old queen
Bog gorge pigs beg from a hamlet pig
Pipton nags sammy about the status of his seed cart
Spidermonkey and Webber as Donky and Diddie kong
Gassymoo nuzzling a beefalo
The cast with all thirteen friendly scarecrow faces
Skeledork decorates a totally normal tree with a snail scale, antlion and fuelweaver ornaments
Mandrake wes with a meepsack
Tallbird packs lunch for small bird with smallbird pack
Willow takes notice of the totally normal tree's sapling top looking like Wilson's hair
Wx frets to the mad science lab
Maxemeleon dressed as maxwell
Strawbs - Ghosts(Abigail)
Wilson and willow as scientists creating molotov cocktails/hearthstones
Magma Wes as a bullfighter
Wigfrid fighting with Wilba
Scorpeon as a eevee evolution
The hamlet and gorge queens meet
Wilson uses Bug b' gone on Maxwell
Wilson uses mant armor to confuse mant
Winwood interrupts the forge
Wolfgang in hajime no ippo style
pugna's preschool
Maxwell holds a hamlet viper
Wilson as hoozuki's momotaro
Wilba-I wish I had a hippapatomoose for Winter feast
Webber regrets befriending a scorpion
Merp playing with piglettes
Mooseling and Chicken have a honk off
Hoozuki's scape as a gorge goat and Wortox being a fan
The winterfeast wayfaremen gives the fore residents ornaments
Mumsy tries the appeasing adornments as earrings
Oink centipede monster
catcoon eats ornaments
treeguard in a wrought iron treeguard
Wilson prescribes Wendy with a bad case of the sads
Willow in ainu garb "fire is a part of life"
Wilson takes harpoon gun away from Webber. "You're going to shoot your eye out"
Wilber gets spooked by spider monkey
Gurren lagen Rhinocebro
Webber does a spider sumo stance
Wendy: little bo creep
pugalisk boxer
Snapdragon a la jabberwockey
Mants around a antlion
Wilson-that time i reincarnated into a slurper
Pugna fountain(pugalisk)
Don't starve kokeshis
Wilson, wilba, & woodlegs- We're the pirates that don't do anything
Mandrake as toadetta from Mario
wilba wearing malfalfa's dress
Goblin slayer with a canary in front of toadstool
Tsundere maxwell
Charlie does findom to a hamlet pig
Woodie tells the hunter about lucy and romance
survivors wear pig trader outfits
Merp's grandpa elder mandrake
elder mandrake as a hobbit
Uncle ricky with his wyvernling rockmelter
bird becomes werebird after eating monster meat
Wendy-my friends must be punished(lilo&stitch)
Maxwell untriumphant: reverse superhero
ancient guardian "lil' brudah"
reinhard von lohengram-maxwell cosplay
Beserk cosplay with Maxwell as griffith and Wilson as guts
Wolfgang, wilson, and willow -burly burly training song(yo-kai watch)
Maxwell summons ronald mcdonald out of his codex umbra
Wilba wrestling
Pigman making houses from straw, sticks, and bricks
Wormwood meets winwood
pigking guardian benders
wolfgang wrestler in shank style
cannible the musical-teepees(pigmen)
Empire ants-gorillaz
Merm kappa
Lover wrestling wes vs mucha lucha's mime
wortox beefalo hallowed
wilson discovering pigmen shaving their legs
nerf ball wes
groundhog terrified of mr. skits
pugna cosplaying as chosen
wormwood and ganja mod
skeledork's head as bee mine
wx sings "i feel fantastic hey hey hey"
warbucks becomes wormwood
wormwood approaches verdant wx
maxwell-pure imagination
voxis the pipeman as a pigman
wolfgang and krampus in paul dini style
jared genisis describes maxwell's chin as a blessed tree trunk
i'm a pigman too-piggsbury(annie get your gun)
Wilba as vanellopi and wolfgang as ralph
wormwood and wilba mudbath
i'm going home-pepper choplin
kingfisher with robin william's head
Mr. teleportato head
charlie don't surf
ah-ha! I know all your moves-winona
antlion and the girls make sandcastles
wolfgang enspirited by yo-kai watches's Burly
Wigfrid's helmet accidentally makes her fly away
Wilson and winona engineering cat fight
angry birds winona  catapult
wilson and maxwell the prestige
skeledork pressures winona to fill the gemerator with green gems
gennivieve in a old commercial
Genny examples the otl sign
A hutch is just a gnaw transformed chester
Piggsbury and the seven year itch
Winona hisses at radios like a cat
Vambyr and prohias steal gemerator gems
Genny and woodie gump
Ocelatina shows winona how to use tape
wilba as a gorge pig
moving right along- Wilson and woodie
Old souls-phantom of the paradise(charlie)
Wilson with rats and leeches
Wilson squeeing in the mutter museum
"the gnaw turned me brother into a newt"
Wortox nightcrawler bamf
wendy as candy crush's taffi
Man's road-last unicorn
Mary poppin's retuns music hall-chalie and max
birchnutter and merp playing
Pun on mobal gaming whale with shipwrecked whale
catcoon with extra long tail
wortox stretches Wes's mouth to find out how many souls are in there
Wigfrid, Wes, Wilson, and Woodie-legend of the three cabilleros
Wendy having a picnic in the graveyard
bullfighter swineclops
wortox as josuke
wortox as elmo
na baixa do sapateiro(Charles Wolcott)-Maxwell
Fawn Wortox meets kauri and nasubi
Wortox as a carebear(include bearzelbub)
Wilson questions winona where the wires in her technology get their power from
Nancy's sluggo as a pigman
Saleskrampus the red nosed krampus
Bob trying out the piggsbury onesie
Fawn leaving the portal
Sammy the merm meets bendy
"Say pal, you look good" maxwell looking at a mirror
Wortox "Just a prank bro"
Wendy and webber on a victorian outing including boater and webrolly
wortox steals lock shock and barrel's bag
Bambu terrifid over robotic thumper
wheeler skateboard dodging
timon and wilba
winona improves gorge street items
Charlie - dancing queen
1910 radio drama poster for Wheeler
Hamlet - waltzes with snobs
Maxwell as the ratman from gegege no kitaro
Billiam and Wormwood assume t-pose
How Billiam and Wilba treat their mothers
Mumsy tells Sammy she's glad her husband didn't live to see Sammy and Pipton turn into merms
Nome uses potato-cup powered fryocals
maneki kittykit
"99 beargers knocking down walls" drinking song
Peanuts cast understanding starvers
I got a ro-bin, I got a small bird, I got a roc
Antlion and the carrat
Willow came in like a fireball
Tucked in vampire battlings
Electricity electricity - Schoolhouse Rock
Wilson and maxwell fighting over the beautician pig
Wilson and webber(the road)
Wilson wearing ancient cloak and maxwell wearing vortex cloak
wortox meets old concept wortox
wormwood concepts and the deku tree
friend is a four legged friend(spider and chester)
jason alexander - I'm the bad boy(webber)
The road: The land was gullied and eroded and barren. The bones of dead creatures sprawled on the washed
Wx-78 vs mothlingra
Charlie dresses up roseatte wormwood
Wes making laurel and hardy balloons
Orlando blooming tuber
