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  1. Ria's Art Book

    Idk why but my first thought was Bartholomew (Bentley's brother) from Spyro 3. That's probably not what a Brooklyn accent is though XD I can try that next time, though drawing overbites or underbites of any kind are weird should I emphasize his lips like Klei did to Maxwell? XD
  2. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    I would but you said Kage is in the works and I don't know how many people are gonna ask for gift art >u< Hmmm... >u> (I mean Billiam's my second favorite but I talk about him more than the elder)
  3. I really think they should add him. Players like a challenge (I mean not be personally but I'm only one person).
  4. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    This accurately depicts a lot of artists on here ^_^ Also interesting design for the buildings. I wonder what the house of culture and the court would be used for (generally, without committing a crime).
  5. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Hey that's awesome! The SW characters don't get nearly as much attention as the main cast so it's nice to see fanart of them ^_^
  6. The game's still in beta and probably will be for some time. I mean did Don't Starve have all this merchandise when it was still in beta? I think Hot Lava and ONI will get plushies/figures after it's release. I mean there's a clear demand for them already, they just need ideas and money.
  7. I here... ONI(RUSPHIL)

    Aw Vlad's adorable with those ears. Maybe we can gush of the adorableness of foxes ^_^
  8. Monoxide Memes

    Quick question... Who the hell are these guys? The right looks like an older Nikola with a unibrow...
  9. Dupe-A-Day!

    It seems egg laying of any kind can scar a dupe XD
  10. The Abyss

    As interesting of an idea this is, a lot of buildings don't work underwater unfortunately ( ._.)
  11. Bluegeist's Fanart

    These Webbers are adorable! I'd give you an "aww" react if I could ^_^
  12. Waldy, the Ancient Shadow

    Glad I'm not the only one who headcanon's this >u< Oh that's ZombieDJ's art! Although this isn't really canon, shadow Wilson himself is: You can also go into triumphant Wilson but that's more or a "what-if" scenario.
  13. Ria's Art Book

    Coloured version of "if Fluffy was a Don't Starve character" This ^ is for an RP btw. Also I humanized the shadow monsters (it was in my draw list but I wanted to draw it now) Skits is the leader (for obvious reasons) and I'm sure you can tell what/who the other two are. I'm not that sure about Skits or Tero's outfit though. Also I tried drawing a humanized swimming horror but I ran out of ideas and eventually gave up. Though now thinking about it, he could be a merman/mershark/siren of some sort. Not technically human but eh. They also like to torment Kage: As shadows, they used to insult and belittle him after he lost his mean streak. Now they like to strike fear into him and maybe even beat him up a little. Poor Kage (oh I just made my OC's life worse again, didn't I? ( ._.) )
  14. So this is something I've noticed for a while now. Everytime I play Wholesale now, I get the same overworld music as the school where as when it was first released, it had the same music as in the trailer: Even the playground has different overworld music. Is there a reason Wholesale's music was changed? Also Idk if this belongs in suggestions/feedback or not.