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  1. Wes-a-week™

    Hey thanks man, me too Can't wait to see where this goes! Oh yeah, I just might do that and post it in here! And thanks man, means a lot
  2. Hello wonderful Don't Starve community! Some of you might remember my 100-day-challenge thread where I had to draw a Don't Starve character for 100 days straight. Well that turned out to be quite demanding, (especially for a student with a part-time job) so sadly, I eventually stopped doing that challenge. Fret not though, for I have devised a magnificent master plan to work around the stress of having to draw daily - I'm gonna do a weekly drawing instead! Of Wes; the all-time fan-favorite! I'm really looking forward to interacting with this wonderful community again, and diving headfirst into this artistic adventure! However, this time around I thought it might be fun to give it a little twist... Every week I will find a random adjective and draw a Wes accordingly. I also encourage any artist, aspiring or experienced, to join me in this challenge and post your artwork in this thread. So without further ado, let's get into it! Wes-a-week #1 Word of the week is COOL I decided to draw a cool thriumphant Wes riding his dapper invisible chopper. Black and white for extra coolness.
  3. Man I have been waiting sooo long for something like this post. Very excited for the all the new stuff and omg more lore yessss
  4. Drawings and Drivel

    My god you are good at drawing faces and stuff! Love your artwork
  5. The 100-day-challenge

    Nah but thanks alot man, appreciate ya!
  6. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    If I vote for "My style" in the poll, are you gonna do it in MY style?

    Hello Imagi and welcome to the forums! We definetely like artists such as yourself, so please draw more and post it here :V pls make more memes too also nice to know you're from earth
  8. The 100-day-challenge

    So I've begun watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure recently, and I couldn't help but think back to the time I got a request to draw WX as a JoJo stand, and I just drew such garbage. So I decided to remake it, just because JoJo is the fricking best thing ever ohmygod Yare yare daze... okay maybe I went a little overboard on the pose... Man looking through my archives of 100-day drawings makes me miss this thread so much
  9. Drew a lil' something something. Really hope the stream tonight is gonna reveal the new event :V
  10. Ninjanemo's art thread thingy

    So those new victorian skins are looking cool
  11. Ninjanemo's art thread thingy

    Thanks alot man, appreciate it Yeah, I believe I was just drawing them both from memory when I did those drawings, to make sure they didn't look WAY too alike the real game. Well yeah, the only other alternative is to stay with those good-for-nothing mortal fleshlings