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  1. I mean, from what you're showing, it seems it works perfectly fine. Do you have a TEX? Only thing I could imagine being off would be a few animations, how are those? Any wonky ones?
  2. Mr. Savior. Please do tell me these adorable things can be made into skins for DS/DST. If these glorious creatures can be made into skins, there's possibly even chance I can get this added into PP. Please. I love them.
  3. I mean, I think? Not fully sure, sorry, I just recently dove into decompiling all of DST's stuff to view animations and whatnot, but then I've got n bloody idea where to start with ONI, and really, I don't need much, so it's 50/50, I could learn, or if anyone has them on hand, that'd be swell too.
  4. Q.O.L - Fence + Strong winds.

    But...But... This isn't just regular old wind... It's Constant Wind. Like, people get here through books and machines evil radios told you to make, who's to say that the wind isn't like, insanely powerful, and the DS cast has really sticky feet only when needed? Huh?!
  5. Concept art I'd love to see in the game-

    I've seen the website these are from, and good news, a good chunk (about 40%) of it is newly in Hamlet's files. Such as the Tree Guard, Kelpy, Foods, and even baby OX.
  6. So uh, is there anyway to achieve the sprites for ONI's creatures? I took the smallest glance and noticed it's not the same process as Don't Starve, or maybe you could toss them up here? (Or if you already have, quote them to me? I might've missed them...)
  7. These and the small ferns in the Jungle can be toggled in the world gen section. However, the rustling overlay cannot.
  8. Too Many Bats?

    Lowering bats in the settings gives them a cap, and so does increasing them. Which means once they hit a certain amount, they won't go over the amount, like Hounds. However, unlike Hounds, leaving bats on normal will make them capless, so in theory, they can reach up to 10000's of bats per wave one day. Rather odd.
  9. Gyah, I wouldn't say Klei is lazy, I don't think they are ever really lazy, just caught up. However, a pure stone house is odd, but nothing to bother me much. I simply wish that the darn farmers would bloody farm. Looking at you, Gerald.
  10. Drawings and Drivel

    You... are... my... Savior. Please tell me as the days come there'll be more Roc art? Have you done the Hippo/Goose? I might've missed it, if you have. Your art and coloring is bloody amazing!! So much respect!
  11. Change examination quotes

    "Could you maybe change this?" "Here's some ideas!" "How about we change this... to this?" I dunno, seemed a bit roooooooooood. ;o Also like, I dunno, but for me, all those objects you mentioned have unique quotes. "A large sedimentary rock."-Wickerbottom on Boulders. "The most interesting insects are found under rocks."-Wickerbottom on stone slab.
  12. It's not a normal season, and therefore won't end like a normal season, there is no way to wait it out, you must turn it off via the clock.
  13. Fix Hamlet World Generation

    I've never seen this issue, but this is actually something I'd LOVE to see in one of my worlds. How did you get this to happen? Also I assume you used a command to see the full map?
  14. Oh! Oh! Something I can really get behind! This sounds awesome! And Dragon Webber is beyond fitting.