Dilbert pig working under banker pig
Wilson gets interrupted by frog while singing rainbow connection
Wormwood and wilson at the mellow mushroom resturant
Webber as kitaro and maxwell as ratman
wortox in a fraternity
wheeler meeting the great gatsby
Wormwood curls his pistol
Playing with the hardened rubber bung with the kittykit
Wormwood as matild and Wolfgang as trunchbull
Woodlegs confuses Wilson's hair as a tricorner hat
Portrait of Wilson Higgsbury(Dorian Grey)
Webber as georie and wes as IT
"That a burnt child loves the fire" - dorian grey
Warly spicing my coffee with honey
Puffin Toucan sam fruit loops
Wilson tests the boomarang effect
Wes giving bernie a bear balloon
Wilson treating Winona's fence like a gun
Character getting piled with skins at the trade inn
Wilson tries installing a new eye into Yaaarctapus
Puffin Toucan sam fruit loops
Removing Wilson's hair to reveal micky mouse ears
Pigs from angry birds dressed as pig king's Elite Pigs
Elite pigs vs boarrior and swineclops
Pengull's potato chips
Warly cooking with ok ko's Beardo
Maxwell Magmatic holding dragoon heart - Kalimaaaaaa
American Gothic with Willow's matrons
Curio Collector smile
maxwell as mr. crocker
Wormwood hugging a totally normal tree
Vargling treating sideshow icematic as a rca victor
college humor's abc of death
Wilson reads "pull my finger" on sideshow sign
Anchorman woodie
Cherub Pugna based after uncle tom's cabana
Jack skellington trying on living artifact
Wish you were here-Pink floyd
Wortox and Wormwood wearing masks(a la Eyes wide shut)
Wilson trying out woodie's idols
Moosewoodie and Wolfgang wrestling
Wilson batting a cookiecutter
seigfried plucks ria's feathers for sailing sail
Maxwell dressed as the terrible trivium
Webber with toei spider-man aesthetic
Wortox tells og wortox to wear a shirt
Smurfs running away from Maxwell
Wilba and Wheeler looking out a airplane window
Antlion watches wortox carrying the leaning tower of piza
Belle Delphine as Wendy
dr Wickerbottom tests the diseased wormhole
Vampirella wearing Wickerbottom's Bewitched set
Skeledork and wurt reading
Wurt scratching her head like a puppy
Skeledork cleaning the trade inn
Curio collector in charles addams style
curio collector and his hoard of candy wrappers
warly as a salt saint statue
Wurt cosplaying as muten roshi with the merm mask
Wilson and maxwell as dante and virgil
Wormwood as a langemanne
Cookiecutter as a yamask
We will rock you - rock lobster
gingerpig dances with a gingerbreadman
weetusk walking winter vargling
Merrymaker wes meets galarian mr mime
Wilson gets licked by chester under the mistletoe
Wormwood and wurt show off their frills
Pig guards in gamorrean armor
Wendy as Warioware ashley
starsky and eyebone detectives
Girls last tour Wendy and Abigail
Baby Warly and parents
Ginger wilson crawling like a mutilated gingerpig
Wurt with miner babies from Galaxy Quest
Wortox-Bo meets the demon
Curio collector rapping about his wrappers with princess bubblegum
Maxwell using gnarwhale horn: He'll toot as he pleases(Doctor doom)
Maxwell-Razzle Dazzle(chicago)
Pugna as DJ khaleed
Butcher gang counterparts
"Hungry like the wolf" Woodie singing to a vargling
Wigfrid as Freddie Mercury telling bunnymen "I will eat you"
Wormwood paints a happy tree with bob ross
Curio collector sings Emile's song from Nier Automata
Girls last tour Wendy and Willow
Pearl canning jars with hot chocolate mix with Wurt
Pearl jams up celestial fissurecurio collector swamped in spools
Oxygen not included and Charlie's griffon statues having a stare off
Clay hounds barking at ONI's liondog statue
Walter wearing sorcerer mickey outfit as he conjurs his tent to close
Triumphant wormwood(audry 2) "feed me"
Alice in wonderland Wendy surrounded by sea weeds
Walter-hat(Tankus the henge)
Maxwell - Ruler of everything(Tally Hall)
Rhincebros cosplaying as Rocksteady and Gen(Usagi Yojimbo)
Webber using Hollow Knight's weaversong
Dung defender praising the dungbeetle
No cost too great-Metheus on the throne(pale king)
Hollow knight in the forge
Dust, void, and them-Pale king and Maxwell
Forelorn doll Willow and chatterbox walter
Walter as Slappy(Goosebumps)
Maxwell - All my life(Harry Nillson)
Insane clown posse- Axe(Woodie)
Ultra Instinct Wes(Shaggy)
Wilson as Senku from Dr. Stone("kingdom of science")
Walani - Fall away (Eleni)
Wilba and Pig King as Bean and King zog from Disenchantment
So I'm a webber, so what?
Lgm's pointing up "the gnaaaaaaaaw"
Victorian Cabriole Wormwood poking Gargoyle Wortox's back
Prince nez - Charlie, Maxwell, Mr skits
Posturn scoffing at the jury rig portal
Curio collector has beef on the mind when naming boofs
Noeyedeer in the style of tony tony chopper
Concept pearl and the pirate crew
Wes - fool tarot card
Thor confuses swineclops for his brother
Charlie - You don't want me anymore (Weird Al)
WX78 - My metal detector (TMBG)
Macarthur park - Maxwell and charlie
Wilson asks Wagstaff about his Potato obsession
Recette Lemongrass as a Hamlet piglet
Crowkids camoflauging with moss knight of greenpath
Hollowed Wendy with triumphant Wormwood
Wx and egg scrambler cosplaying as 3po and r2
Crowkid flying with crow
Wilson as sugimoto, Maxwell as shiraishi, and Wendy as Ashirpa
Drecko egg gets planted and becomes a dreckoguard
kittykit playing with jellicat
no-maxwell's club
Billiam sleeping like a cat
Winona conspiracy board-pepe silvia
Wilson wanting to be adopted by the family in Gremlins
Have Corvus goodfeather meet animaniac's goodfeathers.
hardy and wendy based on victorin wurt skin
Oddtaxi - skirt and punpee
Pigking with troll doll features
Corvus goodfeather - when I see a koalefant fly
So I'm a webber, so what?
Corvus and crowkids in ducktails 90s style
Wind in the willows-Willow cosplaying as mr toad in motorcar
Jack Skellington rodeoing  the gingervarg
Wendy - Silent hill 3 "letter"
Woodie - Seagulls(bad lip reading)
Odokawa cosplaying as a mactusk
grass gator nuzzling grass gecko
Shibagaki(odd taxi) as a ds pigman
Webber and Maxwell as Bart and Dr. Terwilliker from 5000 fingers
Waluigi sliding in instead of Pengulls
Hot Lava's Ms Wizzel and DST's Wanda on the education train
Wolfgang: Hope for the best, expect the worst
Charlie wearing maxwell's outfit
Maxwell as Edward from Shadow's house
Wilson meets the yuppie Psycho forest goblin
Asterius piggybacking Minotaur Wortox
Skeledork shoves off tidal lightning rod to put storm eater only to realize it's for boats
Harry Nilsson - Better off dead(One man band playing)
Yuppie psycho Corvo and Corvus Goodfeather sharing drinks
blackguard big boggart fishing with pearl
Miquella from Elden Ring versus the Celestial Champion

