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  1. Pugalisk tail

    I thought most images of these "pinecones" were called artichokes in the code.
  2. Pith Hat with Wormwood

    Don't forget you can also make the bat cowl to see through the fog and it also gives you night-vision.
  3. [Game Update] - 307715

    Alright we get it, you vape
  4. [Game Update] - 307715

    But he doesn't even...
  5. I think they added animation canceling because of lag but it would be nice if they reworked single player's attack mechanic because there are a few differences that make it seem terrible For one if you're attacking two enemies you'll hit the first one while the other walks up to you and you'll switch to that target instead of focusing on the first one In DST you'll focus the first enemy and won't switch to any other enemies that are walking up or near you
  7. Warly in DST?

    I don't think they would add any Shipwrecked characters without adding the other three and since Wortox is one of the confirmed new characters that's gonna be added I don't think they're gonna add Warly sadly.
  8. Please I beg of you think them through before you release them ♥
  9. My Concept Arts

    Wait minute that it couldn't be...
  10. Isn't this how all critters react to liquids? I remember critters especially shine bugs would just fly/walk into water and die but they changed it in a very old patch so that they always avoid water and liquids like the plague.
  11. Thank you so much for this, anytime I returned to singleplayer it always bothered me I couldn't do this What no I don't believe it the only way this could be even better is if you made the shipwrecked characters viable for RoG and maybe even Hamlet.
  12. Perhaps you're just a highly experienced player that you've developed a way to teleport your attacks from far away you just haven't mastered it...
  13. Don't main Wigfrid.