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  1. Doro's art place thingy

    Hyuyu! I've come to make a return to this hecking art channel with a rough sketch of our newest member of the gang. Wortox the SOUL starved! I'm definitely gonna clean this one up and actually color it, so be prepared, because everyone already knew what they were going for the moment Wortox mentioned souls.
  2. I love these, man. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see the best robot on VRChat.
  3. This is epic...............................

  4. Ha-ha, YES! I have contributed to squashing bugs by screwing around with a telepoofer. I feel proud of myself.
  5. Little extra note: If you make and use the Cane/Explorer in another host's world. The sparkles disappear. It seems like only the host is able to see the magic.
  6. I have a feeling that this thread would probably fit better in The Gorge (Beta) Bugtracker, rather than the Don't Starve Together Bugtracker. If it's necessary, could a mod like @ImDaMisterL kindly move my thread to its proper place? Thanks in advance.
  7. After a lucky sight of unboxing a Goatshed Cane, I decided to take this skin for a ride. And hey! It comes with small sparkles!! I had my own fun telepoofing around anywhere, that was until I broke the tool via teleporting around too much. Which turns out, their sparkles continue to stick around. If you try equipping any other tool/weapon, the sparkles are still there! And it gets even better. If you equip another elegant Lazy Explorer, you get twice the sparkles than before! Here's the magic of this... You can repeat this process as many times as you want. The effect stacks! Here's with three Lazy Explorers wasted. Now comes six. Here are 10! 15 20 Explorers now goners. (Both empty-handed, and with tool) So yeah, this can be repeated endlessly until you get a shiny, pretty ball of sparkliness.
  8. Hello! So I have been checking out Don't Starve's current Downloadable Content, in a hype that their newest DLC "Hamlet" is coming up in the near future. As I was checking out the description of each DLC, one of these caught the most attention out of me, that being the page of its Original Soundtrack. It has been a while since I've revisited this place, even more due to myself being more interested in Don't Starve Together nowadays. But in the end of reading its description, I find myself with these words: This may very likely mean that it'll automatically update to have Hamlet's Original Soundtrack added in, and for that I'm all fine. But at what I have been wondering about, is... Will this same kind of treatment apply to Don't Starve Together's music too by porting the music to the single-player game and adding it to the Original Soundtrack album, or will we have to buy another smaller, slightly cheaper version of the game's current soundtrack, such of which will contain their own batch of music from whatever updates come to live (An example possibly being having the A New Reign's bosses music, with the addition of music from the events such as Winter's Feast, or The Forge)?
  9. I've decided to follow the character selection screen as a to-do list of which character comes next. So after I'm done with Wilson I'd then proceed with Willow, then Wolfgang, then Wendy, and so on...
  10. I've been collecting images of the process of this handsome scientist, and it's time for this thread to catch up to where I am right now. I took a shot at resizing the eyeballs to fit with how the eyes in my reference look like, this is the result. I ended up scrapping the idea of using fully modeled eyes, and instead will proceed to use 2D textures to make up for them... just like A Hat in Time! Now he's blind.
  11. Turns out I did the eyeballs It looks extremely creepy.
  12. Sneak peek, boyo It was a bad idea.
  13. Woke up to finish this darn mouth, and it's done! The teeth look smooth as heck, but that's because I don't want any unnecessary details that will end up hard to see. Now it's time to do... the eyes. To be honest, I don't know how am I gonna make them, whether to be fully modeled, or use a 2D version of them, just like the figurines have... I'll give it a shot at fully modeled eyes.
  14. Alright, I got the mouth mostly done, it has a tongue, molars, and teeth, but here's a strange thing... Using this reference that Klei has done on behalf of the teeth, it shows that they extend mostly to the sides of the head Could this mean that this is the actual correct size I should make the teeth on? Hmm... those are some pretty big chompers, not gonna lie... Welp, time to resize the rest of the mouth to make sense with the teeth.