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  2. Wilson: Trumpet Willow: Flute Wolfgang: Tuba Wendy: Flute WX-78: Synth Wickerbottom: Oboe Woodie: Cello Maxwell: Pump Organ Wigfrid: Brass Horns Webber: A synthesizer being dropped down a flight of stairs Winona: Debi Derryberry
  3. Thanks for the art! Chessknight I worked this morning. Paradox Goose. trees from tonight: bits and bobs: blindfold drawings:
  4. Dupe-A-Day!

    Mele with her mealie frends
  5. Three kinds of gas should be exactly Chlorine (1.5kg), Carbon Dioxide(1.5kg), Oxygen (1.5kg). Any changes may have decreased efficiency .
  6. do whatever you're planning to do ^^
  7. only reason i ask is cuz im modeling them for my own anyway. i don't want them to stick out though.
  8. Well I haven't used Unreal, so I can't exactly test how it'd look, but i can export as mdl or fbx which i think it takes both
  9. storage compactor as for whether or not I can use any of your models, it would depend on if they were created in a format exportable to unreal and if they're something I need that I haven't already modeled yet. so basically a science table or that bird desk toy thing.
  10. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    hmm he's not the main focus But I'm sure I could use his face its a nice pose good job @Quoth143
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  12. Dupe-A-Day!

    I wish I could say I had something better to give today, but... Well, I don't. Also, I'm sorry it's in such a cringe-inducing, low quality format. The thing I normally use to sew the pictures together has changed and it isn't free anymore (a real shame, it was a great website). I had to use the next best thing (Also my IPad refuses to take pictures of decent quality) (I promise I'll have something better tomorrow) (Wow I have a lot of parenthesis today)
  13. Mine everything challenge

    Another fellow digger <3
  14. Chris1488's Forum Thread of Spooky Times

    Dancing spooky boi from DOOM.
  15. Ban watermelen for wanting people to either quote or @ them. So to mess with them, I'm doing neither. Also, you've basically lived in this thread for months (on-and-off doesn't count in this case considering you come back just as bad as an infection). So saying your "life doesn't revolve around this topic" is both a joke and isn't. It's a joke because you've said in your past that the way you act online is essentially some convoluted persona you have made up as a means of trolling. And it's not a joke because you should always step away from a computer or mobile screen from time-to-time, mostly hours or days are good amounts of time. I have the excuse of school for starters, so roughly 7 hours a day, 5 days a week I generally am away from school, unless there is an exception (day off, sick day, you know, normal stuff).
  16. Can't you make an exosuit checkpoint before they go out there? Also I was right in finding liquid Chlorine out there.
  17. Feeling lost in endless frozen caves, have run out of useable resources... Dupes refuse to wear the suits, Please help!
  18. Heyo all, it has been quite some time since I've been on the forums. With the release of the Oil Upgrade, I decided it was time to give ONI another shot and I'm a bit disappointed. Last time I had really focused on playing ONI, it was too easy. You could quite simply manage your food and polluted oxygen/water really didn't matter (and were rather easy to process as well). I decided to take a break, as I felt that we would need time to get more systems in place to really see the vision Klei had for the game. Two updates later, and despite adding challenges...the game isn't really any more difficult. In fact, in some ways...I almost feel it is actually easier. We now have a reliable unlimited water source, reliable infinite power, and still have reliable infinite food. The game does have additional content but I feel that it currently is false depth. We have more food options, but they aren't needed to keep a functional colony. We have more options to manage creatures, but given their poor AI...they can easily die before you even use said methods to manage them. We have a whole disease system that boils down to building a medical bay and ignoring it (for the most part). We have clothing that you can functionally ignore. Similarly, the entire oil and plastics chain can just be ignored as well (not to mention slicksters being better than using a pump). Don't get me wrong, I love the game's visuals, concepts, and potential. I just feel like we are getting a lot of bloat with little crunch. I currently have a colony on the hardest immunity/stress settings that can easily maintain 10 dupes perpetually. A few more systems (cooling, power, etc.) and I could very easily expand that to 15-20 and still never worry of colony collapse. There is no real downside to losing dupes anyways, so I've been running around 15 to get projects done, losing some periodically. What I suggest is more interactions between the various systems forcing people to rely on the advanced mechanics to be effective. One method this could be done is by say having the dupe printer require genetic ooze to print duplicants. Genetic ooze could be acquired by another machine that breaks down organic material (crops). In this manner, you must use your starting dupes to establish a foundation to not only keep themselves alive, but to be able to acquire new dupes all together. Later tech could use the same genetic ooze to assist in breeding/printing creatures you've captured. This also serves to act as a resource sink for extra seeds and plant material you have laying around. Costs of duplication could be balanced to make each one a real goal to achieve. I would really love to see a "Kitchen Upgrade" where agriculture and kitchen dynamics have been increased. More musher recipes which are then used with the fryer. Maybe even additional machines like a mixer or something could be used as well. I would love to see a whole kitchen crew of dupes used to prepare good food for a colony. The only issue I see with this being implemented currently is that food type doesn't really matter at all. Sure, the better food reduces stress...but I can just make sure I have pictures and statues everywhere, as well as massage tables and not worry about it. So either the stress bonuses need to be better, or we need something else that encourages diverse diets. A minor thing I would like to see is a hopper type mechanism. Essentially a container that would drop its contents when powered. This would be useful when feeding things like hatches. Additionally, if the fish creatures we've seen in the game files every get implemented...perhaps they would eat seeds or something that this device could drop as well. By making it circuit logic, it allows us to create our own timers based on the physics of the game. Perhaps as something to pair with it, we could have a pressure plate that detects item weight. Another fun circuit mechanic would be to make the powered airlocks only open if powered, being unable to be opened when not powered. This would allow us to create actual airlocks, better control creature movement with switches, etc. The unpowered airlock could be given the same speed as a result and its benefit be that it blocks gases/liquids, while the powered option's benefit is that it can be circuit controlled. Currently the powered isn't worth powering and airlocks are best handled via liquid (which would probably still be true, honestly). These are just some of the thoughts I have given my current experience of playing through the Oil Upgrade. Cannot wait to see what Klei comes out with for next upgrade and want to say that despite my rant about the current state of the game, it is still decently fun.
  19. Don't suppose you could use any ONI models I might make for your VR thing? Side note, I knew i was losing my audience here because I wasn't making ONI-related art, so here's another (untextured) piece. Can anyone guess what it is?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Ban Tyler because we call everyone by the wrong name. Remember, there is only one @jambell, everyone else is Not Jambell. Also ban @DatShadowJK for not doing either A. Quoting me B. @ ting me How else am I supposed to burn you? My life doesn't revolve around this topic. I troll other pages as well. :3
  22. Dupe-A-Day!

