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  1. Oh boy I love your art!

  2. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    Well I'm excited to meet this girl.
  3. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    Wait what? Where was this announced? Never mind, found out. She looks cool!
  4. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    OAe Oh dear heavens thank goodness they didn't. It would've really sucked.
  5. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Oooo.... >8D OOOOOOOH!!!!!! Lay it on him Bobbie! Maxwell just got burned!
  6. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    In later times the survivors have more diverse wardrobes so Wilson has a tunic for camping and traveling since it's more suitable for that kind of thing instead of his regular duds. Cyrus keeps his on all the time since he loves being outside and camping.
  7. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    Concept stuff for Wildork. Mainly just bouncing ideas of designs of the cast 10 years later after the main events. Not sure if I’ll do it but it would be pretty fun. This probably won’t be Wilson’s final look but it was fun to draw it. Details as to why he is dressed like this I will address if I do this 10 years later thing.
  8. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    Cyrus actually found Bones. XD Pinky doesn't have pups but he would happily take Bones under his wing as an adopted pup.
  9. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    Some doodles before bed. Some next gen stuff. Just here to share cuteness and flesh the kids out a little. (Next time I shall do more sketches for Hayden. Too tired at the moment.)
  10. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    “Edward?” “Yes, My Queen?” “I’m curious… What was your family like?” Edward glanced to the side, a sad expression crossing his features. “A wonderful wife and the best son I could’ve ever asked for. People I could never replace and who I would give up everything I have if it meant I could spend one more day with them.” While Ed likes his new life of being The Count, helping Charlie through her insanity and just being useful, he won’t deny he misses his old life.
  11. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    Not once in the whole time I've been into Don't Starve have I drawn these two kissing. The only couple I've drawn kissing from this fandom is William and Charlie. Wilson and Willow have only gotten fluff and a kiss on the cheek.
  12. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    “I’ve never met a woman who showed any interest in science.” “And… I’ve never met a man like you, Wilson.” This was supposed to be that one scene from Back to the Future 3 where Doc and Clara were having their little science date but honestly while this image is a reference to it, it’s kind of it’s own thing too but still relevant to my little crossover pictures. Though I should really stop making pictures like this since it’s kind of teasing the fact in that same scene there’s a kiss and I have yet to draw these two kissing… Meh. I like saving the good stuff for later. One day folks, one day.
  13. Strangely Scientific - Story

    =D By all means, please continue. I love seeing people speculate.
  14. Strangely Scientific - Story

    Hello new person. Nice robe.