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  1. To answer your topic: YES. DEFINITELY. ABSOLUTELY. @minespatch This was worth getting back to the forums for lmao. also @Lumberlocke THAT LOOKS BEE-AUTIFUL
  2. Hello! If you're a lad looking for someone to draw DST items, I've made my very own commission sheet! Right now I have 5 slots open to start off small and nice. Here's also my terms of service... Useful! I hope my art can be of big help to your mods! Thanks for reading!
  5. Aww, these character are total cuties! I love the Webber Queen a lot. Keep it up!
  6. I love this and I love her and I praise you for drawing the best boss in the game
  7. AAAAAAA so many Bee Queens, I love it! <3 I have two pieces with me: First one is the Bandit Pig from last stream to catch up with you guys. The middle of the night is perfect for the Bandit and his trusty Pangolden steed to sneak around. And for this week's art prompt I actually spent the week cleaning up the house, so when it was time to clean the front yard area, I used this chance to plaster my endless love for Bee Queen into the ground. Thanks for the great drawings, guys!
  8. This is TOTALLY what I'd do, and the following picture with the shorts is the perfect product of WeirdEnergyTM, thank you so much!!! <3 @Beablah I noticed ya wanted to be pinged to join in the endless love for our queen the Bee Queen!!
  9. Hyuyu! I've come to make a return to this hecking art channel with a rough sketch of our newest member of the gang. Wortox the SOUL starved! I'm definitely gonna clean this one up and actually color it, so be prepared, because everyone already knew what they were going for the moment Wortox mentioned souls.
  10. I love these, man. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see the best robot on VRChat.
  11. This is epic...............................

  12. Ha-ha, YES! I have contributed to squashing bugs by screwing around with a telepoofer. I feel proud of myself.
  13. Little extra note: If you make and use the Cane/Explorer in another host's world. The sparkles disappear. It seems like only the host is able to see the magic.