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  2. "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." "If you're reading this, it's already too late." "The powdercake is a lie."
  3. Fret not. I just hope we get an adult human character, the monsters were neat but I feel like they're stale and really tore away what made Webber unique. And the children, there's an awkward amount of them for a survival game and I just feel it'd be nice to get an older face sometime soon.
  4. but is annoying to waste several staffs and time casting just to have few seconds rain instead of a late game expensive but confortable solution
  5. Ok... No spill then Your water could still turn to steam in many spots (and if it is in small amounts I don't think it would be very visible) The one end of the pipe leading to the liquid vent goes through regolith (I don't know the temperature but if it's "fresh" I would guess ~200C) The drywall could have enough heat to turn water to steam if there were any regolith touching it when steam was created The vent itself could have enough heat to evaporate small amounts of water The "materials overlay" set to "gas" or "liquid" could make more clear what is happening. Either there is steam or water getting out of the vent. I usually would seal the area first (bunker doors or bunker tiles), let every hot regolith drop down or sweep it in a spot and then build up any miners/liquid setup. The first time I got to space in a playthrough, I just sealed the top of the map completely until I was ready to deal with the heat and meteor showers and then open parts little by little to see what woks and what doesn't
  6. -mae: ohhhh yes, massage, you know ellie. -ellie: ¿what? -mae: i consider myself weak of stomach but i'm strong in mind, i may be stressed right now, but when i feel better i'm really able to work. -ellie: ok, can i ask you a question? -mae: sure. -ellie: ¿how much time were you in that asteroid? -mae: *inhales* i really don't know, that- place didn't any form of clock, you get lost when you don't see the time pass, my only clock was my internal clock, i slept very little always running away from that Guard, then i escaped, i finally could see the surface and use that as a clock, i still can't sleep for to long, i may have developed some sort of narcolepsy because of that, i was free but alone, ¡i tried to contact this asteroid but nothing! -ellie: i'm very sorry for that, otto told me the connection only became stable when you were really close, we are all sorry, you could have died and we didn't helped you. -mae: don't worry i'm not angry with any of you, you didn't controlled the connection. -ellie: what about sam, he really isn't bad, you made him go away. -mae: ellie please don't start, we really can't trust this type of machines, i was able to survive alone without any kind of AI, everyone can too. -ellie: i'll go for some swampy delights for you, your massage session will end soon, i hope you enjoyed. -mae: yes i really loved this massage table, so relaxing. -liam: ¡i'm so happy to see mae again, i have so many things to tell her! -otto: soon liam, soon, this pipe will bring oil for refining to the other asteroid. -crimson: and now, ¡it's ready! -otto: well now that we are done, i would like to talk about sam, is he ok with what mae said, he seemed a bit bad when he left. -crimson: i think he is alright, he has show a lot of patience with us, i think the situation will be fixed soon. -liam: she is salty for now, but not with sam, i think, for now she needs to rest, sam will find a way to get in her good side. -otto: oh now the oil is flowing. -travaldo: do we really need this much glass.*keeps smelting glass* -sam: yes travaldo, do it for cobalt, he's gonna be so happy when he gets his soda. -cobalt: ♬ building lots of solar panel modules to get my soda ♬ -travaldo: there, 200 orders of glass. -sam: that should be enough for now. -travaldo: for now? -sam: let's bring them to cobalt. -otto: oh a private order, hmmm. build a orbital research inside rocket. research list manufacture plastic space research will be so fun, but i'm not a pilot. >you have been assigned a new skill: rocket pilot yay, it's time for science, better get building.
  7. I never said upgrade or replacement, I said a sort of upgrade. Sure, one of it's downsides is that it can't hold some kinds of foods or cooked food, but it does have advantages over the icebox.
  8. I also am getting hit with this every so often. It just happened when sending a second batch of payloads from the main planet to the third planetoid (the irradiated marsh) in the afternoon - the payload launcher paused after 6 packets to clean, sent 2 or 3 more and then crashed with the same error: Player_210517-2254.log Serene Crashpad.sav
  9. Changed Status to Fixed The expected behavior is only one of those templates will spawn but it should be random. There was an off by one error preventing the last item from being selected.
  10. yall you can already force rain with telelocator staffs bruh
  11. Dear Klei, can you revert the change with hue? It became difficult to see indicators and read texts.
  12. Day 214, the Celestial Champion falls! I know people can do this waaaaaaaaaaaaay faster, but I'm just happy I managed to do it in only a couple hundred days as opposed to several hundred. I just wanted to see if I could actually have some kind of speed for once. This playthrough was really fun in the end, and I like the new crown! Glommer buddy, do you like my new crown?
