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  2. I was trying to play Woodlegs like a true criminal and when i found 1 obsidian coconade, 2 normal cocnades and 2 gunpowder in treasure chest i was curious what happen if i blow up the city. Unfortunately nothing happened even guard pigs didn't try to kill me (but it triggered them, i mean when u steal or hit them animation). Does throwing grenades doesn't count as aggression?
  3. Spotlight - This thing is... pretty much useless. Catapult -Too overpowered for cheesiness. So what I think could be done: Spotlight Moonlenses: Use a Moonlens on a Spotlight to turn it into a coloured Moonlight: Red - Heat (effectively creates a campfire on targeted player) - Targeting (seeks player and does effect on their position) Blue - Cold (effectively creates an endofire on targeted player) - Targeting (seeks player and does effect on their position) Green - Efficient (causes all plants in front of it to grow faster) - Floodlight (large (45-90 degrees) area in front of the Moonlight is affected. Right click Moonlight to turn it in one of the eight faces. Orange - Lazy (any items on the ground in a circular radius around get put into any chests in the same radius.) - Circular (big radius around it, no targeting/special mechanics) Purple - Nightmare (everything becomes corrupted for EVERYONE - animals go rabid if possible, go into beard forms (Beardlings/Beardmen), Were form, players in the light get Insanity effect, like Full Moon/Nightmare Cycle/Aporkalypse all in one handy package) - Floodlight (large (45-90 degrees) area in front of the Moonlight is affected. Right click Moonlight to turn it in one of the eight faces. Yellow - Light (effectively normal spotlight, but can target infinite people at once with the power of... reflections! Perfect for a boss fight. - Targeting (seeks player and does effect on their position) These could only be done by Engineer-tagged characters (specifically, putting the Moonlens on - Everything else is as normal) - This gives Winona additional utility and allows you to set up areas - For example, a Yellow Moonlight arena, or a Purple Moonlight farm, Green Moonlight greenhouse, Orange Moonlight by drop farms, and Red/Blue for general utility. Catapult Changes: 1. Catapult no longer self-heals 2. Catapult can be repaired with Trusty Tape, but only by characters with the Engineer tag. 3. Requires rocks as ammo (perhaps it could use a chest as ammo if it's in the radius, meaning if it comes down to it you could use one ammo store for all of them - One slot inside catapult, too.) The idea of these changes is to require Winona to be around as the team Engineer - and prevent spamming raid bosses to death in 3 seconds flat. Other Changes: 1. Repair Broken Clockwork to fully working order with tape - Make them from the junk piles, and then an Engineer can repair with Tape to turn them into fully functional Clockwork that work for you. They could be far improved this way. 2. WX-78 can heal with tape - Maybe for just like 10hp or so. This makes Winona far more attractive because of the popularity of WX-78 3. Generators can be attacked by players - Doing this causes you to get the effects of being struck by lightning if it's powered. WX-78 gets overcharged, provided it has a day of power left (and zaps a day's worth) 4. Machines would break down after Rain - Requiring an engineer to fix them up (Winona with Trusty Tape) 5. Generators now have WAY higher aggro priority - So bosses will rip apart catapult farms from the core. Winona Changes: 1. Prototyping items takes the full cost, only takes HALF cost after this (anything that can't be prototyped, this doesn't apply to.) 2. Keep her free hit from Charlie. 3. 1-10% - 0.75x craft speed | 11-90% - variable craft time (similar to wolfgang stats) | 91-100% - 2x craft speed - Hunger varies her crafting rate. 4. No hunger taken on craft. 5. Efficient harvesting - Most "DoLongAction" get changed to Medium (0.5s instead of 1s) 6. Engineer tag 7. Change perks/title to: The Engineer *Is an efficient worker *Master of machinery and gadgets *Gets one free hit from the dark Engineer Tag: Engineers are masters of machines, and as such would be able to tweak, fix, etc. Winona's machines, and vice versa. At current, Winona would be the only Engineer - But for example, Wagstaff from Hamlet would absolutely be considered an engineer. In addition, mods could add Engineer characters. This is the equivalent to "reader" - Something Maxwell has, allowing him to interact with Wickerbottom's books. The equivalent here is allowing them to interact with Winona's machines.
  4. That's super exciting news! Two months to tackle the end game lag is ambitious, good luck Klei.
  5. Help me with my base

    has anyone watched the save? what's wrong ? In particular-why the turbine does not work correctly ? As far as I understand it has to work from a big heat. At the moment, the volcano is gradually heating oil. The turbine can not cool this temperature and, moreover, requires a huge amount of energy. Why? Help to understand, I'm stuck in the game
  6. Propane?

