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[Minespatch]Ashen Art

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ariel goes heyo.pngWelcome to my thread!

I finally feel confidant to make a thread for Hot Lava related art. I'm looking forward to the many arts of HAzard, Sludge, Jen, and the rest of the gang as the months and years goes by so welcome to my work!


I worked on these previously:59db0806cc191_RubiNHazardsqueeoverlego.png.eeb17b9f0380a5159651d3d2a848e91c.png5ac6c80ad75d9_GingersmithtriestohealWilson.thumb.png.af2baf1f16e6932acbf1329535f031d6.png5a82443c26ed8_crocomandertakesabreak.png.2fd5dbc8ae0f4de519563e5d0936f78c.png

This is what I worked on today:


Big thanks to @Instant-Noodles for the empty package version of the Mutant Mayhem packaging. Really excited when those characters come.

I drew the action figure version of my persona during the Jouste stream and decided to do more with my drawing. Took me a hour to cobble this together. Especially with the logo I worked from scratch.

Here's the images by themselves:


Out of all my react images, the confused shrug really sells the comic relief figure of the show that the Mutant Mayhem toyline would have. I figured that if my persona was in the show, they'd be like that character the execs push in to make things not s serious... Like Slimer, Orco, or Harry Scary...

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On 7/10/2018 at 4:02 AM, Raspberry Milk said:

A Hot Lava art thread! My mind is blown.

There was nowhere else to put it.:wilson_ecstatic:

On 7/11/2018 at 12:55 AM, DragonMage156 said:

I might start one if I collect up enough of my own Hot Lava art >u<

Sure, with the way Klei is making character based challenges, might as well.

2 minutes ago, minespatch said:




During the Jouste Hazard stream, I originally wanted to draw Hazard and Sue on the surfboard... Then I changed my mind to Walani. Giving them the "Hazard makes a friend" art style.


The penciled version already got featured on the fanart spotlight but this is the finished version. Oh well, at least its there.

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On 7/12/2018 at 7:40 PM, Jynn said:

i'll ask a mod to remove it then


Did you make a thread yet? I've been a tad busy.:wilson_dorky:


Drawn during a Jouste stream, Hatches get ready for Hot Lava. Even if they barely make the part that they're trying to mimic. Stinky the dupe is confused(my usual habit of having a react character).

I'll post this in the ONI thread as well but this is more Hot Lava than ONI.

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On 7/30/2018 at 9:53 PM, Jynn said:

no. i figured 1 picture isn't enough to make a thread over

Well, if you do doodles for jouste's thread, you can post them in your art thread.:wilson_smile:

8 hours ago, minespatch said:


As GAT and team are trapped in Pugna's Peg/barrel/thing, They cross universes and find themselves on a inahbitated asteroid.

I would've had this done yesterday but I was distracted. So finally got this one. On the same day as Klei Rhymes with Play 200. Woot.


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I wanted to post this yesterday but I spent too much time on the other piece that I finished this today. I did two fake ads for Grossglobes and this was the first one. Did this before the throwing and Buddy updates were announced so this was coincidence to my optimistic surprise. Just thought it'd be cute to have Jen Forcer playing with Buddy.


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Just now, minespatch said:


Felt like doing a second grossglobes fake advertisement. This time with a clay Varg. I had the frontal view as a reference in my print pile album, so it gave me a chance to do that.

In retrospect, I should've flipped it to the right to make it different from the Jen forcer art.:wilson_dorky:

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On 10/9/2018 at 7:37 PM, DragonMage156 said:

InB4 Klei start selling sheep, raindows and lollipops XD

Heck, Klei should sell those as "mk ultra pins" With the Toxic logo as the fourth pin.:wilson_sneaky:


The second drawing I did of Lord Sludge for the Jouste Stream. Had a idea of Sludge tempting the GAt members with a game of chicken. Threatening to use the vial if they get close. So... Pretty devilish here.


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Just now, minespatch said:


Drew this during Toni's stream where she was drawing characters in different skins. The two devs encouraged artists to post their own sketches during the stream and mine was Victorian Webber and a Lord Sludge-cosplay Maxwell. I'm quoting Jouste due to the fact he even describes "Sheep rainbow lolipop" as mk ultra.



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