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  1. While I am very biased towards Webber, his playstyle is just not fun after you pump a lot of hours into the character. Webber shines when he is chained to his dens, farming. I can agree that Wendy arguably needs the rework spot more than Webber, but he does need it, a lot.
  2. As one of the heads of the mod project, I apologize for the spamming, and everyone that spams the discord link will be administered several spankings. Fr, it's not the staff team's intention to be annoying with it, but there do seem to be a select few people who are a tad heavy-handed with their advertisements, and I'll personally make sure that this stops. Sorry for the headache. (edit: the mod itself is geared towards elitists and veterans who find the game too easy, so ofc some of our members are elitist.)
  3. Guys, I already posted the link in the first few posts of the thread. If you could not spam it and effectively lower our rep with the community that'd be great.
  4. Oh, wow. With all of the previous refreshes and new characters, I always had doubts. "This doesn't sound that viable." "This sounds way too op." "That doesn't sound fun." etc etc. But this. This is the first character that I am 100% happy with, and hyped for. HOWEVER, I'm still not going to hold my breath, as he have yet to have a hands-on experience.
  5. Back when I mained Woodie (read: back when Woodie wasn't reworked) I used to commonly "unload" my shadow creatures as a Werebeaver. You unload them by luring your two shadow creatures (preferably 2 crawling horrors) into a corner of the map that nobody has a reason to visit, and then just ditch them there. As long as no player goes near them, they will stay unloaded, and no more shadows can spawn and attack you as Werebeaver, unless you're near an insane player. I did this all the time just to screw around in pubs.
  6. Too bad the line is used universally by all characters. Now that I think of it, how come characters don't have unique examines for tombstones?
  7. God, who in their right mind would edit anything don't starve related onto a body pillow?
  8. Two big thumbs up from me, for obvious reasons. also this
  9. Don't starve quiz

    I can't explain that. In all of my time in DST, there has always been at most 2 shadow creatures on me when I'm alone. In Singleplayer DS, there is no cap, if that is what you're thinking of.
  10. Don't starve quiz

    Here are a few intermediate ones I can think off the top of my head. At What Hunger % does your character announce the fact that they're starving? a) 40% b) 33% c) 25% d) 20% How many types of spiders are there in vanilla DST? a) 4 b) 5 c) 6 d) 7 Here's a hard one: How many Shadow Creatures are allowed to spawn per insane player in DST? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
  11. Then the demand for elegants normally worth under a buck would skyrocket as everyone would want to unweave them. That OR all skins would drop in price as they're all getting neglected.
  12. They wanted to make a skin with effects before (Gorge Wes) but the reason they didn't is because they didn't want the skin to immediately become 10x more expensive than others. Don't lie, the SECOND you add a special skin that does cool stuff, it becomes synonymous with a tf2 unusual, and we know how much those are worth (Unless the economy crashes again)
  13. Plot Plot twist: Killing that kiwi has a chance to spawn another equally large, fat, and threatening kiwi
  14. More like Variant beat you to it.
  15. This was literally posted 2 posts above yours.