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  1. Help.

    It work! Thank you very much!
  2. Help.

    Doesn't work, i think the skeleton love for entrance has made him sentient I tried the search option too but i ended up outside.
  3. Doodles! of DS!

    I will! HOL UP Adventurer and their selfie of local wild life
  4. Help.

    Can't smack it, it's inside the door I'm fine with BFB, but Is there ways to delete the skeleton? I still need to return there for aporkalypse.
  5. Help.

    My skeleton is blocking my only door to the mainland, and i can't hammer it. What do i do, i'm stuck on the 5th island.
  6. Another tip for the bunny farm, you can use the boomerang as some sort of remote controller, just be sure to move before throwing it!
  7. Doodles! of DS!

    Tablet time.



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    2. minespatch


      I was curious with the current spam, congrats and welcome back to arting.:wilson_smile:

    3. DarithD


      Thanks Patchy, you're always there when i post something, i appreciate it :D

    4. minespatch


      5771eff0013d3_aarielmilktrap.png.fa6a9f5230a778a1126295a08da0b199.pngRight back at ya.

  9. I gotchu fam
  10. Since Wormwood is plant

    Well plant do get killed if it get too much water.
  11. I absolutely agree, klei server is for the people of many, not for hoarding! Also hi kz
  12. Positive sides of Hamlet

    What about the scenery? It feel so lively, you can feel the dread when walking into the poison forest, the tension when running in the deep jungle, the calm of those pond and the waterfall, the safety in hamlet town and city, it feel so much better than SW, which translate anything into "yep, that's an island".
  13. Culturally problematic?

    Well they were uncomfortable with it, and i can respect that, seeing how the forum can implode by just mentioning something that you shouldn't. It's the right call.
  14. Your opinions on Hamlet?

    Just got it today, i love every single part of hamlet, the combat, the ruin, and the trade mechamic, the enviroment remind me of home. I think people expect too much and got carried away, it's an enjoyable experience for me. My first death is getting squished by the giant bird thing. 10/10 wouldn't mind if they add more content to spice things up.