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  2. Interesting, they last forever until killed right? So you could swap to Maxwell, summon some miners then head to sea and clear a whole ton of sea stacks right? I see on the wiki that they reduce your maximum sanity, any idea how this works in regards to Wavey Jones? Unless my NEW maximum goes below a certain level he shouldn't appear right? Or will he appear every night because of my reduced max sanity?
  3. You actually would not have tiles in this case, because those tiles add thermal resistance to the system. n=0 is technically a configuration that makes sense, but would generally be ill-advised for real builds, especially ones using fluids. Adding an infinitely conductive material would not work, since I wouldn't know which heat exchange formula to use when dealing with the interaction, as they vary from configuration to configuration. You would get the wrong answer if you tried to compute the conductivity exactly as you described (even if you fix the fact that you would want n=0 rather than n=1), simply because I would end up using the wrong formulas for the pipe-to-mass interaction. I wasn't expecting you to use the script directly, since I know it doesn't quite cover your use case. The mass against flow equation is what you want. You just need to come up with a different value for k. In your case, it's just 1/(coolant-to-pipe-resistance + pipe-to-mass-resistance). I've thought about adding the ability to override the heat exchanger configuration and just provide a custom value of k, which would get you what you want fairly easily. You would have to compute k yourself, but that's not difficult in your case.
  4. Usually I set autumn, winter and spring a bit longer to have more time for everything and to do not rush base. Recently I discovered egde of rock biome as a place for starting/temporary base (in my case worldgen was so good it was a good place even for permanent base) because rock turf is good as protection against eye-plants and for having mess without chests (and for turning into paths), some starting easy rocks, close to ice without pengulls, little to none of unwanted tree expansions/invasions. Buzzards may be annoying or additional food source.
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  6. Nice of you to do this mate! Not everybody would do this i guess ...
  7. i can buy that trading card in the steam market but what do you offer
  8. I suggest correcting the "Create New Bug" form to no longer create confusion for people.
  9. lureplants only appear on your map when you walk near them,and they usually spawn in early days of the spring
  10. So it seems like most players want new dishes to be added to make certain ingredients more valuable or worthwhile. I've seen some great suggestions for specific recipes as well as various ideas for cooking overhauls or reworks - I really like the wheat idea posted a while ago. What I would like to see is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but hear me out first! So lately many players are just eating raw veggies as their predominant food source - they can restore all three stats easily and because you can now farm them on masse thanks to RWYS you can easily just farm veggies and not use anything else for food (so long as you aren't Wigfrid obviously). Honey is the only other food source that you can just survive off solely without much work once it is set up - yes there are plenty of other very easy food sources but Farming and Bee Boxes are the two that don't require any fighting or combat and give huge amounts of food that can easily sustain you on its own without any need for crockpots. Meat farms can be automated but Meat can only restore sanity when made into Jerky or meals and unless cooked actually damages your sanity. Meat to me feels perfectly balanced and as it should be, honey while yes crazy good does require some set up and you do have to dodge bees (or have some way to avoid them) when gathering it - it also barely produces in Winter. Veggies however can be grown all year round, have no combat involved (The Lord but he rarely shows up, is easy, can be relocated forever etc), give huge yields, have great shelf life and restore massive amounts of health and hunger and when cooked into the right meals (which have insanely easy recipes - Potato Spirals and I forget the other) provide a huge amount of sanity. Just as an aside Sanity can be easily solved via a Tam or other clothing and many like to be insane the majority of the time to farm nightmare fuel - hunger and health are the main two stats that food is used for anyway and they are what veggies do best. Literally a few good harvests of giant Veggies can last you