  13. Salt box can barely hold anything inside of it, definitely not an upgrade or replacement. It's nice to have it be complementary alongside the ice box but if I had the choice between ice box or salt box I'd definitely go for ice. When they patched the mosling bug out 10,000 years ago before the dawn of man they said they were thinking about adding a better way to force rain.
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  15. It wouldn't go well with the immersion. Not for DST. The lack of a tutorial is by design. It's for the same reason tips are missing. The game has very intricate mechanics and figuring them out by yourself is part of the fun (even though some of them are infuriatingly punishing, lol).
  16. it is a known issue with water locks (a drop size). If the amount of water is not high enough a gas may sometimes break through when you load the game save. When you have visco-gel, it will not be a problem. I also suggest you to move away from vacuum storages if they are not absolutely necessary. Klei may remove deep-frozen properties from vacuum and then you need to rebuild the storages. A simple set-up can be achieved with no hassles. Two-free wheezeworts in CO2/Cl and no spoilage at all.
  17. pov: you are the worst lightning rod the grass geckos also live in eternal fear... guarded by the world's fattest, fluffiest warden
  18. So, where does it spill? Note that in the screenshot there's a fresh pile of regolith that would immediately vaporize small amounts of water but I did my initial tests with the rubble cleared and robominers at ~ 67 degrees. There's no steam graphic, instead that rain graphic.
  19. I would a character that leads the player to try the different mechanics in the game. When I first tryed Warly, meatball was the only recipe I knew by heart. Playing Warly felt like a totally new Don't Starve, and I hope that Klei gives us a character in this same fashion.
  20. Version 1.0.a


    Based off of Dragon Wolf Leo's Extended Sample Character Kodi for all (DLC) Stats: Health: 150 Hunger: 125 Sanity: 130 Damage reduced by 5% Speed is 5% higher. All parameters except the character’s speed can be adjusted when creating the world. The character has a custom voice. Character features: *Fur. Kodi grows fur that can be trimmed and used in crafting his special items. Clipping wool restores 10 sanity. Kodi has 3 states: 1. In which Kodi is with normal hair and does not have any buffs or negative effects. 2. Kodi has grown a little wool, the resistance to cold increases and the resistance to high temperatures decreases, begins to overheat faster and takes damage if overheated above 60 degrees. 3. Kodi has grown his coat a lot, he overheats even faster, resistance to cold is stronger than the previous one, begins to take damage when the temperature reaches above 55 degrees. *Fear of the dark. In the evening and at night. Sanity decreases faster than other characters. *Vulnerability to moisture. The character gets wet faster than other characters, and also dries longer than other characters. * Transformation Kodi. - You can change the look at any time with the (Z) key. - In the mod’s settings, you can select another key. - Transformation quickly spends hunger. - Increases character speed to (1.40). - Damage increases to (2). - Changing the appearance takes the sanity (-25), hunger (-15). - Upon transition to a normal appearance, sanity is restored (+10). *Has special items. *Curse Kodi - Damage (65) - Strength (500) - Recovery of life upon impact (5) - Decrease in sanity per minute (-20) - Slows media to speed (0.8) - Summons Shadow Tentacle. - Can be created on the shadow manipulator. RECIPE = (Thulecite x3), (Dark Sword x1), (Dark crystal x3). *Kitsune mask A kitsune mask is a special and difficult item available only to Kodi. The mask absorbs 10% of all incoming damage while wearing, slows down the depletion of hunger by 50%, when worn, the mask takes away 15 sanity, and also passively restores sanity during the day. When removed, it takes 5 life units. It has an active ability for disguise, when activated, it spends 10 sanity, and absorbs all incoming damage, even Charlie's attack in the dark, in exchange for the durability of the mask itself. RECIPE = (Thulecite x5), (Fox Wool x1), (Dark crystal x3). *Golden sword - Damage (47) - Strength (150) RECIPE = (Rope x1), (Twigs x1), (Gold Nugget x2). *Helmet - Strength (460) - Protection (80%) - Resistance to moisture (40%) RECIPE = (Pig Skin x1), (Rope x1), (Gold Nugget x3). *White crystal - Used in creating other things. RECIPE = (Marble x1), (Purple Gem x1), (Nightmare Fuel x2). *Dark crystal - Used in creating other things. RECIPE = (White crystal x1), (Fox Wool x1), (Nightmare Fuel x10).
  21. wigfrid vignette "Kiting is overrated, dont do that"
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