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  1. Eets Battle Royale when though

    1. minespatch


      How would that work?

  2. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    And with this, the project comes to a close. I'm not sure what to say in this thread, as what I would normally preface it with is fairly clear within. Either way, this album means a lot to me, as a linear representation of my practice with music-making over time, a sort of archive of how I felt (or wanted to feel) on a day-to-day basis, and also just a bunch of noise. A bunch of noise that you can now download, for the low low price of $0! (Only 211/271 of the songs are available for download, as many contained a copious use of sampling, or were nearly physically impossible to listen to.) Thank you for listening.
  3. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    Nope, I used a plugin called "SFXR" (the LMMS port of it) to generate the various game beeps and bwoops!
  4. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    Spooky songs! --- 271 ... alright, this song isn't spooky.
  5. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

  6. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

  7. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    268 hi im back also i did album thing a week ago and stuff so yeah
  8. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    Partially a classical composer, huh? Such a thought is both intriguing and delighting! --- 267
  9. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    Why thank you very much! --- 266
  10. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    265 This song was made live! If you want to deal with awkward breathing in-between song-related sounds due to lack of a pop filter, then uh, you can re-watch it here.
  11. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    Two Hundred and Sixty-Four
  12. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    Two Hundred and Sixty-Three
  13. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    My brother! Also the person who said
  14. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    Two Hundred and Sixty-Two
  15. Eventually Never Comes (Album)

    Might be the odd use of samples for percussion! --- Two Hundred and Sixty-One