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  1. meme server

    May want to post this here instead. That's for servers and what not.
  2. You and me both. Well, seeing as our heroes can easily identify skeletons of their fallen comrades rather than the skeletons of people they've never met before, yet Maxwell will say "Ha! I remember that one!" and how they never bring up "Hey, that's my body!" (unless they've revived using something in the world already, which we play as them for) I don't really know if that'd be the case.
  3. Since the tentapillar is always wet, and electric attacks do more damage against wet things, electric darts will eat the tentapillar. The fuelweaver can be solo'd with gunpowder but there's a bit of a wait before you can use it again to damage him. Just need to practice it a bit.
  4. To be fair, we don't fully understand the world they came from either. For instance, Woody is already well acquainted with the fact Lucy talks and she seems to be well acquainted with his werebeaver curse as well. These could all just happen to be coincidences, for instance, Wickerbottom could've already published her books, but due to the high levels of magic just sort of drifting around, now they actually do something. Similarly, Willow could've been picked on and forced her to lose her best traits in reality, too, for all we know. Regardless, all the characters seem to already have knowledge of these powers, there's no "Oh holy cow I can do this now?" and there's no discovering them in the first place, they're just already there. That's because DST is meant to be a little more kindhearted and forgiving than DS. There's a very stark difference between the two games, with DS' motto seemingly being "Everything is out to get/kill you" whereas DST's motto seems to be "You are out to get/kill everything" But, the thing is, is that DST rewards you for being a little more skilled at the game by giving you a few more short-term benefits, with some long-term benefits sprinkled in. For example of it's difficulty, Deerclops has twice the health and your armor doesn't do too well anymore. But, there's more niceties thrown in, like the holiday events, to counteract this for people that actually can manage to get past the more difficult twist.
  5. *gets progressively saltier over Wigfrid's random character breaks*

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    2. DragonMage156


      What about Wigfrid's perks changing? 0_0

    3. minespatch
    4. DragonMage156


      Oh... character breaks, not perks XD

      I actually find it pretty funny. Atleast it proves she not a real valkerie/comes from a normal world.

  6. The problem with a few of her character breaks, is that they would either be a bit more subtle or be far more plentiful. Everyone has their own way of coping with the insanity of the world, wigfrid's seems to be the fact she wants to slaughter everything in front of her, to prove her might. The problem is, with some of her quotes to things just as natural appearing as the next thing, it makes it seem like the problem isn't really there. It breaks the illusion of wigfrid, and makes her other hundreds of quotes seem nullified by the existence of eleven. Honestly, I am fine with the darkness and multiplayer portal ones. They're more logical as it's reasonable for her to break character when her true character really does yearn for something, like being able to be on a stage and the luxuries of it, and, darkness seems to invoke a feeling of general panic in the first place, couple that with Don't Starve's grue effect in darkness, both would most likely break even the strongest actor's will. As for the others, though, it paints the thought that she's fully aware she's acting. Which makes it entirely illogical. There's nothing most of these items have that would cause this to happen. If you can look straight at a cyclops deer that's 5 times your height with the magic ability to make you go insane and cause ice formations to shoot out of the ground and not lose character, yet looking at a mound of bat crap does, there's some problems with that. Yes, I am salty about this. I made an entire friggin' thread on this very thing last year, which also raises some good points on the issue: "Remember, Wigfrid is so committed to being a warrior persona that she literally refuses to eat anything besides meat because it isn't fit for a warrior and talks as if she truly believes in Valhalla (And seemingly sends her enemies directly there with her particle effect after killing things)" There's no way you can be so good at acting you can literally send souls to Valhalla, while others cannot despite using the same exact methods to do so, if you can also be entirely aware you're an actor at the same time. Unless, there's a more magical background to Wigfrid, of course. But that seems more illogical than the issue at hand.
  7. Why are some of Wigfrid's quotes still out of character? Why is Wendy scared of having fun? How come Wes literally has the ability to levitate but he takes no advantage of it? Why does blowing a balloon make you lose your mind? How come balloons fly away? How come balloons do damage? How does whacking a giant deer's kneecaps enough times eventually kill it, while not impeding it's ability to walk at all? Who the hell is Beefalo Bill? What the hell is Klaus? How come when a giant spider convulses on the ground, it makes another, smaller spider appear out of thin air next to it? How come yellow spiders are poisonous in tropical areas, but black spiders are not affected in any way at all? How come snakes are suspiciously similar to spiders? Why does Beefalo Bill not want us to mess with the joystick which the machine seemingly has no use for? Why do frogs fall from the sky? Why does Maxwell not know where the Goose/g.oose came from? How come no Klei staff nor mods have told me anything about my signature in all the time it's been like this? How come beefalo can poop despite never eating anything?
  8. Iridescent Gem Future Use?

    The iridescent gem already has a use, though. It keeps your lureplants fed and happy.
  9. 2 likes from 8,000

    What an accomplishment

    second to winding the accomploshrine 100 times, tho

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      *patiently waiting for somebody else to give you a like so I can ruin the perfect 8000*

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      We did it, reddit.

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      Now you're -5 away ^_^

  10. Donke's Thread (continued)

    Oi. I'll have you know it's in order. ...Not a very good order, but it's in order. ...... okay maybe it isn't but no need to be rude >:C
  11. All good tips, but they're talking about an existing world.
  12. Finally, home at last. Faceplanting on that road for 2 weeks wasnt that fun.

    1. minespatch


      You were on vacation?

    2. Starthefox


      I feel you. I drove a whole day of my life away on the weekend trip to texas.

    3. Nimra


      Coming home from being on holiday is the best. I've only just started mine, up to whales then down to Portsmouth yay!! Lots of being stuck in a car ahead boo!!

  13. Is DST dead?

    It gave you foot massages. I should know, I interrogate JoeW vigorously on these things.