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  2. Hello, can someone please help me to put my new animations on beefalo, in beefalo animations anim.bin and build.bin are in diferent zip folders what just make things harder to animate, i changed all the states animations of beefalo (walk, eat, atack, ...) but i can't change the run animation when is on ride. that's the animation when i mount but when i dismount the animation works normaly please help me fix that here's the prefab document tut06.lua local tendencies = { DEFAULT = { --build= "car4", }, ORNERY = { build = "carroso_build", }, RIDER = { build = "carroso_personality_docile", }, PUDGY = { build = "carroso_build", customactivatefn = function(inst) inst:AddComponent("sanityaura") inst.components.sanityaura.aura = TUNING.SANITYAURA_TINY*1.3 end, customdeactivatefn = function(inst) inst:RemoveComponent("sanityaura") end, }, } -- This takes an anim state so that it can apply to itself, or to its rider local function ApplyBuildOverrides(inst, animstate) local herd = inst.components.herdmember and inst.components.herdmember:GetHerd() local basebuild = (inst:HasTag("baby") and "beefalo_baby_build") -- or (inst.components.beard.bits == 0 and "beefalo_shaved_build") or (inst.components.domesticatable:IsDomesticated() and "carroso_build") or "carroso_build" if animstate ~= nil and animstate ~= inst.AnimState then animstate:AddOverrideBuild(basebuild) else animstate:SetBuild(basebuild) end if (herd and herd.components.mood and herd.components.mood:IsInMood()) or (inst.components.mood and inst.components.mood:IsInMood()) then animstate:Show("HEAT") else animstate:Hide("HEAT") end if tendencies[inst.tendency].build ~= nil then animstate:AddOverrideBuild(tendencies[inst.tendency].build) elseif animstate == inst.AnimState then -- this presumes that all the face builds have the same symbols animstate:ClearOverrideBuild("carroso_personality_docile") end end local function ClearBuildOverrides(inst, animstate) if animstate ~= inst.AnimState then animstate:ClearOverrideBuild("carroso_build") end -- this presumes that all the face builds have the same symbols animstate:ClearOverrideBuild("carroso_personality_docile") end inst.AnimState:SetBank("car") inst.AnimState:SetBuild("carroso_build") inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("walk_loop", true) please help me put a diferent riding animation on my prefab
  3. more balloon that doesnt become useless after few hours. Is a challenge character, just increase the sanity cost or the penalties but he should be something more than a harder wilson
  4. I'm the one who think Wes still needs his own unique ability in returns of the hard disadvantages of his character. But in the current state Wes might be surprisingly a bit more useful than other characters in a few situations. Wes' damage multiplier and tool efficiency is 0.75 (75%), but in returns he can use his weapons and tools 33% more. This is not useful in most of situations, but when using specific weapons and tools he can actually slightly more useful than others. There are currently a few items actually viable for Wes. I tested almost every kinds of tools and weapons with special ability, but disappointingly, the items that does not affected by Wes' durability perk is far more than the items does affected. Here's 4 weapons which makes Wes slightly more useful : Firstly Ice and fire staff. Wes can use those staffs 27 times (7 times more) without taking any disadvantage. You don't require more hits to freeze the same enemy. Secondly bat bat. Wes can use bat bat 100 times (25 times more), can heal 170 hp (6.8 * 25) more than normal. Thirdly thulecite club. Wes can use club 267 times (67 times more), deal approximately 1500 total damage more (16500 -> 18000 total damage with one thulcite club) Lastly tail o' three cats. This weapon make mobs lose their aggro with a low chance per hit. Not a good weapon but Wes can use it longer than others. Those four items are all as far as I know. Not that many, but if you have a moment to play Wes you can take advantage of it. Also Wigfrid's battle song "Weaponized Warble" can provides almost similar effect, but it can only be used by limited combat situations and doesn't affect tool durability, and Wigfrid's 1.25 damage multiplier doesn't affect on shadow tentacles. And here's a list of items that doesn't affected by Wes : Oars, Watering cans, Garden hoes, Shovels, Pitchfork, Brush, Luxury fan, Pan flute, Weather pain, Telelocator staff, Fishing rod, Strident trident (right click), The lazy explorer, Star caller's staff, Deconstruction staff (besides armors, clothes, amulets and equippable light sources) As you see, Wes' perk to have more tool durability is a little bit inconsistent at this point. So I suggest Wes' durability perk affected to some of the magic items too. (Look, 33% more durability isn't op.) Some still says expecting usefulness from Wes is silly, but what's the bad reason for giving an enjoyable, unique perk to Wes in his actual "character rework"? I suppose reworks are focused on spotlighting the underrated characters, and Wes has been neglected for more than 6 years since the release of DST. I just sincerely wanna see many players actually enjoy playing Wes, and don't want to see Wes neglected again like before the refresh, considered as "hard but not fun to play". Wes also needs unique ability to choose diverse strategies differentiated from other characters.
  5. I m farming log with bearger in my desert base, but now when he goes through forest and attack/stomp, wood is not dropping from the trees..... it only does when i hatch them with my axe....