    It's spawnable using sandbox, I hope it'll be used
  7. Why does the Tinker Shop exist?

    It would be nice if perhaps the Tinker shop sold Generators, Catapults, etc. - Winona's rework stuff + some new items.
  8. Hey, I'm trying to give these infinite fuel, or at least a changeable option, but.. i've never done fuel before, I thought it'd be easy, which it probably is, but no matter what I change in Winona's_high_battery prefab, nothing makes a differences, any tips?
  9. KTEX+XML Decompiler

    I'm not sure if they work identically - But iirc that does use XMLs (it seems to do some kind of cropping/expanding based on the image though) - An XML with all square images gets exported as rectangles. Strange
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Half Life 3 looks great: (Or should it be Starve Life?)
  11. Today
  12. Since the moment I started a new colony I was wondering if I will be able to improve my previous pulsing scanner network to make it use power only when it is absolutely needed. Based on ONI meteorology post, my own calculations and other people attempts to make pulsing scanner I made some assumptions and come to below conclusions 6 scanners network, working at 100% efficiency, optimal and safe pulsing time is 2.3s active, 8s idle. 2s is sometimes not enough to catch incoming signal if you play on the fastest speed. After incoming signal is detected there is 200s for meteors to come and then there is another 100s when meteors will be falling for sure(meteors showers lasts for 100s to 400s). During this 300s scanners doesn't have to pulse and can be inactive and not use any power. After 300s scanners need to start pulsing again in order to detect if meteor shower is over. Probably this could be optimized even further to pulse only one scanner. Shower can end in 0s to 300s. When meteor shower is over there is a break between next one that can last 300s to 1200s. So we can assume that there is no point to pulse scanners for at least 100s after shower is over. This means that in worst case scenario (no showers, scanners pulsing during whole cycle) scanners will consume 41,942J (~42kJ) power In best case scenario only 3 pulses will be needed during one cycle, which will consume 2,160J (2.16kJ) power 6 scanners network working without any pulsing consumes 432,000J (432kJ). So we are looking at 90 to 99,5% of power consumption reduction. I finally managed to build a scanner network that follows all mentioned points. Below overall view of whole setup: Closer look at the automation: There are 2 main parts: Left part is oscillator, signal detection and reset when meteor shower is over Right part are water clocks control. One clock is used to measure 300s from initial incoming signal to moment of start scanning for shower end. Other clock(to the right) is measuring 142s for which bunker doors are keept open. After that time the doors are closed, just moment before meteors hit. Now a more closer look at the automation: The most left part is detecting is meteors shower has stopped. During the showers at some point scanners will start to pulse. With each pulse they will give green active signal unless meteors are gone. In that cas,e after a pulse, signal will be still red inactive and this part of automation will detect that. Next part is oscillator pulsing each 8 seconds and keep active signal for power shutoff for 2.3s. It is enough for scanners to detect incoming signal even on the fastest game speed. Osciallator is disabled for 100s after meteor shower ends. Last part is to store detected signal in memory gate and send it to water clock counting 300s. After that time memory gate is reset, but second memory gate is still active untill metoer shower is over. Then it will be reset and whole system restarts (oscillator is still delayed by 100s, because next shower can happen in 300s, so there is no point to scan for next 100s) Unfortunatelly I'm not really good at explaining things, but I hope that at least some things are clear Shall you have more questions regarding this build then don't hesitate to ask me. Probably would be better to just show some video of whole system. Maybe today after work I will post one. Thanks for reading!
  13. Thank you for the fun, i had with ONI so far. There are so many bugs and some of them are completely unbalancing gameplay. For my taste the bugs have to go, before leaving alpha, because that's what an alpha is for, so far i understand it. I got many hours on my ONI account and so far i really enjoyed it, but those bugs add someway as negative countervalue up (in my mind). I do not like those DLC mechanics, but Klei has to feed many artlicants and codelicants and i can understand it, when a company goes that way, these days. Thank you/Klei for making a game, i really liked. Good luck and may the force be with your team
  14. I stop at 1660 because of the long loading time( between 5 and 8 minutes), and long save time (8 - 15 seconds). I make a pause until the preview, and start a new fresh game for see what is new.
  15. Profile Icons

