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      Don't Starve Together Heading to PS4 September 13th!   08/25/16

      We know everyone has been really excited and patiently waiting, and we are happy to announce that Don't Starve Together is coming to PlayStation 4 on September 13th, 2016 along with a brand new bundle, the Don't Starve Mega Pack, which will be 60% off for players who already own the original Don't Starve! The Mega Pack will include the entire current Don’t Starve PS4 catalogue in one snazzy bundle full of survival and savings.

      The Mega Pack includes: Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition Don’t Starve: Console Edition Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants Don’t Starve: Console Edition: Shipwrecked Theme Don’t Starve: Console Edition: Autumn Theme On September 13, PS4 fans will be able to get everything shown in the list above via the the Don’t Starve: Mega Pack for $26.99. As a special thank you to PS4 Players who already own the original Don’t Starve, you’ll be able to get the Don’t Starve Mega Pack for 60% off it’s normal price at $10.79. Check out our full blog post on the PlayStation Blog: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/08/25/dont-starve-together-heading-to-ps4-september-13/


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    • Everything useless in DST/DS
      Yes, a small touch here and here is often enough. Raw, good for health, damage sanity. It's usefull for emergency heal. Cooked, good for sanity, little damage to health. Less good than cooked green cap, but still useful.
    • Everything useless in DST/DS
      Just in case this thread gets locked (an embarrassingly common occurrence lately) I want to throw in my two cents.   I personally don't understand all of this red mushroom hate! Am I the only one who uses them for makeshift bandages? By cooking them? If I were to point the finger of judgement at any mushroom, it would be the blue one. I'm normally not running around at midnight, so I don't really know what they can do, but at the end of the day, when you reeeeaally have to ask which mushroom isn't pulling its weight, I think we all can agree it's the blue. (I hope it's obvious that I'm joking. If anyone knows what the blue ones are good for, PLEASE tell me! I have to know!)   As far as what I think is useless, I can't honestly think of anything. I mean, certainly some things are less efficient, but that doesn't make them useless. Besides, I fall in with the camp of people that like all of the options and variety, regardless of optimal usage. I'll admit that I don't really make blow darts all that much, but that may be more of a laziness thing than anything else. They're certainly good for combat, they just take so much to make . . . 
    • Everything useless in DST/DS
      Just wanted to be clear, this was more or less what I was also trying to get at in my earlier post. Nothing really needs a drastic change, even the smallest tweak can make many items significantly more desirable, and the tweak doesn't even have to be to the item in question. Useless is too strong of a word to be tossing around with such disregard here.
    • Custom weapon = Client freeze
      Maybe you can attach your mod as a .zip ? it will be easier to someone to look at it ?
    • What character do you main & why?
      Wendy. For the longest time I played only Wilson for the "purist" experience, but when I started playing with other characters I quickly fell in love with Abigail, the spider murder dispenser. She's also great at dispensing bee and splumonkey murder, which is great for clearing the killer bee land bridges and easy food while tearing up the ruins. Giants and depths worms are kind of a bust, though, and if I have to go into the swamp for something I have to go without my murder machine for a couple days. Reduced sanity drain at night is nice too, and lets me make do without items that others would benefit from more, like tams.
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