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  1. In terms of OCs, there are some that I could share but I need to hold my tongue as they may actually come true as a mod in the future. Instead, I'll show off one of my more favorite non-OC character idea I came up with in the past. About a year and a half ago I went through a FNAF phase, and yall aint ready. I made entire character ideas in my free time. A few actually had development progress put into them after the idea phase. Christ, this is old...
  2. I leave for an entire year and the content here is the exact same. Anyways take one of Axe's amogus sprites because he makes like 5 day. This is a cry for help, he has a problem.
  3. I have returned to the hellhole that is the Klei Forums. I took a large break from DST in 2021 so I have no DST drawings worth sharing, so take this FNF GF image to show my progress since I've last posted. Edit: Wait I haven't posted the modern sprites for 049 and 035, guess I can show those off.
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot this account exists.

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      Well I'll be damned, look who it is

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      finally back to terrorize the forums....

  5. How's uncompromising mode going?

  6. Ive come to the realization that yeah, Im a VERY messy base-builder. What can I say? Throwing stuff on the ground is easier than going out of your way to make chests. I'll always make 'em later... Right? (Uncomp btw)
  7. Rocks have three different ground sprites, for some reason. Even weirder, a single rock will remember what sprite it has if you pick it up and drop it again. This doesn't apply to when it's put in a stack.
  8. To be fair, The Thing is a fictional horror movie and Covid-19 is causing widespread death and suffering in the world right now.
  9. Got this while playing uncomp. I was just about to head out into the night so this was nice timing.
  10. This is going to become new "meme headcanon" in literally everyone, just you watch. Sharks rotate the world, don't believe Klei's lies.
  11. Wigfrid when a literal nightmare appears in her living room and makes a sketchy offer
  12. With those muscles, Wolfgang can eat his heart out.
  13. i swore i remember JoeW saying that it was over a hundred back when we hit 500 or something. Huh.