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  2. @x0VERSUS1y I am amused by the inability of the average user of this forum to understand the meaning of the posts. A riot of confused faces and people asking for greater synthesis and clarity. I laugh every time I see an idiotic face as a reaction, ahahah :'D
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to remind you to get back on topic. I moved the thread to Suggestions and Feedback due to the content of the post, and ideas can still be discussed and brainstormed over there. Remember to be respectful and address the thread itself, not other users.
  4. And it wouldn't be the first time nor the last time. Why are you so hostile tonight? Request to have this moved back into general, as it's not yet a suggestion.
  5. If you'd bothered to search the suggestions forum, you know this is the n'th time this exact thing has been suggested.
  6. Why? This is about brainstorming? Are you just trying to be disruptive?
  7. request thread to be moved to
  8. Highly doubtful that it's not workable, and I'm not going to drop it just because one person decides it's too "broken"
  9. I think most things people build in games aren't original in the first place. I certainly didn't conceive of the SPOM, yet my bases will always have one or two. I know how to use steam turbines now, but only because I looked at how other people used them first. I didn't come up with any infinite element storages, but now I know a few... I could go on, but the point isn't "People will stumble upon this themselves and break the game", it's the youtube video with big yellow letters saying "You won't BELIEVE this source of INFINITE POWER" that will bring it into peoples' games and flatten a lot of design space by potentially obsoleting other power sources. THAT is just in defense of saturnus' point, though. Gravity generator is problematic because escher waterfalls, but there are design tweaks you could add depending on what you want its function to be in the game. Want it to be an early game waterwheel? Add a mandatory maintenance meter to it, so while it can produce power 'for free' with an exploit, your dupes will still have to repair/maintain it every 10 gigawatts it produces (or whatever). Similar to oil wells, except without the natural gas. Want it to be a late-game sci-fi-tech pressure-based generator? Then you're looking more at what Tonyroid is talking about, with a complex set of limitations to allow it to be cool and useful, but not render other sources of power obsolete. What I want is a goofy long-legged-frog creature that will occasionally operate hamster wheels if there are hamster wheels available, and otherwise consume some food-source and poop something not-that-valuable. It'd only be for early-mid game power, and realistically it would always be more efficient to just print more dupes, but... it sounds goofy and fun, and I want it.
  10. I'm sure changing every affect of the physics engine will go down well with the devs. Just drop the idea. It's not workable.
  11. Should have known this earlier. I missed that tent skin and didn't know if it's possible to get it. Thanks.
  12. I imagine "THEM" as formless beings who can take any form and penetrate the consciousness of other beings. And it seems to me that the Gnaw is part of " THEM."
  13. Maybe it'll give the devs a good reason to fix it then Seriously, most people I watch avoid anything exploity, so they probably wouldn't even care. As I said, I really don't care if exploiting it requires exploiting something else in the game.
  14. Although I assume you've mistaken the difference between a "meme" mod ( which adds meme content to the game ) and a "spam" mod ( which adds jokes to the workshop itself ), I'm going to drop this discussion here since it's not relevant to the topic. The readers can decide what's spam and non-constructive, and what actually adds some meme to the game, not the workshop.
  15. Let me stay on topic. Personally I just think "They" could be a being similar to Giygas from the Mother series. I'm 95% sure everyone knows who Giygas is but in case you don't, here's a quick summary from the Earthbound wiki: "Known as both the "Embodiment of Evil" and the "Universal Cosmic Destroyer", Giygas is an evil alien who, upon failing his original mission to reclaim the knowledge of PSI from humans, intends to sentence all of reality to the horror of infinite darkness. With an army of Starmen, Octobots and other deadly war machines, Giygas also uses his immense power to influence certain Earthlings to assist him." "They" could just be a concept bought to a physical form. It's like a Lovecraftian creature that cannot be touched yet can influence other creatures that come into contact with it. I think my favorite part about giygas is that it doesn't even know what it's doing anymore, its a mindless force that was created from anger and ill intent and will forever be stuck in that mindset due to their emotions merging into it's powers. Worse villain is one that you can't even talk to, or convince them to change their ways. I feel like that's what "They" will be. Except they NEED creatures to control. They can only influence what they have manifested. Probably why they keep gluing sentient people to the throne and making them mess with things from the human world, slipping out one of his creatures to attack people, and making people play their "game" as entertainment.
  16. The only reason many people do not know about this is that it currently has no specific use (beyond making infinite liquid storages). It's been know on this forum since at least June 2017.
  17. I've always liked the idea of having a liquid turbine generator that operates from water running downhill. I've put some thought into how it could be made to prevent it being easy to exploit. Let's say it's a device that generates power when the pressure above it is high and the pressure below it is low and when it operates then it moves some of the liquid from the top to the bottom. I think most of the problems can be solved by designing it this way: A minimum needed pressure difference. A maximum pressure difference (or it takes damage). Both sides of the turbine must be submerged in the same element. It leaks if it's not working. (Not working because all of these conditions aren't met.) Power output depends on the pressure difference, not the mass throughput or whatever. If the pressure direction is reversed, it takes damage. That ought to fix the problem of putting multiple turbines in sequence down the entire map. (Because one turbine can't create pressure for the next one unless there was enough pressure for that in the first place.) But door pumps are still a problem (and Escher waterfalls? I dunno a lot about those.) It's just too cheap to create pressure differences that way.
  18. Feel free to go ahead then, Joke mods or meme mods have been a thing since forever on modding communities regardless of what you thought of said communities. Be it steam workshop or nexus websites ect.
  19. clipping on root beer boxes
  20. I didn't know workshop is a place for making fun of people and jokes, I thought it was a place for productive people to publish the result of their works. But now that I know, I sure will post some jokes too!
  21. The mod is not only supposed to be a satire joke about the modding of the game as a whole, but the whole thing about comments being deleted is literally so another joke comment is the only one left. The fact people are taking it seriously mean the satire worked and people fell for it entirely. I know this because I'm the person who suggested the horrid description as an idea and people STILL fell for it.
  22. You know, this wouldn't be the first thing exploitable by an exploit. You say easy, but most players wouldn't think to do this.
  23. Forum's front page is broken.

    Thanks, I couldn't see the forum's homepage to find the proper category to post this topic. I think it should be moved here.
  24. Trap two different gasses. It will infinitely displace any amount of liquid to cycle around.
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