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    • The Beaver Needs A Buff
      They are but the points right now are to fix issues in the gameplay as a whole and then look at little fun things on the side. Possibly. That or if you have someone on you when you don't want them, click on yourself/ctrl+f to knock them off.
      I would find it neato if while using the beaver as a riding buddy you could feed him logs, living logs, etc. He would act as a wall for some of your damage and maybe you could attack while on his back?? I mean this would make kiting really fun but probably OP.
      Attacking would probably be more of a use only if you have ranged weapons. And attacks would most likely knock off the rider instantly.
    • Help with a custom code and tips on character creation
      I'm not sure, I have renamed all of the esctemplates to my character name from what I see but if I was supposed to rename the actual tail parts then no. I didn't try deleting the tail folder, just replacing the pictures within it with black transparent ones like the guide told me to. Won't there be issues with textures or something if I just delete the tail folder outright? I've heard someone mention this before somewhere (maybe). I will give this a shot asap. Can you please link the thread you are referring to?
    • The Beaver Needs A Buff
      I thought videogames were made for fun.  And maybe they could make it so you can click on woodie and do like a "offer" stance and if Woodie clicks on you, you can hop on him, and get small speed boost to your destination. I forgot to mention if they didn't make it so the Woodie player couldn't control where they both go, that would be pretty bad.
    • Is this a joke ? or is it a bug ?
      I'm pretty certain this is some type of bug.  I never had it happen until recently, and it's happened often.  Fortunately I had light bugs around my fire just in case I ever couldn't get a fire going, and I ran in circles until morning. I understand that the hand spawns on the edge of the fire radius, but this spawns actually in the fire, and it doesn't go away.  You can't walk it away.  It is in a constant flee state, but stays there... stealing fires...
    • The Beaver Needs A Buff
      This is simply to assist the people who have trouble being reminded. It would be a short time as well. It's only at certain points of the log meter and then goes away again. TBH it could be completely optional. But really this is for the people who forget to listen to Lucy and get a small notice on screen to assist.(especially if you cannot hear as in DST there is much more happening than in single) Beaver riding would be great but isn't made into a key point as I don't really see much of a use other than fun. Maybe battle beaver but still. That's a debatable point and kept low on the list.
      It would definitely need to the beaver player to have some affect though if they didn't want to be ridden, similar to untamed beefalo. Buck off a person and you can attack them.
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