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  2. Pretty sure this will be added to the klei rewards on this next hallowed nights
  4. Worst doesnt mean bad just that there is better options. Wortox perks and cons arent bad but i prefer 1000 times wormwood, wendy, wolfgang, weeber, woodie, wurt, walter, wigfrid, warly... Maybe if im playing with my noob friends i will pick him because makes their survival easier but for playing really fun but not for a long term world
  5. oh god not again not another why wortox isn't good convo the ptsd is coming back
  6. could you tell me some stuff you dont agree pal? thank you for taking your time reading my ideas, you cool why? anime lmao
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  8. Hey! Sometimes it happens, when you get Desert goggles rec first, but you will also get Fashion goggles, i think your luck just so bad as my
  9. thats just ignorant a lazy explorer on legs with high health and self sustenance is anything but bad
  10. Finally caught up. Interested to see what's to come.
  11. Click box and hover box of all automation is quite wrong on screen. My mouse is in red circle, but when i click, i got the automation building on the red square.
  12. Is that the one where you can build a "notepad" building? I always would have liked to be able to label things, so that a small amount of text actually shows up on the main view. Like "engineer's lounge" or "clean water only" or "average flow: 1572g/s". Or "infinite storage DO NOT DECONSTRUCT you have been warned!".
  13. This is actually how it used to work. It was horrible. I really wish the "whole category" was treated as another category though. That you could say "All seeds" without this being implicitly assumed when you select all currently-known seeds. The water emptiers suddently allowing p-water thing is ridiculous. What we have now seems like a really sub-par implementation, but... well at least it's still an improvement on the old system. Most of the time. There are clearly different check-boxes though. I really don't see any reason why they can't all be distinct, even when some of them select categories. If the state of the "all" checkbox were separately remembered then it could (in addition to toggling all the contained items) indicate whether or not newly-discovered items get added checked or unchecked. There would be some additional work in the implementation, but really... not even all that much.
  14. While playing, dupes are not respecting the priority on "Rocketry" and, even when not allowed, are taking control of the rocket.
  15. This seems like something the location sensor would be good for.
  16. Actually I was thinking he was out in the woods behind his house and he heard a random barking noise, maybe the neighbors dog or something, though I do like that idea as well
  17. Yes you need to maintain high morale on this setting to end up with a net 0% stress. Sleeping, chatting and appreciating each other do however give dupes a slow general stress decrease so it's not really all that bad. So long as nobody ever... EVER gets wet.
  18. Absolutely terrible idea. The problem isn't that there is no lasting effect, but that it's way too easy to not get any effects ever. Your idea would only catch noobs off guard, while doing nothing to players who know what they're up against. Basically, trial and error gameplay, which is widely recognized as bad design and just plain unfun. We don't need worse radiation effects, we need more common radiation sources and effects, reasons to get into the reactor chamber while it's irradiated, reasons to feed certain dupes specifically seafood and have them wear lead suits.
  19. The alternative would be to have a proper system for crew rotation for the rockets, with the pilots taking some recreational time off to boost their morale and get their shower.
  20. Almost very time I use the Teleporter on an asteroid to return a Dupe the game crashes. TeleporterBug.txt
  21. Tbh I don't know yet, but every time I see a new sensor I get super excited
  22. That akward moment when the waste has more use than the product Thanks for the input, I wasn't aware of this strat. But it doesn't change my opinion that the radiation need rebalance in the future
  23. This is my research rocket. Unlike the others here, it's a stubby Co2 rocket, which means the only module I had height to afford was solar panels. The three storage containers are for dirt, algae and plastic. Co2 is evacuated manually by plumbing it out from the pipes into canisters when the researcher starts gasping for air. (Edit) I made the changes to the design as a result of noticing problems while posting it. This one should work better going forward. My main problem with this design is that the orbital micro lab isn't high enough. Putting it on a one-high platform would solve a few problems
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