the entire game year and more if you know what you are doing. Honestly they just seem too strong right now - they provide a crazy amount of health and hunger that frankly trivializes Crockpot dishes that exist purely for those purposes - why cook Pierogi or other healing or hunger dishes when you can restore more stats with raw/cooked veggies, save time on cooking and not have to gather other ingredients to make recipes work? Pretty much so long as you aren't Wigfrid and you don't mind/enjoy farming and do so every once in a while you can ignore every other food source in the game entirely and never need a crockpot. Actual dishes and using the Crockpot to me personally at least seems like it should be a straight upgrade and is sort of like the next tier up of cooking if you will to simply cooking raw ingredients over a fire or eating them raw - taking the time to use correct ingredients, learn which recipes are best for your play style (and what ingredients you amass the most of), wait through the cooking time and set up enough crockpots to efficiently cook multiple meals should be rewarded and should give you a greater benefit than skipping all of this to eat raw food no? Now it may sound like I'm a biased Wigfrid main and I just want to Nerf raw Veggies into the ground but here is the kicker - What I propose is that overall raw and cooked veggies and fruits on their own all receive reductions to the stats they restore, in some cases cut in half. To make up for this however all existing veggie dishes should receive strong buffs as well as slightly longer cooking times to balance this. We should also receive a handful of new useful veggie dishes especially ones for those that do not have unique recipes yet. Lots of people want new recipes, certain people want a rework or overhaul for cooking and to me raw veggies just seem too good right now and essentially remove the need to ever use a Crockpot. With veggies providing less stats but much greater ones when cooked into the right dishes we would cover all those bases. Crockpots and actual dishes would once again take their rightful place as King of Food, cooking becomes a bit more exciting and beneficial with stronger dishes and the entire mechanic gets a bit of a refresh. Farming would still be just as good as you would now just use all your veggies for the great meals they can make rather than eating them raw. We would have more variety and veggies would really just become even stronger but would require more time and hard work in order to do so. I would also like to see new meat dishes, especially some more unique ones for Drumsticks and Bat Wings as a Wig main as all the changes I've suggested only benefit me when I am playing as someone else which is not that often. I just feel like veggies are in a weird place right now and should be more similar to meat based dishes where you can get a little more bang for your buck making strong crockpot dishes instead of eating it raw/cooked.
  11. I like the ideas but they need some tweaks, the cycletron can go really bad with how most mobs work,this one I can see where it's going but the cycletron might not be the right answer. Deep Freezer is a polarizing one, we already have salt, I don't think we need another preservation method,we would just be making food forever and ever,would be cool if Winona had a Desalinator or a Sprinkler that pops Salt out of it from time to time, being that the water comes from the sea. We don't really need that much Salt, I feel that we will get something like it in the future, Hopefully for Winona. I love the Pick-o-Matic, I don't know from where people don't want automation in the most boring aspect of gameplay,almost every month we have a thread on reworking the Orange Amulet or such,even when it's not a giant Birchnut Forest harvesting, it's time consuming, and would still be, we'd have to dig and all or even set things up, would even help a lot with salt gathering. Would even have a good synergy with most characters. Or, Itens should have the Rot mechanic that just puts them together after a while if left on the ground, would solve many things without touching Winona. The spotlight just need to be turned off, or the generators, at least the GEM nerator should. The thing is, Winona needs to be the one Taking care of the Machines,make it so people can manage low tier buildings and generators only, the normal gen and the spotlight, even the catapults for a strech, any other utility crafts and the GEM nerator only her can opperate, just like some characters don't know how to use some stuff from other characters. The only exception from the GEM and the high tier crafts would be Wagstaff in a future time that we don't know how far or true it is.
