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    • So about that Seaworthy...
      @Chris1488 I believe the reason is actually for stability. Right now a RoG world entered through Shipwrecked is actually being run in a completely different way from a RoG world created with RoG. Normally it loads the base game files, then loads the RoG files (replacing and adding stuff). For Shipwrecked, it loads base game, then Shipwrecked (maybe RoG in between?). For a RoG world entered from Shipwrecked, it loads the same set; so what they've done is made it so that the Shipwrecked files can actually fully operate a RoG world. There've been a lot of strange bugs posted as a result of mistakes in this implementation (e.g. green ponds, invisible creatures, "boofs"). So... I'm guessing that they don't want to make all RoG worlds follow the same loading path because it could cause unknown bugs in long-running worlds. Perhaps when those get ironed out, people with Shipwrecked could enter a Shipwrecked world from a previously RoG-only world. But it might be that there are other complicating factors, too.
    • Walani change discussion
      I'd like if she had significantly reduced penalties for wetness, such as slippery tools being less likely to, well, slip from her hands since she's used to the whole being wet thing, and significantly reduced if not totally removed sanity loss for wearing wet items, though it would be only fair if any dapperness her clothes had was lost until dry again. perks about sw is one thing, not having use outside of it is my concern, again outside SW she's a beardless Wilson with tweaked stats, much like a sizable portion of mod characters, I prefer the characters be unique on a day to day basis regardless of setting not just reskins. Agreed, her "dries off quicker" thing really isn't noticeable to me, and perhaps cruising waves could give 2-3 points of sanity instead of one, I can understand why thy lowballed the sanity buff of surfing though, it's pretty easy to do and too much sanity return could easily prove OP if useless in the main world. I feel like whether the Dev's like it or not some limited Swimming mechanic may be honestly required to finish SW, as far as the Shadow's pulling you under, It makes some vague sense but the idea of swimming is that you'd have a limited time-frame to accomplish it in, and it would only be "safe" in the shallow water where there's really no "depths" they'd be able to pull you to. One notable feature of use is if your ship were to somehow drift away from the shore you wouldn't be totally stranded if it was only a couple feet out.
    • Suggestion: Wilbur diaper slot
      i don't want to make Wilbur wear a thing full of his own poop 0~0
    • Walani change discussion
      AnonymousKoala is right maybe having the sanity drain from wearing soaked clothes halved? She should be used to it
    • Suggestion: Wilbur diaper slot
      Would having more poop in the nappie slow down Wilbur and cause other neutral creatures to stay away and not accept any food from you? If it had any variation of that for it's downside, the idea would seem ok. Although, where would Wilbur wear it? In his body slot? So no backpack and no logsuit/shellsuit too for (actual) poopbag slot?  Overall, I think having to clean up after yourself just works. That could just be me though. Cheers.
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