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    Wurt being angsty and sad-
  3. Changed Status to Fixed This was a weird one, thank you for the report!
  4. Count to 200 without interruption

  5. What the title says. The damage is the same as a normal starting Diplomacy card of Sal (if you have Influence), so that is not it. I can only think of one fringe use case of losing Influence being useful: if that is all the influence you had and your argument is dismissed and you have some card that nets you something as a reaction to that. But if you take Plead, you are playing Diplomacy, and there are plenty other cards that get boosted by spending Influence, and all of them are better than Plead. So why does this card exist?
  6. Hi there great people of this forum first things first, i'm attempting to ''clone'' a basic mod, to change the art and items in it. following the instructions i saw in the dst files itselt, "start by choosing what you want to edit and copy/paste it, and edit to create my own mod" etc i did that. edited all the images, no problem, if i try to just edit the ''visuals'' of vanilla things i can make them work ingame, BUT the problem is when i copy and paste the files to a new folder custom named to create a 'whole new mod'' which is the goal since i want to upload in the workshop and have my friends who play with me always actually ''see'' what i ''see'' here because i have a few vanilla things ''only visually edited'' in my 'personal dst files' replacing the 'vanilla' images, names, or proprieties, so only i can see the thing i've edited for fun but i'm trying to make them 'actual mods' so i can share with the friends in my server. anywayy this one i tried to start with is a kittykit, it has a special item 'catnip' i've edited all the images from the kittykit, and all the strings from the characters interaction with it, names, description etc, these worked already when i only messed around with the strings, and images on the original mod so only i could see it ingame like that, all other players would see the ''original art and dialogs'' from the original mod. since i haven't changed the 'file names' ut since i'm trying to copy and edit to make a new mod, i have to change all the words to represent the 'new mod' like i've called it a 'black kitty' and all the images from the kitty i've changed the words to 'blackkitty' and all the ones which showed the word for the other custom item to ''catnip' since the new item i want to be a catnip pack. BUT then comes the error it says it can't find the but i've changed all the words to catnip, made sure it's all in .zip format because i've read in another question/forum this couldbe the problem, the file being in .rar format, or the files inside in a different format, but idk what to fix, there where 2 folders with this same name in the original mod, one 'exported' one, with a folder inside and a .zip inside this one, where there was a png, a animation and build xml inside and they're still there, only changed the image inside to a catnip, and the name to 'catnip' aswell and there's an anim folder with a inside with a anim and build .bin and a .png and .tex '-' so i don't know what isn't being found to try to fix it nor which of these 2 folders with the same name is the one returning this error. anyway the files are below.. i hope someone can help me, if i ran into this problem in the future maybe i can fix them aswell with some instructons given to this one. i've tried searching for this inthe forum aswell but they weren't the same problem but with other file extensions and were fixed with other steps or insertings certain strings/codes in other files i even tried following a few but in the end the instructions didn't match my error so i ended up in the same place i've started so decided to ask here the mod folder below, i've uploaded to my drive -i've never shared a link from there so if anyone can visualize/download the files just let me know i'll try to figure it out how to share it properly and the image log i got when trying to run a test world with this mod [as it's own standalone mod] activated ----._. i talk a lot, i know....sorry, but please bear with me....loveu already and thanks for the patience -----
  7. Tie a NOT gate and a filter (or buffer) gate together. Here's a quick version I threw together. The switch in the middle is the reset input line.
  8. Many people complain about the achievements. But Forge and Gorge have achievements it would be cool if events like. Hallowed Nights, Winters Feasts and Year of ... could have their own achievements.
  9. To be perfectly honest, I don't know how to make one of those.
  10. Undiggable sand

    Another report:
  11. Digging Regolith at 100% Forever

    This has been a bug for nearly 3 years. I found 6 related bug reports: I would consider this my #1 most annoying bug for me; it happens nearly all the time with rockets.

