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  1. Hey Guys! There was a question about the card art and how it's done. Typically they are first designed and then I (Jouste) make a temp art version usually based on what the theme and style the card is trying to show, It's fast and sloppy and really just there as a loose blueprint. You've probably seen them kicking around experimental or the files, they have a big TEMP label on them so it's easy for our artist Daniel Yu to find them and then knock them out of the park and make them game ready with a final pass. So really it's a big collaboration, if Dan has a better idea that flows more he just puts it in the final art of the card (like the great addition of the lumin rat in this one for example). It's been a lot of fun and even though the cards are technically "drawn" twice, I think that it's what makes them pretty great to look at and enjoy. Hope that answers some questions!
  2. We miss you, Jesse!

  3. Glad you guys liked the temp art! @ResettePlayer Here's all the temp images used for the parasite cards. I had a lot of fun playing around with the bog parasite things.
  4. oh man alive @ResettePlayer that is such an incredible piece! Thank you so much! you gave me such a wicked pole-axe and the expressions are gold! Really well done!
  5. Hey thanks a bunch for the report! This one actually had us hunting around for damage in negotiation as a whole and we did a few changes based on this feedback. Now it's ALL damage properly, so your orbslug and other grafts will be dealing the bonus damage now. We've also flagged some sources as "losing resolve" that's from effects like baffled and drain resolve that goes underneath composure, these things will NOT be effected by Short Fuse. -jesse
  6. Hey guys! since there's not going to be another stream till the new year i decided to post my messages here along with a present! You guys really make Tuesdays the best and I'm so happy that I can keep streaming with you guys every Tuesday. We have such a great crew! @minespatch: great work as always! What's the benefit of using receipt paper? Always great to see your stories take place and thanks for being so involved! @crystal_clodet: great pose! I like how you are working with that rim light! @Russian Philin: Whoa! great action shot and you drew me again! Thanks so much! beard comb and everything. hmm, I wonder if I should rock the handlebar mustache... @DragonMage156: really expressive on that focused Dino! Well done. a big fan of your enraged moobot as well. Thanks for a great year of drawing along! @ResettePlayer: I actually like the builds on these characters a whole lot. great detail and well done! ---------- Here's a small picture I did in honor of everyone that drops by! I know I couldn't grab everyone but I hope you guys like it! Happy New Years everybody and we'll be sure to see you next year! SO until next time, keep on slaying, and be good to each other! -jouste the drawbarian
  7. Holy cow what a pile of awesome art! Sorry I've been flaking a bit forum side but here's some recent uploads and replies. thanks again guys! @ImDaMisterL thanks for understanding! Griftlands will be happening soon! @minespatch So many sketches! You really got a good eye and can emulate the warm ups really well. do you find yourself building a really rough under sketch? or do you pretty much go for the final right away? @Xedlord aww man I didn't think the fleadworm would be very huggable but you proved me wrong! great stuff! @RummyNG really clean look! what are you using? @Quoth143 thanks for stopping by! ---------- so I've been doing up some Don't starve fan stuff and a little bit of Griftlands. I'll be hopping on the stream today to tackle some more, here's a couple images that I've gotten too over the last couple weeks! Thanks so much for stopping by!
  8. Hey there guys! So I'm super busy with the stuff that we're working on, but I'll be back streaming starting next week at the same time! Sorry about that and keep on drawing!
  9. @minespatch Awesome! you really draw along the whole duration of the stream! That's super cool! It's really neat how you end up inking all your images. Thanks for the shout out on the forum game but I got no idea how I'm supposed to answer the question. I guess I'm fast because I wasn't very good to start so had to be something! @mikesmullin Whoa! thanks for clipping those moments in the streams! You totally got he set up! just keep at it and best of luck! Thanks so much for posting! Hey Guys! So we got our gnarly Fuel Weaver done up last week as well as a start on some toadstool action! Here's the tweet that the finished weaver is on and we are gonna try and finish the Toadstool drawing today as well as dole out the most searing hot art tips you've ever handled! Thanks again for stopping by and I'll see you guys soon!
