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    • Volcano General Discussion [Spoilers Guaranteed]
      Let's make fighting a dragoon more interesting than just making their attack stronger. How about after three rapid hits, fire bursts from their bodies (like red hounds), forcing you to be more tactical about movement and number of hits? It seems no matter how strong an enemy is, if they're kiteable, they're ultimately uninteresting
    • Do NOT Starve - A Guide to Food
      Damn, that is a lot of text. I only read the quick version at the end, but you can also use moleworms for morsels. You can relocate them anywhere so you're not limited to rabbit holes (also rabbit holes close during spring), and to harvest you just set a mineral on the ground during dusk/night and whack them when they come to take it (no resources used up in the harvest).  edit: and an even faster way to get morsel-equivalents is to turkey farm. Set up a bunch of berry bushes in a single area, set a few berries on the ground, begin harvesting bushes and when turkeys spawn they will go for the berries on the ground before the bushes. I usually end up with around 30 turkey legs per harvest of a sizable berry bush farm. 
    • Ideas for changes/additions to boats
      For a game centered around the ocean, does anyone else feel like the boating needs a little more work?  With the addition of the feather sail and iron wind in the two previous updates, i think the sails are in a good place.  5 different sails with a pretty good balance between them all.  I feel like the other boat-attachments need to have that level (or at least more than we have now) of complexity.  Other than sails we have 2 lights, 1 net, and 1 weapon.  i feel like there should be at least 3 levels of each of those items.  Here's some ideas i will throw out there: Lights Boat Lamp Bottle + 2 twigs + 3 electric doodads & alchemy engine duration is same as boat lantern, but is refueled with gears (not much to use them for currently) Nets Fishing Net 3 vines + 3 bamboo & Science Machine much more likely to catch food items, gets an extra mussel/wobster from each pickup can still catch non-food, but less likely than currently boat speed deceases based on how much stuff is in the net Trawl Net 3 rope + 3 bamboo + 2 bone shards & Alchemy Engine loot probabilities same as now boat speed deceases based on how much stuff is in the net Super Trawl Net (needs a better name) 6 rope + 8 bamboo + [hard to get item] & Alchemy Engine last item in recipe could be a large number of doy doy feathers, or maybe a new item from the last boss, or some otherwise hard to get item. less likely to catch food, slightly more likely to catch better loot 12 slots instead of 9 no speed penalty with stuff in net doesn't drop when full (but something happens to tell you its full) & can be brought back to wherever you want and dropped manually Weapons Boat Harpoon 5 log + 3 bamboo + 5 spear guns + Science Machine gets 10 shots (doubling effectiveness of the spear guns) can be reloaded with more spearguns (but will disappear if all shots are used) not sure how to incorporate poison / obsidian spearguns into this... maybe not at all... maybe reloading with those types lets the harpoon fire with those affects for two shots. Boat Torpedo 5 log + 5 charcoal + 3 electric doodads + Alchemy Engine has 10 shots that auto-fire on any creature (cannot manually fire) withing range is stronger than cannon, but very long delay between shots can be turned on/off to avoid unwanted firing of shots
    • crocodiles
      Clock-o-dials have already been suggested. Hopefully they are working on them
    • Walani change discussion
      Hrm? You can totally hammer them to get rid of it. I didn't get any materials back when I hammered it, though... but getting the board back would be OP anyway I guess. (I'm not sure if that's because I hammered it on water) Getting a few logs would be nice although it wouldn't make a ton of sense, the surfboard is questionable enough to use as-is with it's low durability and being slower than a good boat.
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