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  1. How's uncompromising mode going?

  2. Ive come to the realization that yeah, Im a VERY messy base-builder. What can I say? Throwing stuff on the ground is easier than going out of your way to make chests. I'll always make 'em later... Right? (Uncomp btw)
  3. Rocks have three different ground sprites, for some reason. Even weirder, a single rock will remember what sprite it has if you pick it up and drop it again. This doesn't apply to when it's put in a stack.
  4. To be fair, The Thing is a fictional horror movie and Covid-19 is causing widespread death and suffering in the world right now.
  5. Got this while playing uncomp. I was just about to head out into the night so this was nice timing.
  6. This is going to become new "meme headcanon" in literally everyone, just you watch. Sharks rotate the world, don't believe Klei's lies.
  7. Wigfrid when a literal nightmare appears in her living room and makes a sketchy offer
  8. With those muscles, Wolfgang can eat his heart out.
  9. i swore i remember JoeW saying that it was over a hundred back when we hit 500 or something. Huh.
  10. Counting hidden posts, isnt it around 900 now?
  11. The entire uncomp discord were shitting themselves, you weren't alone.
  12. Yeah, The cough animation in particular looks really rough.