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  1. It's always about comparing cock-a-doo, while in reality size of ballsie-danglitty-doo is what matters. Well, in world of mammals.
  2. What the hell is a pugna chest

    Pugna Chests replaced all common rarity drops during The Forge event on PC and contained 4 event items. I have no idea how or why you got it on console.
  3. You have this great abbility of inducing laugh every time. That's golden, mate. I like him though. EDIT: I just recalled that Curator legitely suggested making all characters cosmetic (so all beardless Wilsons) as the way to bring in variety. These were the days.
  4. Hey look, it's Misuto! It's good to see you. Said random person I don't really think much people care about these tbh, sadly. I didn't really know it's a thing myself, too.
  5. It's not like we've known about this for a long time already :S I don't remember if we contacted author tho.
  6. Looks it's funny because it's Wes
  7. Coconuts falling on head

    I see you're still trying, Fimmatek x) I lost one world when coconut killed me. It was hilarious. From now on I *always* wear armor when chopping palm trees, unless it's early game. Early game I don't chop them when I'm low on HP, it's that simple.
  8. Pengull Parade is EU iirc, while Peter lives somewhere in Canada. Makes sense.
  9. On top of that you'll get instantly kicked after joining anyway, so de-blocking spawn is not an ultimate fix.
  10. Anti-hounds setup

    The slight benefit is that you can wear both helmet and suit at the same time to save one inventory slot. By having both you can also wear helmet or suit depending on situation, if you need to put on rain coat you wear helmet, when you need to wear miner helmet you can switch to suit.
  11. There's pig named Chris already, in DST, but I doubt they'll give pigs names of players/forumers. That would be stupid in most cases. Imagine pig named EuedeAododoeodeodoeoeooe
  12. I played on EU Klei Pubs aswell. But it was long ago, when they first got introduced. I met many amazing people and had lots of fun. Learned a lot, too. Later I moved on to play with my friends (ones I met on pubs) on our own servers. Such a shame, we could just hijack some Klei Pub when I think about it now... If you meet 10 players and 3 of them were griefers (which I really doubt) you can't just say that 30% of players are griefers. That's not how statistics work. You need waaaaay bigger sample. 500 players, I'd say?
  13. I'm sorry but 30% is ridiculous. That's simply not true. Yeah, sure. Unless you have person who they already kicked on your friends list. They simply assumed I came to grief and annoy them, while the reality is totally different. I just came to talke and try to persuade them to get their own server, but I was kept being called "griefer" and some less nice words. Reasons can vary but effect is the same, preventing others from playing. You are right. If Klei doesn't do something about this I'll lost my faith in them, no matter how silly this sounds. And by doing something I don't mean disallowing players to set stuff on fire etc like Szczuku said, these aren't good solutions imo. They need to take action and ban these people from playing on Klei pubs or at least tell them personally that they are wrong. Because right now these players are like "I'm just playing the game what's so wrong about this, genius?".
  14. I'll pass. As I said, there are always some rocks in small savanna next to spawn area. Snakes come out during dusk or when you step too close to their nest. Nests can be easily located. If you start with just one flint then avoid getting in fights with snakes, it's that easy. Maybe I'm a fool feeding troll. I hope so, actually. Because I don't want to believe there are people who can be THAT wrong.