  12. So, I decided to tackle on something so stupidly inefficient and horrendously dumb today. I decided I wanted to raise 10s and 10s of smallbirds/teenbirds and use them to kill most/all non-AoE bosses and just in general, trying to survive while they also live. So I made a world, put on setpiece config to force a tallfort because no way in hell am I gonna wait for 3-4 nests in the world to keep giving me eggs. The first batch of eggs I got(I'm talking like 21 here) all got eaten by buzzards sadly, Atleast I think buzzards ate them? I wasnt there to see it. But I hatched one bird! Look at the little cutie. Well hes dead now, but he did not die in vain! We went to the tallfort again to get his brothers and sisters and while we were getting eggs he unfortunately died from his own kin :(, Hornet Jr #28 will be remembered for his bravery and sacrifice, due to him I was able to get 11 eggs of his brothers sisters. Unfortunately, frog rain started to occur so I had to evacuate all the eggs onto the boat(Since Frogs do not land on the ocean ofc) and hang around there for a little bit, it was oddly relaxing having with all of them on one space, anyways the frog rain ended and we were able to go back. And well, would you look at that! They hatched! such beautiful babies They take quite a bit of food so I had to farm some more and gather some juicy berry bushes to fulfill their needs(They need around 20 hunger a day and only eat berries and seeds at this stage) Such cuties But uh... unfortunately some starved. I had to hop in the caves for a few minutes to get light bulbs, I come out and some of them are starving right in front of me! I'm not sure how much died but I think it was 3-4? So that stinks I think our food problems may be going away soon though! I was able to get a really nice harvest of giant potatoes and tomatoes and that provided a LOT of seeds for them to feed on. I pretty much ended off there, I think I'll try to secure the tallfort and trap the nests with stone walls so I can easily get some more eggs. When these guys grow up to be teenbirds I may go kill dragonfly or maybe even bee queen next
  13. I think there's a bit of character growth between Vanilla don't Starve, Inevitable(2016 animation that they just released to the public), to the wilson we see today from Together. Vanilla Wilson is a selfish character who cheated for forbidden knowledge after giving up on his experiments from what we saw in Origins. Allowing his soul to be tampered with and then dragged into the constant after making a gateway in his cabin. He goes sees Maxwell in the Adventure mode, gets trapped in the throne for a short time period, is grateful for Charlie freeing him but regrets the decision after being sent through another portal. By the time charlie created the postern, Wilson gave up selfishness for survival. Willing to work with the other survivors including his dire enemy Maxwell just so they can live. By the time we see "Reap what you sow" and "Hook, line, and inker", The man has found a comforting co-habitation with the constant. Willing to work with others, and compromise with the world. That's my interpretation anyways.
  14. Eh. you don't need much manure now that farms have been buffed. And even if you did, it's much easier and faster to just feed werepigs a comical amount of lightbulbs. Yes. I mentioned this.
  15. I think being able to turn off the camera zoom and pb pbpbpb pbpbpb greasygrimygopherguts pbpbpbpb would add a lot more quality to my life.
  16. Ah yes, the mythical firefly that shoots balls of light to stun you and hurt you and only the walls can prevent that from happening
  17. I started to think about Wilson's strange personality after noticing a comment about how he liked to be alone in the Wes animated short and I have a little theory. small disclaimer: i've rejoined recently and lack knowledge of the newer lore, so bare with me. this is also like my first ever time sharing something like this, might sound more like a rant than a thought out theory. theory starts now 1: Wilson's Dual Personality Ever noticed he spends a lot of time just isolating himself, sitting alone, thinking at a campfire? The comment I mentioned prior specifically said that a lot of the shorts just show him alone, doing nothing. But when he's actually with the other survivors, he seems a bit strange. He's a weird mix of passionate and outgoing, but cautious and nervous. It doesn't sit right with me. It feels like he's fabricated this other personality he can't get right. Especially when he outright lies to Willow and Webber in Starver's Carol, it makes you wonder if he's trustworthy. I will go into details later. 