Wanda shoves Hermoine to get the time turner

Winona blacksmithing with Andre of Astora

Laurentus of the swamp teaching willow and wurt necromancy

Commission Quest:


comission quest update 1.png




fully colored Animation loop: $20
What I will draw:
Original characters, tasteful nudity, fanart, battle scenes, monsters, comics
What I will not draw:
Outright genitalia touching, NSFW intercourse, diaper fetish, inflation, Quentin Tarantino's footfetish, lolicon/shotacon.

Requirements: Payment must be through paypal(kriegers1900@yahoo.com) , a good description of your vision and previous art(or fanart) so I can get the best detail for your piece.


I'll post the commission quest portraits below so you guys can check your progress. I'll do the same for Tumblr.


Info on Skeledork


anatomy of a skelederp.png20160712-Klei presents ariel.pngariel wiki entry.pngarieleton nightmare fuel and deep thoughts.png20170604-Skeledork in ancient dress.pngskeledork skins pun unintended.pngcr


Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 6.33.17 AM.png

  1. Brainstorming
  2. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/profile/848109-minespatch/?status=25424&type=status


Keeper M-Last Tuesday at 3:04 PMLet's see, where do we start?\

minespatch-Last Tuesday at 3:04 PMThe deal would be a good start.Most of these characters who end up there usually have a deal they trade for

Keeper M-Last Tuesday at 3:04 PMWell, I would play with "The Tempest" - Ariel wanted freedom (to do what?), Maxwell offered it. Maybe he didn't want to be ethereal.That would explain getting all bony.

minespatch-Last Tuesday at 3:05 PMThere could be immortality too.The fact there wasn't enough time to research eerything.

