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  1. DST old skins

    Ah, I didn't notice that you said you play PS4. I'm a big dum dum, apologies.
  2. DST old skins

    Im surprised no one has mentioned the Steam Market yet. You can get decent skins. The usual price ranges can be grouped up like so: Dirt Cheap (under a dollar) -You can get a few skins at this price Semi-Decently Okay-ish (1 to 5 bucks) -Most of the skins are under this category A tad pricy (5 to 10 bucks) -Skins here might be a tad more than you're willing to pay for skins, but hey, they're the ones that generally look cooler Expensive (10 to 20 bucks) -You can get really really high-tier skins at this price range, such as elegant item skins. However, you should really only buy something this expensive if you either REALLY want it or you have money to throw away. Wendy Guest of Honor (20+ bucks) -Stupidly expensive, don't bother
  3. This is really the only idea that caught my eye because I have the same idea, except executed a tad differently: -If you have at least 1 Papyrus and a feather pencil in your inventory, an option to "Write down Blueprint" appears next to each individual pop-up (As in, if an item is craftable, a blue button appears underneath the crafting recipe, next to the craft button albeit smaller). If you click on it, the papyrus and feather pencil will be used up, and you will gain a blueprint for whatever item you chose. Also, just a side note that goes in hand with this, why are feather pencils single-use? Give them like 5-use durability.
  4. I have an idea. How about you automatically get a (lower-tier) version of this skin if your steam account hits a certain amount of hours (something like 500+). It would allow the veterans that didn't quite make it to the beta to still have it, and it'd still give off the impression that the person that has said skin is a veteran.
  5. Imagine how cool that'd look if you replace everything with wooden flooring.
  6. WormWood abilities.

    Honestly, if Wormwood immediately went into the final stage of blooming when Wicker read applied hort. I'd love that. (It'd also give WX a run for his money, and ANOTHER character constantly harassing every Wicker they see.) Also I mean, smoldering only happens in Summer, and if you don't have flingos in Summer that's the base's fault. (Unless a Wormwood has *been* on fire for a few seconds and consciously walks into base whilst previously not being in said base.) Also, I don't see a reason for people to *not* be able to extinguish a smoldering Wormwood by hand, just like any other object. It's a valuable trade-off, you either take 5 damage, or your friend takes 30+ damage.
  7. New headcannon: The reason the survivors don't need sleep is because they're cracked out of their minds 100% of the time.
  8. I don't understand why those eyes are so unsettling but they are.
  9. It'd allow for more intricate base designs, and more creativity in general, which is always something I'm a fan of. As a matter of fact, I think the layers of wooden flooring > marble flooring > carpet flooring is decent as is, HOWEVER, I wouldn't be apposed to that being customizable, because on the same side of the coin, there are things like deciduous turf which layers over wooden flooring for whatever reason and is super annoying.
  10. Ah, we can finally get an explanation on why Willow became a stick of dynamite.
  11. I just thought of this while watching the new fnaf game of all things and I need to throw this into this thread before I forget. *clicks tongue* Woodlegs. Think about it. Yeah, Woodlegs seems like a nice lighthearted pirate, but we don't know if that's just him being a screwball. We have absolutely NO clue how he canonically acts around people. For all we know, if Woodlegs ever found himself in the lands of DST with other survivors, the first thing he could do is hold a sword up to someone's neck and demand the group to hand over their goodies, not to even mention the horrible possibility of non-PG war crimes that pirates are/were known to do.
  12. Let's be honest here, 50% of our community is really stupid. This is also a joke. For the most part.