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  1. Me: Okay, let's draw a pufft for this week Sleep depreived me: What's that? Dedede? NO WAIT-
  2. Oh hi there! It's been a while, eh? Semester's winding down and to relieve a little stress for a presentation I have tomorrow, I drew some dupes running for their lives. Can you tell it's been some time since I drew some dupes?
  3. Was gonna make an animation of Ren trying to lean on a wall in confidence and immediately falling down after saying (Mouthing, because it would be a gif) "I assure you, it'll work", but I couldn't because Audacity wouldn't open so I could measure out sounds. So here's the Stinky and Meep as compensation with headphones.
  4. Today I bought a "How to draw manga" book and started practising. Here's an Ellie. I didn't get very far in the book because book is new and folds back in on itself when I don't have something to hold the pages down with.
  5. "The pile of copper I used to sit on got moved, so I'm sitting on the ground now." -Stephan celebrating new years.
  6. Hey! How was everyone's christmas? Anyway, Remember a long time ago when ONI's starting screen had a bunch of randomly generated dupes crawl around the base? Well I liked two of them so much, that to this day, I still draw them. Fran on the left, Billy on the right.
  7. Banhi, to Devon: "I didn't drop food on the floor while carrying it back, I swear." Joshua: And as a bonus, I'm kinda late, but some weird bald vegan spaceman who yells a lot turned 2 years old.
  8. Confused Ren Got myself a Wacom drawing tablet!...except it's from 2004 and the space to draw on is tiny...TINY. It's really only good for making outlines and rough linearts.
  9. It's close to Christmas soooo... Here's some dupes doin the charlie brown dance.
  10. I just had to make this after seeing the animation stream. "Well Garsh!"
  11. On American Thanksgiving, I bought Xcom: UFO defense and thought to myself "Hey, they would make great duplicants because they're...replaceable? No, that's not the right comparison. Nonetleless, here's one of my soldiers as a dupe. He's confused about puffts.
  12. Ugee M708. 

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      Image result for ugee m708

      this'n. its got a cord too that you hook up to a computer to charge it. The pens have surprisingly long lifespans, but with the caviat of the cords being propriatary, so if you lose them and your pen dies, you need to buy a new cord.

    4. MF99K


      the thing that's weird is that my pen looks almost identical to that and it doesn't need to be charged so I'm not really sure how they would be so different internally

  13. low end 50 dollar ones do like my Ugee m708.
  14. heeyyy guess who found a thing to charge her tablet pens?! Celebratory Burt. With freckles. I thought that would look adorable.
  15. OCs being attacked by a rabid hatch? OCs being attacked by a rabid hatch. Welcome to the "my tablet pen died and I can't find a new charger at the moment forcing me me to draw traditionally" part of the year.