Keeper M-Last Tuesday at 3:06 PMSure thing. I don't know about Skellington, but I think you might want to link the two.Or even better, TO ART.(Will Probably Draw It.)

minespatch-Last Tuesday at 3:06 PMSkeledork could be a mixture of Ariel and Prospero.Yes, art can be a huge theme for skeledork. A mixture of a researcher and artist, hence th love for the wildlife and jotting them down.Klei forum user BEbbit even joked about my design being a hipster ranger. XD;;;

Keeper M-Last Tuesday at 3:07 PMAnd experimenting with what he knows.Aww, a hipster ranger!Love it

minespatch-Last Tuesday at 3:08 PMJack Skellington has nothing to do with skeledork. I just like skeletons. XD

Keeper M-Last Tuesday at 3:08 PMBut rangers in, say, D&D, are usually very, uh... emo and I Hate You All

minespatch-Last Tuesday at 3:08 PMAgain, I'm usually a thief/rouge(even though I play Yangus because he's a fun guy design and gameplay wise).Well... I just need a reason for why the deal happened. Thanks to the revived skeleton race, there might be a reason why skeledork's body can move the way it is.

Keeper M-Yesterday at 5:11 PMHe moves through the power of mind.

minespatch-Yesterday at 5:13 PMSo... Ariel can eat but doesn't need to? XD

Keeper M-Yesterday at 5:13 PMGuess so Or he needs to eat, but doesn't need muscles.

minespatch-Yesterday at 5:16 PMThat would probably explain the hunger meter. Maybe Skeledork is made with similar material to fuelweaver?But is a weaker version?

Keeper M-Yesterday at 5:17 PMMaybe he just was not corrupted?

minespatch-Yesterday at 5:18 PMI imagine skeledork was human before being pulled to the island.

Keeper M-Yesterday at 5:19 PMRemember our talks about never worrying about the weaknesses of the flesh?

minespatch-Yesterday at 5:20 PMHuh?

Keeper M-Yesterday at 5:20 PMThat Max offered Ariel a way to get rid of whatever problem riddled his body.

minespatch-Yesterday at 5:21 PMAhh Right, right.To have more time to study and be immortal.Like that one character from Aladdin the animated series.

Keeper M-Yesterday at 5:22 PMYes!

minespatch-Yesterday at 5:24 PMKind of like Wilson in a way. But not wanting a shortcut like Wilson did.Wilson wanted knowledge quickly, skeledork is more about realizing the knowledge is timeless but the time will not last for skeledork.

Skeledork interpretations:








@The Noon Fish








5760a7f811fa3_Response2.thumb.jpeg.575f9497963b73e13a5a7908005b66b1.jpeg5765b83b4d9ad_Noskin.thumb.jpg.f9daf7dfbab19317ece72dd07b20b601.jpgScreen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.59.38 PM.png

On 7/31/2016 at 9:06 PM, toki-wartoothxx said:

uwhaaa. When was the last time I posted something on here? Well, here's this wonderful piece from me to you.



The pure solution to our @minespatch pun issue.

If you'd like a faster (and probably better) version of this:output_wJbVUL.gif


On 8/1/2016 at 7:27 PM, toki-wartoothxx said:

Woo-hoo. A reply.

Response 4.jpeg

On 11/8/2016 at 8:45 PM, toki-wartoothxx said:

Firstly, I scanned my reply to @Aileen-Rose so it's clearer now.

Save the skele.jpeg

On 3/5/2017 at 10:00 PM, toki-wartoothxx said:



Oi...Everyone is moving to Discord while I'm over here about to drown in life and pain. But yeah...I have a discord but I don't use it AS much as I use Skype.









Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 2.45.49 AM.png


On 9/23/2016 at 11:39 AM, Mobbstar said:

More fusion designs! Mobbspatch ( @minespatch )fusion6.png







Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.41.20 PM.pngminespatch_hug_by_dragonmage156-da8tq5x.jpg

On 10/20/2016 at 12:42 AM, DragonMage156 said:



(Just looks like normal Minespatch saying "NYEH!")


On 1/14/2017 at 3:04 AM, DragonMage156 said:

Remember this little gem?


A shenanigan I came up with long ago involving @minespatch and his memes :p Never did feel like finishing it (man I'm such a lazy sh*t XD)


On 8/19/2018 at 8:10 AM, DragonMage156 said:

A BBQ with all the more popular stream go-ers:






Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 4.08.21 AM.png

On 8/6/2016 at 9:33 PM, Aileen-Rose said:

She Okay.png

On 11/5/2016 at 11:53 AM, Aileen-Rose said:

Reaper Fan.png

Jack has a new fwiend!

Something for the lovely @minespatch cause he's always making things for me and my co-writer. Plus, an excuse to draw Skele-dork. Because I love the Skele-dork.

Don't worry Jack, he don't bite.



On 7/25/2016 at 8:42 PM, Paxtonnnn said:


Their hands are in their pockets. Ignore the erased hands.

Also, for more of my "art" work, click this magicallll link, which mostly contains my roleplaying OCs, along with some Undertale and Underswap.

On 9/19/2016 at 7:41 PM, Paxtonnnn said:
On 10/17/2016 at 7:34 PM, Paxtonnnn said:
On 10/27/2016 at 8:33 PM, Paxtonnnn said:

Pixel art because I wanted to.http://i.imgur.com/8vtAPBs.gif





On 7/22/2016 at 9:34 PM, vingw said:
On 7/31/2017 at 11:21 AM, vingw said:



On 8/1/2016 at 6:53 AM, Walter0 said:

I drew Minespatch'es persona. He requested, I drawn.


On 8/1/2016 at 7:00 AM, Walter0 said:



On 8/17/2016 at 9:15 PM, mewthemew said:

@minespatch i redid the sad mew caring skelly picture :3 i used the first picture of your sona on your apophenia art first page, so it might've changed a bit. dunno.


On 9/12/2016 at 1:08 PM, mewthemew said:

@minespatch oh and something i promised you


On 11/21/2016 at 6:35 PM, mewthemew said:

here's the groupshot i promised!