    Cuando voy a generar un nuevo mundo, me dice siempre "RESTARTING GENERATION". Tengo que esperar mucho hasta que se genera el mundo y no sé por qué (tengo una GTX 1050Ti, 16GB RAM e Intel Core i5-8600k 3.6Ghz). Después de haberse generado (¡¡10 minutos!!), me va a 60 fps pero sin mods, y yo quiero jugar con mods pero cuando los activo los fps bajan. No deberían de bajar, tengo un ordenador potente. Necesito una solución... Gracias.
  13. But as you said without a reset input port you have to keep an eye on it and adjust it manually if/when they go out of sync again. So if I were you I'd use a standard oscillator or pulse generator set up instead of a timer. At least you inherently have a reset on those.
  14. Hi. I loved your character suggestion, if you don't mind I would like to add 2 things. 1st. He can hide, turning into a stone. With a click of the right mouse button. 2st. Wardite is a walking thermal stone. It can get very hot, and look yellowish to hot or reddish to very hot. It can get very cold, and look bluish for cold or pale for very cold. He can wear warm clothing to prevent acclimatization. Whenever he goes from one extreme temperature to another he loses 12.5% of his life.
  15. Count to 200 without interruption

    Sventy Noine : D
  16. Today
  17. Little benefit versus the second fastest method of transportation under the restrictions that transportation allows (specifically, downward movement). Plus pole use scaling with dupe agility to a limit... To sum it up, transit tubes are faster than poles over long distances, AND transit tubes can do -so much more- than poles can. I don't think that's a good case for them being of little benefit. They're hardly a gamechanging upgrade, sure, but they certainly have their place. It just isn't as a replacement for ladders in your main base.
  18. I would like to see the same priority box in each dupe like the one above with the three dots and another one in the side of each dupe so you can change in bulk priorities at once.
  19. I built them in sandbox mode paused and unpaused. If you build them at different times they will be out of sync, but you can pause the game and reset the clocks and counters after they are both built.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Whirlpools

    I can’t remember the movie, cartoon or Media source that I saw this in so I can’t find a link for Reference purposes.. but I remember watching something on tv once where a Whirlpool appeared in the water sucking a ship into it, the pool started out small and got bigger and bigger and then started tearing into the boat with Teeth.. It was in that moment that the individuals aboard the boat realized they were not in a Whirlpool at all.. but rather in the mouth of some really large and hungry sea fish.
  22. Did you build them with debug mode and the game paused? i.e. if you build them at different times, will they be out of sync?
  23. Good question. in my limited testing, they've been fine, but I'd like the clocks to have a reset port so I can hook them up to a cycle sensor.
  24. Character Skin Progress Bugged

    @Redakted If I'm not mistaken, the devs said it around the start of the character refreshes that you won't need to have both the weavable and marketable version of the same skin for a complete (100%) character set. As you can seeyou have all the GoH, Surivor, Triumphant and Rosate Woodie skin, we could say that you have 11/12 actually. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's why you have 95% Woodie.
  25. that's a nice idea, but i don't think it's possible to run two 24/7 radios.
  26. and yet Hot Lava, Oxygen Not Included, Mark of The Ninja, Invisible Inc, Shank all have achievements. But DST doesn't The thing is, unlike the other games, DS/T's base idea is that you are dropped into a foreign world with no information on what comes at you and you should survive with what you find however you can. Klei's intention was to let the player explore the world/game and experience themselves, surviving and thriving on their own way. ONI, Hot Lava, Invisible Inc. (and probably the others too, but I haven't played those) have a clear, given goal and you get the info about your environment, the equipment, techniques etc. DS/T, however, does not have a goal that you can reach (beside of surviving infinitely, and Adventure mode) and the devs found that achievements would pretty much backfire in long-term. Here's the article they wrote back while DS was still not yet released. It describes pretty well why Klei didn't add any achievements to the game.
  27. I’ve noticed that too, and thought the fight might be unwinnable then. But it turns out that the chemicals destroy themselves after you get hit by the cannon. So there’s a limit to how bad it can get. I don’t know if it was always that way. You can also get the “weakness” card that destroys all the chemicals in your deck, the cost for that one is not affected by the bane. I agree that Brutality does make the fight more volatile though. You better have enough defense cards in your deck.
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