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  2. Okay I'm posting that in r/maliciouscompliance.
  3. How farm Exp?

    I saw a afk lobby but with wilsons, 3 of them so you press space at the same time of alt+tab this do that space press while you do another things, before of that they left 1 pig and go afk, the space do that wilson revive to the other infinty and you do that for 30 minutes but de max of exp is 7200 in a match
  4. Drawings and Drivel

    Looks nice! I would hang such a portrait on the wall in my gallery )))
  5. Pikos eating Abigail's Flower

    This is how cults get started.
  6. Well, you just need to put it by the fire until it starts moving, then you can put it in your pocket and it'll continue to incubate.
  7. Screenshot showcase

    Yes, you correctly noticed that the Russian behave strangely in the game(tells you Russian: D) Most Russian players just don't know your language and try to talk to other players... But there are also a lot of "jokers" and "fools" who think, " We're in the game and we're not going to have anything, so I'm going to hate everyone or spoil the game" Anyway, I'm glad I came to the Forums. There are many wonderful people who do not use stereotypes to Russian. We are just portrayed as fools with balalaika and vodka, who are friends with the bears... Eh, when we all live in a world without stereotypes and any disagreements. Today I met a whole gang that humiliated me again, and then they called me a vodka idiot... Ehhhhh.... =0 =c As always, my poor English spoils the meaning of this message.
  8. "Don't worry though, we concepted for the others; so they will likely come next Winter's Feast. And if we do other smaller sets we will balance with consideration to what has already been done. So if your main didn't get a skin this time around it will be favored in the future." That was @JoeW's original answer: I like to believe we'll have new winter skins this year. But I will not be surprised if it does not happen, after all, we know that Klei is working hard with events in DST and the new DLC in DS.
  9. Cannot unsee... I will go and eradicate those now!
  10. Dont forget to get the 4 decorations too
  11. Chop the tree down to get the item back?
  12. Most likely. Especially given that you can see a finished pepper bread under the grill.
  13. yea true. probably bug then.
  14. I thought I had to incubate near fire to get the ro bin -- would have preferred to just leave it on my bookself until it hatched.
  15. female pigs is actually male

    he's got spider senses.
  16. Screenshot showcase

    Man tallbirds are bloodthirsty, this one couldn't stop murdering grass geckos. And krampus considers tallbirds to be "Innocent"... Look how bloodthirsty this tallbird is. A cold blooded killer.
  17. female pigs is actually male

    Maybe Webber can't tell the difference in mammals, not being one him/herself?
  18. stuff only appears if you discovered them. maybe you didn't discover it yet?
  19. Happened to me a few times. I think save+load fixes it, even if the dupe isn't assigned to the job.
  20. I like to laugh a lot. Am I the only one who gets that many emote duplicates? Seriously, Klei, we need more emotes!
  21. Reminds me of a Futurama episode... Add a chlorine freezer to it and I'll buy it!
  22. Just a short reminder that Hallowed Nights will end in about 32 hours (November the 22nd). So take some time to weave the skins you want to have and to build enough Mad Scientist Labs on your personal map.
  23. Today
  24. Is it just me, or do Dreckos look like the mind control bugs from Wrath of Kahn?
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