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  1. But... you suggested I try...? Well, Akuma and then Siegfried getting creeped out.
  2. Busy with work, slacking in terms of DST. Still, I speedran the Atrium today (got there on Day 14 somehow, that 1% chance for a Krampus's sack definitely loved me today, vide screenshots) and that requires a little celebration. Got some more works, either ready or as half-WIPs, but they tend towards other universes and an AU.
  3. So all in all, we got another skin which is Tencent-exclusive? With the entire DST and Steam refusing to cooperate, I cannot really bring myself to care. Is that aiming for my Shipwrecked Maxwell caricature?
  4. Did you disappear from the forums? Also, I sent you a PM that one time. Did you read it? I asked if we could play together sometime, but that was months ago. Hopefully, you get to read it soon.

  5. I LOVE THIS EDITION!!! Honestly. So many goodies. Your Priapus roleplay. Little Krampii. Ancient Ariel (looks fantastic). All the Festive Pack pieces. And the beauty above... There would have been a distinct sound of *fwoosh* and the sweet, sweet FIREBALL... Yes. As Fan says, fire magic .
  6. I see awesomeness going through the roof in this thread. Great artworks. Subscribed!
  7. Piggies, WX, comics, Charlie, oh my! Spoiling us rotten, you awesome person, you :hug:. Clever father. Got to love sensible questions. Then, Chester and the puppy. Growling! So many goodies. The collection posts make my day. Finally... coffee. I FEEL LOVED!!!
  8. Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to ask for your assistance with the issue I am having with the 64-bit version of DST. After the last update, I booted the game up only to find over 200 mods pending enabling (ones which I never subscribed to), making the game unplayable due to asking for them to be turned on, being out of date and some-such. I went to clear the mod cache from the game, it did not work. What I did notice was that I can no longer manually remove anything from my mod directory even though I am the only account on my 64-bit Windows 10 with administrative rights. I decided to uninstall the game, which worked while not removing the mod directory's contents. Trying to install it again results in the error as follows: Deletion of the directory through the command line of my system does not work. I am attaching the last log I have. What additional information should I provide? Yours faithfully, Arlesienne
  9. I think I'm keeping a decent Henderson score with @Weirdobob so far.


    1. An Artifact

      An Artifact

      Poor Robert.

  10. I have a love-hate relationship with the newest D&D PC; luckily, my players are always there to show me their support and goodwill.


  11. I confirm the Hallowed Torch has a custom particle effect. It also actually glows from the inside. I can provide screenshots.
  12. Welcome aboard, @songordon. Did you make a photomanipulation for this to look like cutouts? I'm with our very own @ImDaMisterL, the effect is striking. Bravo! I'm subscribed now and waiting for more.
  13. Awesome! I love every picture here. You did so fantastically on @MeingroessterFan's persona! Honestly, hats off. And naturally happy anniversary :).
  14. The problem when your INT modifier is a +7 bonus... There are twenty languages in total in 3.5E, and considering you take Common, your racial language (in my case Gnome) and THEN as many languages as the INT modifier... and most of the languages left make no sense...


    Welp. I'm a linguist now.