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  1. Hey, thanks a bunch! Nice job with these works, the Don't Starve and Haunted Mansion crossover pieces really are a match made in heaven, love the way you go about them. I'm also a fan of the pose in the Mirrormask-inspired picture, makes me think Wilson is flinching away from the hands.
  2. No problem! Always happy to draw something for a fellow artist, especially one that's been so kind to me. Though now that you've brought it up, I don't think I've nailed a fully defined look for my persona. To amend that, here's a real quick sketch sheet, with a full body sketch closer to my style, a sketch closer to the Don't Starve style, and what he looks like without the glasses. Now, you too can draw good ol' Doc Clockwork! (And hopefully now I'll stop making so many mistakes when drawing my own persona...)
  3. Sure thing! This next piece here is dedicated to @minespatch, done as both a request and a token of my appreciation for all the support they've given me since I've starting posting my art here. A drawing of my persona drawing their persona? How meta. Sardonic remarks aside, I truly appreciate the support I've received, even with all the tumbles, mistakes, and occasional set-backs I've had. Hope you'll like the picture, Minespatch. Color palette ended up being a composite of a more recent drawing of your persona and a proposed palette made by Bebbit, I believe. Next picture should be one of the Don't Starve ladies, the top three I've considered being Wickerbottom, Wigfrid, or Charlie. Hope to see you all again soon!
  4. That's what happens when I work on these things at 3 AM. I really should pull less all-nighters. But hey, gaps are fun! They let so much nice, heavy, refreshing rain in. No one should ever let me near their characters. On an unrelated note, I would like to mention I am currently open to requests, in terms of either characters to draw next, or ideas for pictures. I can't guarantee I'll do them all, but if I see something I think I can work with I'll give it my best shot.
  5. Thanks for the understanding, and the input. I too prefer the colored version, but I thought it'd be interesting to see how it'd look in sepia tone. Never stop experimenting and all that. Here's a small collection of works I've put together these past few days. First we have Wenwick and Glommer in the rain, as requested by a friend. This piece was interesting, I don't believe I've ever done much rain before. As you can see, Wenwick here really, really loathes loves Spring! Next is Wilson and my Don't Starve persona having a bit of a spat. Due to the extreme difference in personality, I always felt there'd be at least some underlying tension. Gentleman Scientist vs. Clockwork Scientist, anyone? Finally, here's a quick concept sketch for a character belonging to a friend. A runt of a shadow creature that's capable of eating nightmare fuel to restore stats. Apparently extremely loyal to Maxwell, but more of an annoyance than an asset due to their obnoxious personality and meager physical strength. I found the character idea pretty funny, so when I was given the chance to help find a solid design, I jumped at it. I may have to draw this little guy bugging Maxwell some time.
  6. My word, it's nearly been a week, hasn't it? I greatly apologize for the delay, I've had a series of misfortunes and technical difficulties that kept interfering with my artistic process in some way. There were tablet malfunctions and keyboard problems among other things, which certainly wasn't fun. Fortunately, everything is sorted now. Thank you all for your continued encouragement and support. Here's Wes in his completed state. I used a paper texture to serve as a sort of noise, as half-suggested by @minespatch. Ultimately I like the look it gave, so thanks for the suggestion! I was back and forth on the coloring, so as a little bonus, have an alternate look: Wenwick's picture should come after, I'll even try to throw in a little bonus after having kept everyone waiting. I apologize again for the delay.
  7. You're extraordinarily skilled at establishing mood with color and lighting. Factoring in your wonderful grasp on gesture and expression, it creates very powerful and visually pleasing works. It's always a treat to see your art, they strike me as having a great deal of passion and hard work behind them.
  8. Indeed I do. It's been my program of choice for years. Interesting, I'll have to check it out sometime. Sorry for the quietness these past few days. I've been doing some work on the mod with my friend. Doing art assets and playtesting can eat a good amount of holes in my time, but to make it up I've got two work in progress sketches to show. First, here's a super messy Wes. I haven't tried to imitate the game's style too often with pieces like this, so I'm hoping I'll be able to finish him up sometime. I'm also really looking forward to doing the background on this. This was a request from my friend. Their character Wenwick in the rain with a (rather tiny) Glommer that's decided to take refuge on his head. Poor rich boy isn't a fan of Spring. Or getting wet. Or pretty much anything. Inspired in part by the early finding of Glommer in a playtesting save. This is a fair bit closer to my usual style. If all goes well I should have one or both of these finished up and ready for posting within a few days. Hope to see you all then!
