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  1. Vinny's Crappy Gallery!

    Same, dude. Same.
  2. Count to 200 without interruption

  3. so, apparently there is a klei forum wiki

    My god, is that really you? It's been an eon, dude!
  4. Count to 200 without interruption

    I'm thirsty, I nine salty food
  5. Count to 200 without interruption

    I'm thirsty, too
  6. so, apparently there is a klei forum wiki

    Hey, HEY, HEY, Battal is the one that wrote that description. Don't drag me into it. Personally, I don't find the use of "midget" very appealing, and would like to disclaimer as such.
  7. so, apparently there is a klei forum wiki

    Ah yes, the wonders of the Klei Forums Wiki. The wonders, and the terrors. The Wiki, when it was first forged, created much drama and discontent within the community. Through the troubled worries of privacy invasion, to assaulting the pages with mean-spirited edits, it was a tire fire of some proportion. Alas, as time went on, it was remembered by many users, remembered for the terribleness it caused, but in a more neutral, nostalgic sense. Much time has passed, and many grew up since the times of old. I made many edits three months ago, for the sake of humor (which was well received this time around), but through all the ****posts, there was one in particular that I instead rolled back, back to a previous edit that was made many years ago. "Vingw". Someone had it out for me, with some choice, hurtful words. But, nowadays, I look back at it and laugh. To think that all happened, and to think of how poorly I reacted. Truly, my old days at the Klei Forms were cringe. Nonetheless, there the wiki stands. A piece to remind us of those many years ago, refurbished with some fun stupidity, so we can all laugh at the past, present, and future. Or something like that. Hhhpphphtphtptph. (For clarification when it comes to dates, the Wikia was made about November 2013. It wasn't until June 2019, over 5 years later, that I made the Minespatch page and such. Yet Half-Life 3 didn't come out in this timeframe.)
  8. This is a cool thread Chris is a cool dude
  9. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    I had Joe un-archive some of my threads before, and they're still unlocked and open after having not posted in them for a long while, so I wouldn't worry too much if it does happen! Also, that dragon is glorious. More derpy scaly dudes!
  10. Eets Battle Royale when though

    1. minespatch


      How would that work?

    2. GreenWyvern


      First, we give Eets a gun... actually, no...

      First, we find out how Eets can hold a gun

    3. minespatch



      This meme~?

  11. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    I love em!
  12. image.png.b94d8a46d7b7b0b51344f1650f8a1323.png

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    2. DragonMage156


      Same XD although I don't follow much of what he does :p

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    4. minespatch