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  1. Random Art Thread

    Thank you both :3 I think I am going to die from your kindness
  2. Random Art Thread

    I am not worried or anything! It is a really good idea :3 sorry for the late reply Your welcome!! :3 sorry for the late reply
  3. Don't Starve Fan Art

    Thanks! Yes,I am doodling a lot
  4. Don't Starve Fan Art

    Here's a sketch of Chester! This is how I imagine Chester in real life.
  5. What is your favorite game?

    Hi! :3 Some of my favorite games are: Don't Starve,Subnautica,Eets Munchies,Limbo,Samorost 3 etc. ( I have a lot of favorite games)
  6. Don't Starve Fan Art

    After this, I probably will!
  7. Don't Starve Fan Art

    Here I come after 28 days! With a WIP of Creepy Wendy coming from a TV. My inspiration was Sadako from a horror movie (The) Ring.
  8. Random Art Thread

    I'll add it next time for sure. Thank you!
  9. Random Art Thread

    @DragonMage156 Here's your fan art! :3 I was so busy and I didn't have time to draw. I hope you like it!
  10. skins drop rate?

    I don't really know, I used to get common stuff,but today I got this!
  11. Random Art Thread

    I love it Great art by the way!
  12. Random Art Thread

    Thank you OwO
  13. Random Art Thread

    1. You're welcome! Thanks! 2. Thanks for the advise!
  14. Random Art Thread

    Yes 0w0 Yours fanart is coming soon
  15. Random Art Thread

    Here's a drawing of Skeledork for @minespatch ! He's a really nice guy and has amazing art skills. I am sorry the picture looks kinda crappy. My phone's camera isn't really good ;u; (More fanarts coming soon)