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  1. Can someone PLEASE explain the hat girl flossing(?) profile picture thing?

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    2. ResettePlayer


      Pretty sure it's not flossing. Or if it is I've got my "things kids do" dances all wrong.

    3. Auth


      It's the smug dance from the game. It's an actual animation in the game.

      That being said,

      I have no clue why people are jumping on the hat kid train.

    4. New Weap Solly

      New Weap Solly

      Because people like me played the game and thought it would be funi raid fun

  2. Count to 200 without interruption

  3. Every new character we go further and further from the aesthetic of the game. Remember when the Don't Starve characters where actual people? Even with Webber, he's tame in comparison to what we have now. I mean, I'm exited... I guess. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll even buy Wurt, I just play singleplayer nowadays.
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Took a break, but I'm back.
  5. Music thread

    This thread is turning my computer into a potato. Vide Noir is great, the entire album is a masterpiece and I love every single song. But, I definitely have a few favorites. Lost in Time and Space, the first track of the album My potato-d computer glitched out and removed the spoiler, and won't let me delete the video to put in a new spoiler. Yaaaaaay. And it removed the name of Ancient Names.... **** YOU TOO COMPUTER The Balancer's Eye: The final track of the album and my overall favorite, Emerald Star:
  6. Count to 200 without interruption

  7. Raspberry Milk's holistic art thread

    Aaron Talenval, agent of the Emerald Star. An OC of mine (I hate the word OC, can we please retire it already? It makes me think of sonic fanart.) Didn't intend for the paper border effect, but a screwup with layering, file types and a computer crash lead to it. Eh, it helps against a white background, so I'm not gonna complain. First time trying this technique (draw base, scan and colour digitally, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out)
  8. Book Club

    The Hobbit. Again..... yeah, I've been reading this book annually since I was six. BUT. I found something very important this time around. In his speech to the dwarves at the start of the book, Bilbo mentions the Last Desert and wereworms. So why is this detail so important? Hell, the entire thing could just be Hobbit lore nonsense! When the Númenóreans sailed and colonized the east of Arda, nobody knows exactly how far to the east they went. Until now! You see, the Last Desert , would have to be waaaay to the east of Arda (before Ea remade it, of course). You know what else lied at the far east of Arda? A land called the "land of the sun". Hobbit lore, which is what the Last Desert and wereworms are, is often based in fact, if highly distorted (see Orliphants). Take into account that the Númenóreans settled mostly in the west coasts of Middle Earth (who else do you think all those ominous ruins belong too?), perhaps the tales of the lands that the Númenóreans visited passed into myth, then folktales, and eventually found themselves in Hobbit lore. But yeah, that's my wild conspiracy theory.
  9. Hey! It's been a while since I've been around here, but I just felt like I had to take a break. Anyways, I'm back now.

    The end.

  10. An Open Letter to Klei

    My main issue is more with the games feel / atheistic, or loss of such. The way I best see this embodied is the reworks. Lets go through a couple of them, shall we? Pre-rework Woodie is a lumberjack who has an axe he can speak to and turns into the werebeaver, which can cut down trees at a rather fast rate. Post-rework Woodie is a Canadian themed D&D druid with the flavortext of a lumberjack, who can transform into three different animals, the original werebever, the weregoose, which can walk on water and completely skip the new ocean section of the game, and a macho 90% dmg reduction weremoose. Pre-rework Willow is a girl with a lighter and a severe case of pyromania. She is immune to fire, but will sometimes light fires when insane, sticking to the theme of her pyromania. She has a teddy bear that can dance to distract nightmare creatures. Post-rework Willow is a girl with a lighter who likes fire. She is immune to fire, dislikes the cold, and has a teddy bear that transforms into a gigantic warrior that slays enemies with ease.
  11. Raspberry Milk's holistic art thread

    I wanted to draw a cool monk lady. And so I did.
  12. Join the Italian Mafia!

    I am now the italian mafia's iconic enchanting table speak sexy adventurer. My title is weird, OK.
  13. Canis' arts and doodles, I guess

    M A X W E L L The church of dapperness commands you to draw.
  14. Maxwell is safe! Thank the gods!
  15. The Maxmellion's a sportsball fan. Nice two point landing. Out of ten. (And no one ever seems to know how to figure this out) The final one was, as I suspected, the most shocking. It wasn't a result of either the two point scoreline, nor the winner of the first leg. It was the results of the third leg itself. While both teams had done well in the early stages, Arsenal had a terrible performance that completely changed the dynamic between the two teams. It gave the Gunners the lead and allowed the Reds to come back and win the match. It was as if Arsenal had been at a bar quiz that they were never asked a question that didn't produce a straight answer to. This may not sound a very significant stat, but this is actually a very important factor. For a team like Arsenal to win 4 games to 1 in the Premier League, that would be an achievement. No other team managed this feat over the entire season, and the Reds were the only team who could say they had achieved it even when playing in mid table and facing relegation.