On 1/13/2017 at 2:46 PM, mewthemew said:


On 6/14/2017 at 6:21 PM, mewthemew said:

Bunch of OCs having a horror movie night.

( @minespatch 's 'spatch, @DragonMage156 's Ria, @HotChocolate 's Sophie, my Stephan, and an attempt at @Paxtonnnn 's dupesona whos name escapes me at the moment)


On 6/28/2017 at 6:32 PM, mewthemew said:

I drew several dupes today.

Max figures out for the first time that he has crippling stage fright.


On 8/26/2017 at 10:30 AM, mewthemew said:

No one tell Spatch or Runa, but I think someone be on the horizon











On 8/21/2016 at 2:20 AM, Quoth143 said:



To be fair, beefalo are mean buggers during mating season.

On 9/28/2017 at 11:19 PM, Quoth143 said:



I made you an art.




On 8/24/2016 at 10:26 AM, LincSaysHi said:

and I forgot the idea for the rest of the two sprites so here's like 3 sprites for @minespatch because I was feeling energetic today.

http://i.imgur.com/tES3hDn.gifhttp://i.imgur.com/ffxAyuf.gifwhy not a human version?

http://i.imgur.com/aHZLqyu.gifwhy not a version with an eye on fire?



On 8/28/2016 at 6:26 PM, Ninjanemo said:

Also, @minespatch did a thing with my pokémon drawing over on his art thread.

You should definetely go check it out!


On 9/7/2016 at 5:31 PM, Ninjanemo said:

So I was just sketching some random things, and somehow this came out of it.

New Canvas.png



On 9/13/2016 at 7:08 PM, ScienceMachine said:
On 9/13/2016 at 6:42 PM, minespatch said:
On 9/13/2016 at 6:40 PM, ScienceMachine said:

the Dethroned King and the Mad Wizard in a battle of power, the Wizard failing miserably.

Dank-nozzle Will the magical.

Will remember that.png

On 9/14/2016 at 6:29 AM, ScienceMachine said:
On 9/14/2016 at 5:37 AM, DragonMage156 said:
On 9/14/2016 at 1:58 AM, PiturcaClaudiuStef said:
On 9/14/2016 at 12:12 AM, minespatch said:
On 9/14/2016 at 12:07 AM, DragonMage156 said:

What exactly did you do to piss him off? :p

I called him the dankest of wizards. #420munchery magic.

blaze it

*Gets thrown into the wall*



I mean, as much as he doesn't appreciate it, I do appreciate the chances to draw him whooping ass.

On 9/15/2016 at 4:05 AM, ScienceMachine said:

Scream 2.png

"Oh yeah, funny bones?!"

Scream 3.png


Taken from here.

On 10/20/2016 at 3:26 AM, ScienceMachine said:
On 10/20/2016 at 3:13 AM, ScienceMachine said:
On 10/20/2016 at 3:06 AM, minespatch said:


@GiddyGuy suggested my skeledork should wear the skin of one of the characters.

That's particularly gruesome ...


"Oh, okay ..."




Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 12.54.06 PM.png

On 9/16/2016 at 6:12 AM, DarithD said:

Together, they case various crime across the forum

We got him!.png

On 10/31/2016 at 7:33 AM, DarithD said:

Welcome back to another extremely lazy sketches with DarithD! (but now with extra spooooooky~!)


On 1/1/2017 at 12:27 AM, DarithD said:







On 9/21/2016 at 6:35 PM, Mezukie said:

Also here's the sketchy sketch spoiler~this seems sketchy.jpeg


On 10/14/2016 at 11:48 PM, Mezukie said:

Have a Spoder

  Hide contents


On 1/14/2017 at 12:08 PM, Mezukie said:


  Hide contents






On 11/9/2016 at 12:15 AM, Pelliway said:

Anyway, here! I wanted to draw her actually but it seemed rude to just draw without permission.Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 9.13.25 PM.png



On 11/11/2016 at 9:13 PM, WaddleDee said:

HEY I MADE MORE PIXEL ART(Again, the backgrounds are not mine.)




On 11/23/2016 at 11:27 PM, artistcrab said:

this is for @minespatch they have always been so nice to me and the 1st friend that i have had on here to help me feel like home^^ thanks buddy :) this gift is for you :):wilson_nerdy:

for a friend.png

On 2/20/2017 at 6:42 PM, artistcrab said:

here you guys go :D a thank you drawing just for you :wilson_goodjob: to @DragonMage156 @Quoth143 @Aileen-Rose  @minespatch  *gives you all a big hug*




On 12/25/2016 at 10:32 PM, Starthefox said:

Alright, it's done! I cleaned it up a bit, but if you want me to clean it up more you can.

It took around, an hour and half? maybe more maybe less eh


Feel free to download it.



On 1/24/2017 at 9:15 AM, Maslak said:

@minespatchhttp://i.imgur.com/SmCF6s1.pngYou're a cool guy with cool ideas. The one and only true Max memes keeper. You're fantastic to the bone http://i.imgur.com/R9mG9xk.gif




On 2/1/2017 at 3:45 PM, Nimra said:

You guys are the best!!

if you can't see the names:








my friends.jpg

On 4/2/2017 at 2:10 PM, Nimra said:


On 12/11/2017 at 12:33 PM, Nimra said:

You went a bit crazy with all the cloths, the beefalo skin trader thinks it's funny.

drawing for mines.jpg

On 12/14/2017 at 11:31 AM, Nimra said:

I liked the drawing, so you get it in colour too @minespatch.

for minespatch coloured.jpg



On 2/8/2017 at 1:48 AM, Snack-Chan said:

01246.pngWow thank you!!!! (I hope this can express my thanks! Haha) 



On 3/1/2017 at 7:57 AM, Arlesienne said:

...Is the game still active, you ask, my good sir/madam?













