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  1. blatantly spooky picture is spooky

    sus shit.png

  2. apparently i never did a proper goodbye on here! 

    anyway, check out my links if ur into that sorta thing

    uhhhh ok byeeeee

  3. hey you're not allowed to look at my profile that's illegal I'm supposed to be dead over here dammit


    anyway hope you're doing good pal

  4. 20181011_000345.png

    I have an art amino for those who have that app, all are welcome

  5. and despite previous attempts heres another comic im doing

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    2. Mobbstar


      I love the faces!

    3. greenglacier


      Man you changed nothing. Still posting status updates as regularly as I remember.

    4. SirKnight


      discourteous intolerable forbearance

  6. I have a pretty hard rule towards second chances, and when they can be given

    particular things can only go so far until I get actually mad

    but also i dont stay mad for very long just?????? how do people stay mad for years about who did something minor?????? i have no idea??? i am just so bad at this mad thing

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    2. SirKnight


      im talking about my mom

      my mom is terrible

    3. MenaAthena


      oh my goodness I have the same problem and it's so frustrating

      it's hard (but use to be harder) to give someone consequences for doing something bad to me because I would stop being mad about it literally the next day, and then they'd do it again, and then all the anger from the past times of them doing it will resurface, and then the anger goes away, and then they do it again, and it's just a cycle

      someone has to hurt me pretty badly and consistently over a long time for me to stay angry long enough to actually do much about it, and then at that point i'm extremely bitter and wounded 

    4. SirKnight


      i know right

      and the people who do it over and over know they can get away with it because of it

      (in my mom's case she knew i couldnt escape so used that to be rude) i tend to just stop giving out as many chances if it really bothers me yknow?? its such a hassle to have to be the one to constantly deal with someone elses rudeness???

  7. in so far as my comics

    Eight is dead but alive?


    other comics are hard to do with my other hard drive being hecked up

    basically i am having to start fresh on a lot of things

    1. SirKnight


      if anyone missed it






    2. DragonMage156


      Is it possible I can have the comic link? I wanted to wait until there was more comic parts to read and... kinda forgot about it ^^;

  8. hey am i back? i dunno

    feel free to ask :v

    1. Donke60


      Welcome back young doggo

    2. Pyromailmann


      Are you the opposite of dead?

  9. remember to check out later this month, i might actually have a chapter up

    those who should be interested will eventually see it