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  1. my apologies for not adding warbucks. i fixed my mistake. cheers!

    1. DragonMage156


      Oh, I wasn't expecting a reply on my profile but thanks!

      No doubt someone would have brought it up if I didn't ^^;

    2. DragonMage156


      Oh heck, I saw what you just did.

  2. ... what is Sniper? If you don't mind me suddenly asking.
  3. Thank you. What's happening with that dupe? ^^;
  4. Those dupe drawings are great. You could post em in Dupe-A-Day ^_^
  5. Idk how to search for members on that site ^^;
  6. I'm pretty sure they've streamed in 2020 but yeah, due to the stupid coronavirus, they've had to work from home and stop streaming until further notice. (Don't judge, I can be salty towards a virus)
  7. Is that supposed to the be "broken image" icon?
  8. Hey Dragon Maid! I've been meaning to watch that for ages now ^^;