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  1. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Hah, not exactly. He's sort of the Joker, sort of Maxwell, sort of Frank, and sort of one of my professors. Which is great, because when I mentioned this to one of my classmates (who I forgot was in his class too) she was like "Oh, it's [Professor's name]!" I was so happy to have captured his essence. The skull was actually for storytelling purposes; it should tell you something about what happened to the Old Earth. I was going for that classic etching look, and that has been used in a lot of older children's books. This was supposed to be a one-off thing making the most of a perspective assignment.
  2. New Year Resolutions (2019)

    Yeah, I know that feeling. The trailer park my grandparents used to live in was home to some of my fondest childhood summer memories, and I can never go back. The same will happen to my parent's house sooner or later, and that's the only house I remember living in. I try to be glad that I have those experiences and memories at all, and let them go. It's far more painful to hold on, though you can never truly stop missing them. Glad to see that your past home is helping you out in a way now, and hopefully that money will go far into getting you and your family into a more stable place in life.
  3. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    I'm gonna dump some stuff here. Gave a name and made a character sheet for that guy. Calculus professor, you see. He has knowledge mortal men should not have. Did another character rotation for a robot who was probably inspired by WX-78 more so than I thought at the time. And this here was inspired by many a living room, and might be my masterpiece for the time being. I'll consider colouring it digitally.
  4. Raspberry Milk's holistic art thread

    Oof, yeah, few pains are comparable to that one... This one's pretty cool though, and hey, if you wanted to give the old one a try again, you could probably do it much more quickly. And you still got the practice out of it, so it's not a total loss.
  5. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Thank you very much! I kind of surprised myself with that one. Dragging the white over the darker silhouette within worked pretty well.
  6. I'd gladly pay for the DS soundtrack a second time if it means I can listen to Hamlet anywhere and everywhere.

    why is it so good, guhhh

  7. Drawings and Drivel

    Strathmore grey. I thought so a few times too, but just decided to roll with it. Draw whatever you want!
  8. Hollow Knight: Silksong Hype

    I ain't even going near that thing 'til I know for a fact I have a week with nothing to do. I can already feel it consuming my SOUL...
  9. Drawings and Drivel

    The growth of leafyboi Wormwood from the abdominal area of Warbucks' corpse is symbolic of a birth, leading some experts to believe that the abolition of Warbucks and the plant-like nature of the replacement character is allegorical to a young adult's relationship with his parents. As an extension of that theory, many interpret this as suggesting that Millennials will only thrive once all the Baby Boomers are dead. ^ This is a bad joke, please disregard.
  10. Not so much a leafy boi as a plant guy Happy Valentine's Day, you magnificent crew!
  11. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Oh no his eyes are creepy now.
  12. I'll put a vote in for comics as well. Animated shorts are HARD, or at least very time consuming, and the team has a lot on their plate already. The game itself comes first, after all. Perhaps with comics or posters, you could have a Cyculum thing where comics have clues to unlock one nicer animation. Doing backstories with single-page comics, a la Darkest Dungeon, should ideally satisfy people's art itch without overworking the staff or being otherwise too costly.
  13. warbucks is gone

    Okay, I should probably keep quiet, but after having slept with this topic on my mind, I think I have more points to add. Isn't it kinda funny, in a way, how we were surprised by all this? Now, I don't want to set up even more strawmen in this thread, but I will say this: society these days is incredibly politically frustrated. This is not news. There are people who feel like society is still working against them and others who feel like they are being accused for the sins of their fathers. I don't want to go into that, but consider this: we seek an escape from this divisive landscape. Often this escape comes in the form of video games, right? Many of us play Warbucks without really thinking that hard about the implications of his quotes and traits, and many of us play Warbucks and cannot remove the political associations from our minds. They may not have purposefully interpreted him this way, but they cannot undo that interpretation. They don't want politics in their game, but it's there now. Regardless of whether other people gave a crap about Warbucks, he has spoiled the escapism of others. And so a few of them complain on the internet, Klei acknowledges that a) Warbucks is spoiling the experience of some, b) he doesn't add a whole lot of interest gameplay wise, c) most other players seem kind of neutral about him/he is not integral to the Hamlet experience, and d) they have an idea for another character who might the first two problems, so... why would they keep Warbucks? They have more reasons to get rid of him than keep him. It's early access, they've scrapped ideas they've spent a lot of time with before, and there will be a long future of Hamlet players coming in after early access asking "Why is this character here? He doesn't add a whole lot and he's kinda racist. At best he's filler, at worst he's offensive." The choice to scrap Warbucks, whether you agree with it or not, seems pretty rational. However, now the political poison was shifted over to people who liked Warbucks well enough. Their experience has been altered, and their escapism has been spoiled. Their complaints are just as valid as the previous party. The politics which most of us want to avoid has leaked into Don't Starve. Now, some of us have reluctantly accepted that politics are frickin' everywhere, all the time, and cannot be avoided no matter how hard you try. Maybe the people who are more upset about this fracas still had hope in their souls. Now, as much as I love Klei, as much as they are the darned nicest people ever, they made a pretty bad mistake with the creation of Warbucks. He fits the environment, he fits in with DS humour, but at what cost? Evil magicians and pirates are individuals who took a wrong turn in their lives, but Warbucks is the product and perpetrator of a system. We don't want to think about political systems in our games, but there he was. Right there, in the menu, and who doesn't give a new character a try? Who doesn't like discovering new examination quotes? Of course, as we should with all little mistakes like this, we accept that they happened and ask ourselves what lessons we've learned. Carefully consider the implications of a character before releasing them in a culture where everyone is frustrated and on the verge of snapping? Rewiring your brain to somehow not read into things? Not get emotionally attached to a fictional character ever, under any circumstances, no matter how innocent it may seem? Never, in spite of temptation, write long-winded devil's advocate rants on the internet? These are all kind of unfair (except the last one), considering how we're all fallible humans who cannot consider every potential outcome of our actions. We can learn this, though: empathy for the other side can ease our own loss. Generally speaking, people have reasons for the way they feel and act. Understanding these reasons might make it easier for one to accept the outcome, and move on. TL;DR: Politics cannot be avoided, everyone was already frustrated long before any of this started, everyone's frustrations and complaints are valid, we should acknowledge this debacle as a thing that happened, but a thing we can learn and move on from.
  14. Book Club

    Reading is supposed to be fun! Or at least educationalOHNO!
  15. warbucks is gone

    Maybe not British colonialism alone, but when looking at the broader picture, it could be. I don't know exactly, it might only seem like that in our contemporary view and future people may view it differently. Perhaps I'm grouping too many things under "colonialism", but the Nazis invaded Poland saying they needed more "living space", which strikes me as being related. If I remember correctly, Japan was keen on taking over China at the time, and though that may not be by-the-books "colonialism", it involves abolishing one culture and replacing it with your own, so it's not terribly different. History is not made up of entirely isolated events, and I shouldn't have phrased it as such. That's more of a player choice. Yes, so is choosing Warbucks. The only difference here is that an average player may not ever consider pig farming while most would probably give a new character they unlock a try. He's right there, in the menu. I might have spoken too soon when I said a people-pleasing Warbucks wasn't possible. There is a small part of me that wants him to work, but overall I'm not expecting him to. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply "the vast majority", but simply a fair amount of people. Not a small amount, though that may depend on where you live. I guess I should have been more specific. Are we managing to see both sides here? I think I'm missing all yours. I could have sworn that people weren't this fond of Warbucks while he was playable. He was there, he was comically sunburnt, whatever. Did his deletion stir up latent passion for sunburnt old explorers within your souls?