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  1. Wagstaff Lore

    Actually, he doesn't wear gloves by the looks of it so he can't be the same one we saw in a Winona trailer (unless you're talking about a different factory).
  2. Can I get the poster image? Also I hope we get an animation next update ^^; Edit: There is a short animation, just not connected to the update:
  3. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    Oh that is actually terrifying ^^; Does it make reeds grow?
  4. WheatyCat's random art thread

    I thought one of them was Detroit Become Human ^^;
  5. The atomic art of Pop Guy

    I know you said your art style is partly influenced by DS but the hair style reminds me a lot of roseate Willow. There's a lot of good stuff here though.
  6. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    I wonder what your would have in your own character tab. Saw that Krampus piece in the Klei stream thread ^_^
  7. WheatyCat's random art thread

    Can I know more about the last two images/posts? ^_^
  8. Another art thread

    Looks like that icecube melted quite quickly in the summer sun ^^;
  9. Don't Starve Comics

    I love the [no no square] XD
  10. Wortox takes krampus's job after absorbing him. Someone's gotta do it: Careful who you bully in school (or try to kidnap as a baby):
  11. Dreams of Gravitas

    I love seeing you draw ONI art!! And their Gravitas alternatives no less. Though I agree with your grumpy Niloka headcanon, everyone sees him as an angry grump anyway (except for MF's fanfic but that's different).