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  1. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    Todays DS art was going for an ancient egyptian WX but somehow my style changed entirely...
  2. Day 49503...
    there still has been no updates to DST....

  3. they never put dates for these maybe they are going to give us a peak at the new things?
  4. i am 1000000% sure that doesnt look anything like the fuelweaver
  5. you can also get the cooked cactus flesh in the desert biome picking it costs you a bit of health but picking a few with armor will surely bring your sanity back
  6. i personally go to the PigKing and get the green mushrooms near his biome (cook the green mushrooms +15 sanity -1 hp)
  7. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    i know i know lol they were not being serious
  8. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    the reason i added shading was because @AretMaw posted their triumphant wormwood on a DS/T discord server and then i told them that i was actually drawing his roseate version and they said no you cant! im already drawing that so it was a little competition thing that who could draw it faster (probably, thats what i got) but we know who draws better... <------ Me
  9. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    roseate take on wormwood
  10. tumblr_pluj9gES7o1wvxiqb_250.jpg.fb5c936 lolwutm6?

    1. crystal_clodet


      eye gots some pic off tumblr m7

  11. Joe_plays_fortnite.PNG

    1. zergologist


      @JoeW, why have you betrayed us!

    2. minespatch


      Joe, have you done the dance?:wilson_sneaky:

  12. guys school got cancelled!
    so basically it was closed yesterday because some guy died, and tomorrow is closed because of an anniversary, and today was a normal day
    we were just 15 people, the principal said you can go home!
    top 10 best anime conclusions 

  13. RW3ztQU


    USE IT.



    1. crystal_clodet


      what even is that?


    2. watermelen671


      Tis a Discord link.

  14. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    Ugliest WIP ever ;0 (its because when i was drawing, my classmate shook the table) Wormwood 2.0! looks like a valentines card tbh^