  6. Wow! Wilson approves Also not sure about it but it looks like david Tennant, lol
  7. Aquatuner and steam turbine are not easily replaced,they are used in alot of tamers, in fact as soon as you deal with heat, but I think the game could profit from a new cold producing machine .Something like a bulky and dangerous machine, made of exotic parts. that have to be researched then assembled the more i think about it, the more i think that the collisions between radbolts are here to be our new source of massive energy, Not only the idea of a building receiving radbolt.But Instead a radbolt collider that uses the collisions to activate/power some assemblies of parts that when put together could generate cold (or else) Most of the big builds of the game are assemblies of a few buildings (parts) ,that often rely on the aquatuner/steam-turbine combo. So the challenge could be to surpass something like the steam turbine cooling build with something very powerful, Dangerous or even Lethal Something that could be addressed with a menu option could be how destructive nuclear meltdowns are and how previsible they are,or even a tungsten collider going crazy With the size of the small maps in case of big meltdowns the planet could become uninhabitable for a few hundred cycles.while only the robot could be sent there to gather stuff. (some other ideas) have a recharge mode for the robot, and something like cryosleep ready to use in case of emergency for the dupes we cant bring right now. Have a nice cycle ! i included some pics of the hadron collider for fun
  8. How about ban everyone because I don't know what to say?
  9. Trying to click on this topic was harder than a moonrock wall
  10. Pretty much. If the pandemic has made one thing absolutely clear to me, it is that most people are stupid and do not even have a basic understanding of how things work in reality. At the same time, they vastly overestimate their own skills and insights and live in the fantasy that they actually understand things pretty well. Flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers are nowhere as extreme as I thought before this. While countless games have been ruined by listening too much to the complainers, I do not see that happening with ONI. Klei has demonstrated time and again that they look at actual arguments and no just at who screams loudest. In the case at hand, the ONI DLC is in no way finished and treating it as finished is just stupid. Reviewing it at this time (when you get only one review) is equally stupid. Vent enough, destroy the thing you want. Stupid.
  11. Sadly I haven't noticed that I had only 2 weeks to obtain this... Now, after learning this lesson I'm waiting for the next drop.
  12. Most reviewers are people who are frustrated at something and want to vent. It takes a really motivated fanbase to do positive reviews to the point that ONI has. Also, I don't think most people will review an early access item until it's mostly baked. In short, the reviews on steam are a loosely useful measure of what people find most annoying, but not a reflection of people actually think about it - if nothing more than most people, myself included, aren't judging it as a whole yet.
  13. The rating system is open once a product has launched on Steam, in this case its an Early Access Product. My dlc rating is up to date, it is still negative. I do hope that Klei continues to work on the reviewers critic voices Touch wood. I considered starting a new save but decided that the latest preview update is not worth it. Are you fully happy or do you have any wishes for the ongoing dlc development ? Your view of things would be interesting to hear
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  15. people don't know what early access means. and the most fun, they know how to complain and they don’t know how to update their criticisms ... because some things have already been corrected of the complaints
  16. I forgot to post this 'cause I'm working on a bunch of stuff Introducing the Pyrausta Blooms, I'm doing something more light-hearted after this because this is pretty dark. Despite appearing beautiful, Pyrausta Blooms are a parasitic plant that uses a variety of chemical cocktails to target only one species...Pyraustas. Y’know what makes it even worse? The steams are leaves are made of Fly flesh and exoskeleton, only the flower is actual plant material. It all begins with the glowing-red bud of a Pyrausta Bloom, it smells like cherries and Serrano peppers. A smell that attracts mainly Pyrausta Flies, when a Fly lands and drinks the nectar. Tiny seeds are eaten with it, there they hang around for a while not being digested. After a bit, particularly after its very very tough shell is eaten away by stomach acids. The seed dispels another cocktail to hijack the Pyrausta’s mind, from which it’s forced to find a place with perfect growing conditions. After it finally lands, the seed dispels yet another Toxin that puts the fly into a coma. With one final dash of chemical mixture the body is forced to build a massive meat stalk complete with an exoskeleton. From where the seed sits at the top. After all this suffering the Pyrausta finally dies and the plant grows a massive flower and roots running along the hollow-fly-flesh tube and into the ground. Also they always seem to be pretty warm, kinda toasty. Not too bad if you ignore the stems and leaves. This body-horror flower typically lives about 3 years and gets around 4-5 feet tall, with the actual flower ranging from a baseball to a basketball in size. With all this is mind it seems like those who live in The Mirage would be actively trying to exterminate this plant. However, in reality no one cares. For one, Pyraustas are hella annoying and are attracted to warm things like fire. Their tails are, for the lack of a better word. Matchsticks. Watching a Pyrausta get parasites is akin to watching a wasp get eaten by a carnivorous plant, absolute satisfaction. Although if you still need to get rid of one or pick it, a meat cleaver should do the trick. Don’t use fire or water, Pyrausta Blooms inherit the same fire immunity that it’s hosts have. And if you think water will solve anything it just soaks it up like any other plant. Cleave the stalk.
  17. I'm finding some screenshots from my old winter's feast world. Just two buddies cooling off in the summer.
  18. i am using T.o.x.i.c doble jump and faster than sister. She is to slow and always coming in 34:00 second but you need to be faster than 33:00 to colect star.
  19. Top ten pictures taken seconds before disaster
  20. I spent a bit of time just now reading through the negative dlc steam reviews: - Small maps - Regular updates require fresh saves - Game performance - Bugs and crashes - The time phase where mods didn`t work - Some wrote that they struggled with starting resources - Multi colony micromanagement complaints
  21. Yes, you can get enough radiation from space. But its just barely enough to use it for anything. You need a lot of collectors to do something useful, wasting a ton of energy, and producing a lot of heat. Its good for a start, but not worth later on. It takes ages to ship material from one planet to the other with the interplanetary launcher when you only use the tiny bit of space radiation.
  22. Ok, you don't have to be rude about it. I already took a while of my time to dig in to the code. And try to help with the ideas that I had, that weren't mentioned already :/
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