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  1. QoL2 (pls Klei)

    Using this method you can multiply eggs and they will never hatch on their own. Later you can just crack one egg open, get all the charge you need and then repeat when needed. It's an exploit of a glitch, obviously. Although now with thunderbirds it doesn't really mean a lot. Still a good way to farm down feathers, though.
  2. QoL2 (pls Klei)

    Giants in DS are not guaranteed spawn as they stated. My worst scenario was when I haven't got Goose till something around day 300 in WX world, and Goose is crucial because you can glitch egg and get unlimited charges this way. The Deerclops thing is a myth I think, never happened to me. Giants set to "more" will spawn more than once during their season.
  3. QoL2 (pls Klei)

    I'd prefer some alternatives. At least for worldhopping. "bring 4 pieces to X" was done twice already and it's boring. Maybe include Aporkalypse in this. Kill Herald to obtain some drop and to something with it or whatever.
  4. QoL2 (pls Klei)

    I don't consider this obligatory. I see it only as a thing made in DST for players who find themselves joining in summer, so they have a chance of surviving. In DS you always have enough time to prepare.
  5. If they added rain book it would be pretty nice. Wicker mains could summon rain for RoG summer without use of dripple pipes/howling conch/telelocators
  6. Yup, and it's pretty good Works with even items only (non-event items are better traded away or sold, usually).
  7. That sounds interesting!
  8. Is there any evidence or is it just a speculation? Maybe it's just a way to remove them, like sandy piles from Shipwrecked, for example. Unless you cannot dig up these tuber stumps, then I take it back.
  9. Wx-78 is OP

    Never heard of that. I guess he was like that in early days?
  10. Wx-78 is OP

    That's simply not true, as I said. One hurricane season I spent every storm on small island, fighting off shadows and getting charges. My charge ended before dry season started. Unreliable and as I said quite annoying. You can't go mind your own business but need to dedicate time to charge. At least you can farm some nightmare fuel while doing so. True, but gears aren't a necessary after you go through 15 upgrades. They're just for emergency healing/sanity/whatever. Their role is even less important now when we have bundling wraps.
  11. Wx-78 is OP

    That statement is true, I agree. And it's fine, really, you haven't made any objections yourself either. It's a single player game and you're free to pick whoever you want. One character is better than others and I find it fine. WX is weaker in SW though. In RoG you can use glitched mosling eggs to charge all you want, in Hamlet thunderbirds do the same for you. In SW you can go catch lightings every storm during hurricane season but that is time consuming and annoying and the charge won't last whole year anyway. You could also go to volcano and spam telelocator on yourself which works fine, but you can't mass-craft staves in SW.
  12. Warmhearted, smilling old lady... MISSING. If you remove the "missing" part, it's a nice photo. If you add it back however, it's the saddest photo ever.
  13. Saddest picture ever :c
  14. Guys why do you keep posting your skin drops here