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  2. Winter's Feast???

    Well, Don't worry, peter said that there is no news yet but they are working on some amazing content for it
  3. World regrowth question?

    Deserts are awesome in general; I highly reccommend making a secondary base near/in one (if you haven't already). As long as you don't live too close to the Dragonfly or hound mounds. (I myself just finished a run in a (modded) mostly-desert world, and kinda loved it. What took me out at the end wasn't the desert conditions, but simply NOT being ready for such a big hound wave...) Tumbleweeds are awesome for so many things. You can get really lucky and get gears on Day 1, sometimes! Berry bushes, however...yeah, we still haven't figured out a replacement/protection method for those. ...Notorious
  4. These are the two threads at the end of the Next Unread Topic listing. Every time I click on that button after reading all other content, I get redirected to a rudimentary timer system using water pumps and a thread where a guy is confused about the medbay's room requirements. help
  5. Twiggy trees and grass gekkos will help you. Or you can just loot thumbleweeds time to time
  6. The problem with this is the fixed output temperature of the sieve, but thinking over it, this may work because of the water "storage" inside of the machine affects temperature. At this point, I have decided to use automated airlock doors to condense my sewage for PO2 production.
  7. Dupe-A-Day!

    She's sad because I'm an evil person...and I drew this based off of a graphical glitch that happened in my game. Ari's tool was invisible, and since she's an ugly crier it made it look like that. XD
  8. Awesome, looking forward to a great use case for multi-slave clusters Even the volcano? Will that be another world, or just an area (like ruins in caves)?
  9. In your position, I would probably start a new world, that is if you can save the 1400 day one. It gives you a chance to get reacquainted with the pleasures of the early game and use what you’ve learned to do things better. You don’t have to discard the old world, but over time you’d probably start to lose interest in it. And if not—it’s still there, if bald of berry bushes.
  10. Dupe-A-Day!

    Hi im miss nitpicky but its kinda botherin me how the spotlight isnt making ari herself look any brighter oof. Looks like shes just standin in front of the spotlight, is that why she's so sad? The spotlight was in the wrong place?? I'd be sad too if that happened
  11. Krane for DST?

    Fairly sure that's not the case. Ktools works fine, it's the autocompiler that messes up. If the DS compiler works fine, have you tried compiling as a DS mod, then using the assets for a DST one?
  12. I could! @Saturnus Overunity!
  13. Could be a bug, when i fill MR with crude oil, it's vanishing over time (quick) Here some pictures, where lines are filled, and 6 times stuff created and then..
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  15. World regrowth question?

    I know this isn't helpful at all, but...I tend to just live in a place that already has grass tufts and berry bushes reasonably close by (what "reasonably" is will of course depend on the individual) and just...leave them where they are and go to them. It probably grew out of the fact that I often have a hard time finding beefalo early/when I do they tend to be far away, so poop is a limited resource. So I don't dig up things that need re-fertilization to even WORK again at all after replanting, because I need that poop for making farms. Saplings are another matter, as you CAN use those again right after replanting with no extra help. I _have_ gotten disease on those, especially on my longest-running world (aka "Camp One-Foot-in-The-Grave" aka "That World I Can't Get Into Anymore Because Forge"). Also a bunch of my grass tufts up and ran away as geckos. But I'm more okay with that, because now they also drop grass in winter and summer. The twigs, however...yeah, some of those totally died. :\ I dunno...I think the whole world regrowth mechanic could use a bit of an overhaul. If lumpy trees, which DON'T EVEN HAVE SEEDS, can keep annoyingly popping back up* in Winona's camp despite my best efforts to keep flammable stuff at a certain distance for the summer and HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS ANYWAY?, then berry bushes should definitely be able to regrow. I mean, they _have_ seeds--the berries themselves! Fruits are all about reproduction in plants, after all. ...Notorious *I kid, lumpy evergreens. You're so much prettier than your name. ;)
  16. The Melon's Art Thread

    I think it's a bristle blossom seed...not sure. Also, someone over on the ONI discord asked me where the spotlight I added one. :3
  17. Dupe-A-Day!

    Someone over on the ONI discord asked me where the spotlight was... So I added one. :3
  18. So, 160g/s oxygen converted for 4-500W consumed. In other word 1.6 dupes worth of oxygen for the power 1.5 dupes can generate on a hamster wheel.
  19. Roomba Mode

    Actual bots would be cool, it just seems like it would be easier for the devs to implement this way. But there's no reason we can't have both.
  20. Same for gas locks I've found. Make them two tiles wide with a vent in each.
  21. Power transformer act as a diode, also you can use automation power shutoff to split grids.
  22. It's too bad they decided that long distance redeployment of puffs was not a desired game mechanic and did lures instead of aerial traps. Lures are just not practice for long distance relocations.
  23. Skins not sharp

    Super duper difference in quality. But at least the character is sharp in-game Problem is, everything else is dull. As in, VERY dull: Loading screens (vignettes) are dull, main menu screen is dull. Okay basically everything is dull, some less than others, but dull nonetheless. Is there any way to make it sharp again?
  24. We play survival mode unfortunately Yea i heard that too but thats a pain. Especially on console because we dont have access to the geometric placement mod so replanting them neatly is so tedious. Tbh we dont even use the grass/twig/berry bush farm that much, its main purpose is just for decoration
  25. I understand your problem, had the same...what I did, after a time, is simply ignoring it by using other ways: I don't use berries for eating (or if I need some, I go and look for an undug bush), use twiggy trees for twigs and gekkos for grass (and tumbleweeds). What else you could do is to dig up all your tufts, saplings and bushes at the end of every year (end of autumn) and replant them in spring. I heard from others that disease happens at least 50 days after planting, so this way you can keep your plants safe. I haven't tried this method, because I'm too lazy for it, but I think it should also work.
  26. you can get duplicate tragic torch if you make the cyclum puzzle 2 times.
  27. Whoops, totally didn't see that. Do you have your world in endless mode? If so you can dig up the plants around the portal to get new ones to spawn. Otherwise I'd recommend to just keep the plants you have on your world right now and just run around to harvest them and/or find other sources of food like spider dens, frog ponds and Farms.
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