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  1. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    some traditional stoof
  2. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Yes! I really enjoyed Watership Down. Though the book will always be my favorite.
  3. So, I think I know how I'm gonna write the plot to PROPHET. I'll write some key scenes, and kind of make a time-line. Scenes beside the key scenes will mostly be down-time for the main characters, and the readers. Key scenes will be dramatic, physically and or emotionally draining scenes. Sub-scenes will come before and after scenes, and will be tailored to fit the storyline before and after their key scenes. 

    Each chapter will have a cover, and each will have around 5 key scenes. Basically, this is gonna be pretty long.

    My main inspiration has to be Twokinds, written by Thomas Fischbach, a webcomic which has been going on for 13 years! Old enough to join the forums. My secondary inspiration was the Spaceboy comic, and my third inspiration was Strays, another webcomic.

    Stay tuned, with your ears to the radio!

    1. minespatch


      Well, I'm already hyped! Looking forward to the progress.

    2. DragonMage156


      SPACEBOY!! dummy.gif

      Sorry I just really love the comic ^^;

  4. Geni's Random Art thread

    I can tell you worked hard on the spoilered one. As the others said, it was kinda hard to read Seth's dialogue. Try brightening the color a little when against dark backgrounds. Seth! Why are you keeping axes under couches! Somebody could get murdered!
  5. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Yeah, sometimes I have too many projects and I kinda let some characters get a little... dusty. Basically Firefly was that Angel Dragon I made awhile ago.
  6. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Haha, understandable. I did a quick animation a little while ago. Took me 30 minutes just to do it. I won't have an update schedule for PROPHET, for I don't really have a stable time period to upload normally, anyways. Plus I only have the first page written and sketched, and the second is only half done. I still need to think of some more plot though. PROPHET will kinda just be sprinkled through with my other drawings. I just took like, 50 pictures of all my traditional drawings, so expect some of those soon.
  7. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    "Bright eyes, burning like fire. Bright eyes, how can they burn so pale?" Cover for my upcoming comic: PROPHET
  8. I figured out what I'm gonna be for halloween! The Deer Lord! I found this cool paper machay deer mask at Michael's and I'm gonna use it and a black robe to be the Deer Lord, from Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion. It's gonna be easy, but might be a little expensive(The mask is fifteen bucks, no tax or money for paint, but the robe I could get from a thrift store for a few).

    In other news, I'll be going to the Renaissance Festival this year. Hopefully I can pull together something better than last year, where I just put on my yellow cat dress shirt, brown sweater vest, and some slacks.

    Sorry I've not been on much. But life has kinda been getting in the way. I've been doing art, but been too busy to post. School n' stuff. You know. I'm already a third of the way through my first semester though, time goes by fast, eh? I'll be getting a fall break, sometime in October.

    1. minespatch


      At least you made a comment about it. :wilson_smile:

      Hope you have fun at the Renaissance faire.

  9. Ninjanemo's art thread thingy

    Cute! I like your art style.
  10. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Maybe, but I'd probably use it later. Maybe next year, or so? Anyways, I actually made 4 different items for Weizen to be holding in her mouth.
  11. Anyone else notice the "downvote" section in the "who Reacted" section?

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    2. Starthefox


      or if it doesn't work, click the little square next to your post.

    3. minespatch


      Whoa, first time I've noticed.:wilson_shocked:

    4. DragonMage156
  12. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    Just an Icon for myself.
  13. Geni's Random Art thread

    Good luck, and Stay safe!
  14. Hey, hey, hey, Time travel isn't impossible in the 1980's. At least, not in the DS world
  15. Geni's Random Art thread

    I think we might have the same tablet. Anyways, have you checked the nib? I'm not sure how long you have has your tablet, but sometimes the nib can wear down. Have you checked the panel on the back?