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  1. I quoted this left came back and clicked on the upper left icon of the quotation and pressed the delete key, left came back and did not see it there.
  2. There is literally a class called ranger in DnD that has a sub-class where you get a animal companion that can do tasks for you.
  3. Because you can summon her anytime you like without having to wait All you have to do is right click the flower in your inventory.
  4. Nice I just thought we stole Krampus's laundry basket because we're weirdos I think they wanted to give out a florid postern skin around the time they changed the rickety portal into the florid postern but that might've been @ImDaMisterL pulling my leg
  5. I quite sure they wouldn't allow this in the future because the clean sweeper seems more changing an object/item/structure's appearance more than it's functionality and since evergreens drop pinecones and lumpy variants do not I don't think they'll implement it. If you mean this berry bush Then I think that's a fantastic idea if you could change normal berry bushes to spiky/tropical berry bushes I know some people like how they look and would appreciate that being a feature of the clean sweeper but if you mean changing them to juicy berry bushes that wouldn't fit the perceived purpose of the clean sweeper which is to change the appearance of items/objects/structures/entities
  6. Those have been in the files for quite some time (actually they might have a date sorry if you already knew) I remember someone posting them a while back but I don't remember the exact time frame they might've been a unimplemented feature for chests you could only access with a certain key so people couldn't get in your chests or were concept locks for the chests. At least I would assume, these are just theories of mine.

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  8. Is there any way you can get this from behind without Bernie cause then it would be perfect for a joke.
  9. Hi Giddy saw your post and just want to stop by and say its been a long time.:p

  10. I tried placing some doors down but they don't appear no matter where I place them.