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  1. I read the encyclopedia entry in-game for the wheezewort and it turns out that it is more jellyfish than plant. And also that through speculation, the wheezewort seed would be a polyp.
  2. Tiny Hewgodooko pfp

    yea, I play crashlands

    1. minespatch


      Yeah, you mentioned that before. Remind me how you found the game?

    2. Xenologist


      It was blitz from youtube. I'll link you to one of the videos.

      And just to note, I am not him, just one of his viewers

  3. As it turns out, oxygen not included releases 2 years and 10 days after pre-alpha release

    1. watermelen671


      Pre-Alpha released sometime in February...


      February 6th IIRC


    2. Xenologist


      on its steam page, it says may 18th, 2017

    3. watermelen671


      Yeh, that's when it entered Early Access. 

      It was in Pre-alpha starting February, 2017 though.


      You can even find it in the developer logs.

      This is as far back as it goes...in fact I'm pretty sure I have that build on my computer.


      Edit: I don't. The oldest build I have is 206915. 



  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Who was it that had the screaming animated Wilson GIF for a pfp for a while? I need it in order to (silently) scream at what has become of this thread the last few posts.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Can't believe an entire page got turned into pure meme juice in the coarse of an entire day.
  6. Dupe-A-Day!

    It was my keen eye that spotted that out
  7. Ban crystal_clodet because The Moon Lord has Awoken!
  8. Weird Headcannons

    Webber considers himself the farmer of the group, as he's the one to farm silk, monster meat, glands, and sometimes plant stuff (Den or otherwise)
  9. Ban GetNerfedOn because Impending doom approaches...
  10. Ban Pab10 because The Brain of Cthulhu has awoken!
  11. This day was a chaotic day... Anyways, hi jesse! Hope that the stream isn't.
  12. Dupe-A-Day!

    No translation mustache. How did the angry meep decide to punch a meep?
  13. Made a status on why are klei shorts becoming ads. I have the game, I have wortox. What does googol to the googolith power want to do to us?
  14. [Game Update] - 322934

    Probably more like 500/1
  15. Zergo's Template Library

    I might add that the critters are all wild, hatches are like 5 or 6 cycles old, and other adult non-hatch/lings creatures are 7 cycles old