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  1. This thing has been posted before, I don't really remember what it was though. Some SW related thing iirc, looks like Quacken
  2. First time seeing this. I guess I'm out of touch with the community
  3. Can you teleport bread tho? For real though, I guess the gem thing is fair. It won't be as easy to get massive amounts of oincs now, but I can live with that.
  4. So you can teleport to/from ruins/houses? As far as I know the telelocating magic in DS depends on lighting and so you cannot use it in caves. Kinda weird to make it work in ruins/houses. I don't understand this one. By "waking up" you mean lightbulb regenerating/respawning, right? It's a little bit confusing because in DST lightflowers actually can "fall asleep"/"wake up", and while they "sleep" they do not produce light even tho they are ripe. It's not a thing in DS (unless it just got added?).
  5. Hey Jason, I appreciate the work! I have a suggestion regarding rabid beetles. I feel like that's too much of a nerf, really. I believe the main focus was to improve performance and not decrease difficulty, is this true? I think a way better idea to do this would be to simply kill all rabid beetles when new eggs get spawned. As far as I'm aware each humid season start every great leafy stalk has a chance to spawn several eggs. The problem was, imo, the fact that eggs were spawned every cycle (30 days) while already existing beetles stayed alive. If all the beetles would just die and stalks spawned new eggs it would work much better, in my opinion. Won't decrease difficulty too much but should fix performance issues. Beetles dying day after hatching makes them quite silly. Well, depends if never loaded beetles die aswell or gotta get loaded first. EDIT: Right, they only hatch when loaded. So Szczuku explained it quite well, then.
  6. Why do people quote someone and then erase it all just to type



    in it?

    That's stupid, because the quote becomes useless. I know that quoting whole big post is bad but you can just quote several sentences that you comment on.

    Stupid thing.



    1. Mobbstar


      Took me a while to realise what you mean, but yeah, it's dumb. In some older forums you needed to do that to notify that person, but nowadays most people just do it because writing half a line of extra text to indicate that you're replying to something is too effortous and ugly.

    2. DragonMage156


      Or there is no words in the postand the forum nukes the picture resize option ;u;

  7. Denial: No, that must be a bug... Why... Why is daddy Warbucks gone? Anger: Klei you evil people! How could you remove our Ol' Chap?! You deserve the worst! Bargaining: JoeW, I have come to bargain! Perhaps... Perhaps we could scrap some of the background and personality and reintroduce Warbucks with some changes? Depression: Hope is gone. Warbucks is dead and will stay dead. Life has lost its colors, it's no longer shiny red and white... It's just dark. Grey and black are the only colors I see now. Acceptance:
  8. As it was written - no, some features will definitely need a new world to be created.
  9. Yup, Thunderbirds targeting was broken, thanks for fixing it! And about bramble traps, I think they might be useful for rabid beetles due to the aoe nature. A lot of beetles fit in small space, so they should take a beating!
  10. I also prefer the old one. This one has a nice touch but won't look as good when Wormwood blooms, like Cannoball said.
  11. Nope. Shipwrecked just reskinned the whole thing. I want an entirely new, different way to worldhop in Hamlet, so it's not just assemble the parts n' go for the 3rd time. Some time ago I've suggested using BFB for that, but it probably wouldn't work.
  12. I hope it won't be teleportato but something way different
  13. I was always wondering if Joe actually wears a monocle
  14. warbucks is gone

    God I'm dying