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  2. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    I first thought it could be Charlie attempting voodoo... Loving the brooch/necklace/hair piece set there. So classy,,,
  3. Why is the map smaller ?

    Wait, did they change it yet again with this update?
  4. [Minespatch] Aerate art

    Art from the animation stream. I didn't have the color scheme, so I winged the character. Probably should've made him paler on the second panel.
  5. *Death Metal in the background* /headbang This is so funny. The headless starver. I wonder how he gains flesh during the loading screen if so... (must be unsettling XD)
  6. As a bonus goal we can then bring back the old colony, slowly bring it back online, cleaning the dead up, ect.
  7. I was just curious about how many tiles an animal needs to be happy. Thats really it. Thanks!
  8. Wow now I understand thanks for this. Would this work on water instead of oil?.. That solves my NG power Problem now my next obstacle is water keep running out of water any tips?
  9. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    Another vent piece I drew. Drew this in the medical clinic while we were waiting for my father to pick up meds.
  10. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    I came up with this idea first but drew the Wallace conquering Mactusk piece first. Thought it'd be pretty funny if Mr. Random had no head.
  11. Catching pufts: There seems to be an issue with the lures currently, at least for the shine bugs. They are attracted to them without loading any bait. I haven't tried with pufts yet. Might be intended, might not. Feeding pufts: you can also throw a few storage compactors in there and load them with slime. They'll offgass polluted oxygen, too, though downside to this is the amount of slimelung bacteria in it before it gets eaten by the pufts. (Feel free to clean with the ore scrubber first or not... slimelung isn't that big a deal with a large colony.) Sleet wheat: I've been manually watering for about 50 cycles now and room temp has hardly moved with a couple of Wheezeworts in the vicinity, and that includes 3 Thermo regulators. I have one Wheezewort in an area the water can flow to (it freezes up) and storage compactors in between the regulators to store ice (or polluted ice since it has a lower freezing point). My water supply is about 35 C. I've thought about changing this to hydroponics tiles, but I've had the issue in the past of the pipes freezing up too fast or the water being too warm (if using abyssalite). @Klei devs: like the new priorities. I find it gives a good balance of control over what jobs to pick and don't seem to have an issue with getting things done that need done .5 cycle ago. I can train a dupe to cook, reassign as a gofer for training, and still have cooking as priority.
  12. the vent out is in oil, its not a pump the total oil in that space (top and bottom combined) is 870kg oil no pump just a vent outlet. The gas tiles stop the oil from moving left right, when gas comes into the vent the oil squeezes down into one square below the vent letting the gas out into the room. Then the oil fills back into the vents square stopping it from seeing how much gas is in the room, letting you fill the room with infinite gas pressure
  13. No, they can live like that perpetually. That is not the issue. They produce as much slime as they are consume po2, which means that if i can get more in the area, the slime production is going to go up as well. It also means that if i want to use the puffts for the Slime, like i use the hatches for coal, conventional building strats are going to be fairly constrictive. So pho2 compressor it is.
  14. As much as I despise the gremlin (have you heard is real voice?? Holy cow XD), my vote went for Wolfgang because he is the best character to go easily through the hardest task of the game, which is smashing the bosses solo (like you said). All in all, I'm happy to see the discrepancy in values between the "fave" histogram and the "Best" histogram. It means people don't go straight for the best character in their mind. Oh and you also forgot Winona in the "fave" histo
  15. it is now extremely difficult to keep my base powered. severely limiting natural gas and poor oil refineries make it nearly impossible to keep my base powered. I'm constantly running out of power. Please increase outputs for natural gas and petroleum refinery.
  16. Bleach stone doesn't affect adjacent items in any way. It only produces chlorine. Any item in a tile with chlorine on it will be disinfected at rate of 100%/cycle. It doesn't matter if it's just 5mg of chlorine, but small amounts will probably get swept away fast. If you're storing your slime underwater, there is no way bleach stone can disinfect it.
  17. 4th person can't attack when rushing Dragonfly

    Interesting. I'll give it a go and see what happens. Thanks~
  18. Paxton's Magical Land of STUFF!

    I've really missed using a Tim Burton style
  19. the issue is actually something to do with movement prediction(that's a bug, but a different one) try having everyone turn off movement prediction and see if it still happens...
  20. i'd love if the red alert thing was a bit more then just a bit of flashing red on the sides of the screen, kinda like starmancer's emergency mode
  21. Reminded a bit of my old "Hotel Duplicant" post
  22. Multiplayer?

    ik it'd be super hard but i'm just saying it'd be cool
  23. Problem with the auto compilier

    Thank you! TIL there is a Tools section of my Steam Library. Hopefully, this will fix my problem.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Put "Life support" in the priorities to "Very High" Priorities > Cog > Check Advanced Mode > Redo all (Sub)-priorities.
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