2: His True Personality He's cruel and desperate. He puts his work above everything, even himself. He's depicted as a true mad scientist in the Origin trailer, cutting himself and torturing animals for experimentation. In his portrait, the artwork that is supposed to REPRESENT him, he's grabbing an animal by the neck, choking it, trying to force feed a serum to it, while he's clearly smiling. You can see it's died already because he's probably just broken it's neck at that point. If you analyze his portrait further, you can see it's head is green, like the liquid he's pouring in it's mouth, while it's body isn't. This could just be stylistic choice to demonstrate that the animal could be sick, but the green matches the vial and I see it as the liquid not even going down it's throat since it's completely squished shut by Wilson's hand. 3: The Meat Effigy This one I'm not too sure about, I had a bit more fun with this one. I don't think he learned how to make The Meat Effigy from Maxwell's knowledge, but I think he invented it himself. There has to be a reason he boasts his genius. The Origin trailer tells us that he's a failure, and seemed slightly depressed, accepting the failed experiment and giving up until Maxwell came along. So why would a person in that state act like they're some prodigy? I think he's been tampering with dark magic for a while and managed to make the meat effigy by himself. Nobody else knows how to make it, only Wilson can. Yes, no other character can produce beard hair, but why wouldn't normal hair work? I doubt Wilson is gonna mess with his glorious hair, so he'll just shave his beard instead, but the other survivors definitely would. I mean, Maxwell is already balding, why would he care? 4: Starver's Carol Wilson outright lies in this short. He definitely knows how he was sent to the Constant. ok that's it lmao Hope you guys have some interesting things to add, or can disprove this entirely. I'd like to catch up on the lore myself and this theory can easily be disproven because I genuinely lack knowledge of some of the newer lore. The last theory I remember watching before I moved on from Don't Starve was someone freaking out over how Maxwell was William Carter, and that's it.
  18. Alone:(Proposed Miscellaneous room buffs) Massage table = Stress reduction Rec building = Morale bonus Decoration(s) = Morale bonus Together:(Current) Massage+Decoration= Massage room Rec building+Decoration=Rec room Combo:(Proposed) Massage+Rec+Decorations = Stress reduction and morale bonus (Spa)
  19. There was this one time I was travelling to a faraway asteroid, the ice planet, with an old rocket I built. It is very basic, and has been sitting there for a while, and I used a basic outhouse set up, so a lot of polluted oxygen built up. During the flight, there's so much polluted oxygen that it caused my mixed berry pie to rot. In a refrigerated environment, mixed berry pie exposed to pox rots in 4 days, and I plan to stay way longer than that on the colonized rocket. I don't want to go back to the asteroid that I started, because the rocket is launched from the radioactive asteroid, and it doesn't naturally produce oil. I need to conserve as much oil as I can. So I deconstructed everything and try and build a deodorizer, but I realized the horrible mistake of not bringing in sand. I only brought algae and building material with me, so this is really bad. I can't let the mixed berry pie rot either, because that's my only food source. I had to salvage my rocket, deconstructing doors and my telescope to get enough metal(800kg) to make a rock crusher and make sand. When I finally had enough sand to use the deodorizer, I finally got rid of the polluted oxygen and saved all my berry pies, which left it with about 50% freshness. This comes useful later when the rocket is landed, because no power is produced from the rocket engine and the fridge relies on power, so I have to use the hamster wheel constantly to keep the food fresh enough. Suffice to say, that was quite a treacherous journey. Moral of the story: Bring more than what you need on a rocket trip, allocate space for deodorizer or use a plumbing system, and don't use mixed berry pie as space food. Use something like berry sludge.
  20. By Rocks do you mean Sea Stacks? What is the best way if so? I need to clear a bunch...
  21. It wasnt the best one, in fact it was quite bad. It was the doughnut world, with our base on the north and Pig King, beefalo herd, Bee Queen, the only MacTusk in the world and portal on the opposite side (we prioritised Antlion spawn and Dragonfly). That said, we got Lunar island close enough to make a boat bridge and Crab King LITERALLY next to the shore. Too bad we didnt even fight Crab King.
  22. i think as long as u riding the beefalo even he at 0 hunger point the domestication wont drop . when u not riding it give it salt lick . feed it some twig then mount him again ..
  23. Do Lureplants appear on the Map when not discovered by encounter? And in what day they usually spawn?
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