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  1. Doro's art place thingy

    It was about if someone was banned at a certain time the other betters would make an artwork for the winner. Turns out I lost my bet by mere minutes
  2. Character art buy

    I am interested into finding out the details of this Character art commission. You can PM me about this.
  3. Doro's art place thingy

    Shhh he's not supposed to know that... But yeah, I lost.
  4. Doro's art place thingy

    Calling all pizza lovers out there, it's Charlie! I made this image for my friend @Maslak's profile background, it was quite fun, if I do say so myself. Anyway... hope ya like it, dood.
  5. All hail the Bee Queen! These ghosts look so identical to the original art I can see them added as the official ghosts for the survivors; I hope the best of luck at the process of this very cool cosmetic mod.
  6. I made this

    Welcome back, boyo.
  7. I'll end up playing as Wilson, anyways.
  8. Ban watermelen because there never is too much time to spend in the Forge.
  9. Ban LadyD because Forge got extended until early-ish December
  10. The Forge Easter Egg?

    It's a reference to Klei's new game "Hot Lava" The doll is one of the game's main characters added as a neat little easter egg from the devs.
  11. The only thing Mr. Skits made is that Lost Fragment mod found in the single player Don't Starve. It's quite a fun mod.
  12. Donke's Thread (continued)

    That's a pretty male-loving Wes pic tbh.
  13. Pigmen interacting with other Pigmen and the King would be cool.