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  1. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Actually, it sort of was an exploration of architecture. Unfortunately truck with tank treads won't be featured in the comic (maybe in the far future of that timeline), but the triangle/trillium motif is important in one culture.
  2. The Melon's Art Thread

    This is solid so far! You have really been absorbing ONI into your blood, I see, and that Devie Mae is very on model.
  3. Book Club

    Same, I've had a book going on since... January or something. Just sitting there, only got through the introduction and the first chapter so far. I haven't read sci-fi in a while, but I would like to get into Timothy Zahn's Thrawn books soon. The first is Heir to the Empire. They're Star Wars extended universe books that I've heard good things about. I've been meaning to get at them for years, but my library didn't have the first book, so there's been a long delay.
  4. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Humanity goes extinct, only art that remains for aliens to find is anime.
  5. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Perspective assignment. Sepia ink on straw coloured paper just looks so darn good. Of course, through mere virtue of including a sci-fi vehicle of some sort makes this cool by default.
  6. shadow's art thread !!

    Oooo, nice work with the limited palette! The orange is really appropriate, and the lighting is so good. Love this piece a lot!
  7. Okay, I know I'm focusing on the wrong things here, but what kind of weirdly flexible neck and/or ribcage would you need for this activity. Also are you okay, did you visit a doctor for those wounds, are you properly bandaged, is there a number you can call when at risk, what are the signs of a friend or loved one at risk of self-denippling, why
  8. Man oh man, I don't tend to get hyped for things, but I'm feelin' it for all the upcoming new content. Thank you so much for working so long on such an expansive and excellent game!
  9. Submission: "A Devie Mae is always the first to try something new, and most of these activities come with a high risk of dismemberment." Trying to cover all your requirements in one sentence is a challenge indeed.
  10. Canis' arts and doodles, I guess

    You might be able to adapt your old technique to drawing different characters using Andrew Loomis' "Cape" technique. He has an even simpler framework that you can use: You can build up the character's volume on this simplified skeleton. You can find Loomis' whole book as a free PDF online: It's a bit older (published in the late 1940s I think), but so many newer books use the same techniques anyway. Even just skimming through the book and copying a few of the pictures would be helpful when you're just starting out.
  11. The little thread of ingenious art

    These colour palettes are cool as heck, thanks you for sharing them! Love the anatomy and lighting in the Wortox one especially, great job.
  12. WheatyCat's random art thread

    I'm pretty sure both pieces are Borderlands themed, though only @WheatyCat13 can say.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    After some rudimentary research, A New Reign was officially released in April 2017, Grimm Troupe in October of the same year. Those dates are pretty close, especially considering the time it takes to design and develop a DLC from the very first idea to the shippable product. Carl Jung is smirking in my subconscious and I don't like it. GET OUT OF MY GAMES, CARL!
  14. Drawings and Drivel

    I'm so disturbed by the fact that he probably didn't sterilise those before sticking them in. Get your piercings done by a professional, kids.
  15. Not sure if this a rhetorical question or not, but no. This was never said, or even implied.