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  2. This event looks really fun, i'm really happy klei decided to do this!!! I havent drawn fanart for dst in ages, but still love the game very dearly XD
  3. Hello I have two questions for two characters. One is Wormwood. And the other one is Wilson. Now, I want some lore from them because WHO THE HECK IS WORMWOOD?!? I like the way he looks. He's just so cute, but who is he and why is he name Wormwood? I know a little bit about Wilson. But I want to know him a little bit more. Like why is he living in a dog house? His house looks like the saddest thing I've ever seen. I just wish he could have lived in a better house that looks nicer then what looks like a dog house... And how old is this guy? I thought he could be about 24 or 25. But what are their actual ages and what type of houses their living for real. Give me some lore and tell me why are they like that. Also, why is Wilson's hair so big and tall?!
  4. In the function decode_scanConstant in json.lua, it tries to error with a tracked assert and uses tostring, which does not exist.That means json errors don't properly show. You get [string "scripts/json.lua"]:330: attempt to call global 'tostring' (a nil value) It needs to be changed to base.tostring, or any tostring that exists really. Let me know if you need anything else for this report. @zarklord_klei
  5. If it was a cosplay that wasn't approved it's because it needs proof that it is a new picture taken for the event. Otherwise, I can't be certain that the person submitting is the one that took the picture. And yes, make a fun thing and show that it's your original work and it's totally fine.
  6. slightly off topic, but a concern for me. Is there any indication that the next update will change seed/map generation? Is it expected that seeds/maps will remain in the format they are in? Will maps be re-generated, as has happened in previous updates?
  7. i like treeguards because they are passive to the player if you plant pinecones or if you didnt spawn them. it is so neat to see them on my daily walkabout<3
  8. Until you happen to save load while they are in liquid.
  9. Here is my random opinion of nightmares and moon The nightmares might make people irrational/insane , corrupt them and make them more cruel and send its minions to go after their lifes while lunar makes people more rational/sane which makes gelsats target them. Gelsats seems to show the desires to the character which made them accept them. Being more rational/sane they accept the temptations and their goals they see from gelsats meaning they accept it without any principles and morals they had before. Which would explain why the mobs there are stronger but they are twisted like pengulls are basically crystalised corpse, lunar lobster, carrats and salamander as they don't want to be eaten, crystalised spiders as people always hit them at a short range so they accept mutation and gain long range attack. So if Charlie is at both sides makes me wonder if she had been at the moon, accepted mutations to achieve her goals and came down to be nightmarised to form a balance and afterwards take away they power maxwell have but not freeing him. Remember the shadow watcher, what if he does not just watch but evaluate people that can give Them an opportunity to escape, people who have morals and what not while Charlie made a deal with him and get rid of those people who don't make the requirement in exchange as they have been people living in the Constant but all that is left is graves and i don't think maxwell kill all of them. Although shadow creatures and Charlie still came after the survivors, it nightmare be the rules/laws of nature of the Constant or to keep them in check, make them thinks if things they can do to escape rather then continue living in the constant and survive, not let them think they are being protected /farmed for the sake of Them,however if they die they were not worth being protected and farm in the first place.
  10. @thomas4846 Figured you might know what's up with this tiny, weird issue. I made it so when the game is saved, these 'Forever Hound Followers' will despawn, and in their place drop their summoning item. It's the only way for me to make them not turn into wild hounds when the game is saved/edited. For some reason the spawn item code is causing an error, but if I post it elsewhere it works just time. local function OnStopFollowing(inst) inst:RemoveTag("companion") --Removes bonuses given to trained hounds. inst:RemoveTag("notraptrigger") inst.components.follower.keepdeadleader = false if inst:HasTag("ForeverFriend") then --ForeverFriend followers drop summoning item when game is exited, but not if the follower dies. print("Forever Friend Stopped Following.") print("Spawning Collar.") local x, y, z = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() -- SpawnPrefab("collapse_big").Transform:SetPosition(x, y, z) SpawnPrefab("kokocollar").Transform:SetPosition(x, y, z) --Note: Error occurs here. print("Killing Forever Friend.") -- inst.remove end end Seems to me like it doesn't recognize 'SpawnPrefab' for some reason: [00:02:13]: [string "../mods/workshop-2238207705/modmain.lua"]:1845: attempt to call global 'SpawnPrefab' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: I'm looking for another way for this to work, but I'm not sure why this would be an issue in the first place. modmain.lua
  11. she goes to the atrium to have a tea with the fuelweaver (Also, wormwood kinda fell from the sky)
  12. I sent an image of a Cosplay I did as Wendy but didn't got accepted Unfortunately I have no way of doing it again so I'll try sending a fanart. I was thinking about doing a crossover with a character that's not from Klei and Walter, would that be okay?