From the discord adult chat





On 5/24/2017 at 12:43 PM, MeingroessterFan said:

#19 Skeledork (Minespatch's persona)


 @minespatch I hope I didn't butcher your baby too badly :wilson_nerdy:

Don't ask why he's blushing.



On 6/2/2017 at 9:22 PM, Xjurwi said:

Nah, not really.Skeleton Avatar.png


@Master Jand

On 6/4/2017 at 3:33 PM, Master Jand said:

@minespatch, I'm so sorry. just had to




On 6/6/2017 at 10:21 AM, PanAzej said:


I've seen some sweet fanart of my stuff from you, I'm returning the favor!








On 8/26/2017 at 2:35 PM, Runarite said:

My hand matches your face!!!

EDIT: It's supposed to be a skele-hand, but NORMAL hands are hard, so I can't even start with skele-hands. This is why we wear gloves.Friendship.jpg















On 10/21/2017 at 7:52 AM, Charlie_99 said:

59eb33a1b4ea6_2017-1.jpg.4880e3426bfc85784a87598b042dc0d3.jpg Here's a drawing of Skeledork for @minespatch ! He's a really nice guy and has amazing art skills.  I am sorry the picture looks kinda crappy. My phone's camera isn't really good ;u;

(More fanarts coming soon)














On 3/4/2018 at 4:52 PM, GreenWyvern said:
On 3/4/2018 at 1:58 AM, minespatch said:
On 2/23/2018 at 9:27 AM, GreenWyvern said:


580c1dbe4e7ac_arielcloseupintensifies.png.634d98285db06467db7efa447adb81eb.pngIs that me...?

Ey! You need a break! The way you've been talking about your offline life sounds stressful. I liked hearing Pumpkin today but yeah, take the day off and do what you need to offline.

Oh dear... I just realized I forgot something. Oops! Let's fix that right away!


*That* aside, thank you for the understanding!







On 3/31/2018 at 9:20 AM, SirKnight said:

A couple new stuff + @minespatch o<uART.thumb.png.f0732b1635d6720722bbb5f14cd6df56.png





@Russian Philin

On 11/2/2018 at 2:09 PM, Russian Philin said:

My thread was open one month old)

Will show how Constantine feeds Skeledork ice cream. Have moreover brains have frozen)

Minespatch sorry if I ruined your character...


On 11/19/2018 at 11:46 AM, Russian Philin said:

Well, I've wanted to do that... But did it today.:wilson_vforvictory:


On 11/26/2018 at 1:00 PM, Russian Philin said:

This bird-aunt is so welcoming. Her name is Jesbet. She works in the shop of the "History and values". Loves to interact with all residents.


On 11/27/2018 at 12:49 PM, Russian Philin said:

Yes, I decided to describe every inhabitant of the world of Fear. Each of them is unique and unrepeatable. Me and Skeledork will visit them. IMG_20181127_204726.thumb.jpg.cd1be3cb24122ab647b6811e37f53b88.jpgTailor Jake is always ready to help you. He sews clothes for everyone. Jake is also very kind and helpful. He likes to help, even though he's not that rich.

On 11/28/2018 at 1:11 PM, Russian Philin said:

 Skeledork at the Jeffly store. She made him a tie with precious shards. Jeffly works as a jeweler so she is focused and patient.IMG_20181128_205955.thumb.jpg.819b8761e8040ffb06631f6d773b9f29.jpg




On 3/23/2019 at 3:04 PM, crystal_clodet said:

i drew minespatch from my epic memory
11/10 better than minespatch:wilson_ecstatic:
but seriously what did i draw?

On 5/22/2019 at 5:00 AM, crystal_clodet said:


i drew you guys (yay) from my memory again
and i didnt know how to draw resette so i made them a random sona thing (sorry lol)
@minespatch @Russian Philin @Raspberry Shake @DragonMage156 @ResettePlayer @gallusvarius @Xenologist @Szczuku




@Raven Crow

On 6/7/2019 at 1:24 PM, Raven Crow said:


me and @minespatch discuss and joke about the survival skin from Don't Starve Together
as they were like DC comic hero, so dark and grim.



On 9/4/2019 at 3:40 AM, Canis said:

image.thumb.png.090269a1b8a8f63c047a7014ef88e69e.png @minespatch you make a surprise appearance ,':)




On 1/9/2020 at 4:25 PM, zee_dragon said:


Please don't kill me @minespatch I just got painfully bored.







skeledork expressions:


ariel happy cry.pngariel I dood eet.pngAriel loadfrustration.pngariel stop sign.png5e7f216122c7c_arielfangasm.png.43681ffec0f87bad11604eb3242dde03.png5e7f216169acf_arielfanning.png.1de04451e5ae833430e7d7bc6acfa368.pngariel happiness overload.pngariel birfdeh.pngariel wink.gifariel oohhhing and eyyying.pngariel kitty reaction.pngariel enraged.pngariel sad.pngariel confused shrug.pngariel tearful.pngariel hopeful.pngariel conflicted reading.pngariel cringe.pngariel jawdrop.pngariel bored.pngariel closeup intensifies.pngariel closeup intensifies copy.pngariel sees all.pngariel scream internally.pngariel frustrated.pngariel fistbump.pngariel ID face copy.pngAriel shoujo weebie.pngariel emotional.pngariel bad joke.pngAriel OTL.pngAriel eeeyyyy 1_0 .png57df49c39b0be_arielgiddycrypile.png.34a7219dcb0b40f96948ef637a0b0516.pngariel crashes copy.pngariel thumbs up.pngariel noooo.pngariel ID face.pngariel lol.pngariel meme plottin.pngariel sweats.pngariel evil smile.pngarielcasual shrug.pngariel broken smile.pngariel concerned.pngariel squee.pngariel quiet.pngariel crashes.pngariel tries consoling.pngarielgoesheh.pngarielbadskelly.pngariel goes heyo.png



