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  1. Those new tracks are so inspiring and juuuuust perfect. Fill me with so much feeling, you know? (Honestly really love them.)
  2. [crawls out of dank cave] hi You wanna know what happens when you think about LISA for a year and then Don't Starve for one afternoon? You think about themes n' whatnot, cycles of abuse and pain. Maxwell himself is a survivor of sorts, and indeed, that train wreck was a turning point in his life. Something out of his control went so wrong he changed, from William the Normal Person to Maxwell the Absolute Villain. Charlie got closely involved with him shortly after, and was the second to be corrupted, turning into a literal monster. Then Maxwell, partially controlled by ambiguous demons, starts reaching out and seeking victims to subject to the same hell. Wilderness survival, where everything is out to hurt you and you must be constantly vigilant, constantly working just to be alive. And when you do fail, you can't help but blame yourself. This is starting to sound anti-capitalistic as well. Many of Maxwell's victims are vulnerable people in the first place. Isolated (Wilson), abused (Willow), traumatised (Wendy). Easy pickings for manipulative people like Maxwell and Charlie. And thanks to the cruel actions of a few, the rest of their lives are spent in constant struggle. Back to my hole for an indeterminant amount of months now. Bye.
  3. give Smith 24 outfits, while Sal and Rook only ever get their four. It demonstrates the wide gap between the upper and lower classes.
  4. Photomosh + Griftlands art yields some good heshin content. Some highlights include: Special shoutout to Galaxy Brain: @veryrussiancorn made some very choice gifs as well. Griftlands also lends itself very well to the Hunger Games Simulator. Remember that thing? Good times. some of these are VERY on brand That was all one run, I'll just throw down some stuff from other runs here:
  5. Classic Winnie was just two weeks from retirement when it happened. Then he got reincarnated as an oshnu wrangler (some might argue that's also a terrible fate). In case you need to refresh your memory: Always more practice to be had, bad decisions to commit to. Practice: had. Skills: improved slightly.
  6. Is this really the hill you want to die on? If so, I recommend that you do not purchase Early Access titles in the future if you plan to get overly attached to frivolous details. They can and will change.