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  1. Equipment Rebalance?

    That's like saying "You have the resources for both the breezy vest and the hibernation vest. Which do you craft?" Of course you'd make the hibernation vest, it's potentially the best body slot for winter in the game. But it's all based on circumstances, skill, and playstyle. For instance, there's quite a few people committed to not using the "meta backpack" and they like to use other body slot items. The breezy vest is fairly cheap and is obtainable the first season of the game. Not to say they wouldn't upgrade to the puffy vest later, but for that little while, it's nice to have.
  2. Mena's Random Arts of Stuff and Things

    Maybe you should play Weirdosity to find out
  3. The Wizard
    The Shadowed
    The Excited
    The Environmentalist
    The King
    The Kid
    The Killer
    The Scythe
    The Mother
    The Amber
    The Anchorman
    The Scientist
    The Time Machine
    The Soviet
    The Father
    The Corrupted
    The Awful
    The Trader
    The Crackpot
    The Librarian
    The Teacher
    The Pizza Guy
    The Robot
    The Belltower
    The Octopus
    THE M$@%!#*)<(&=G TIME BOMB
    The Seagull
    The Throne
    The Arachnid
    The Arachnophobe
    The Most Seeing
    The Shamed Warrior
    The Undead
    The Jolly
    The Patriotic
    The Lovey
    The Mercenary of Love
    The Watcher
    The Voice of The Void
    The Goddess of The Ocean
    The.... Thing.
    The Destroyer of All
    The Creator of All
    The man behind the mask
    The woman behind the man
    The calm before the storm
    The girl behind the universe
    The Stalker
    The Other Scythe
    The Wizard Way Better Than Weirdo
    The Festive Man from Festive Land
    The Narrator
    The Spaceship
    The Cruel Joke.

  4. I'd enjoy if there was more bosses that come to you as the game goes on. I loved the seasonal giants for that, so every season you need to prepare for a good fight. Sadly, they felt the need to make Mgoose take the same fate as Dfly, so that leaves only two giants that come to you. Perhaps if a hound wave would get replaced by a special boss mob (Not a varg because I just despise fighting those things) that is as balanced as bearger or something, I don't want to have to wake up to toadstool stomping towards my base.
  5. Not yet, but I hear the devs are working on it.

    Happy Halloween everyone! I can't wait to see everyone's spooky stuff! :)

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      I can't wait to see everyone's spooky stuff!

      Could you lend me a picture of yourself? That might work scaring everyone off


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      ~ 0_0 ~

      Spooky dance

  7. Woodie is hands down the best character for nomadding. He has absoloutely no issues with sanity, minor insulation, and so long as it isnt winter, he can get food from birchnuts. Plus, there's always beaver mode if you're feeling freaky. I've done nomadding playstyles myself, and heck, woth woodie, im able to join a game early winter and survive on my own until spring.
  8. Why the hell are there poisonous hounds

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      Crocodogs have a poisonous variant now

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      I hate getting poisoned! >:c

  9. Weirdosityhalloweenupdatecomic1.thumb.jpg.1881a2b0a66ae5c0b92c6cf59accdc6c.jpgWeirdosityhalloweenupdatecomic2.thumb.jpg.ad2ef88cce1f5b3efe7465dd7d77891a.jpglogohalloween.thumb.jpg.e70af5b596410758e4215d483107d67a.jpg

    1. Weirdobob


      Play the game, or watch others play it at

    2. minespatch


      I guess Joe is a regular character?

    3. Mobbstar


      No, Joe isn't rectangular at all. In fact, she has quite nice c-

      Oh yeah, she's a regular character.

  10. What's this? A dragon mage impedes on my status update making terrain?


    Very well.


    There can be only one.

  11. 59bf424591e98_Screenshot(281).thumb.jpg.7de42fe4e9bf82bb27e76a8884a75581.jpg

    Aw crap @JoeW is on to me, gotta go

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      Aw crap now I know he knows I know he's onto me

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      What did you do?:wilson_ecstatic:

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      This is gonna get confusing XD

  12. You need to kill the new boss in the new area of the map, the Ancient Fuelweaver. You get there via a random tentapillar and need to get to the center of it, where you'll find a portal. Put an ancient key inside it (Drops from the ancient guardian, or is inside the minotaur chest, or is in the minotaur arena), construct the odd skeleton, and then reanimate it with the shadow heart. If you beat that boss, not only do you get some special drops, but the ruins will begin to regenerate.
  13. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    Because then I have to go into combat using up more slots than normal. If I'm purposely going out for a fight, I have better gear to carry. If hounds or a boss are coming, I don't have the time to grab it. I don't like wasting time by running out to the nearest spider den to slap one just to break a spear, I'd prefer to just beat up an enemy with a good percentage item when I need to, not run at a pinata with 12 spears at 2% and more helmets are 3%. Not to mention, I don't need to fight goats and werepigs at a constant, so that's a very slim opportunity for something that shouldn't be an issue in the first place.
  14. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    1: That'd be a huge pain and would require quite a bit more coding and altering because crafting recipes just don't have an "rare item" tag. 2: Wowzers are you defensive. Look buddy, I'm not calling you out or saying you're ideas all bad, I have nothing against you. Sorry if you took any offense. 3: I wasn't freaking out, I was just saying my opinion. Other people have brought up the issue besides just you and I figured I'd offer my two cents, I wasn't intending to single you out or whatever. Again, sorry if this is somehow the case, I have nothing against you. 4: Because I absolutely despise having tons of low percentage items. If you could combine low use things, it wouldn't be brokenly powerful but it'd be helpful as heck. For me, by day 1,000, my base is swimming in 2% armor items and weapons, percentages so low it's impractical to tote them around anymore. Sure, I could burn them off doing something stupid, but that's time consuming and worthless for the most part. Even if you use the excuse that two players could want it, I sincerely doubt two players are going to want a fire staff with one use. While you can argue just crafting a new one would be better, crafting a new one also outdoes repairing it as well, so that argument's nullified. I think it should be an enhancer rather than a flat out fixer. There needs to be some sacrifice rather than just taping up a beequeen crown infinitely to remove the need to fight her again. 5: I kind of feel like you're purposely going out and insulting my intelligence. Thanks. Again, I have nothing against you, and you're just as entitled to have an opinion as I am. And you can still repair items to 100%, but it'd require a sacrifice to get there rather than 1 character is able to fix anything for an insanely cheap price, which, in my opinion, would make her too strong, especially if that was combined with your cheaper crafting thing. She still has no downsides, so with all of this combined she'd definitely need one warranted.
  15. Summary of Rework Ideas for Winona

    I'd assume if you right click an item with the tape it gets tagged as "Taped" which you can then use on another item. It'd still be better than a sewing kit. Because we all know tape holds cloth together better than it holds hard things it can actually adhere to.