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  2. How did maxwell get less votes on weakness over Wilson? Boring/Basic =/= weak. I’d argue Wilson’s strength comes from the fact that you DONT have to worry about any quirks like faster hunger drain, can’t sleep, etc that come with every other character. That is his intention! He doesn’t need a “buff”!
  3. In the latest patch (testing branch) I was surprised to find that loading games is working 100% fine. I was surprised because previously I'd expected a 50% chance the game would just crash, and if it didn't crash it would take an extremely long time. Okay it's not 100% fine, there is still a glitch that sometimes happens where parts of the map flicker especially after changing asteroids. But other than that glitch the game loads just as quickly as after starting the game fresh, and hasn't crashed. Also on Linux.
  4. Making a single mistake can be crucial for him. Taking a hit that will dismount him you Woby can pretty much kill him. Tanking any hits will make your sanity drop to the danger level, and god forbid if you don't have any healing, cause campfire stories won't restore your sanity. But why 3?
  5. yeah... from what I can see, not a bug. batteries have no power output restrictions, and the 1000W + 10W do indeed add up to 1.01KW if you want this to work, remove the battery and the max power you'll be able to consume on that cable (because you won't be able to produce more) is 800W
  6. Not in general, no. The only case I know of that kind of works is a Liquid CO2 geyser erupting into a layer of liquid, as long as temperatures are high enough to flash the liquid CO2 into gaseous CO2 the gaseous CO2 can build to infinite pressure, it's a pretty weird exception and I'm not sure exactly why it works because usually liquid vents do generally care about gas pressure. Except this case, which is kind of "heat driven", to store the output under infinite pressure you can most practically use a Bypass Pump for gaseous Vents, or an Escher Waterfall for liquid Geysers.
  7. Isnt what you ask for but a red overlay will appear if you beefalo is at low health (arround 300hp if im not wrong)
  8. Sorry for the lack of uodates i feel extraordinarily lazy lol but here we are! The three out of seven buds that made it: Further development: A day before bloom: And finally, bloom! Now in forty days i expect them to fully ripen! I especially cant wait for what Ibara's fruit will look outside and inside, and taste like too!
  9. Im pretty sure spiders willl drop hats after you pick them up
  10. Oh boy is there gonna be another GetNerfedOn thread with some kinda poll?
  11. You can build an airlock door under it to turn it on and off
  12. BTW, how to form steel waterfall? AFAIK,you need door or drop of heavier liquid to form waterfall. But at temperatures only steel can help, what is the way to create waterfall?
  13. So I felt like sharing this, but budding chef is a little different from the usual Wendy... In fact, budding chef has her own quotes, and I felt like sharing some. Don't be suprised if these quotes don't fit Wendy, as the budding chef is kinda a different individual altogether, even if she appears as Wendy and shares a few perks, in fact alot of budding chef's quotes are effectively myself talking and not really Wendy. (Hence forum title for budding chef's name) An unlisted mod has actually been made to hopefully allow me to play as budding chef with friends without affecting them at all(they won't have the restrictions I do), and these quotes are a part of that mod in addition to this playthrough, in fact these quotes are actually seperate from anyone else playing Wendy, if others play Wendy, they'll have her vanilla quotes, these quotes only apply to myself For those who couldn't give a crap and hate the idea of something like this, fine, whatever, move along, the images are in a spoiler for your convenience so you don't have to bother with it.
  14. i think i'll make a poll based on this comment if you dont mind edit: several actually
  15. i think if you can defeat every boss without dying you are a veteran and a pro.
  16. Klei, you did a great job letting us pick grass, twigs and other things while riding a beefalo! But what about hunting? We still can't investigate suspicious dirt piles.
  17. i also think this should be implemented into the original game. maybe it will. until then use a mod.
  18. Today
  19. As a casual beefalo rider, I love to take fights on the back of a beefalo (For e. g. then fighting the toadstool). But there is one simple problem: I can't see my beefalo's health, so I have no idea if I should heal it. I think, player should be able to see beefalo's health while riding it (just as Wendy can see Abigail's health). I hope You, Klei, will get my point! P. S. Sorry for my bad english
  20. Very viable. Think about this: each spider deals 20 damage and you can plant many nest everywere
  21. Does anyone know how viable is Webber against single target bosses like bee queen and ancient guardian
  22. When I say that I try to test the circuit thoroughly, believe me, I spend a lot of time on it (look at the cycle counter): I don't see how this can happen. The cub takes 5 cycles to mature. It takes half a cycle at most for it to go down. According to your automation scheme. You have 2 sensors for 1 and 2 animals. There are a lot of eggs in the room and the situation when 3 animals will appear in the room is likely (at least I've seen it), your scheme will not work. A situation where 5 animals show up in the scheme, and they (probably) can't get together at the door at the same time is possible, but much less likely. But if you want to hedge against all possibilities, here's a simple scheme that works flawlessly with any number of animals: As long as there is at least 1 animal in the room, the doors will open for 6s and close for 6s. It takes 1/3 of a cycle for all animals (even 1, even 100) to fall down. upd. At the expense of not working your scheme with 3 animals, I'm a little overreacting (they also bunch up and fall down), but at 5 already works unstable (exactly the same as my original version). In any case, wishing to hedge fit only the last scheme with a timer.
  23. I mean I fully understand the definition of it but I don't think that's what the op meant could be wrong tho.
  24. it means you can make a living by playing that game
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