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  1. Inspired by Thursday's stream. Looks like a heckin' war zone. If Mi-Ma doesn't have the personality of a hardened veteran, what's the point of anything. also TIME TO PLUG MY COMIC: Part One: Part Two:
  2. Art nerd request: are there higher resolutions available for these cards (even as tempart as they are)? Some of these are borderline body horror and I'd like to have them for... reasons. ... I already had an illustration queued and these are just the thing.
  3. image.png.858b78057b376ca4350126e71bef567b.png

    Smiling Kashio looks so weird, like she's about to ask Susan for her date square recipe.

    1. minespatch



      she's about to ask Susan for her date square recipe.

      What if she's asking Susan Wojisky?5aa76668a4032_arielimpliedevil.png.f2a55a086558e295fb0100772b340f4a.png

    2. ResettePlayer


      I dunno who that is, but here, have another smiling NPC


      I love him.

    3. minespatch


      She's the ceo of Youtube.

  4. Now I'm a sucker for dinosaurs and puns, so this entire concept is A-okay in my opinion.
  5. Mirthandir's Mirthandart

    This is amazing, thank you.
  6. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Dedan from Off, but a robot this time. Long Leg Lenny from Lisa: The Pointless.
  7. What a great way to spend six minutes of my life. (and many hours of yours)
  8. It's not entirely the knowledge of goldfish that makes that simile weird. The whole concept of "fish in a bowl" is a significant part of that.
  9. Communal Fanart Thread

    New favourite NPC.
  10. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    Lisa: The Pointless is gud fangame content. Joel is the latest light of my life. He is good and worthy.
  11. Maybe it's too late for this criticism, but how would Dupes know what things like dogs and goldfish are in order to make comparisons?
  12. New Year's Resolution (New Decade Resolution?)

    Oof. I did very few things listed there. Most of them are continuous efforts of improvement, I suppose. I'm going to try overcoming my anxiety issues and at least try learning how to drive. I have a feeling I'll put that off forever though.
  13. Book Club

    I don't think I ever talked about Black Hammer here. Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston. This comic series is pretty highly acclaimed and it's easy to see why. Since I just finished Age of Doom Part II, which ends the main story (spinoffs not included). Age of Doom Part II is probably the weakest in the series (four volumes), but it's still worth reading. There's still good stuff, even with some bullcrap thrown in at the last minute to wrap things up in a comic with a limited page count. Overall, the comic is about superhero stereotypes and tropes and the subversion thereof. I don't know if it is the most accessible to random readers--having some knowledge of the history of superhero comics as a genre is pretty much essential. Not that you need to be a scholar, or even a reader of superhero comics, but since the comic is pretty much about all the tropes and stuff, a little bit of knowledge really enhances the experience. There's also a lot of great puns. And by "great puns" I mean terrible puns. Puns so terrible they are amazing.
  14. Music thread

    I used to think mashups were pretty dumb until I heard some decent mashups. Well, they're still a tiny bit dumb, but a good dumb.
  15. image.png.808f926c0e8f8faed3749011d7334a35.png


    Fanart protip: ONI devs are hype for toonies.