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  1. Don't Let the League Starve

    But... you suggested I try...? Well, Akuma and then Siegfried getting creeped out.
  2. Busy with work, slacking in terms of DST. Still, I speedran the Atrium today (got there on Day 14 somehow, that 1% chance for a Krampus's sack definitely loved me today, vide screenshots) and that requires a little celebration. Got some more works, either ready or as half-WIPs, but they tend towards other universes and an AU.
  3. The 100 Day Free-4-All Challenge

    Uh... yeah. I'm scared, Ariel!
  4. So all in all, we got another skin which is Tencent-exclusive? With the entire DST and Steam refusing to cooperate, I cannot really bring myself to care. Is that aiming for my Shipwrecked Maxwell caricature?
  5. The 100 Day Free-4-All Challenge

    FRANK, DOUGH AND PETER!!! This raccoon performed a sneak attack, am I right? I found this... creation on Discord, and I hold onto the question: WHY NIPPLES IF THAT'S AN AMPHIBIAN. It's Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, He Whose Ribbit Rings Doom, Conqueror of the Pond, Supreme Ruler of the Kawaii-Savvy, Smiter of Those Who Are Not Sick of This Madness Already, for you, puny mortal!
  6. Did you disappear from the forums? Also, I sent you a PM that one time. Did you read it? I asked if we could play together sometime, but that was months ago. Hopefully, you get to read it soon.

  7. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    I LOVE THIS EDITION!!! Honestly. So many goodies. Your Priapus roleplay. Little Krampii. Ancient Ariel (looks fantastic). All the Festive Pack pieces. And the beauty above... There would have been a distinct sound of *fwoosh* and the sweet, sweet FIREBALL... Yes. As Fan says, fire magic .
  8. It says I was summoned, but I really weren't... *shrug*
  9. The 100 Day Free-4-All Challenge

    ... Sold. Ah. You play me like a fiddle. Presenting Stomageddon, Dark Lord of All, also known as the Ribbiting One, He Who Rides the Backpack, Conqueror of the Depths, Lord of the Flies, a chaotic neutral deity of causing strife among the humanoids.
  10. Spindlewick's Art

    I see awesomeness going through the roof in this thread. Great artworks. Subscribed!
  11. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Piggies, WX, comics, Charlie, oh my! Spoiling us rotten, you awesome person, you :hug:. Clever father. Got to love sensible questions. Then, Chester and the puppy. Growling! So many goodies. The collection posts make my day. Finally... coffee. I FEEL LOVED!!!
  12. Mena's Random Arts of Stuff and Things

    RRidiculously Awesome.
  13. The 100 Day Free-4-All Challenge

    THE SHINY IS OUTSIDE! And INSIDE as well, but that's what you know anyway, you magnificent Gnome-Forged, you!
  14. Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to ask for your assistance with the issue I am having with the 64-bit version of DST. After the last update, I booted the game up only to find over 200 mods pending enabling (ones which I never subscribed to), making the game unplayable due to asking for them to be turned on, being out of date and some-such. I went to clear the mod cache from the game, it did not work. What I did notice was that I can no longer manually remove anything from my mod directory even though I am the only account on my 64-bit Windows 10 with administrative rights. I decided to uninstall the game, which worked while not removing the mod directory's contents. Trying to install it again results in the error as follows: Deletion of the directory through the command line of my system does not work. I am attaching the last log I have. What additional information should I provide? Yours faithfully, Arlesienne
  15. I think I'm keeping a decent Henderson score with @Weirdobob so far.


    1. MeingroessterFan


      Poor Robert.