Art by my father



dont starve sweeny todd fan script.pngfather final act question.png  5955c405f1fa9_fatherwildwes.png.58659b2c10dfa1444ab56e1c489928da.pngfather sketches a wilson.pngdon'tstarvefatherdrawing.png


Works featured on streams

  1. Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.55.43 PM.png
  2. fanartspotlight2.png
  3. KleistreamApril122018.png.6d719583305d775d621f82a9675b952b.png
  4. 5afe6b90c8baf_stream4.png.5b1f718c53ca143a75af560a0162160a.png
  5. rwp 200 fanart feature.png
  6. 5b91bc2dcac88_streamseptember62018.png.75ee5d1b96e36bc2928c49ee05e2136e.png
  7. 5b9cbe5a27070_streamseptember132018.thumb.png.0ad6f5dfda1a705250bbc8fd7cb68acf.png
  8. 5d9fe8c3c058a_kleistreamoctober102019.thumb.png.b88430d450819c43c0e90c17e128bbbf.png
  9. vlcsnap-2019-09-24-21h20m02s358.thumb.png.02c4c4a4342d0726b9d3ffa793edba70.png
  10. 5e4908923f76b_kleishowcaseFebruary132020.png.ee7605de293d067131c999bd1581b094.png


  • Update: 6-28-2016
  • Thread gets a updated title, hopefully it doesn't confuse things.
  • Update: 6-29-2016
  • About to get the game, added a greeting.
  • Update:  7-4-2016
  • Got the game, thank god.
  • Update:  7-12-2016
  • To do list
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  • Interpretation section
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cause I'm a goober.
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Thanks buddy. I got a catcoon, haunted mansion, and grim fandango related pieces with Wilson in the future planned.

I love the Edward Gorey technique that the style has. It fits with my ballpoint pen/mixed media style.

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Some sketches while I work on a piece before trying another Wilson piece. I really want to draw some Catcoons.


I kinda imagine myself as a skeleton like Wilton if I ever entered THEYs domain.  Especially none of my names have a W, I can imagine being cursed like a skeleton a-la Jack Sparrow and loving every minute of my damnation- That doesn't sound right but oh well.


Threw in a Mind My Gap Langemanne in since they look like they belong in the forest. Also threw in a Phelous Old man joke because I love that meme so.

ariel orminespatch in dont starve.png

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I think I'm going to start putting Wilson's scared face as a reaction meme just like Korosensei's awesome grin or Saitama's listless face.


Working on a quick sketch so just posting my quick shop here just because I had fun.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 12.37.28 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 12.41.30 AM.png

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Drew this yesterday. Got it finally colored a few minutes ago. I don't consider this a polished piece since I did this on my mac laptop with firealpaca so I can't smudge the anti-aliasing like I can with my pc's paintdotnet but I used paintdotnet for the subtle line coloring after I scanned it. Including the line transparency.

Got inspired while binging through NightMind's ARG reviews and my apophenia connected Everyman Hybrid's rabbit motif with the Bunnymen. While the quote reminds me of Maxwell. Also, thought it'd be wonderfully hilarious to have a floating screencap of a tweet behind the 1920s era Wilson.

I love drawing Wilson in this pose. It adds to his scientist personality. I know he's multi-layered but I just love this side of Wilson.

20160513p1-A tweet in the bunnymen ruins.png

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Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.25.57 PM.png





I wanted to do a sketch tribute of @Miss's Blood Eagles. Once again, my apophenia(like the image below) kicked while I was listening to Leonard Skinner's Free Bird and I couldn't help but imagine Wilson singing it. Even if it's anachronistic. Wanted to emulate the style but didn't reach that point.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.25.45 PM.png









Another Ariel-skelly sketch. Gonna use my real name for this persona due to the name being Hebrew for Underworld(or Moabite stone for some reason). Felt like drawing eyes with teeth. As well as my passion for chasing kitties whether they like it or not.


I'll try fixing the wilson sketch tomorrow. It's too muddy to see.

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2 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

Sorry to correct you but isn't it Lynard Skynard?

Also, liked the way you drew Wilson in the first pic XD

|D.pngGoogle quick search lied to me.

Thanks buddy. Really wanted to emulate Ecfor's artwork. She's great. Very angular in execution. Wouldn't be the usual way I would draw him(There's just something really charming about Klei's super deformed style).
Though I did do the deerclops in game style, but oh well.

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20160516-Anachronistic wilson watch out for that tree.png

Finally got this one colored. I didn't originally intended to but decided to go for a simpler pallet so I could color it quickly. Even got to use the evil radio font for this one.
willow has a disney princess moment.png

Willow goes full out Disney princess powers. Kek.

Seriously though, this is my first attempt sketching Willow. I've drawn Wilson so many times, wanted to try a character I hadn't drawn. Besides the birds. I've drawn a tall bird for my camoflauge piece but not for a main fanart.


The crow is referencing this hilarious video.

