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  1. Cheddar as sharp as a knife?
  2. Ban pollutedskies because, those are meat batteries. I just don't know what meat they're made of. I've gotta find a supplier somewhere. stumbles around looking for something I've gotta go to a rim to even have a chance of finding them.
  3. Everyone who's speaking up all are giving reasons for the juicy berry bush. I don't usually care, but normal berry bushes grow alot faster than juicy ones.
  4. Will the gorge return later this month? If not at least the community can do regorged to fill that gaping hole in our stomach.
  5. Has anyone noted that WX-78's favorite food is the cupcake?
  6. Ban the GNOme because I wasn't able to get to you for calling me a protoss! I might as well call on a mecha swarm to cleanly dismember your internet once I figure out how these instructions work! Hmm, turns out I need some "antimatter batteries" or perhaps "Triple M Batteries". Sounds like a pizza topping.
  7. Ban GNO because I couldn't even decode my own message, let alone another one
  8. (Coded in Unicode) https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/ascii-to-binary.html
  9. JJA

    Why do people mistake bankers for bakers?


    They both work with a lot of dough!


    1. MagicalSkies
    2. minespatch


      What is JJA?

    3. Xenologist



      Just Joking Around