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  2. I decided to draw Ian for a dupe a day :D!
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  4. Silven was admiring the view, and more importantly admiring being throw around in a way with ease. "Sustenance would be easily found if we search the terrain," He said, eager to explore more so than really thinking of the giant birds quest to make sure the Markless Tursai of huge origin would continue his life.
  5. Welp today is my birthday and I tried to do a big project for it but sadly only got a little done wether from distractions or not being able to work on it soo I'ma show the ones done and then post the others once they're finished @DragonMage156 @Mr.P @Ysulyan @LiptonPee @Chris1488
  6. Here's another post before I forget to post art here for a while ouo Gunshot with her Flower salad @Weirdobobs Broodling Droogafloo Dragonfly/Glommer that @Weirdobob wanted
  7. Yup this is it, Weirdo named em gunshot since I got it when the pets came out and it stuck ouo
  8. @Paxtonnnn Broodling/ Glomglom And Gunshot my ewelet
  9. Silven looked over himself. "Yes, yes, everything seems to be functional. A small jolt in the system but it's clearing up. Though it is a wonder such a small devise you effect the entire environment,"
  10. "Smaller? Why the environment would give off that effect since it has changed. But I assure you I will find out the cause of this and fix it," Silven said, as he crossed his arms and nodded.