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  1. Must be the xylophone Must by the xylophone --- Day 78 --- Also, extra stuff! 0:00 008 Party Places (Improved Percussion Edition) The original version has this horrible, HORRIBLE rattle noise thing, and I can barely stand to re-listen to it. The reason for the awful leveling of the drums was due to my earbuds being quite broken at the time, so after a few adjustments, I have a more listen-to-able version of the song! 3:57 011 Layers of Love (No Outside Samples) I removed all the Parappa the Rapper samples from the song, and left only the original composition. 6:07 016 Ajar (Instrumental) The voices were jarring to a few people, so here's a version without them. 8:54 021 Clock Machine (Instrumental) I hated my voice in this song very much. So I removed it. Hooray! 11:23 045 City Summer Night (Unedited Speed) I made the released version of this song with the intention of slowing it down to achieve the mood I was looking for. Here's the original speed! 12:59 061 Fresh Cheese (Unedited Speed, Unreversed) I played around with the song, and really enjoyed how it played backwards. So, here's the version of it that ISN'T backwards! 16:15 064 Kummerspeck (Final Part Unreversed) It's slightly different that the first part. 17:32 065 Nonstop (Original Ambience Only) This is ambient noise I made for the background of the song. It was very hard to hear, and distorted, so here's the original audio! 19:32 070 All Better (Almost) [Even Better Version] ... 22:51 076 Shortwave (No Radio Effects, No Distortion) Here's the song in its original form, before being equalized to death. 24:15 077 Too Much Thinking (Unedited Speed) It seemed a bit slow, and I have a lot of slow songs, so I sped it up to give a more energetic feel. Here's the original speed! 27:51 3453 Drip ???
  2. I've been on a plane twice in my life so far. The one in-flight movie that I had the displeasure of watching had worse audio quality than yesterday's song. The video was also worse than the song's. [I'm guessing I just got unlucky] --- Day 77
  3. Nah, it's not an overly exaggerated edgy cover of a classic popular song. --- Day 74
  4. Alright, update on that kinda' vague problem I said I was having. For about a week, I've been dealing with a very heavy dose of existentialism. Not in the terms of questioning the meaning of our lives, and trying to find a purpose, but trying to come to terms with non-existence, the loss of consciousness, and the possibility that the universe may cease completely and prevent anything else from happening ever. And other things and stuff that I'm supposed to be trying to get my mind off. Alas, going through many phases of depression and episodes of mania, with an absolute ton of support from my love, I'm somewhat better now. Not 100%, but better. Right this instant, I feel "normal", and I'm beginning to feel "normal" with a lot more frequency. So that's good! Hooray! In terms of this project, I've managed to keep it going, and now that I'm feeling better, I can get back to ENJOYING the process of creating music again! Hooooraayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (Also, with song titles like "Eternity", "Nonstop", "Live Life", "Acceptance", and "The Magic in Life", it should be clear I've been a bit... obsessive.) --- So with this, I present a very speshul song today. Enjoy! ? Day 70
  5. You're very welcome! I'm glad it could help. - Day 69
  6. Thanks for the understanding. Day 67
  7. Oh. Oh no. Now I can't stop hearing "Mobbstar". It's not too late to rename the song, right? --- Day 66 I've been going through some really, really, really bad things recently, and it's becoming crippling. I can't focus on making a nice, proper song today. I may not be able too tomorrow. I might have to cancel this entire project if I can't get myself back together soon. I'm getting help, please don't worry about me.
  8. Is that a challenge? Yep! I've already sold-out. --- Day 65
  9. Oh boy, are there a bunch of compression problems or something at the beginning. Ah well. Whatcha going to go. The rest of it sounds fine!