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  1. mqIGFdn.png
    *Sponge bob guy voice* A few moments later...

    I just find it funny please don't be mean :wilson_worried:

    1. Mobbstar


      haha did that actually happen?

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    2. minespatch


      controversial statement

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  2. Epic KCDA and Maślak bonding with same reacts. I'm not particulary fond of mobile games, but I like Don't Starve as a whole, so I hope it's gonna be good. (Also Tencent bad, you guessed it) In all seriousness I want to see some new lore or something, so it's cool, will follow the news. Stay safe everyone!
  3. I didn't know it was a bug and thought it's something on my end. Now I know, thanks! Encountering beetles could totally silence some of the sounds. Then they would sometimes come back for a brief moment and get silenced again.
  4. Sun giving you a hard time? Hide under glass dome!
  5. Wortox animations is... something.
  6. MLP music is my jam OwO
  7. Crops grow slower on the ground than on farms, I don't really see any advantage here
  8. I don't understand why people say that Wormwood and Warly will synergise well.
  9. Not really, we just got sailing and that's it. And it's different.
  10. What's a minimap? I'd say there's just a map ;_:
  11. That's what they did with a lot of stuff in SW. It wasn't very creative