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  1. Of course I chose Walani, but I'd also love to see Wilbur and possibly Wilba in DST. Now that I think of it, that could probably become DLC packs. "Shipwrecked Character Pack" including Walani and Wilbur "Hamlet Character Pack" including Wilba and Wheeler These packs could possibly be obtained by owning the respective Singleplayer DLC, so there's still a reason to get SP. Alternatively, you could weave them for a REALLY high price, considering its a bundle of 2 characters (and probably skins) I left out Woodlegs because his whole thing is that he is the "reward" for getting his 3 keys, requiring you to slay a boss and to explore a lot. I also left out Wagstaff because he's important to lore. Those two can remain singleplayer-exclusive. Also no, this doesn't take away from the reasons to play Singleplayer, as DST doesn't have and will never have SW and Hamlet content. Whenever I imagine the "final state" of DST in the far off future, I imagine these four characters with it, alongside new characters entirely.
  2. I feel like replacing regeneration with simply "not draining durability when used vs shadows" would still make it really good, better than now. Then it would have a place as the "nightmare fuel farm" weapon.
  3. At 0 sanity make it so shadows crowd your screen like Ancient Fuelweaver's stun, but without the stun part. You're still able to operate when insane, and can still do so unimpeded, but if your sanity meter is ALL THE WAY depleted, then you get a punishment in the form of visual impairment. It's not difficult to deal with and will most likely be annoying, but it's a downside and could be used as a placeholder mechanic until something better is thought up.
  4. Nerfed and I playtested 035 on our megabase world. Nerfed has more screenshots, but they're busy atm. Edit: Bonus chat stuff
  5. That's the risk of public servers, they are lawless wastelands.
  6. Kick, rollback. They don't deserve further attention.
  7. I want to reserve judgement for the boats until RoT is completed. At the moment, they are fun, open up "boat basing" which is SUPER niche but cool. They're slow as hell, but makes up for the fact that you can put stuff on it, and make bridges. Although I would still prefer a surfboard.
  8. This made me realize that Klei hasn't put out official artwork of the *entire* DST cast in a while. That would be neat.
  9. Alternatively, you could put it on a boat in the middle of the ocean.
  10. I think SCP-035 enjoys having Wortox as a host a little too much. Bonus:
  11. who tf be out here using a dark sword on a rabbit
  12. Doodles! of DS!

    When Abi dies for the 20th time.