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  1. Holy crap! It's been so long! So so so so sorry for now logging on before now.

    An update with my art; I've been improving so much!



    Just looking at my old stuff from here amazes me.

    I will say I'm probably not going to be logging on here anymore, though. I'm not active with Don't Starve anymore, though I am loving Hot Lava. I've kind of moved on to other things. I just wanted to upd8 you guys so you wouldn't worry. I've matured so much since I signed up, I almost feel as if I don't fit anymore if that makes sense.

    Thanks for making my stay here so pleasant! My journey here will always be incredible to me. I'll always remember my times here, no matter how brief.

    -- WeizenSchrei, Final Transmission.

    1. DragonMage156


      Aw StartheFox :<

    2. minespatch


      You'll be gladly welcomed back if you ever return. Thanks for the update.

  2. 5b88a06e5090f_xtrasadcat.jpg.92a98dd7760f204fb5e3588db44c7163.jpg

    dude.. has it almost been two years? man. wow. I never thought about it until now. That's rad.

    1. DragonMage156
    2. minespatch


      Oh no, cute kitten.:wilson_ecstatic:

  3. Reading through Homestuck again, and whew! did I miss a lot of stuff. Anyways.

    I'm glad I've been able to post on my art thread again, but I doubt I'll be able to keep it up. The amount of art, I mean. But I have been doing my own stuff offline. I don't know if my threads get buried in notifications, but they haven't seemed to be noticed by the followers of the thread :? Regardless, I'm glad I get to post what I do, even if it is not a lot.

    Over and out.

    1. minespatch


      I noticed them, bud.:wilson_smile:

  4. Drawings and Drivel

    This is good, I can tell you are quite skilled! Keep up the good art, I like it very much!
  5. Geni's Random Art thread

    I really like the drama, but what are their shadows casting onto? From that position of the light, they would either be casting on the floor or on the wall (assuming there is a light above them and to the right of the camera.) I also like the freaked out look of the guy in the back. O.o
  6. Geni's Random Art thread

    Wow! You're really handsome! I love your hair.
  7. Geni's Random Art thread

    I like the shading on this one!
  8. Sorry for not being on, like, at all. But I've just kind of had a perfect storm to provent me from being on. I'm trying my best, but I likely won't be as active as I used to be, ever again. Access is limited, and my time is strung thin. School is starting august 1st for me. I have still been drawing a lot though. Hopefully I will be able to post some of my new stuff.

    Good wishes to all  -Wize

    1. DragonMage156


      It's ok. You aren't the only one who's has something bad happen to limit their online access. I couldn't of happened to better people though ( ._.)

    2. minespatch


      Well, I saw you on the Hot Lava discord, so that's something.:wilson_smile:

  9. Sketches And Destruction

    haha I love the strange amount of detail. Wendy looks like she just got out of an hour bath, super wrinkly.
  10. finals are over, summer vacation is starting for me (in spring)

    hopefully I can return soon but my PC still isn't set up yet, due to my kitchen being redone.


    1. minespatch


      Good luck with the kitchen.:wilson_smile:

    2. DragonMage156


      Eyy glad you survived finals ^_^

  11. Small update: Getting my new PC soon, and I got my black belt. Still on my hiatus still, but I hope to see you soon

    1. minespatch


      Still nice you told us. :wilson_smile:

    2. DragonMage156


      Same. I'm hoping to upgrade my computer in the next week or two (so I can play Bendy chp 4! D: )

  12. I'm going to be taking a break for a little while

    don't worry about me

    probably a month or more.

    1. DragonMage156


      Aw, take care Star.

    2. minespatch


      Good luck buddy.

  13. Geni's Random Art thread

    You know, if you really wanted to do animations, I'd suggest unity. They have great tools for skeleton animating, no need to draw each frame.
  14. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Ooh! Interesting take on the end table. I like it. Very spooky.
  15. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    What about a red v-neck, black kutte, and some boot cut pants? edit: a kutte is a jacket usually made of denim or leather, and the sleeves cut off at the shoulders or go down to the wrists. Commonly adorned with patches of bands that the wearer enjoys and/or spikes. Also known as Battle jackets. But for simplicity's sake I'd go without spikes/patches. Sorry if it sounds way out of character; I don't know too much about Whiskers, so I'm kinda just throwing out ideas ehehe