Whoops, here's a progress version of the willow piece if you guys seem to have trouble seeing it in big size.willow and birds procress.png

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arieleton nightmare fuel and deep thoughts.png

If I were in the game, my life source would probably be after nightmare fuel and other poisons instead of the healthier items(just like that awesome drunk skeleton from the Last Unicorn). It would be a nice balance to give me struggles.

I'm singing that Alejandro Jodorwesky song from Fando y' Lis since I was singing it out of tiredness. Kind of grim humor in a ways.


Then me having fanboy type of thoughts besides other stupid stoof. Kind of was thinking of Ron Perlman in that Call of Duty 3 zombies trailer and how much it reminded me of Don't Starve with a realistic style(including a shadow villain).

I'm also a big Tom Waits fan.


Speaking of reaction memes, I did this edit a while back. My first Wilson terror reaction edit to be precise.

Edited by minespatch
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Worked on these both last night and digitalized them today.

20160518p2-Fanboying at the wrong moment.png

Worked on this one first. Besides the shocking revelation of Charlie, my attention was focused on her griffin gargoyles. I have a strong love for those mythological creatures. Combination of bird and cat hybrid while also theological implications. Though knowing myself, I get a little too addictive to my own fascinations.

20160518p3-Taking a unorthadox third option maxwell.png

I'd probably steal that gramaphone and destroy that record just so I could make new music on that thing. Well, besides Tom Waits, I'm a big fan of Beck, Paul Williams, Harry Nilsson, Thee Wrecker- The list goes on.

I don't really want to draw Maxwell a lot. Something about his eyes gives me the creeps. I have a staring problem so I have to cover his eyes when I use his images for reference. Same problem with that horror movie Ju-on/Grudge. The stares just go to a psychological effect on me.

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Thanks to Bebbit n messing with my head.png

Again, big thanks to @Bebbit for giving my persona a better simplified detail. The removal of more teeth actually reminds me of my own mouth. kek.

Wanted to jot out a image of me removing my head. Just like that one scene from Skullmonkey's where lovable Klaymen gets the flesh of his clay arm eaten off and he's not too worried.
20160519-A hipster ranger lays down the law.png
Quick sketch and coloring job of my persona as described by Babbit and the design the artist gave me. Really wanted to do the outfit in that piece. With the ranger theme, I had to throw in a yogi-bear parody. Probably should've gone with Woodie's werebeaver form but I couldn't resist the pun. As well as a angry birds pig(boo-hoo) for the fact the game doesn't have piglets yet. Who knows?


wilson and albert study the derp.png

Little tribute to @Quoth143's comic Resumptus. Had to draw Albert and little derpo on the bottom doing a kitty thing. Makes me think of my big boy kitty, Poof.

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Got into a artist karaoke mode last night. Wanting to jot down two pieces based on songs I couldn't get out of my head.

black hole maxwell.png

I wanted to do another Mind My Gap mashup due to the song Black Hole Sun. The lyrics just make me think about the omnipotence of Maxwell(well, when he's under THEM) as well as the island(might be Ultima thule from Greenland). I should probably stop drawing my persona but I just had to. Thought it'd be fun to have the shadow Maxwell's eye be the sun just like how in Mind My Gap Virgil S. Horne's eye is the sun looking down on his... "world".

From the words of a David Hasselhoff.png

Thanks to Obscura Lupa's excellent and hilarious Baywatching series, I can't get that David Hasselhoff song out of my head. "Current of Love" is that good. Yet something made me want to make my persona be a ******* and basically make poor Wilson just do the work while I do a Prince Naveen or Bob Hope(princess and the pirate).  Had to cut off the lyrics towards the end since I don't feel any romantic feelings toward the characters while also showing the snideness of my persona.

messing with my head context.png

Little context behind that one sketch as well as a better photo of my skull mask.


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20160521p1-Wilson meets a wacky science abomination.png

First piece I finished digitally today. Wanted to do a Korosensei piece due to the insane teacher disguising himself in hilarious ways. Here's his Rawling cosplay. I kinda used the same pose from that piece where my persona took off its head.

|D.png For some reason, Sonny Strait likes to make the character greet with that Irish phrase in the dub. Love it.

20160521p2- A possibility for Wilson's future.png

Second piece. I took a picture of my local soon-to-be out-of-business Hardware store. I know this sounds coincidental, but I live in a city called wilson in North Carolina. Trust me, I didn't move there on purpose for the game. I moved in two or so years before the game even came out. It was hard finding a game-style car(unless you count fanart) so I decided to go to Ronald Searle's scratchy style to get that model T. Though my father is better at drawing cars and Queen ann homes.

wilson and spider pets.png

Due to me grabbing all three of my big cats in my arms, I asked my father to quickly photograph me. I used the photo as reference so I could do a cheerful Wilson. I've been drawing him scared too often. Thought this would be a change of pace.


Here's the photo and a reference to how big the drawing actually is. I draw these on receipt paper. These Don't Starve pieces give me a quick chance to doodle out ideas quickly while also making my hands more trained.


Quick face swap edit with Korosensei. At the grocery store, I was just remembering the scene in season two of Assassination Classroom where one of the students gets the teacher a role in the play and he makes this big dopey smile. My apophenia kicked and remembered Wilson's big smile when he gets the forbidden knowledge.

While working on it... I got this creepy edit.

wilson GAH.png:?

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2 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

That cat picture is both cute and funny :p

But that face swap... 0_0

I took that picture the day I drew the Wilson spider piece, so that was quickly taken. The kitties tend to be rowdy, they like to run into the dining room, so I have to grab them all at once.

I still find the cover up colors creepier in my opinion but I can see how Korosensei's face can creep people out.|D.pngScreen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.30.36 AM.png

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