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  2. I do have to agree regarding the curse, it's the only part of this update I do not like, everything else has been great though. My main issue with the curse is that I don't find Wonkey an enjoyable character to play, and having to go back to the monkey queen every single time I get a couple trinkets on accident just ends up being a tedious time sink rather than challenging, especially once the player's path to the monkey queen has already been secured enough. As someone who prefers playing Wendy, Warly or sometimes Willow, as they're all characters whos playstyles I enjoy, having to suddenly be forced out of that playstyle to play Wonkey just takes fun out of the game for me, especially in Warly runs, I play Warly due to his downside more than his upside, I like the food variety requirement, I find it makes DST alot more enjoyable in my experience, suddenly being dragged out of that playstyle by being turned into Wonkey just takes the fun out for me.
  3. Some buildings do have a button saying "accept/disable mutants" - shouldn't the same be possible for fish feeders?
  4. I haven't checked all the beta update notes so I'm wondering has being able to feed your cursed trinkets to a wormhole been patched out?
  5. Nuh uh my Wurt needs her nanners all year round
  6. I agree, but honestly it makes the most sense for it to be directly under the island, and also provides alternative ways of discovering either location
  7. >does nothing >is literal a punishment hmmmmmm
  8. I would redesign ranged combat and how mobs and bosses interact with it personally. In some cases without even attempting a cheese setup some mobs just accept death if you simply stand alittle distance away from them their max aggro range with nothing between you or them they'll just do their battle cries in vain waiting for death
  9. when you bring a plant from a place to another (this include dimensions) the plants will mostly die or became a pest, this is why the plants reproduce (create bananas) even in winter, it is literally a pest in the constant.
  10. This seems kind of like a bait title. Same quotes for the plant growth stages definitely seems like an oversight. But to ask if Klei is cutting corners because plants grow all year round seems a like melodramatic no? It probably is for people who have to deal with getting cursed in the winter. (Not that I necessarily agree with that design choice.)
  11. That section was immediately followed by a slide showing animations of to the curse being undone (give bananas to the monkey queen).
  12. the way to avoit the curse is to not get close to the monkey after they die, since the curse trinket is actualy an item that drops from them, so if you kill them and moce far away fast, you see the thing on the ground, but the thing is still on the ground and dont seem to despawn, so it may as well not matter
  13. I'm not sure if this is intended but here's what happened. 1. i killed the prime ape and monkeys during a raid 2. pirate boat looks cool so I jump ship and sail to monkey island on pirate boat to get rid of cursed trinkets 3. i get on island to remove them and when i go back to my boat, it's gone. im 95% sure it despawned with my stuff on it. I gave the map to a friend to check out so I haven't been able to dig the loot spot yet but I'm not sure this is intended? From a coding perspective, it makes sense to make the pirate boats despawn after *successful* raids, but if you defeat the raid, I think we should be able to own the pirate vessel? lol Sidenote: I was able to cheese the raid in an earlier run and I'm not sure if this is intended: 1. monkeys killed me during a pirate raid and i died on the pirate boat 2. my ghost hops a ride on the pirate boat so it couldn't despawn 3. pirate boat crashes into side of map and gets stuck there 4. hole in pirate boat eventually sinks the boat an my stuff is saved (thank goodness)
  14. Pretty sure during yesterday rhymes with klei stream, one of them said there a way to avoid the curse but no one has discovered it yet. Avoid the curse not cure it with bananas from moon quay queen.
  15. I feel like this is more so a case of accessibility mixed with anti frustration when viewed in combination with the curse mechanic for the bananas at least.
  16. So some curse nullifying item can be made in the future and be useable for woodie.
  17. i wonder, whats the actualy point of that feature even existing? like, it does nothing whatsoever, it is a litteral punishment for killing hostile creatures, i mean, you litteraly become a worse wilson, that disease/curse/mistake is just there, an anti feature if you so will, existing only for punishing with out any pay offs at all, it does not have any other usefull or plays with other mechanics of the game, it simply just exist, and im so sure if a mod exist to just remove the curse trinkets, nothing at all would change, so i wonder, what exactly is the point of that? and becoming monkey is not the answere, since thats the punishment for just playing the game
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  19. Lets wait and see if wagstaff sees the situation of woodie and 'helps' him to control his curse (not with second intentions like giving him an extra blueprint to an item that prevents woodie to transform in the moonstorm, and then woodie having a easier time helping wagstaff)
  20. it crashes when it's supposed to save for a new day, every single day. Happening in a 7k day world, I noticed it generates the Monkey island in a different place every time, I can see it on the map. But when it tries to save the game, it crashes and then I load back in the evening with the island in a different location.
  21. As the topic says, it's too easy to create stable airlocks with oil+petroleum later in the game or simple water+pwater airlocks early on. When a duplicant passes through a column of liquid 2 or more tiles high, it should disturb it and make it collapse.
  22. precisely that one makes a little of sense cuz being made of rock but tropical ones like figs ans bananas shouldn't grow in winter
  23. Totally agreed, it's normal certain additions to the game flora scrap some rules, introduce few others, yet keep consistency where it's needed but on the recent run of updates that part of the game design is cheaply leaped over and that's sad knowing how easy those things would be to maintain and enrich only a little to make big improvements as for diversity. I think reserving a bit more time to these details would be much more appreciated by the community. But once it's out, I unfortunately know damn well it's only the matter of a coin-flip to have such things revisited / fixed.
  24. so i copied my world, went creative and double checked moon shrine pieces in the sockets. i revealed the map and... crab king does nt exist. It didn t spawn in my world. i didn t turn him off / c_despawn and generation decided to just not spawn him. c_gonext("crabking") doesnt work either so it s not a astral detector fault but world gen
  25. It's been almost 3 years since Stone Fruit Bushes (which grow during winter) have been introduced, so if Klei does plan to circle back, that circle must have one hell of a radius
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