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  1. Oh why didn't I see this sooner? (I just drank a load of caffeine, so this fits)
  2. Well one word is used as a term for helping pass time, among other things. Ex: "the tuneless rhyme with which the warder cheats the time" The other is a block of warmed dairy product.
  3. Okay okay hold up. Lemme get this straight. You want the game to be harder but then you get annoyed at people who want the game to be harder? Make up your mind y'all! We're just going in circles here!
  4. Quick question, how does a rabbit shove a veggie rat (Which I'm pretty sure are larger than the Constant's rabbits) down its throat?
  5. No, for the same reason as @Jurnee. I already suffer from sleep problems and mood swings from my anxiety and I don't want that to get worse.
  6. (I've probably overused this GIF. But there's only 2 for excitement. Out of 15, that is)
  7. Ah yes. my favorite Steam emoticon.



    E  G  G


  8. Klei... How did this happen? These are really cute. They're actually animated stickers!
  9. You're making a mountain out of a molehill of it. Besides, I'd hate to admit it, but I believe that something good can come from something bad.
  10. Er...It isn't working for me. Not sure 'bout anyone else but it's likely that it's just me. Edit: Never mind, It got through eventually.