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  1. Wow, you've drawn so much! How am I gonna catch up on your art thread now?

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    2. Sporb


      Well, certainly don't stop on my account.

    3. Mobbstar


      (She has stopped the art thread)

    4. Sporb


      Yeah... the timing on that conversation proved to be ironic :/

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      mfw i have to make up edition names for you these days

  2. I love you @Chris1488! °^°
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    2. Mobbstar


      Good luck with your choice. I threw mine out into the boof town chat and they crawled back asking for refuge. Haven't had problems since :p

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      GG Aspa, it's locked :p

    4. Asparagus
    1. AnonymousKoala


      Also known as "No Koala because it's lame" edition 


    drawing my husband :^^)^)

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      Alas, missed it :(...

  4. New Canvas.png

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      jet fuel can't melt steel memes

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      So how does on grow wings and a dragontail?


    3. DwerBomb
  5. Mezukies thread of hugs and art!

    Wtf I never got notified of this You're getting so gud
  6. Affirmation Station.

    since im awake and theres a 2hour delay to school... im going to redo this, dont have to like my post i know how it is ahah @Mr.P Like I said, best friend. Gives good long talks when I feel like garbage and can sing like an angel (:^)). Hosts all of our DST sessions, says good morning to me every day, supports everything I do no matter how freaky it is, and appreciates a good dank meme. I don't know how distant I would be if it weren't for him being around this long. We do soooo much together just on weekends, and I couldn't ask for anything better. @AnonymousKoala Hilarious dude that like P, hangs around in Skype and Discord every day who I wish could stay up later so he could spend more time playing with us. I will never stop dragging you out of the mud. He has lots of funny/creative friends and really livens up a groupchat when he wants to, he's helped so many people in their darkest times and if he ever left I'd probably leave as well. @MenaAthena Is one of the best (if not the best) artists in this section imo, and shows drastic visible improvement. She manages to be one of my favorite people despite not being much of a sh*tposter, and that's saying something. If she ever leaves it seriously won't be the same around here. even if she can't be in our skype and discord group because of whatever reason. she gives me notes on tumblr LOL @minespatch Incredibly abstract artwork and seemingly always in a good mood. Likes every post on the face of the universe, the real OG. Deserves commissions, commission him pls. He's so nice to everyone and I wish he'd hang around in the groupchats more often, along with the rest of you who don't. @Battal Forced me to face up to a few things (im still salty) and was actually really fun to talk to when he wasn't jabbing me with a stick to post in WaW. I believe he can make it out of edgy rehab :^^^) Attends most of my streams, even if only for a little while or until someone makes a really inappropriate joke and he leaves LOL. One of the several people that got me comfy with bringing up DogHouse, and now I can't stop. More successful as a game dev than I am as an animator right now, jesus christ. he makes me jealous @DwerBomb Sweet and funny, I'm glad to help him with life things even if I'm sick af. I wish him and Dara the absolute best future imaginable. He's like a rare pokemon and I get really excited when he pops into my livestreams, and he has superior taste in video games and design. @Zeklo Extremely respectable creative that may be reserved to some of us, but like I said, is impossible not to love regardless. He's like the rest of you, funny and talented. Stuck around late during streams to listen to me ramble about DH when the memelords left a very very long time ago. Boy, I might be a damn good artist, but that doesn't mean we're competing in the same field. Develop your ideas and hone your skills, ignore me and my amalgamation of furry garbage. @DragonMage156 Pops into game sessions and calls without being asked to, like Giddy and Michi. Is an important piece that makes the Offtopic section what it is. Always gives me notes on dumblr, always says something nice about my drawings even hours after i post them (timezones, right?). I respect her grasp on the characters she's developed and I wish her the best with 3-D rendering. @Ysulyan Based weed god, the big smoke. Voice smooth as honey and wonderful friend no matter how inactive and busy he can be. Helped me be a lot less of a huge idiot when I needed it the most. Supports my weirdness, which is the best quality a person can have. This guy can take a joke. @Pyromailmann Randomly jumps into calls, and while we might have some sassy memes circulating over you, we don't really think any less of you. Is a superb memer and very forgiving when the punches are thrown a little too hard. Didn't give a single crap about showing his face in the rabbit den when we all watched the bee movie together. Might not be the best artist, but draws for fun regardless and gave me a good giggle with most of them. @Chris1488 Crashes in randomly with the spicy memes and generally fun to be around. I don't follow Fid's work very well, but I wish you guys the best. To me, pretty mutual. Good guy, funny, not too shy. ur not ugly chros @Bebbit Hosts our lovely discord group and puts up with our stupidness. Can give many a genuine compliment when he wants to. Kind of bummed he left the Skype group, I'd probably know him better otherwise. Met him through my streams, thank you and your anime hair for attending. @SirKnight Somehow gives less f*cks than I do about what kind of drawings they put out there (like Mindy), so mad respect and I look up to u. Has given me good advice on "business" methods and gave me $20 once. ty fam @InDenial >:3c u nasty, keep making music. @Youknowwho Like I said, reads Furnace series, forgives my idiocy. We've been through a lot of tough times but let's face it, they were all for nothing. It's all over, I want us to just be us again. I'll never let so much happen over a girl ever again, I'm sorry I didn't say anything. I lurk his thread and his posts all remind me of myself and make me smile. It's usually a really big, ugly, and stupid smile. I hope you're not worried about any similarities between us, after all, everything I've made is built from neato garbage I stole from things I like that already existed. @Mezukie >hugs She's literally the sweetest person I've ever met. We don't deserve you. She hangs around my streams to the very end every time she attends. She asks me how I am every day like she does with many others. I might not get notified because my phone is a piece of crap, but I really really appreciate it. If I don't see the message for over an hour I get that feeling you get when you step on your pet's tail on accident and it makes a sad noise. Thank you for chilling with us. @Asparagus I don't know him very well, but he's really something from what I've experienced so far. Never stop being weird x-x @GiddyGuy Plays DST with us, always looked forward to him popping into my streams and saying some dumb sh*t in the voicecall with Waddledee. He will always know more about DST than me as long as I live. One of my top memers, one of my favorite voices to hear. @Mobbstar Somewhat tolerates me and helped me a lot with coding my art blog. I send him a lot of weird things...and always will. sorry not sorry :^) @PiturcaClaudiuStef Proof you can love anyone. I miss you, fam. You're in my top three. Used to be in all of our group calls and play sessions, made the stupidest jokes that made everyone lose it. I don't know where the hell you went, but I want you back in that Skype group asap. @Paxtonnnn New-ish to me, knows what he makes is usually darker and keeps doing it anyways. a living self deprecation meme. Never stop drawing, I wish I had a direct inspiration for my drawings when I was at your skill level. I know I missed some people, but you're all good to me in some way. I just spent my entire delay typing this. I don't know if I'll ever leave or why, I'm so strongly tied to this website that I feel it would be almost impossible to just disappear again like I did in 2014/2015. Thanks for supporting my work and me as a person, thanks for the countless hours of hanging out and talking. I'll never, ever forget.