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  1. I've decided to follow the character selection screen as a to-do list of which character comes next. So after I'm done with Wilson I'd then proceed with Willow, then Wolfgang, then Wendy, and so on...
  2. I've been collecting images of the process of this handsome scientist, and it's time for this thread to catch up to where I am right now. I took a shot at resizing the eyeballs to fit with how the eyes in my reference look like, this is the result. I ended up scrapping the idea of using fully modeled eyes, and instead will proceed to use 2D textures to make up for them... just like A Hat in Time! Now he's blind.
  3. Turns out I did the eyeballs It looks extremely creepy.
  4. Sneak peek, boyo It was a bad idea.
  5. Woke up to finish this darn mouth, and it's done! The teeth look smooth as heck, but that's because I don't want any unnecessary details that will end up hard to see. Now it's time to do... the eyes. To be honest, I don't know how am I gonna make them, whether to be fully modeled, or use a 2D version of them, just like the figurines have... I'll give it a shot at fully modeled eyes.
  6. Alright, I got the mouth mostly done, it has a tongue, molars, and teeth, but here's a strange thing... Using this reference that Klei has done on behalf of the teeth, it shows that they extend mostly to the sides of the head Could this mean that this is the actual correct size I should make the teeth on? Hmm... those are some pretty big chompers, not gonna lie... Welp, time to resize the rest of the mouth to make sense with the teeth.
  7. Boom, the head's done! And oh boy... we're heading into the uncanny valley... fast. Noice. I'm gonna proceed to make the mouth now...
  8. You can already tell that this is going to be fun. Alrighty, I found a way to make the face smooth as heck, so this is gonna be useful to try to make this as least ugly as possible. Truly a gentleman scientist. This brings me the idea of how am I gonna make the eyes when I get to it. Oh well, might as well continue with the head.
  9. Heya, I've been looking at the big variety of artwork these forums have, and I noticed a surprising lack of 3D artwork... So, Imma gonna go on a journey to bring the Don't Starve characters to the world of the third dimension! The goal? To learn and understand the concept of 3D modeling, rigging, texturing, and exporting, and to upload these to the Garry's Mod and the Source Film Maker workshop (There's a very slight chance that I'll put them for VRChat too). The tools: -Blender (Modeling) -Krita (Making the reference) -(Will probably use an image editing software for the textures, like Paint.net or GIMP) -Patience (Lots of it) Let's begin! I'm gonna start with the very survivor you meet for the very first time... Wilson! So, in order to make a character, you're first gonna need a general reference where you can base yourself with and follow along, a front, and a side reference are pretty much enough to be good. Since each time the Klei artists draw Wilson in a different kind one from the other, I used Krita to come up with a general idea of a front and a side view of him. And now, after getting these in place, I'm ready to start modeling Wilson! First, I started with a plane to which I extruded and followed around to make the shape of Wilson's head. This picture shows how point-pulling is gonna be a very general thing when it comes to making 3D models, and getting to imagine how his head shape would get to make sense, the official figurines help a lot!
  10. Doro's art place thingy

    It was about if someone was banned at a certain time the other betters would make an artwork for the winner. Turns out I lost my bet by mere minutes
  11. Character art buy

    I am interested into finding out the details of this Character art commission. You can PM me about this.
  12. Doro's art place thingy

    Shhh he's not supposed to know that... But yeah, I lost.
  13. Doro's art place thingy

    Calling all pizza lovers out there, it's Charlie! I made this image for my friend @Maslak's profile background, it was quite fun, if I do say so myself. Anyway... hope ya like it, dood.
  14. [Upcoming] Skin Essentials

    All hail the Bee Queen! These ghosts look so identical to the original art I can see them added as the official ghosts for the survivors; I hope the best of luck at the process of this very cool cosmetic mod.