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  1. Headcanons Not Included

    Even though Dupes are so dang nice and friendly with one another, I like to imagine that some Dupes are feared by others. Meep makes a point to avoid Mi-Ma after seeing the ruthlessness in her eyes. Ada is terrified of Nikola after hearing his claims of colony-rupturing lasers and seeing the shattered planet. Stinky new exactly what he was doing, and threatened to out Liam's role in the Outbreak if he (Liam) outed his (Stinky's) actions. [edit] Oh yeah, Bahni was nearly killed by Ari that one time, and Ari showed no remorse. So Bahni has a pretty good reason to believe that Ari is a cold blooded killer under that bubbly exterior.
  2. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Thank you! The fish was established (quite explicitly) as a flounder in the source material. And the instructor recommended using the second rough for the last panel, since it was a bit too dramatic for this scene in the story. I know what he meant; the final ended up being far calmer, but still slightly ominous. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
  3. Wx-78 and Wagstaff

    Forum user. Specifically, me. The topic has been discussed more thoroughly in this thread here-- You can see a lot of different people's theories and thoughts here. It's still a new thread, so don't fear to post your own ideas in there as well.
  4. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Coloured finals. They get submitted today, let's see what the instructor thinks.
  5. Book Club

    Finished Brave New World yesterday. It does have a lot of similarities to Nineteen Eighty-Four, which is why they're compared all the time. I think I prefer BNW a little more, though. It has more similarities to today's society as well as revolving around a question I find a little more compelling.
  6. Some Content of the Artistic Form That I Do

    It so happens that the term you're looking for is crosshatching. So you almost got it. Nice storytelling! Wigfrid looks both curious and cautious here, like she's ready for any terrible thing that could happen if she touches it.
  7. Drawings and Drivel

    Hamlet and Gorge have a lot of visual similarities. So yeah. Thank you! I was a bit worried that he looked a bit too stone-like and not alive, but it kind of suits him anyway.
  8. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    The idea is that it's mysterious and unsettling. You are just an ant around here.
  9. Drawings and Drivel

    This Pugalisk drawing reminds me of that batilisk drawing. Go for the eyes, Wigfrid.
  10. Looked to Frank Frazetta for this one.
  11. Headcanons Not Included

    Joshua was never truly approving of Ellie's chronic gossip and office politicking; he was just too nice and non-confrontational to tell her that she was kind of a terrible person.
  12. Snack draws DS (Possible requests)

    Ooh, nice! I like how detailed these are. And Maxwell's black lipstick! Not to be that guy, but a few of these are reminiscent of Swollson's card suit themed skins from a while back (Page 4 on Doodle Time). Did you take inspiration from those? I dunno, maybe I'm seeing similarities where there are none.
  13. Yo, I finally realised what Wigfrid's tiara-thing reminded me of.



    1. DragonMage156


      Seems legit >u<

  14. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Final of that one project, coloured in Photoshop. And some roughs for another project based on "The Fisherman" story from the Grimm brothers. You can really see how tired I was getting as the night progressed, heh.
  15. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    Oh my, these are just great. I like your sense of humour, especially with WX's "WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BECOME HUMAN!?"