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  1. Rain and Snow Lag Fix

    That's nice! You could link workshop version here in description, though
  2. Rain and Snow Lag Fix

    Hey, that looks like a mod I've been looking for, thank you! Is there any possiblity of you uploading it to steam workshop? You know, just some extra convenience and chance to deliver it to more players.
  3. Disable Auto-complete

    But... But... Space is cool
  4. Signature restrictions

    *cough* Weirdobob *cough* Yup. Maybe there should be to ways of putting links to forum threads - current one and micro one that takes much less space. Micro one would be great for signatures.
  5. ...Which doesn't change the fact that Forge skins are non tradable and non marketable and will stay this way. Unless you mean buying them dircectly from Klei. But I think it's gone by now.
  6. Doro's art place thingy

    He lost a bet. In hilarious circumstances
  7. Gekkos should be alternative by default, not the only way in the long run. There are reasons making gekkos not fine - they have pros and cons. Pros: Can be autofarmed and harvesting takes less time Cons: Can wander away and/or get killed Having them spawn in caves is terrible - earthquakes will slowly kill them. Lureplant farms are good because they can't spawn gekkos. But still, having some grass tufts farm that is meant to be harvested manually is almost a must. And not everyone wants gekkos, for the reasons I listed. Disease is super dumb and most users agree on that.
  8. Blind box Gold Maxwell

    There were people getting all kinds of golden figurines. From what I remember they were produced due to some mistake? I'm not entirely sure, let's ask @Corey.
  9. Yup. In my opinion, survivor's filter should be off by default and own filter should be on. Also, the game should remember your filter preferences instead of reverting them back to default every time.
  10. @Dorozco's art really looks nice in your signature.:wilson_smile:

    1. Dorozco


      The art looks so bad in the profile background holy shet I must fix this or make a profile background version.

    2. Maslak


      I'll wait.

    3. minespatch


      He already finished last night.

  11. I share your opinion and totally agree. I haven't noticed the inconsistency you pointed out, it seems so clear to see and unpleasant right now! About main menu background animation. Well, it's just some old art (just like vignettes/loading screens, that's sad) modified and animated. It doesn't have much frames which makes it not so visually appealing. The good thing is that you can easily modify it by removing some of the layers so you can have just Willow and crows, for example. Or make your own textures and go nuts. But yeah, it's not a real upside.
  12. exposed


    1. Maslak


      Oh no. At least I hadn't GONE SEXUAL [IN THE HOOD]
      Yeah, not funny ;_;

    2. minespatch


      Your "A" rank is your internal screaming?

  13. Hello! My offtopic art thread died and stuff, it was to be expected. But recently I made something DS related, so why not put it in here? My favorite time of the year is getting closer and closer!
  14. Signature restrictions

    Well, we know that these restrictions are not being followed. You can just block person's signature and done, no biggie. But I agree, some restrictions would do, not so harsh ones. But at the same time mods should react when signatures break rules.