  10. @minespatch excellent blindfold! you really get a lot of things drawn every week! Awesome stuff! I find it really interesting seeing your take on the warm up sketches as well! @reowwwwwww cool stuff! The Jaws comp works super well. And your super fox is super cool! The scoops are great, be sure to tackle them in whatever way works for you. the shading might be too 50/50? but its a great pose and I love the chicken. @ImDaMisterL Dang! well thanks for stopping by here anyways, always good to hear from you. Hey Guys! We got our ONI fan art done up last week and this week we'll be diving into some Don't Starve fan stuff again! Here's the image of that super hungry dupe and I hope to see you guys in the stream again for some more searing hot art tips! It's gonna be a good time!
  11. @Atkvin looks fine without the bodies! really neat coloring style, really soft. well done! @reowwwwwww just an amazing banana spider. great work! @minespatch cool stuff! my fave is the jackrabbit, so vicious looking! And really interesting on the Lobtaur with the inking pass! Hey guys! so we wrapped up our Warly cook off last week! It was a lot of fun, we got into some great talks and had a good time catching up with everyone! be sure to come on by today for even more searing art tips and more drawing! the Warly drawing tweet is right here. -jouste the drawbarian
  12. @ImDaMisterL hey thanks! if there's one thing I know, it's avacado weapons. @minespatch good strategy with that hat! and Dago's stats are alright, all he really does is stealth CONSTANTLY regardless of it being a good idea or not. It's pretty ridiculous. Your inked blindfold drawings and big Lobtaur sketch look super cool! Interesting take on my approach, I never really thought about other artists that tackle work like that, you gave me someone to research so thanks a bunch! @Atkvin great stuff! That torch is a tricky one to cram in there. hope you figured something out! IF not we could hop on it on stream or something. great colors! @reowwwwwww haha looks so good. another great job! Last week we started on our Warly drawing and we'll be finishing it today hopefully! we had a pretty good time drawing a Lobtaur sea-mage and horsing around. This week we'll for sure be getting some DAWJ ball (draw along with jouste... ball) happening so we'll hopefully see you guys then! -jouste the drawbarian
  13. @reowwwwwww hey great stuff! what a brand! You tend to really push poses well and approach things in an interesting way. thanks so much for sharing! Also thanks for the time coding for the events of the stream. We'll be DAWJ Balling next week for sure. @minespatch great work! also I'm not responsible for any injuries sustained during the most dangerous style of drawing. I admire your bravery for the blindfolded drawing. Thanks for sharing! Last tuesday we did up our "Down in the Dumps" ONI fan art! It's out in early access now so check it out because it's great. We tackled a basilisk type creature at the beginning of the stream as a warm up and we kept from dropping the pen width for some control practice. I really liked the effect and tackled my lunchtime DnD group's characters with the same soft approach. you can see an example below! It's Dago, our Firbolg Ranger who is friend to the forest but confounded in an urban setting. I kept only one pen through this guy's creation and really liked the way it turned out. The player of Dago is fine with me sharing the piece inspired by his exploits. Hope you guys had a good time during that stream and we'll see you next week! -jouste the drawbarian
  14. @thekrevfox Yes! excellent positronic brain, ray gun and catch phrase! Thanks so much for the post! @reowwwwwww So much energy! great job and you really nailed the hair. crying over that spilled slurpee... So that was a lot of fun! we got some fan art for Oxygen Not Included done up in the form of our Morbo-Lisa (click here for the high res!) we'll probably be tackling some more fan art today so be sure to drop in for those searing hot art tips! We also had even more Ducks from this week's Draw Along with Jouste BALL! thanks everyone for those tweets! @ragebarrage did a super aerial Duck, strong work pal! @razzlev went for some sinister foreshortening with his duck! Hope to see you guys later on today! -jouste the drawbarian