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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    That's because he likes what he sees.
  2. When did anyone in the thread say "Stop playing Woodie" They're just doing the math to show who is faster at what. And if this is random people in some pub who cares what they say just mute them. And if this is one of your friends play with someone who isn't so critical in a video game.
  3. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Did Wilson just "cook" ice, again?!...
  4. Hat Kid

  5. is webber a trap

    It makes so much sense now.
  6. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Don't you mean Thiccerbottom you risque artist, you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. If anyone was to be hired to Klei, it would be you good sir.
  8. You're quite right but I was looking at his first and second post which had a lot of "likes" starting the sentences.
  9. You say "like" like a lot...
  10. I think they represented Wendy perfectly, a girl who lost all emotion when her twin sister died.
  11. Aww you make it back just on time for my birthday. ♥ Edit: Thanks @nome I knew you cared.
  12. Max amount of drops?

    That could only happen if they got a gift drop when pugna war chests were being dropped and only opened it today for some reason.
  13. That'd be hilarious if they didn't.