    Sure, i prefer wining some commons skins because you can, at least, trade them in tarde inn. But finally, you can weave your icons to make some spools (and bye some new skins with) and, well, you can have 8 drops and 7 daily ones, so, more chances to have at least one good drop (like elegant). Better than before.
  16. Still need late-game playability. Otherwise the late-game technologies are becoming useless.
  17. You have lava but except the cascade effect, dupe manual transport or doors compressors you can't move it.
  18. 3 new biomes? So much to explore so little map! Need more optimizations to support bigger map to support more biomes to support more optimizations to support bigger map to support more biomes. Well this is going nowhere fast! I just want to see how it all turns out. New biomes? Do i smell new disease? Do you think new biomes will be down under? I mean we have huge lava down there that might get some love.
  19. New shadows, new shadow-magic weapons, overall new shadow-magic items? (In)sanity mechanics was the thing that made DS so unique. I can't even remember any creature reacting to player sanity state in Hamlet, like (c)rabbits, or bunnymen. Is there anything coming about it? Like: 1) New doors in ruins opened by low/high sanity 2) Ruins specific shadows 3) Relics that can only be picked up while on low sanity and slip out from inventory, if sanity goes high 4) Powerfull Shadow items that are hidden in ruins 5) Creatures that react to player sanity, like Gnats ignore you, if you are on low sanity 6) Pig-psychiatrist who can listen to you problems and give you magical brew (alcohol) to restore sanity. I feel like Klei is going to launch another Insanity update (yes I am that old, I play since there were no sanity), because new DLCs haven't brought much to that mechanic. Like "QoL: Insanity", because DST has new shadow-ish things (e.g. Reanimated Skeleton and shadow chess).
  20. I can not see why @Yunru's build should be someway complicated. When i build something like that, i give manual build orders for every tile/ +a diagonal tile below. For every tile i need to build(remove abby) for example, i place diagonally below that tile another block (before target tile is placed) and that block is removed after target tile is built. Not really a problem..
  21. The configs you posted are correct. I assume the problem you might've run into is that a path configured in the launch script is not the same as where the modoverrides.lua is. Can you check your startup log and your launch script as well, or post it here, so I can help you track down your issue?

    A dedicated Server 1. runs independently of the owner's client. 2. generally offers better performance, especially with bigger amounts of people plaing at the same time. 3. offers more slots because of reason 2. 4. is more stable for some reason in my experience. 5. can easier be modified in a way that you can add or remove secondary shards, and offers the options to run more than two linked worlds. A client hosted Server 1. is much easier to use. 2. doesn't need a server/secondary machine to host it on. (Dedicated ones don't necessarily need this one either, but I highly recommend one.)
  23. Aquatic Plants

    humm. seaweeds. That reminds me... ALGAE.
  24. The maximum efficiency of this unit for converting crude oil is 10kg/s, not the thermal transfer efficiency, but simply because the maximum capacity of a single pipeline is 10kg/s.In the early stage, some materials with low thermal conductivity can be used to make radiation pipes, which will only lead to slightly more energy consumption of the liquid cooler, rather than the conversion efficiency of 10kg/s of the device. A layered design of vacuum insulation is used, with each 1000kg of oil passing through nine layers of cooling before being discharged from the heat exchange tower.The temperature difference in each layer is about 40 degrees Celsius, and the input temperature of crude oil is between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius.In fact, 10 floors is theoretically optimal, but 6 floors are also feasible, and the liquid cooler is capable of these tasks. As a final note, I used a small amount of supercoolant (100-200kg) around the liquid cooler. In fact, less is better without overheating. This will make the temperature range of the oil above smaller.I usually use a bottle of super coolant (200kg), and the temperature sensor is set below 403 degrees Celsius. Due to the problem of response time, the temperature of the temperature sensor will reach 405 degrees Celsius, so I did not use the radiation pipeline in the back.
  25. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    Ah yes. Well Spore is also a massive sh*tpost. Even DarkEdge played as Morgan Freeman's head (seriously I'm not kidding. Look it up XD )
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