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  1. I'm still alive! (I think.)

  2. Bottomless Pit

    Geez, That is quite strange... I can't offer much help as this hasn't happened to me or anyone I know... Sorry. Try contacting a DEV! They might be able to help. I hope this helps! A.R
  3. In the caves there are way more then 1 toadstool holes. About 3. Only 1 has a chance of having the cap. Also if the hole is empty and toadstool is dead it takes 20 days to come back. So you might need to play your luck with the console spawn... -A.R
  4. Hello! Welcome everyone! It's me again, Angel Rose! This thread is talking about my mod. The Bendy and the Ink Machine mod! As of now this mod is in the works! You can support me by trying to help with what's left! (These will change over time.) And for those of you wondering. Gee' It must be hard for someone like Rose to add in those ink monsters. Jokes on you there coming with the mod! That's something to look forward to. I'll list what's left down below. Ink: It's a new item that bendy makes over time. It will spawn under him after awhile. (As if he's leaving it behind.) Bendy Melting system: When low on sanity he should change head sprites to look more melted. And when in the rain. Or overall just wet. He should lose a ton of sanity. Ink machine: This one might take a bit but I do believe someone could rekin the ice machine from Don't Starve Shipwrecked and make it spew ink instead. Recorder: An item that when right clicked opens up a little page that you can right on. Not much else to say about this one. Alright! I do believe that's all that needs to be worked on! The other things like Pen weapon are already being worked on/done. This thread is still a WIP so advice is welcome! Stats and such are coming later!
  5. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    Add me on steam or Discord!
  6. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    Wanna pair up? I'm on phase 1.
  7. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    I'm Willing! @thesquirrelking1310
  8. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    @Cherryzion Would you like to pair up with me? I'd be happy to! Could you explain how to show mine?
  9. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    Has anyone else noticed that the Cave is now breaking?
  10. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    No! I meant it in a great way! I just love these ideas and theories altogether! Also someone said that the antlion can't be conected to all this right? Because Charlie "Made her" well, what if Charlie just brought her up to the surface? Hmmmmm?
  11. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    Woah! This is just too much for me to handle or keep up with!
  12. A New Reign Puzzle - Metheus

    Wait! I'm here! What'd I miss?
  13. Wait, Please don't tell me I started something! Noooo!~
  14. Okay now I'm not sure if anybody has pointed this out yet, but Wilson over here has the right idea! I'm not sure if it's just me but how come every time I see this new armor I think it's just going to close and hurt kill you? It's kind of creepy if you think about it. Also! I'd like to point out how we never "KILL" this Fuel Weaver. I think iit's impossible to kill and we get help. Take a look.
  15. Maybe. Just maybe.