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  2. I am so excited for this! I cannot wait!
  3. Not to be pedantic but @Neotuck most definitely knew that already. What he actually asked was if you could compress a gas with another gas.
  4. I hope y can to understand guessing at last 50% of dst community is players who just cant buy your skin packs and support your company no matter how much they wants, just for - don't be disappointed again...
  5. My boi Woodlegs better goddamn show up in DST to wreck some havoc. I mean, we all know how damn OP he is.
  6. I think I've seen your design before, looks neat The one I'm using is a bit of a habit by this point I guess, and I was just trying to see how many dupes I can squish into a base supplied by just one of those SPOM units. Apparently, the answer is 12
  7. Well Klei gave me Hamlet for free and I am actually willing to pay that back.
  8. We're working on it, but content takes priority so we stopped working on it a little while so we can get our updates timed better. Now that we're on track we're getting back to allowing skins to be purchased on console. We actually had a value in mind that was going to be posted originally and we didn't like it. Turns out we're gonna be taking a long hard look at spool value and the time it will take to get the characters to weave them, including possible adjusting drop rates and spool gain. Our goal is to make enough money to make it worth our time, of course. However, we definitely want people to feel that weaving is a fair and acceptable alternative and not something impossible or unreasonable.
  9. everything is great except buying characters. It sounds like p2p or artifact. I mean, if there was a DLC with character pack for together it would be ok, but wtf is weaving characters from spools?
  10. There was a detailed analysis posted a while back about how the electrolyzers operate. One factor I forgot about was that it is very difficult to get one electrolyzer to provide perfect results at the maximum rate. I almost always use two electrolyzers paired up with three gas pumps, allowing me to guarantee a constant 1kg/s of oxygen into my base. Neither electrolyzer is pushed close to its maximum rate, so the problem you were experiencing never became a problem for me. Here's a link to a design I've used in the past that works pretty well: In my example, I was using liquid to cool the system as a whole. You can get better efficiency by only cooling the oxygen before it goes into your base. Whatever method you like to use is just fine.
  11. Dragonfly speedkill with Wes

    Well thanks to you all. I made it so other people would get inspired to do better as I do with all my videos. The dragonfly strat took quite a bit of code diving since the repeated lavae spawning bug from dragonfly was a problem. That’s the most barebones strategy (the wolfgang video) I could come up with. You could technically do it with “less” with water balloons or something, but as for easy to get items I think that’s about the best it can get. Someone could do much better than my fuelweaver strategy video I think, and Wes is technically possible with the same dragonfly strategy I think it would just take many tries. I took the wolfgang speedkill in one take which surprised me since I could only take a few hits, so someone much better than me could definitely do it. I might have a try of my own at it since I think it’d be cool and even more barebones to not need to gather food for a mighty form with a character like wes.
  12. Wow klei do you ever sleep I must say i'm most exited for the backstory though Can't wait
  13. Walls?

    I think you're missing the point I'm trying to make. The "If you don't like it, then don't use it" excuse doesn't work in a multiplayer game because even if you don't use it, others will. And it can effect you that way.
  14. my boi wortox is canon, we are getting new content, we are getting characters rebalanced, AND we still have events coming up? you spoil us klei, now shut up and take my money.
  15. Blue sow spawned in wall

    Interesting. The bugfix for this was two-pronged. One side was fixing the new ones that spawned outside the room, the other was fixing up a savegame where this had happened in the past. Seems the first half may not work as intended.
  16. Unfortunate Screecaps

    Say hello to Burt the Drecko.
  17. I leave all the priorities pretty flat for the first few hundred cycles while I'm establishing by base and getting all the basic training and research done. Once I decide I'm ready, I split everyone into their role and I actually make a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. Then I have six primary categories (7 once I'm ready to have astronauts, but they are kinda special case) that I group my dupes into, after determining how many of each I want based on current dupe population. The categories I use are as follows: Builder Cook Farmer Rancher Cleaner Operator Astronaut I then apply a template I have for each role. There's always fewer cooks, farmers and ranchers obviously, with the builder category making up usually 1/2 of my dupes. I then tweak specific dupes to have secondary roles as needed depending on skills and job experience. I also split them into 3 shifts and try to ensure the best distribution, so at any time I have at least 1 person on each role, where possible. Now, I know not everyone is going to bother with all of this. I'm a min/max gamer, so I can't help myself. I will say though, it works very well once it's all setup. My BIGGEST complaint with the priority system is the supply category and I wish it would go away. IMO it should just be folded into the appropriate roles, so tending crops would fall under farm, supplying building materials would fall under build, etc. Personally I've NEVER wanted different dupes to supply material than I've wanted doing the actual job, and if I did, I would just setup a nearby storage and have my cleaners keep it stocked up near where the material will be used.
  18. When will the year of the pig king release on consoles?
  19. Every character is gonna get some changes, not just winona.
  20. @KittenIsAGeek Tyvm for the detailed analysis of the suit-living-quarters thing I did look at the trend over several cycles (I was also thinking about the possible flickering warning from the atmo suit). It was a persistent negative of -30kg/cycle. Not much, but just enough that it's not enough. I was in a bit of a hurry to diagnose it as I didn't want to lose the autosave of bringing in the last dupe, so I could un-roll him if I didn't find a way to "fix" my oxygen production (in hindsight, I could've made a separate save). But, the persistent negative of ~-30kg/cycle presisted for 10+ cycles while I was building modifications to my SPOM. Finally fixed it with the liquid-exploit design I posted above to a persistent +~35kg/cycle (the real trick was figuring out a desing I could build in-game in survival mode from what I already had).
  21. Unlimited Oil Storage?

    For infinitely storing a gas, you use packet of liquid over the vent rather than a packet of gas. So for infinitely storing a liquid, have the vent at the top in a pocket of trapped gas. For infinitely storing a gas, have the vent at the bottom, with a bit of liquid over it.
  22. (Deep breath) AHHHHHHHHHHH! Gonna have to wait an awfully long time before anything exciting happens, however. The Year of the Pig King will probably entertain us for a while, but I reckon I'm going to need to dig up a new hobby to pass the time until our little pyromaniac friend gets some love, many moons later.
  23. So after all ... my small feedback • New content, new biomes, creatures? I LOVE IT. I waited since end "A New Regins". Im so *** happy! <3 • Rework characters? Amazing, few characters were need more love and new mechanics. • New characters? A M A Z I N G, but maybe 4 is too much for start? OMG Klei u trying to add so much more and i dont know - should i love it or hate it?! Are u really crazy! but i love it and hate in same time! • I never played console, but i think console players should be happy But they still waiting for Forge/Gorge? I think u should add something other for their. Like boss from Forge and foods for crockpot from Gorge. And no, PC shouldnt be angry, come on we had events when they just waited :/ its unfair! • Year of Pig King? I LOVE IT, i hope it will be great like other lunar events! • QoL? Nice, nice! Nothing is more perfect like QoL in survival game • Twitch drops? Hmmm new skins sounds really great. But if u wrote about payable characters maybe isnt bad idea for adding spools like common random drops? Not 1000 spools, but 5 or 10 or 25? Between new skins people just stop watching streams :< and content creaters lost people or having just people like "parasite". 5 years with Don't Starve and Klei ... and still amazing like when i started playing. Thank u for the best years and i hope more years together!
  24. If you don't have a dupe that already performs that task (say, a plumber), then yes, make sure some dupe has tidy and life support set above their job role.
  25. Considering how much they already gave us for free (including the game itself for some people!) and how well they handle skin mechanics I don't mind tossing them more dosh for characters.
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