    So I tried melting a dupe... And Klei slapped my hands and crashed my game. x3
  23. Update: You cannot melt dupes...

    The game crashes as soon as they reach 10 000 kelvin.


    ...Dammit. :wilson_ecstatic:



    Time to see if I can melt dupes!! :wilson_evil:

    ...Uh, FOR SCIENCE!!! :wilson_ecstatic:

    1. watermelen671



  25. I forgot about that. Yeah, I can see how the art team focusing on the forge could delay the event a bit.
  26. In SW there aren't many sources for regular meat, only with water beefalo and wild boars. You can dry dogfish and swordfish for regular jerky as well. You should ask what you really want, either hunger or sanity. For hunger: You can keep killing stink rays endlessly as they respawn very fast. Just have a particulate purifier hat on and you will be safe. You will get tons of monster meat which you can feed your caged bird to get eggs. Then make all the meatballs you want. If you have linked world with ROG, a simple one would be to use the lureplants. Plant the lureplants on magma turf either away from base or on a close island. Unequip hand slot of weapon/walking cane and harvest lureplant meat every few days. Cook them and eat or cook and feed bird for tons of eggs. For sanity: You said you have bee hives, make taffy. Like said earlier monkey farm is good for morsels and bananas for banana pops. Brainy matter gives 50 sanity. For all around: They made crockpot foods with lots of health and sanity (most only have 37.5 hunger so should eat meatballs and other for hunger).The most OP and easy is Surf 'n' Turf [ two monster meat + 1 fish 1 limpet or two monster meat two fish]. If you have an island with mermfish huts, destroy all the regular mermhuts with a hammer, then plant some lure plants to help get rid of the regular merms and flups (they don't respawn). When all the reg merms/flups are gone, the fishermerms fish tons of fish for you and your are safe. Gives you 33 sanity // 60 health // 37.5 hunger. The simple answer: Probably should base on an island next to a swordfish and dogfish spawn. They respawn very fast. (I based on island with seaworthy and conveniently it was next to two swordfish spawns so I have tons of cutlass supremes). Use spear gun (bring extra spears) and shoot dogfishes.
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