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  1. I just kinda don't feel like compressing all of that thermal mass into one space.
  2. I'm planning on making a polluted water tank for a cool slush geyser, and I'm wondering, at what point do I need to make the insulated tiles double thick? This is also a question for other types of fluids. Oil, petroleum, normal water and more. What is the max pressure required to break single normal tiles, single insulated tiles, etc. Yes, I do know that I could just use airflow tiles, but I wanna be a little more insulated then that.
  3. This is a fairly simple change, the prince puft just needs to be able to lay eggs off other kinds of puft. Mainly the kind of puft it was penned in with, as so that the prince puft wouldn't produce normal puft eggs in a pen full of squeaky pufts. This would be a small quality of life change, and might make puft ranching a little more easy to get into.
  4. Not only are there new animations for narcoleptic (which represent the trait better than just falling asleep on the spot) but also interrupt many actions. My solution? Narcoleptic only interrupts the task, not completely replaces it. Also, give us the dupes sleeping standing up .
  5. Doesn't need to be specifically aluminum copper, could be rose gold, perhaps a cobalt steel or cobalt tungsten alloy. High temperatures, perhaps higher than steel could be cobalt tungsten, but the thermium is best for the extremely hot situations. A way to recycle depleted uranium, really quite a few things that can be used.
  6. Is this a step towards making gas grass a plant that needs radiation instead of sunlight? Generally, if gas grass needs something from space it should be gassy moos to live.
  7. Generally, gas grass also needs a rebalance too. It currently needs space light, which you can't get deep in an asteroid, or underneath abysallite. Perhaps the light requirement is replaced with a rad requirement? Like it requires a small amount of radiation with its chlorine to get going?
  8. That's where I got the idea from. Would that solve your issue though?
  9. There doesn't seem much you can do in space, perhaps temporary maps for mining could be made that force you to use rockets to mine. You couldn't build a porta-pod on them, but they'd contain a ton of resources, or at least enough on them to make them worthwhile to mine.
  10. Have you considered the fact that you need space for research? There's orbital research that you still need to go into space for, unless even that's messed up.
  11. How exactly? Like for radbolt production? I was thinking of ways of, through more steps, turn nuclear waste into something significantly more radioactive, and perhaps even a way to turn nuclear waste and power into radbolts and lead, (not to mention quite a lot of heat). Perhaps a better engine, a better nuclear engine that, at the cost of either fuel or oxygen, can turn uranium into hot oxygen (or hydrogen, sour gas, really any rocket propellant can come out here) and fly away. These rockets might need more radbolts than the current nuclear engines, perhaps with nuclear waste but perhaps not.
  12. This should be fairly easy to execute. It's a new building locked behind some nuclear research, and yields in something that consumes a certain amount of radbolts and either nuclear waste or corium to produce uranium ore, hence forth making uranium supplies stretchable. Also, dupes should be a little more radiation resistant, if they get permanent damage before they go to the rad asteroid something's wrong. I kinda just want the ability to not have to just vent nuclear waste into space.
  13. Does anybody know what the resin rooster is referring too?
  14. I see that the atmo suits just need a small amount of reed fiber to repair, and doesn't seem that problematic granted it takes tens of cycles to wear down atmo suits. Does this in fact imply that there will be a wormwood skin that's based on the grubfruit plant?
  15. When did you get those photos? I was in the alpha but I didn't get those, and I have debug mode!