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  2. I did one more trip to a field I visited before, rocket had three modules, I got moon's moon and one mug, third module is empty. Everything within 5 tiles of starting planet returns with 1 of 3 modules empty for me. Either my first trip with 3 modules was a fluke of luck or there is some kind of threshold, after which mugs become more common. Perhaps related to the fact that some artifacts should be one of a kind? In such case the more artifacts are discovered the less options randomizer has and the more likely mugs become, up to getting only mugs after revisits (ex: randomizer selects Fossil, Fossil is already present, defaulting to Mug). Another option is that POIs are different. The one I got 3 artifacts from was a bit further, would make sense for further POIs to be more rewarding either in quantity or in rarity. Those mugs still might produce charges. Also I'm getting empty modules, so past certain point there is no gain.
  3. with this test there is currently only 2 users who have very close to max 100 sec coal
  4. @Fradow With the usual disclamier that all this advice is based on the info in the spreadsheet that was submitted by the community. For best cost benefit as far as I can see Ryzen 5600X 16GB to 32GB of DDR 4 3600 (Keep the CL below 22) Also Please please ensure you enable XMP for your memory otherwise you will get 2133 speeds. For everything else it does not appear to really matter. As for L1/L2/L3 cache the 5600x, 5800x, 5900x and 5950x all have increasing levels of Cache but it appears to have had zero impact on ONI performance. The lot of them all appear to test around the same speed.
  5. Actually I found a sample from @JohnFrancis 's Benchmark test save as below. See original thread of benchmark test.
  6. Man, beta are used to look after bugs and suggestions not to hype people. If you dont think that there should be a beta about this update good for you but the world doesnt work like that People must try stuff and more when the game will be published in consoles made by selfish and annoying companies so better had everything fixed before sending it to sony or ms
  7. For it cost you would think that would be a 500 durability weapon with the higher damage but is mediocre. I only use it for toad or celestias when im not using morning star but just if i have an obscene amount of resources Now that wanda came (why the hell it doesnt stack with wanda perk?) The weapon feels like a joke when compared with the alarming clock Idk why klei did such underwhelming loot for the ruins. Remember that in DS we have the starcaller staff summoning stars that only last 30s...
  8. I was mistaken about 1 aspect of the game, I fully respect you calling me a B grade survivor. I stick around partly due to the near 0 chance Gorge will return, partly to relieve boredom It’s not like I can’t reinstall the game if they let us raise tigers on the moon.
  9. I didn't get the splumonkey joke so I literally tested it out to see what it does. Good 10 mins of my time wasted, cheers
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  11. Here are my results Time : 2:23 or 143 Seconds CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X @ 4.2 Ghz Graphics card : Radeon RX5700 RAM : 32 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz HDD: SSD 970 Evo 500 GB Game Location HDD: SSD 970 Evo 500 Gb OS Location I did try it before rebooting and got 2:17 on that one
  12. Extreme rime when? Then again you have shine bugs so.. probably not?
  13. This please, been asking for so long just make it a pick/hammer and it becomes the ultimate tool for ruins clearing, it would be used so much more. I feel like that would be enough to buff it, thou I wouldn't mind the repair. I used it in it's old state too just because it was convenient for that worldgen as 1 was just enough to clear my whole ruins with honey buff, and I'd deconstruct it at 1% and make another for 1 thule, saves me the twigs/gold/flint inventory slots that i don't want to carry in ruins.
  14. Thanks. At the beginning I was sending them food from another asteroid through interplanetary launcher (preferably sludge berries as they do not spoil). Later I collected eggs of shove vols (quite plentiful on the asteroid) and made a farm. There is a guide about farming shove vols but basically: 1. They do not have any overcrowded rebuff so you can have as many as you want in a very small room. 2. They have a very wide temperature and pressure range; effectively you can keep them in a steam room where hot regolith is delivered. 3. The walls of the room is to be made of refined metal (gold, cooper, iron, aluminium or steel). Also obsidian from non-metal and abyssalite prevents them from escaping. The door is to be made of steel. 4. They consume regolith (that what every one feeds with) or iron ore or dirt. They excrete 50% back in a form of tile; hence, you need a robo-miner in the farm (or two to dig each other; I usually have one at the top and in the most cases it was enough). You can use obsidian thermal tiles at the top of the room and have the steam turbine to produce electricity and have a conveyor to deliver hot regolith into the farm. Do zigzag conveyor rails as shove vols consume regolith amazingly fast. Also it can be hungry farm (either wild - the population will remain constant and no dupe time or feeding is required or partial feeding with care). yes, some tiles are "broken". I filed the bug report a while ago. It is like vertical lines where you cannot build due to non-stop digging. It did not prevent me to colonize but I could not complete the cover with bunker doors in 3-4 places.
  15. You can turn meat into gunpowder and give the trinkets to splumonkeys.
  16. I think on most characters it's a good reward considering how many other rewards you get for doing the questline. My only issues are a few parts of the questline are a bit tedious, the lunar tab is extremely barren with little use for all the moon rocks and glass you get from the fight, and the crown itself is extremely character dependent. If Wes attacks only 12 times it turns off!
  17. It is possible that xmp options are hidden in the OC part of settings and become apparent once you enable those. You can check it without saving changes by picking "exit and discard changes" when exiting, just to see if you even have the option to utilize xmp. I dunno why it's done like that but when buying a mem kit with a rather good parameters it's not always denoted clearly that those need you to have xmp support in you motherboard's bios for those cos they are in fact xmp. Anyway, GL!
  18. Is that the actual logfile? There is sadly no exception message. But maybe you can find one in the Windows Event View.
  19. What you are describing sounds exactly like a heat issue I had with another game.
  20. He is interesting but almost impossible to play relaxed. He lose sanity when he lost health, low sanity causes nightmare creatures spawn, he lose health when he lose sanity. This loop makes him really dangerous character, the only way to being able to play with him is carrying a lot of health and sanity items with him because he lacking on both of mechanic. If you get damage in first days, that makes you lost about two days for recovering yourself. The only way to playing well with him is getting beefalo fast as you could. I think this is bad because I can not understand why Walter is that weak when we have characters could clearly called OP, like Wigfrid and Wickerbottom. I believe Wormwood, Wurt and Walter must get small updates and stop being veteran player characters. What could be do about Walter? Increasing the range and speed of slingshot would make him focus on range weapons that I think it's a good thing. DST ranged weapons sucks mostly and making him stronger about ranged weapons would be nice. I would be happy to see small but lifesaver updates for those character in next QoL.
  21. no they literally get calories from radiation. the pictures above show it once you take into account the rad eater has a bottomless stomach. It tells you this in game in the description.
  22. That trait sounded much cooler before you spoiled it
  23. I just like to play REALLY REALLY OLD version of ONI. Before we had geysers and stuff like that. Edit: steam depot downloader still works! Steam client not so much.
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