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  1. Hmm. I'll give this a shot, might reinvigorate my interest in the franchise. It'll be fun for a couple of days at least.
  2. Frantic update: Shin Lupin III chapter 40 is this like, heartbreaking dialogue-less romantic tragedy that feels like it's been ripped out of an old country song, and I love it. Have a complimentary heartbreaking knife shoe. Spoilered because I'm not sure if this counts as gore.
  3. Found some raw Shin Lupin III scans, and it's been a blast. I mean, I'm not saying I always know whats going on, so, if someone can please explain what happened here, then... It's a lot more similar in tone too the anime, and, as you can see from that page above, the art is still gorgeous. It starts of rather rough, Lupin occasionally goes back to waaaay pre New Adventures morals, but it's always treated as the butt of a joke, and the women always whips out of clever trick and a slapstick gag ensues. However, this aspect of Lupin's character goes away pretty quickly. One very interesting addition is Detective Melon (the guy with the funny hat shooting the kid in the above picture), a sixth main character serving as a Dirty Harry-esc companion to Zeni. He brings a fun dynamic too the group, but has sadly made only one appearance in the anime, and even then he was changed to a completely different character. The only reference ever made to Melon's original character is a gag with the fruit at the end of the episode. But yeah, Shin Lupin III good. Also I've been reading the book of Lost Tales. It's been an emotional experience to say the least, with Christopher Tolkien dying and all. I'll post a more in depth thing on it when I'm done (which might be a while)
  4. I get if there was some reason that the season content never happened, but could we at least get an explanation? Because I'm starting to feel like it's just been forgotten about.
  5. I was satisfied with Hamlet, but the more time passes on, the less satisfied I get. We have no news on missing content from the roadmap, many exploits still exist, the Aporkalipse, hyped up to be the games major sense of danger, is boring and mostly featureless, and the entire thing is just starting to feel... Half assed? Abandoned? Forgotten? It's like Hamlet's been swept under the rug, and we got a product which still wasn't entirely finished. Sure, there are flashy bosses, cool characters and gameplay mechanics, but nothing feels like it's polished to completion.
  6. Snoopy's Christmas and So Much Wine are seemingly the only songs that the radio plays on Christmas and.... I mean, I'm not complaining. They're the two best Christmas songs. And I will take anything over Last Christmas. I hate that song with a passion. I've been listening to a lot of Father John Misty. So nothing new. Should I be worried he was my spotify artist of the decade? Yes. I can't decide between these three for my favorite song of his. My opinion sways depending on what I want a diss track on, capitalism, God, or America. Content warning because the Pure Comedy album cover has cartoon scribble nipples. Nothing too extreme. The funkiest track from any anime ever. And just tons of folk. Like always, because folk is the best genre. Wow, that's a lot of music. Huh.
  7. Just finished BOTW, by complete accident. I intended to to to Hyrule Castle and find my last memory, but stumbled my way into the boss room. I had no idea how to parry, and I cannot do any of those combo's for the life of me. Most of the battle was me screaming and trying to lean how to do the thing the game wanted me too. Epic gamer move. It's a seriously great game. Like, best I've ever played great. It's not perfect, and there are quite a few flaws, but the experience it creates is something you cant miss. Definitely worth getting a switch for. I've also been playing Invisible Inc, recently got the Contingency Plan DLC and finished vanilla easy mode. Only took thirty five hours.Both Contingency and experienced are kicking my ass. I also tried out the alpha, which is more in line with your regular super spy atheistic and has a few gameplay changes. The cyberpunk's grown on me. After all, in what other game can I fulfill both my Marxist and super spy fantasies at the same time? I'm still not a big fan of the music, not enough jazz. I normally just play some Lupin OST or a Father John Misty album, seeing as they fit the game quite well. Why didn't we get more stuff for this game....
  8. Believe it or not, I'm not dead. I just don't play DST anymore.
  9. After all the great art @Russian Philin has done of me, I felt I had to do something for him in return. It's a bit small and minimalist due to me doing it in a hurry, I'll so something more impressive later.