  13. Just to confirm setting up all three altars and summoning the Mysterious Energy Orb currently does nothing right? I just set them up on PS4 which was pretty exciting but it does nothing thus far as far as I can tell. I know many others have said they don't want a boss and want a portal or additional area but damn would a massive moon themed boss on the island be cool! Whatever it turns out to be I am super pumped! Considering we also have the Sealed Portal which we can't yet open I'm guessing we are actually possibly going to get both - both a boss and a new area. Oh does anyone know how long between the Portal in the Atrium having tape on it also and it then being updated to actually summoning the AF was? We should more than likely get whatever the Orb is in the next update yeah? Second addition! Using Lunar potion to create Lightbug SPAWNERS? Just wow, you can legit fill your caves with them now. Here I was stockpiling Dragonfruit to make Saladmanders and now thats more or less out the window so I can make those super cute Light bugs EVERYWHERE Third and final addition! The Astral Detector looks amazing as a setpiece/decorative item once both pieces have been found and it is always active when planted. I LOVE THIS UPDATE ! <3 Cannot wait for the next one! One and only disappointment: Wigfrid can't use the Milk Hat =( I get it I do... but I wish it was considered a Goodie or something.. Have you explored the entirety of the Blue Mushroom Forest Biome including any small fragments or offshoots?
  14. My very PG entry for the Klei Halloween Event featuring the Endtable now even spookier!!! (Don't worry it's not blood just dripping shadows!) edit: I may have accidentally sent the raw of the picture and this is the edited one but regardless what is done is done, anyways I hope you like it and I did say the next artwork would be a fanart
  15. Cool ! Exosuit oxygen requirement amounts are high in the game. Perhaps looking at my stuff may or may not help you or give you some inspirations How I do it below, the bicycles inside are emergency power backup boot, if the main power grid fails. I also always put hydrogen generators inside, to help power my oxygen factories in their own power sub-grid. My atmosuits have independent bicycle emergency power boot from underneath. I always try to do my pipe bridging within the oxy/hydro room, to avoid heat transfers. For optimal exosuit oxy production I would have to build double as much stuff, so 2 screens full of machinery. Its my 3000 cycles grown system in survival mode. I now would build a 4 times bigger site, which would take something like 4-8 hours in the game. But its ok for now. Keep in mind that my oxy site has no cooling currently, so my atmo suit docks get hot oxi. Im currently building other stuff, cooling my room would take to much (unfun ) build time right now. Too much piping redesign... Tip for your build: You haven`t got much oxy input pipes for the amount of suit docks. I normally give 1 loaded oxy pipe per 3-4 suit docks, if those docks are used by dupes the whole time. BTW Rockets are crazy fun...I built 2 rockets on top of each other = It works. This game is insane. Took me 3000 cycles.
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  17. While we wait for DLC I decided to do a modded run with a loaded asteroid in an attempt to make a ridiculous base and am a bit confused by oxygen and food notifications. I've currently got 29 dupes - a few divers lungs, 32 atmo suit docks, 2 full rodriguez setups with power and water, but I'm coming up a bit short on oxygen production. Each O2 setup has 3 lines - 6 total, 1 for 8 atmo suits on the left, 1 for 8 atmo suits on the right, 2 on each side that pass through 3 regular vents until overpressure before merging to fill the last 8 atmo suits on each side. The suits are almost all full all the time and the vents are nearly always at max pressure. From my understanding this setup can produce far more O2 than I need but I'm failing to see what I've done wrong. I was pretty pleased with this setup as the ice cold O2 keeps the base a perfect shade of green but the notification is bothering me. Last cycle it says I was about 90kg short which its been around for several cycles. On a slightly different note, I've bred shove voles and an starvation ranching them for food and am curious if the game recognizes that as a food source? I currently have the notification for not having a food source since tearing down mealwood and hatch ranches but once all my vole eggs hatch I should have 50-55 which I believe is enough to feed 32 dupes. Any insight or help is appreciated.
  18. I mean the big problem with her skins is that she need have her small eyes which created some limitation for her skin
  19. Well now that the Halloween skins are back in Rotation I can use Wendy Lureplant & make my appropriately themed Spooky Wendy skin The caption for this is- “Wendy is a strong Believer that everything planted in the ground on Hallowed Nights should uproot itself from the ground & walk the earth.. I guess That’s Why she likes the shoes she has on & enjoys the company of Wormwood.” (and also the Restless Undead.)
  20. Klaus is my favourite. I like bosses having different stages in a fight. Also his rewards are always a surprise wether its a good or a bad one lol. I also enjoy killing Treeguards and Deerclops, just because of how easy they are to kill. It's kind of relaxinf i don't know why Also eyebrella is one of the things i like to craft as soon as possible.
  21. I don't know guys who did a Maxwell and a WF Deerclops cosplays, but they are the best right now imo!
  22. the cutest abomination in the constant!
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