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    1. minespatch


      Having fun with the new frames?:wilson_sneaky:

  2. Ash Tein himself roasts Klei enthusiast Anyway I guess I can actually contribute instead of making 3rd post just for funny reacts. Well, this one's obscure reference anyway, react with Big Ups if you got it let's see how many of us are there, fellow gamers. So, some people pay more money for Fair Trade products, because they want to directly support farmers and add less fuel to capitalism machine. I understand and adore that, might do that myself at some point, providing I'll be able to afford that (cannot rn). Some people don't eat meat because they're aware of how terrible fate of farm animals can be. Same as above, minus the economic factor, I'm just too damn lazy to change my life. Maybe in the future! And some people don't support chinese companies, because they're aware of stuff that goes in China and don't want to contribute. Would they actually contribute by buying chinese products? Hard to tell. But once again, I totally understand. DS New Home stuff was wacky, people trashing on Tencent and other people reminind that Shengqu are the devs and stuff. And then that twitter contest controversy kicked in, haha. But here people are expressing their opinions regarding Tencent and China in general, and it definitely is relevant here in this thread. Scott Pilgrim game got re-released but it requires Ubisoft account and usage of their platform. I really wanted that game, but screw Ubisoft. Their CEO covering up sexual misconduct, employees being overworked and stuff. Plague of all the AAA studios, really. So I just don't buy their games, even if I actually find them interesting (rare). I don't snag Epic Games freebies nor use their platform because of how Epic treats their workes, so same story. Tencent did all that bad stuff aswell, and well, Epic is part of Tencent. Ubisoft probably too, lmao. Will I stop buying Klei stuff? Probably, but I haven't really bought anything for a long time anyway ;_; Not my cup of tea, and my DS phase is long gone.
  3. I think it's the 3rd time Edgy Rick is quitting DST c:
  4. Certified Shopcat Moment
  5. I experienced struggles while contacting representatives of chinese companies a couple times, when I had problem with purchased product and wanted to ask about next steps they kept replying in broken english and misunderstanding me, then just sent me another piece of the item, haha. My friend ordered smartwatch once and it did not arrive. She messaged seller, they sent her another one. Later both arrived, so she contacted them again to ask how to send one back (because that's a fair thing to do) and they were this close to sending her third one, because they didn't understand. What I'm trying to say here is that for some reason it is common for chinese companies to have poor handling of global customers/clients, even tho so often these companies are specifically aiming for that kind of market. ...But with that said, I don't think that is the case here. There were many great photos for the food contest, yet they chosen that profile with stolen ones? This is not incompetence. If anything, they are incompetent in the ways they deceive people.
  6. When you make effort to write well-researched reply to a thread of a fellow breast milk bankster only for it to be removed. Sad, klei forums, sad!

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      Have you thought about pming the forum topic writer?

    2. Maslak


      I did that for fun really, just to feed the troll. There is NO WAY that was like, a real post haha

  7. I can't believe Bigfoot says the s-word. Twice!


    1. Maslak


      Really nice video, check it out!

    2. Mobbstar


      He reminds me a little bit of Bob Ross. What with the "[masterpiece] is no big deal, just doing happy things" attitude.

    3. Maslak


      I can see that!

  8. Hello

    Who's still here?

    Have a good day!

  9. I often found myself roasting batilisk's wings too! Nice filling and health, it's like chicken wings (yum) but DS style.
  10. Ahaha Minespatch you really are going places, this is so old. Thanks, you made me smile Now give me big ups!
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    *Sponge bob guy voice* A few moments later...

    I just find it funny please don't be mean :wilson_worried:

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      haha did that actually happen?

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      controversial statement

      This status update is now closed for further replies.

  12. I didn't know it was a bug and thought it's something on my end. Now I know, thanks! Encountering beetles could totally silence some of the sounds. Then they would sometimes come back for a brief moment and get silenced again.
  13. Sun giving you a hard time? Hide under glass dome!