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  2. ;_____; dang it. it was so cute to see him tweely paddling air though
  3. oh man, every single one of these is great<3 also if you hover over the image and right-click to view it in a new tab it shows the picture in full
  4. Oh, I did not know that about SW. Yeah he uses an oar in DST the same as everybody else.
  5. Probably soft-core trolling forums with a 30 min video of basically same action (in god mode).
  6. This problem happens when you pause the game with the Global Pause mod thanks for the mod also
  7. wait, did they give back his oar in dst? in shipwrecked he would pantomime rowing and the boat would go
  8. Well.. hope dies last they say. Perhaps, in an "apotheotic end", KLei might address this issue - one way or the other.
  9. No cooldown on the alt kind of makes the concept a bit pointless don't you think?
  10. Does it need to be sent before the player spawns? If not, then you could do: AddPrefabPostInit("world", function(inst) inst:ListenForEvent("playeractivated", function(inst, data) if data == GLOBAL.ThePlayer then -- RPC here end end ) end ) It should fire off every time the client player spawns in, for instance when moving between overworld and caves.
  11. There is a mod fixing that bug, I'm using it myself: I hope they will include the fix next time possible...
  12. My clockwork statues spawned in range of a meteor shower field. After i repaired them with the suspicious marble pieces meteors destroyed the statues and suspicious marble pieces before i could mine the statues on a full moon. Now i have no way of obtaining the Knight Rook and Bishop sketches and i am unable to do the shadow clockwork and ancient fuelweaver fight. A simple fix would be to have the Knight Rook and Bishop pawns included in the tumbleweed loot table from day one. Currently the pawn pieces are only added to the tumbleweed loot table once you have obtained the sketches from mining the statues on a full moon (which i was unable to do because meteors destroyed/ "mined" them before i had the chance.
  13. I stopped by for my bimonthly check in on the game and saw this beauty of a post. Needless to say, my joy response has been activated.
  14. I've got a feeling they are going to over-simplify rockets. The whole long range flight looks like it is out and you will be hopping from one asteroid to another.
  15. Interesting. Never noticed this. 532.8kg would be 100% up...
  16. My main problem with Wurt is how long it takes for her to be useful. A majority of her perks, while making her a better character, are reliant on the swamp and thus provide no interaction with the rest of the game and often have other alternatives that all characters can take advantage of. For example, her ability to run faster on marsh turf makes sense in context that she has lived in the swamp her whole life, but it is useless if you are playing with other people and/or want to swap to another character, and is often usually replaced with road turf because then at least everyone can have a equal chance to use it. However, what really rustles my jimmy's is that she entirely reliant on her merm companions for her power. When looking at the two other "faction" characters, Webber and Wilba, we can see how they have more perks then just being able to interact with their respective species care free. Webber has a lot of utility in the ruins and atrium due to their ability to freely eat monster meat, the main meat source in the ruins via Depthworms, and the ability to just run through the labyrinths without being slowed or threatened. Their is also the point that the items that Webber gathers can be used for some easy and frequent solutions to things like clothing durability and spoiling health. Wilba has her Werepig form which, besides making Woodie almost entirely out shined, has a ton of utility of providing of exploring and fighting (and to a less extent harvesting) which makes her pigs secondary but adds a "unique" method of play besides her linage. Now if we go back to Wurt, we can see just how little utility see has outside of her tribe. Her vegetarian hunger boost may make so dishes a bit better but beyond that, there isn't much. Her lineage doesn't provide any benefit out of the swamp, and while her merms due haves lot utility in terms of how much they can help with tasks, that can be said about any follower. Yes, in a straight battle, merms due win out in the most versatility, but that is also devalued by the fact that by simply adding more numbers, you can achieve the same result that another can do. If she were ever reworked, I would like for her to actually stray away a bit from her ancestory so that she isn't, metaphorically, attached to the hip of them and actually isn't just another Wilson Clone when not surrounded by merms. I would also like to add that companion reliant characters aren't really that good in the first place. Webber scrapes by with his extra utility in other places and items he can farm, but his actual main perks of befriending spiders is very bad and doesn't really help at all in fighting, where most companion based characters are focused on, getting your companions to do the work for you. Wurt's power to me is like a bolder. Getting that bolder up the hill is the most difficult part, but after you get that bolder over is then were the power becomes overly powerful because the numbers just get too much for most opponents to properly handle and then becomes "no aoe=dead, aoe=can barely put a dent into". I do agree that Wurt needs a rework, but it is really hard to balance something that is powerful enough to last more then 5 seconds on it own but doesn't just decimate anything one the posse is built up. I mean yeah, hating pigs nothing new. But the vegetarian actually does make the player reconsider what food choices they make. No longer can you just consume Pierogies and Surf n' Turf for healing but instead focus of unconventional ones like Butter Muffins and Blue Caps. It is nothing revolutionary, but it does make people take a serious consideration into if they want to play the character or not since it could affect a entire play style. I mean yeah, any characters downside can be trivalized if you take the proper steps to counter act it. Willows is to wear winter clothing, Maxwell/Walters is to "git gud" at kiting, Wormwood just needs a honey/spider farm and he is rarin to go, Wolfgang can be fed to the point where the overall sanity loss is less then a normal characters, Woodies can be negated by basing in the caves, etc etc. The point of downsides is to have a serious deviation in playstyle that requires the players attention to properly counteract, that is what downsides have been and will continue to be. Even if they are getting less severe, they still do require the players to take careful consideration how they take actions instead of just having the same character copy and pasted over and over. Just because it doesn't challenge You doesn't mean it can't be challenging to others. I mean except other Wurts, which might be a worse Willow since all your defences for your base will be entirely negated by your character choice. Funny how what you deem your protector could to be your hubris.
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  18. Ban TheHollowKnight because I can't help you with that.
  19. Great job! I really love the one with Wilson teaching Webber to shave
  20. That's true for some griefers, other griefers/jerks on the other hand don't tend to change their names alot. But in that case, since that "social justice gamer" guy (31. January 2020: Played as Wickerbottom, spawned Tentacles at Spawn and Touch Stones and kept killing others with 'The End is Nigh!') calls himself "Deladap" right now, he's also one of the griefers who tend to change their names before griefing a server. Well, the best thing I can recommend others if they notice a griefer is to ignore their steam account and/or to note their steam ID and either rollback and kick the griefer if possible, or leave the server and join another one. Reporting them on Steam or in the Klei Forums won't help at all, and only critical ways of griefing like using "c_startvote" to regenerate the world as soon as you join are going to be fixed by Klei. Reporting griefers on the Forum feels like "Feeding the Troll" and "Teaching newcomer griefers how to grief" at once.
  21. Honestly I really like the ideas presented here but mostly the 100 percent wetness perk it would give water balloons another use while further giving wurt more bonuses for swamp and the stacking fish but I don't really agree with the not freezing thing there are plenty of solutions to freezing a near perm one available specifically to wurt so I feel dealing cold is a good trade off. I will say i doubt we'll go back to stackable fish but I atleast wish could use the ocean fish in the recipes. The big things that feel leads to wurt's unpopularity tho is her teamplay selling point is mobs who are naturally hostile to other players while yes you could make a king this is only a solution so long as he's fed it further complicates this by the fact that the only way for a non wurt to feed him is the mask which can't be renewed without wurt making anything she crafts a team hazard when she goes on long trips. This is compounded by the fact most pub players don't care much about followers which is unavoidable.
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