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  1. Welcome to round 2 of I Don't Know What The Heck This Is!

    Drum Brothers American Made Dun Dun Set | Worlds of Music USA | Reverb |  Drums, Percussion instruments, American made

    Yes, another instrument. I'll let you have a few moments to try and guess what this is. No googling!



    Got your answer?


    It's called a DunDun

     (Dun Dun duuuuuuuun!

  2. Ban Charlie Dark because yes, the character's name is Reynold.
  3. Ban Charlie Dark for using the character's real name to address me.
  4. Ban Charlie Dark because I saw the ran over body of a skunk, looked fascinating.
  5. Ban Charlie Dark because I just saw the corpse of a frog. It's still fresh.
  6. Then how did he get it to base? Effigy's don't just walk away y'all.
  7. *Silently sighs and shakes head in disappointment*
  8. Ban Charlie Dark because something, something. (Good reason here)
  9. No I didn't forget about this I just procrastinated about 2 days. Interaction between these two (Jonas and Iris) Remember how I mentioned someone while talking about Jonas? Yea, that's her. Iris is Witty but terrible at spotting details. (I forgot the word) Just moved to where Jonas lives and frequently teases him on his flaws. Yet she does indeed care about Jonas, even if they're just "Frenemies". She gains two things later on called "Pyromancers Cloak" & "Ablazing Spurs" No context here, just wanted to draw some birds. Ominous name? Check. Character doodles, don't mind the scribble in the corner. Crappy Tavern concept. Remember how I mentioned a "Mr. Saturn" earlier? (No I am not talking about the one from Earthbound, this is completely different and I didn't know this until someone pointed it out) This is a quick sketch for him, a couple Austin doodles and a mockup of how Jonas might use his Thunder Stick (Bolt Staff). Yes, I'm aware that it's blurry and cutoff. Thank you very much. Plushie variant concepts excluding Axolotl but including a new one called Wild.