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  1. Dupe-A-Day!

    I decided to draw Ian for a dupe a day :D!
  2. Mezz oni art *hugs*

    He normally taps the end of it against his cheek when he thinks, he forgot to turn it around this time causing him to get it on his face
  3. Mezz oni art *hugs*

    Here's a drawing of Ian
  4. Mezz oni art *hugs*

    Yeah, I wanted to add one of the creatures in oni and asked him what his favorite of the three where
  5. Mezz oni art *hugs*

    @Mobbstar dupe @Weirdobob dupe Nina drawing Two of @HotChocolates ocs- Boo and Beav
  6. What a cutie ouo! Would you be ok with someone drawing your ocs?
  7. Mezz oni art *hugs*

    Here's some dupes ima be making things with! Also creating them is fun u-u Ian: Nina: Anian: Height difference:
  8. Im a bit more active now, time to go on a liking spree! ouo

    1. ImDaMisterL


      You got plenty of reactions to choose from now ;)

    2. DragonMage156
  9. Mezz oni art *hugs*

    I have been practicing a lot and soon you may get to see some digital too!
  10. Ello again forum! I haven't been posting in a while and since I've been getting back into oni again I thought I may as well make an oni art thread as I done a while before for don't starve and off topic random art. So to start this off I made a Mez dupe!
  11. Zenna only laid on the flufficorn, practically hugging it. "Yes my steed! We must reach the tea party!" She started rubbing her face against the fluff.
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL PERSON! :wilson_celebrate: love you @Weirdobob :wilson_love:


    1. Weirdobob


      love you too <3

  13. Mezukies thread of hugs and art!

    helpful kitties sent
  14. Mezukies thread of hugs and art!

    AND I FORGOT ONE @Weirdobob
  15. Wave after Wave

    Silven was admiring the view, and more importantly admiring being throw around in a way with ease. "Sustenance would be easily found if we search the terrain," He said, eager to explore more so than really thinking of the giant birds quest to make sure the Markless Tursai of huge origin would continue his life.