  9. Very, very nice works! The first Warly piece is very warm, you used color brilliantly there. Same for the second, the cool tones surrounding the small source of light really set a creepy, eerie sort of tone for the picture. Really makes me feel for poor Warly there.
  10. Nice eye! I did the sketch with her in-game portrait in mind, but with enough of my own spin on it so it'd be its own piece instead of a more straight-forward redraw. I don't use a grid all the time either. Sometimes it's impractical or just unnecessary. But it's pretty handy when you're drawing digitally and are working on something huge, which most of my pieces tend to be since I always start out with a 2000 x 2000 canvas. Art can be expensive. My tablet cost a pretty penny, around $100-200? It's been a while so the details are fuzzy, but I still do a double take when I see the professional ones going for prices upwards of $1,000 or more. I'm glad you're able to find alternate ways to enhance your art. Hope you'll be able to get your hands on some paints, I'd love to see what you're able to do with them. Alright, I'm sure everyone's tired of me blabbering. Here's the finished Willow I promised! Fire always makes color fun.
  11. Interesting! That's a nice little coincidence. Thanks again for the kind words! My style's always been on the more cartoony side, so it's always flattering to hear stuff like that. I appreciate it. And thanks for the recovery wishes. I've figured it's a chronic thing because it's stuck around for a while and has the unfortunate tendency to flare up when I draw too much. Not much to do aside from giving it rest and waiting it out. To change things up a bit, here's the sketch for that Willow picture, in case anyone's curious about my artistic process. Usually for pictures like this I draw out a grid to decide where to place things. Then I (very messily) start sketching. I like to use a few guidelines to make sure things don't end up looking too wonky or uneven. Sometimes I go beneath everything and map out the shading if I think it'll give me any trouble, or just if I want the sketch to look a little nicer. I should have the finished product ready for posting today if I'm lucky, or within the next few days or so if I'm not. I'll try to get it out to you all as soon as I can.
  12. I'll be sure to try and avoid any further gaffes. Thanks for the forgiveness, all! Thanks! Who needs foreheads, anyway? A little of both. I like blue but I didn't use it in both pictures on purpose, I just ended up drawing two pictures that I happened to think blue lighting worked with. Maxwell has a bit of a blue-ish tone to his skin, easiest to see in the dark circles under his eyes. My reasoning was a blue-ish purple, gloomy kind of lighting could really make things pop. As for Wendy's picture, full moons in-game tend to bathe everything in a blue light so I wanted to emulate that. Plus it can make things look a little more creepy, and Wendy always benefits from that! Though now that you've brought it to my attention, I am a bit tempted to draw something with lighting completely opposite to what I've already done. Maybe a nice, fiery Willow picture? For now, here's something a little different. My hand injury's been flaring up, so I haven't been able to draw anything particularly impressive. Instead, I've got a few assorted things to share. This is based off a conversation where I jokingly brought up a "What if?" scenario where there was a nicer counterpart to Nightmare Fuel. I eventually decided to draw up a mock inventory icon for this "Daydream Fuel". It was a nice and quick little thing that didn't aggravate my injury too badly. This is a concept of a Don't Starve persona for myself, inspired after having seen @minespatch's persona. A stiff and serious fellow scientist that serves as a foil to Wilson, with a ~mysterious~ past and cool scar. Would have chronically low sanity, being one that puts the "mad" in mad scientist. And last but not least, a few messy concepts for how a friend's old Don't Starve characters may translate to in-game models, edited and tweaked to their current liking. There's no foreseeable plans to mod any of them into the game except for the last one, who is currently a work in progress. I'm mostly satisfied with how they all turned out, but if I end up working on them some more I may tweak them further.
  13. Wow, I wasn't expecting this kind of reception! Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words, everybody. I really appreciate it, it motivates and encourages me to keep going forward with my art. D'oh! That's what I get for not looking through the posts thoroughly enough. Would a Wendy picture make a good apology?
  14. Now with an 80% less unintentionally plagiaristic title! Howdy all, I'm Doc. I got back into Don't Starve after putting it down for a while, so I've decided to start an art thread and share some of my works on the forums. Admittedly, since I'm self-taught and haven't had any professional teaching, I'm not too skilled. But I like to try my best, do a bit of experimenting, and see where that leads me. To start things off, here's a nice little Maxwell, hot off the press.