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  1. I have returned with a better computer! FPS is high and loading times are low! Life's good!

  2. Where am I? I don't know how I got here, I'm a confused old lady who can't find her way home, please oh please will someone help me find my way, my dreadful eyesight and crooked body, can't keep up with todays hussle and bustle can't, I'm just so lost and bewildered will you please oh please help this poor old woman?

  3. Hey, been a bit. Checking in on you.

  4. So my computer got infected with malware. I gotta do a factory reset to make sure my system remains bug-free, which sucks. Im bringing over all of my drawings and ****, but other than that I'm gonna lose a lot of ****.

    Maybe it's a blessing, considering that I'll have way more space that I've ever had before.

    1. Canis


      If all else fails and I somehow lose access to my online storage, I can always ctrl f and copy my drawings over from discord.

    2. minespatch


      I'm so sorry man. :wilsondisappointed:

    3. SophPlays


      oof sorry to hear that

  5. Don't forget that gold rounds are self-supplying: Use a gold nugget to make 10 rounds, then use those rounds to kill rabbits and birds for morsels which can be sold to PK for 1 gold each.
  6. The eyebrella along with all other heat protection gear does not reduce your body temperature, it just makes the increase in temperature slower. You will eventually need a cold source or you will overheat.
  7. When I think of a character addition, I prioritize how the playstyle would be like rather than "heehoo I like a familiar face". I would love a character with a playstyle working around technologically advanced armors (think of the living artifact from Hamlet.) Tony Stark comes to mind, it could be cool to make multiple armors for specific situations, he could possibly have an "Arc Reactor" meter that powers his armors - and ultimately his life. If we want to go a little more grim with the idea, perhaps something like William Afton from FNAF (Not a joke). You could mayhaps make a springbonnie suit which protects William against nightmares and other psychological threats (like the bone helm), but if you take too much damage while in the suit, you become "Springtrapped", meaning that you can no longer take off the suit and your playstyle shifts from an architect-like playstyle to an already-dead, perhaps fighting-based one. I actually have some doodles of William Afton. He could have other abilities like making other machines that do menial tasks like gathering resources, but might have a chance to be haunted and secretly conspire against you?
  8. This is a bit sudden. Im assuming this is a non-canon "what if" scenario of Wilson staying on the throne and bringing in people like Maxwell, otherwise the implications would meddle with our current canon a lot. I don't have any strong feelings about this. A new Don't Starve title is cool. I can forgive the artstyle being a bit different because it's not developed by Klei. The character designs are, meh, alright. The only design that pops out to me - and that I really like - is this guy. He looks like a mix of Wilson and the Darkest Dungeon Highwayman. Edit: something I forgot to add. I don't really have high hopes for this game to be frank. What I see doesn't really entice me, and Tencent's rep (from what I've heard, they could be squeaky clean for all I know) doesn't do it any favors. However, even if the game flops or is full to the brim with microtransactions, it's third party, meaning it's ultimately harmless and inconsequencial, unless something really screwy happens like abusing app permissions.
  9. 1395467505_witchbitch3outline.thumb.png.7da1d2e34e3107a40ca9fecdb2268eb3.png

    1. SophPlays
    2. minespatch


      Congratulations on finishing it.:wilson_smile:

  10. My inclusion in this images gives me mixed feelings, and frankly I have no clue how to interpret them.
  11. I always suspected that Woodie was a furry.
  12. WIP

    1. minespatch


      Seeing the colored touches already, turning out great, man.

  13. Klei just donated 1 million dollars to the BLM fund a week ago. If they had to cut some corners because of it, I don't blame them.