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  1. It seems fairly obvious that the tree produces it, though how? Does it need to slap things or does it make resin naturally? It seems that meat gives it resin at a roughly 1 kilo to .8 kilos of resin, but it might be a case of 2 kcals per gram.
  2. This is my opinion on how to make the rocketry system better to a certain extent. Space-time Warping The main reason why people want to break rockets is mainly due to the fact that you can warp reality. A simple fix would be that different command modules have different spaces, or dedicated space-time reality warping technology to get mini-maps inside of larger maps. Burden Fix This is one that could make recreational rockets complete with hot tubs incapable of flying, mainly due to the extra burden that comes with more mass. Sure, all modules would ignore mass until a certain extent, when it then becomes too much to handle. This would add extra burden per few tons of extra mass in the command module. Light Levels This seems simple enough: Unless a rocket is in space, or is experiencing lots of light, the rocket's personal dimension gets light relative to the light it is around. Space enables that dimension to get full light, deep underground no rocket should be able to work. These are merely just my suggestions to give us back the ability to create pocket dimensions with access to the outside world, they don't need to fly through space, we just need tardis-like storage.
  3. I see that the atmo suits just need a small amount of reed fiber to repair, and doesn't seem that problematic granted it takes tens of cycles to wear down atmo suits. Does this in fact imply that there will be a wormwood skin that's based on the grubfruit plant?
  4. Turns out the problem was writing a ".txt" at the end of it. debug_enable works just fine.
  5. Soo, how would I move this to the suggestions forum then?
  6. My idea here (Since do how many people read the suggestions forum) is the sucrose generator. This strange generator has a low power output, but uses a little bit of fuel for quite a lot of power compared to other generators. The fact that so little sucrose is being burned means that any Co2 and Pwater generated is piped. Here's an interesting quirk about it: It consumes quite a bit of oxygen to slightly increase power output while significantly increasing Co2 and Pwater output. Water from sucrose? It'll work. Perhaps in polluted oxygen that works at a lesser (still more efficient than nothing) rate. This would give an alternative use to sucrose too. After some more mid-draft research, turns out coal has roughly double the possible energy, and I kinda wanna see the balancing act that a device that burns sucrose for power with no external output apart from heat. I was expecting sucrose to contain alot more energy, though that was compared to an explosive. Perhaps it might take more sucrose in order to achieve the power I'm thinking of, but chances are the sucrose generator's main cavate is the sheer amount of excess polluted water and coal it generates.
  7. I need to know how to reenable debug mode for probing purposes. Since I got a new SSD for my OS, I'll need the files and how to reenable debug. It's just, sandbox tools aren't the same.
  8. I think I got those from deconstructing pipes. That was also back when dupes didn't need a pitcher pump in order to extract liquids.
  9. It looks like the oxygen mask station is responsible for dispensing and holding oxygen masks. One question, does the mask at the station leak oxygen or just give its oxygen back to the station? Also, could it be made that when a mask runs out, it turns into its metallic ore state, or better yet, the station has mask returns! It consumes the mask, gives back the 15 kilograms of metal ore, and all oxygen inside goes into the machine or out into the world.
  10. When did you get those photos? I was in the alpha but I didn't get those, and I have debug mode!
  11. I find the lack of food diversity underwhelming, especially considering how many ingredients there are but how few recipes there are. Tofu could be useful in other ways, like adding a sort of nosh sauce version (Look, if nosh is supposed to be soy, then at least add a recipe to make soy sauce soaked tofu, salty and all), Perhaps new salami, made with salt and meat, or perhaps a replacement of meat with planty plant meat instead. The gamma ray oven seems like a new and sad opportunity to make ever so slightly better foods, similar to that of the grill. Perhaps a new microbe musher food, with sucrose and bog jelly, as it would be jello, or remove the sucrose and add water, as it would either be edible as is or an additive to foods to make them jigglier, whilst being edible directly. Probably some sort of gelatin or swamp gelatin, either way its use would be useful regardless. Either way I'm tired, but I was wondering what else could be made from the same base ingredients.
  12. @watermelen671 can you provide me with sprites of each and every plant, critter, not to mention slime and algae. I kinda wanna make the ONI version of the evolutionarily tree. Sure, genetic engineering isn't exactly evolution, but I wanna make a chart that shows the relation (and possible families) of all sorts of the plants and animals.
  13. I'm suggesting a small change to sulfur, mainly to make it more accurate to life, mainly with a specific heat capacity of .71 and a thermal conductivity of .269 or .27.