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  1. This... Is.. to... Cool! Augh! I'm loving this! Now, I'm more than certain it's placeholder... But c'mon! We have a new ONI item in Don't Starve due to the latest update. And all this "moon" stuff Maxwell keeps talking about! Someone, put the puzzle pieces together! Please!
  2. Who found this again!? This is... Interesting...
  3. The penguins are acting agressive

    The more you know!
  4. I've got the feeling that every... Single... Creature... Is in some way shape or form related to "them". It is a world of shadows, correct? A stage even, if you look back to the Final Act. It's all one huge stage. Run by "Them". Waiting... Lurking...
  5. Not sure if someone's said this or not, but klaus always has your back. Any item in the game has a chance of poofing when opening one of his gifts. I know some are pre set. But 1 single box has random loot. -A.R
  6. Hiya ther! I know we don't fully know each other. And I really, should've asked first, my manners totally left me when doing this. Sorry. But I just loved your character's design to much to not do this. Please don't take this the wrong way. I converted Ariel ( I think...) over on the computer, I got bored, and needed a quick break from development. I wanted to show you, the final product. I based it off the "Heyo!" Piece you made. This okay? Need anything changed, pop me! (Went with classic Black and white. It's also transparent.) -A.R


    1. minespatch



      That's great! I'll add it to the artist tribute section on my apophenia art thread.

      Go ahead to draw Skeledork whenever you want. :wilson_smile:

    2. minespatch
  7. The penguins are acting agressive

    Not to draw away from the topic of evil penguins. But that sentence is amazing. "Getting killed by a penguin in cold blood" is just somehow hilarious to me. -A.R
  8. :)

    Morsels for days! Days I say! -A.R
  9. Let's talk about this Spider Hat

    Well, If I'm correct, you are talking about this. And if so. The reason he loses sanity is because he's wearing the cut off head of a Spider queen. The closest thing he has to a mom in this strange shadow world. Also, Webber is one of the "middle" characters. Anyone can play a Webber. Not only new players. So no need to worry about that. I'm a Webber main myself. But yeah, he's wearing the head of a potential mother. Not the most comforting idea for him... And there is a cannon reason he can't see in the dark. That's because you(The player) see from the Kid part of Webber. This being because Webber is 2 people in 1. A small boy eaten by a Spider. The spider can see in the dark, sure. But not the boy. And his overall sanity is low because he's still young and trapped inside a Spider. Hope this clears some stuff up! -A.R
  10. Hiya there! Those there sinkholes were made by the Antlion. If you don't appease her, she'll get in an ugly mood, and spawn them. They patch up in 20-ish days times. Best way to calm her is to give her food, rocks, meat (I've heard.) and toys. (Trinkets.) Or right up kill her. To fight her, feed her a warm or freezing thermal stone. If you have a base underground then she'll summon rocks to rain down on you. Mine them or carry them to remove them. The Antlion is not something you can disable either. (Last I checked in game.) So I hope this helps! Here's an Image to know what you are looking for. (She only lives in the Desert. And any rain will cause her to flee. Besides that, she holds still all the time.) -A.R
  11. It was fun meeting you at the Forge. ^^

    1. Angel_Octoling


      I'm still in shock... I played the Forge with THE one and only Minespatch... We did so good that time as well! We've gotta do it again sometime! It was awesome meeting you! A.R

    2. minespatch


      My steam name is same as my username. It'll be better if we friended each other before we play again.:wilson_ecstatic:

  12. Hiya! So, with the new beta branch coming out all and all this I figured it'd be time to get back into the DS spirit! After a few days or so of playing in the beta I wanted to try the Adventure mode again! But to my surprise after beating it not a single person is sitting on the Throne. And it looked backwards but I couldn't tell with it being empty and all. I'll provide a screenshot as soon as I can, but the main issue is when I try and use the Divining rod on the keyhole everything freezes. I believe stuff is happening but I can't see any of it... After a few tries (around 4.) I get the same result. This happens with and without shipwrecked merged.
  13. I'm still alive! (I think.)

  14. Wait, Please don't tell me I started something! Noooo!~
  15. Okay now I'm not sure if anybody has pointed this out yet, but Wilson over here has the right idea! I'm not sure if it's just me but how come every time I see this new armor I think it's just going to close and hurt kill you? It's kind of creepy if you think about it. Also! I'd like to point out how we never "KILL" this Fuel Weaver. I think iit's impossible to kill and we get help. Take a look.