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    • Volcano General Discussion [Spoilers Guaranteed]
      I haven't tried it yet, but... could Dragoons be able to be befriended by feeding them obsidian? I also think they should buff Dragoons probably. You can stunlock them with some weapons and they go down without a fight. They don't really hurt that much. I think the most any creature could do damage to a player is 100? That's quite a bit, and damage like that is reserved for Rock Lobsters and bosses. Maybe Dragoons could do 40 damage? Less than a tallbird, and it makes them much more dangerous. Getting obsidian shouldn't be that easy, and right now, I think Dragoons should be likely to drop Monster Meat than obsidian. Volcano isn't super safe, but it's not as dangeorus as it should be as of now. (Yes, Klei will fix it of course)
    • Webber and New-Newish Players
      I know this has been discussed in the past, but with the influx of new players from sales and whatnot lately I feel the need to bring it to the forefront again - Webber and his Spider Egg starting item.    Especially on wilderness servers (like the Klei-hosted ones that were finally reset from their 40000+ day runs about a week and half ago), people who spam Webber (frequently those who tend to die A LOT) put so many eggs down that it can be quite a chore to move from one place to another, not to mention it can really start choking the server when there are so many in the worlds.   Not a problem for seasoned players (save for the lag holding us in place at times), but it can become annoying when people either absentmindedly or otherwise inadvertently place so many all over the world... barring of course the more, nefarious lets say, ways they are used... but this really is about the former, not the latter.    What I would like to suggest is changing it from Webber players starting with an egg, to a set amount of silk, or perhaps most of the materials needed to craft the egg instead of the egg itself. 
    • BUG
      Hey there @Grahf, welcome to the forums! Please, post all bug reports you may have related to Don't Starve Shipwrecked in its proper bug tracker, right here: A similar bug was also reported here. Did you also world-jump through the Seaworthy portal for this bug to happen?
    • [H] Formal Body Shell [W] Any distinguished
      Mainly looking for Formal Jacket or Cocktail Dress, but any distinguished will do! No hold. Just offer. Only 1:1. Trade link:
    • [Character] Wog, The Abyssal
      Wog, The Abyssal Just released a character that I've been working on for about a month now. This is my first mod ever and I've not used LUA before this, but I think he turned out pretty well. He's still in the tuning phase so numbers may change for balance purposes. Basic rundown: HP: 120 
      Hunger: 200 
      Sanity: 100 

      *Benefits from moisture, suffers when dry 
      *Has a very good grip 
      *Is a monster 

      Wog includes a custom speech file, art, sound effects and unique perks.  Here's a more detailed breakdown of some of the things Wog does: 
      (If you'd rather learn the character by playing him, don't read below.)  Spoiler Things to Note: 
      - Wog constantly generates wetness over time. 
      - Wog has a much higher drying threshold, so he will not dry normally unless he is too hot, near a fire, on fire, etc. 
      - Wog does not lose sanity for using wet equipment. 

      The Pros: 
      - Moves faster when above 80 wetness. (Moves normally between 40 and 80 wetness.) 
      - Has a tiny sanity boost when above 80 wetness. 
      - While above 20 wetness, Wog has a chance to dodge attacks. 
      - Moves additionally faster and periodically heals while it is raining. 
      - Stays cooler in the summer, based on wetness. 
      - Takes less damage from fire when above 50 wetness (though taking fire damage dries Wog out VERY quickly). 
      - Tentacles are not hostile. 
      - Cannot be disarmed by Goose/Moose or Bearger, and wet tools do not slip. 
      - Does not lose sanity during dusk or night time. 
      - Can eat monster meat without penalty. 
      - Does not care about spoilage. 

      The Cons: 
      - Loses wetness when hit by an attack, based on damage taken. 
      - Generates less wetness over time when below 25% hunger. 
      - Inventory items still get wet. Wet food spoils faster, wet fuel burns less. 
      - Moves slower when below 40 wetness. 
      - Greatly loses sanity over time while below 20 wetness. 
      - Periodically loses health while below 20 wetness. 
      - Loses sanity during the day (unless it's raining). 
      - Freezes faster in the winter, based on wetness. 
      - Takes more damage from fire when below 50 wetness. 
      - Pigmen, bunnymen, and catcoons are hostile.  And that's that! Let me know what you think! And report any bugs or crashes (screenshots and log files are helpful)!
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