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  1. Yep, kidna weird to find it out just now, if she really is your favourite character
  2. Difficulty in DST

    Guide NPC exists for that reason, he's way more than just a guy you kill to fight a boss. His hints are a great way of telling player how to progress but not giving them everything on the plate. And every item that can be used in crafting has material written in its description. You just bring these items to Guide and he'll tell you what you can craft with it and what crafting station/tools you'll need for that. It also works with modded items, I'm sure. And some may say this is a bad idea, having so much recipes that you need to create NPC for this reason. It is not. It's better to do this than limit the game's possibilities and building/decor items variety. In fact I really liked bringing new stuff to Guide to see what I can make from it. Thank you for your meaningful addition. Watermelen was here. I found the thread interesting to read. I'm all up for late game difficulty increase, but I don't know how should it work. I don't know if it's possible, too. For example it would be hard to improve fighting, because in this game combat means running back and fourth and hitting enemy. I think that Unnatural Selection mod had the idea of hardmode, but we know how that whole project went.
  3. I don't know, I just think that it has nothing to do with religion. They just feed the beast so it won't harm them.
  4. Religion is more like believing in some sort of god(s). Gorge residents don't have to believe in evil gnaw, it is very real and they appease it because they have to.
  5. [Game Update] - 347153

    I didn't know it was a bug and thought it's something on my end. Now I know, thanks! Encountering beetles could totally silence some of the sounds. Then they would sometimes come back for a brief moment and get silenced again.
  6. I haven't heard of such thing, sadly, that's why I asked here. DS modding/tools developing surely is less popular, so I doubt someone made something like this.
  7. Sun giving you a hard time? Hide under glass dome!
  8. Wortox animations is... something.
  9. Yeah, but both RoG and SW have 2 longer and 2 shorter seasons. I can't see how making 2 SW seasons 1 day longer was not an oversight. RoG seasons used to randomly be either 1 day longer or not, but it was fixed as far as I remember. Why not introduce synchronization?
  10. Yeah my friends made me realise that yesterday. I wish it was fixed. Because it really seems like an overlook. @Jason could you please look into that in free time? If both RoG and SW would be 20-15-20-15 it will be possible to sync it. Would be cool if they were always automatically synced, so if you worldhop in linked SW world during monsoon season, new world will be still in monsoon season, just to keep it synced with RoG's spring. And vice versa.
  11. It worked! Thank you a lot. I had SW and RoG seasons relatively synced, SW was just lagging two days behind. Now it's autumn and dry season at the same time, so it's a mess. But it's okay, I'll try to solve that issue aswell.
  12. Hello! Does any of you know a way to make old RoG+SW world created before Hamlet release Hamlet compatible? The usual way is to create fresh Hamlet world, build Skyworthy and link it with existing RoG+SW world. But this kills old character (so removes all the learned recipies) and replaces old daycount with new one. I don't want that. In old worlds like this one you can't craft any Hamlet items, and you can't even spawn stuff with console. I tried spawning Skyworthy (prokland_entrance) but it cannot be spawned. My guess is that I would need to add some line of code to my save, but save consists of many files and they kinda contain gibberish. Thanks in advance for any help given.
  13. Music thread

    MLP music is my jam OwO