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  1. How much polluted dirt can you extract from ethanol distillers, petroleum generators, and the water sieves filtering them? Don't forget mention the carbon skimming pwater addition.
  2. How would working around an oil well work for that? Or perhaps a leaky oil fissure? How would you adjust it to work with those?
  3. The captions could be "If you'd like some kelp compressing kelp, this is the video for you!"
  4. Waxwell is great for when you don't want to waste health upfront and instead in accidentally, and for clearing without bounds. Remember, one shadow logger costs some sanity, an axe, and two nightmare fuel. That's a flint and twig and insanity for eventually free logging, although don't go anywhere near the area of tree farming or marble farming (the marble beans) if using miners. A single digger is a blessing, but maxwell is more of a gatherer in general, with the unique ability to be unable to stay insane for decent amounts of time.
  5. Very interesting. Clears up my confusion on how you got locavore and carnivore at the same time.
  6. Does locavore's calories count from meat too? Can you solely eat meat for 100 cycles, eat 400,000 kcals and get locavore?
  7. When will the klei streams return? When will we see the backlog of concept art or @jouste's great artwork again?
  8. @watermelen671! We require you're pre-alpha!
  9. I'm fairly certain a floating cow is fairly cow-sized. Cows aren't mere mm tall, they're m tall. How deep are your tiles?
  10. My point is dupes probably aren't mere inches tall but are somewhat tall.
  11. That wouldn't make sense. Dupes are 1.5 tiles tall and water is 1000 kg per tile under normal conditions