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  1. I'm noticing the germ overlay isn't as "germy" as it normally is.
  2. There's still temp art for the radioactive ocean asteroid. Think that someone could push an update to fix that?
  3. Yeah this is a pretty big bug for the critter trap. I think this needs to be known of more.
  4. To anyone who's wanting to see if several bugs are repeatable, could you boot up oxygen not included in the latest version, and watch closely as your dupes look through the telescope, empty beeta hives, and activate the porta-pod. For the telescope there's supposed to be an animation, for the beeta hive, it's layered incorrectly, for the porta pod it uses the wrong animation.

  5. It seems that radioactive crust and lush core currently aren't available. Either a bug or I'm just really unlucky trying to find the new traits apart from the metallic caves.
  6. Yeah, there definitely needs to be a new tag to prevent that from happening. Like perhaps a tag that makes certain items have a 50% chance of being deleted, or in the case of artifacts, never being deleted whatsoever.
  7. Where is a dev I can notify? This bug is ancient and persistent.
  8. Ban LeDragoon because I've returned, briefly to cause chaos. Also I'm only partially back.
  9. Is this a step towards making gas grass a plant that needs radiation instead of sunlight? Generally, if gas grass needs something from space it should be gassy moos to live.
  10. That's where I got the idea from. Would that solve your issue though?
  11. There doesn't seem much you can do in space, perhaps temporary maps for mining could be made that force you to use rockets to mine. You couldn't build a porta-pod on them, but they'd contain a ton of resources, or at least enough on them to make them worthwhile to mine.
  12. Have you considered the fact that you need space for research? There's orbital research that you still need to go into space for, unless even that's messed up.
  13. Does anybody know what the resin rooster is referring too?
  14. I see that the atmo suits just need a small amount of reed fiber to repair, and doesn't seem that problematic granted it takes tens of cycles to wear down atmo suits. Does this in fact imply that there will be a wormwood skin that's based on the grubfruit plant?
  15. When did you get those photos? I was in the alpha but I didn't get those, and I have debug mode!