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  1. Finally the world may harness confusion power.
  2. Please be aware that in the case of monetisation, different guidelines apply. Klei may invoke rights to influence or otherwise get involved with the developement of The Community Content. The general agreement between Klei and mod developers may be void.[1] P.S.: If you really need the money, you could consider setting up a donations box (for example "kofi", possibly incentivised with community-wide rewards) or a "Patreon" system.
  3. "Tackle" as in Fish Decorations? Can I have singing Popperfish please?
  4. There is now Fish Meat from Shipwrecked? (EDIT: Wurt's change mentions it)
  5. Poldi and Ingo also like watching sunsets together. Photo by Tanja Brandt
  6. I got invisible Bull Kelp. Here's the stats for all of these transient issues: dump.txt
  7. Yes I meant that, and you made a good point. There's no logical reason it shouldn't be FOODTYPE.GOODIES then.
  8. It should probably be changed to FOODTYPE.GOODIES, like Taffy and Jellybeans. On the other hand, none of the component foods are edible by Wigfrid. (edit: That is irrelevant, as explained below.)
  9. Does this happen when you host (with or without caves?), or when you join a server?
  10. Do any of these things "fix themselves" after relogging?
  11. No mods. WX-78's "dorainsparks" code only toggles on when it starts raining. As a consequence, it can safely wear Icecube Hats, get splashed by Water Balloons, and even jump plank, and not start sparking. If rain starts, the wetness causes spark damage until rain stops and WX-78 fully dries, after which the dorainsparks code stops updating and WX-78 magically becomes waterproof again. SUGGESTED SOLUTION: have inst.spark_task running at all times, and increase the period if lag is a concern:
  12. The sound when hitting any tree with an axe got changed recently, but it feels WAY too loud now. Like, it actually hurts my ears a bit. Furthermore, the actual tree falling sound is hardly noticable in comparison.
  13. Possibly related: Now crows are invisible. I should mention I saw this a few times over the course of IA developement. Maybe there's too many assets for the game to load them all?
  14. I can't reproduce it, but it was a non-caves offline world for testing the new woodie update (no beta), no mods.
  15. See the attached images and GIF. They rotate with camera, when picked the glitch symbol disappears but they stay invisible.
  16. What server mods are you using? Did you have anything burnable near the lightning rod?
  17. These two bugs are unrelated to one another, right? And they are unrelated to the screenshot as well, yes? If Glommer dies during a full moon, it will not respawn instantly. This is intentional. As for Beefalo, what do you mean with "speed down"?
  18. Have we received any kind of acknowledgement on this? The tuning variables hint towards pacifying being intended. For clarification: It does not work because Poison Birchnut Trees are always in the process of getting pacified, so to speak. The task the game tries to use for pacifying is the same as already used to naturally turn them back eventually.
  19. I believe this issue is still in the game.
  20. Yeah, the new code excludes anything that cannot be picked up.
  21. The weird colours happen because the Sanity is not a valid number, which usually happens because a mod doesn't set up its server<->client communication properly. Try disabling the server mods, one by one, until the issue stops and you thus found the faulty mod. Then inform the mod author of the issue so they may fix it.
  22. This happens when the client and server are severely de-synced. You did not add the turfs correctly, it seems. This is a problem with your mod, and not with the game.