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  1. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Maxwell would probably go with shadow monster and as for Wilson... Gobbler maybe? No it's okay I gave him arms now!
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Was told to post this here
  3. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    crap I thought that was the exp
  4. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    better late than never ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for all the support guys, appreciate ya!
  5. Well I mean I got two elegants and you only got 1 elegant and 1 distinguished...
  6. Well I am currently studiying biotechnology! I still don't get it though...
  7. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    All right guys time for an update on what I have been doing. Some of you may have noticed that I've missed the last few days of my challenge. This is simply due to the fact that I have been having wayy too much on my hands these last days (mainly just boring education and work stuff). Because of this I just can't find the time to sit down and draw a drawing for my challenge that I can be satisfied with. Therefore I have decided to stop the challenge for now. Hopefully I'll find the time and energy start it up again sometime in the future. I will however still be drawing the remaining requests over the next few days Until next time!
  8. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Maxwell #17 "You and me both, rabbit..."
  9. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Maxwell #16 When ur playing Maxwell and ur sanity drops to 0. Sorry for this one being a teeeeny bit late I'll get to the requests soon
  10. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Maxwell #15 Quickie before bed
  11. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Holy crap I didn't realise he looked that much like Quagmire ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Maxwell #14 Aww, a widdle baby maxwell