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  1. previously thought this was too rough to post but y'know, might be the best thing I've ever drawn. also a WIP Moreef
  2. this is still h*cking with my emotions but anyway I'm thinking about The Ugly again
  3. Mullifee headcanons before it's too late. So yeah in beating the hesh out of one another relentlessly in their youth, they set themselves up for a life of combat and gained an intimate understanding of their regeneration abilities. Also time for some Sweet Moreef PTSD: and now we wait
  4. Nap Squad. It's a whole thing. Postcard Phinoon who soared above the Atlantic. He's in a good home now.
  5. Went ham with the Portrait AI again and we got Toast Rook. among other things
  6. Smith outfit appreciation. No more outfit appreciation.
  7. one time during a Rook run Ekel was about to murder some random pal of mine, so I beat her up to save him, regular stuff. Then, leaving the random oppo area to go continue whatever actual quest I was doing, I got a random encounter with a labourer looking for some shills. The labourer was Ekel. Like, just a few steps from where I shot her a bunch of times she's just like "hey man the barons aren't hiring today" and well, Ekel, maybe they don't want to hire you because you were beating the hesh out of one of their taskmasters five minutes ago. I gave her the shills.
  8. there I was trying to be all smart and analytical with my theories and whatnot when the entire game is just
  9. You ever wanted a hyperconcentrated doodle page of Griftlands nonsense? Well here it is, the Great Bogtober. Play Where's That Specific Vampire Muppet Sal with your pals.
  10. here I was thinking that after Rook destroyed their religion they went out into the world, searching for another giant monster to worship, and they found one in the Pearl but it was also dead so they turned to drink The line between bugs and lore can be hard to spot, huh. Those horribly out-of-place goofballs will be missed.
  11. hullo it's me again So, y'know how Smith's campaign isn't done yet, and is, in fact, not even accessible outside of the Experimental branch? Well. I don't care. I live my life at the nonsensical whims of my dumb art brain and wrote a fanfic--for you to enjoy! Going Under to Pass Over, a tale of Smith's first murder and how Sweet Moreef got his nickname. Be warned, however, this story uses harder language and goes into grittier territory than the source material. There's some description of viscera and some hurtful and degrading words being thrown around. If Griftlands is rated T, this is probably M, but it's nothing too bold. Word count is just under 6000, 9 pages of 12pt font at spacing 1. "Moreef was hardly standing on his own feet at this point, what with his legs and indeed spine having all the structural integrity of an overcooked noodle." Enjoy! Hopefully this helps you hold over 'til Day 3. Moreef_considers_grifting_3.pdf
  12. It was kind of unofficially sweater themed, last night's Aggie did not draw upper left banasmiths in blue, that was Tasch