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  1. Mentioned in that other report as well. Apparently a lot of things are affected with icantdothatosis.
  2. Much like Invisible, Inc., the meta is to stay undetected.
  3. Take your phone and come downstairs for the guests and call it oven when you of in the cold food of in the cold food
  4. We could probably make a mod that inserts the symbols into chat upon a key combination.
  5. In my opinion, yes. It captures the value of seemingly trivial information perfectly. Steam (and by extension all desktop) also has many fun mods. If you want to hear more, we should probably move to the respective forum or to some relevant platform. I did not know Shank 2 also uses Lua scripts. I wonder why they'd do that if they did not plan to add a modding API.
  6. I said it in some profile status thread before and I'll say it again: His attitude reminds me of Bob Ross.
  7. Nah, you did, and so did @NormalPinkerton. Numbers go 01, 02, 03, ..., 10, 11, 12, ... For reference: P.S.: You can think of it as turning the "smallest" 0 to a 1, and all 1 to the right of that to 0.
  8. Sorry to keep the shopcat thing going, but this is a Klei official meme, as indicated by the URL: Edit: and here are a couple I made myself to get the point across.
  9. I wonder why they'd add so much weight. The former entirety of the sounds and music folder would be "only" 513 MB (i.e. approx. half a gigabyte), The entire DLC files were barely a gigabyte before this update. (For comparison, RoG is 535 MB and SW is 640 MB. The basegame without DLC directories is 834 MB.) (I did not update yet.)
  10. Finally the standard compiler updated the hitbox calculation. A wonderful day! Thank you!
  11. I'll be that guy and say this is a ridiculous thing. When will silk become burnable?
  12. I do not understand why the rows would need to be completely filled. As of right now, they are not.
  13. There are also two tags "notarget" and "invisible", but I think both of those are used somewhere already and thus may get removed at some point (e.g. using Bush Hat)
  14. Klei use Adobe, but the mod tools only come with Spriter. Decompiling animations into a Spriter project is possible with Simplex' "krane" tool, as found on the Browse->Downloads page of these forums, and on GitHub. As a rule of thumb, making a custom idle animation or a custom action are feasible, but reanimating everything is a lot of work because there are a lot of animations with a lot of keyframes and a lot of symbols/sprites.
  15. After you call inst:Remove(), the thing is gone. Entirely What you want is to play the "destroy" animation and install an Event Listener that runs inst.Remove when the animation finished playing. Refer to a range of vanilla prefabs for details.
  16. sad, sad dupe Why can I see one of those developing an entirely different meaning?
  17. @FurryEskimo To clarify: A variable is a name for a value. eg: breaking = 10 -- breaking is the variable, and 10 is the value A component is a bunch of code ready to be used by whatever prefabs want it. A prefab is a kind of object. eg: You can make two tents, which are two separate objects, but the same one prefab because they're made with the same code. The "finiteuses" component has a lot more than just a variable going on. It can save/load the usage and - if my memory serves - syncronises it to clients. You can look at the full code in scripts/components/finiteuses.lua, but be warned it will involve a little bit of networking. The top of the component file should list all variables defined by the component. You could also copy the component file, put it in your own mods scripts/components/ folder, rename it, and then customise it. But the point of components is to be re-usable. One of the marks of good programming is that little to no code has to be written twice! If "cheating" lets you write less to achieve more (without resulting in explosions or arrest warrant, neither of which should be the case here), then it's productive. So if you got it working with the finiteuses component, that means you got it working. If you can think of any more tests, do those to make sure it works, then you're done here. (Aside: Testing could also be automated, but Don't Starve is not suitable for that. Other programs may have "Unit Tests" and "Integration Tests", which are code specifically testing for you if other code works. Unit tests are typically fast and test only a tiny isolated part of the code, while integration tests essentially use the program automatically. Obviously, integration tests are not feasible for a video game like this, and with mods changing everything, unit tests also do more harm than good. But since testing is a slog, think about how to make testing faster anyways.)
  18. Hello! I have been summoned. Apparently the forum does that when quoting a thread. I assume you had the `local breaking = 20 --(Test code)` at the top of the file? "local" variables are local to the "scope" they are defined in. That is why `inst` is a new thing everytime the function to make one runs. If you move the "breaking" variable into the same function, it might work, but a component-based approach is probably better yes. If adding a component crashes the game, odds are the component has a syntax error or erronous setup code. Check the exact error in the logs at `Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/client_log.txt` (for what people joining a server see) and `Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/[steam_user_id]/Cluster_[saveslot_number]/Master/server_log.txt` (for what the server itself does). (Also, you could store the "breaking" variable from your original approach as `inst.breaking`. This way, it is actually part of the specific tent.)