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  1. Don't main Wigfrid.
  2. This was quite awhile ago. And the way I got out was by floating off of the grand forge boarrior it was really funny considering everyone else used a different method.
  3. There isn't these were early concepts found in DST's code when caves were being added go look at the early forum posts that talked about them.
  4. This is from DST I remember seeing these images when caves were being released.
  5. [Game Update] - 296000

    The best response I've seen from a Klei dev.
  6. What took Charlie so long?

    In the a new reign animation Charlie puts out the maxwell lights around Wilson, I'm guessing they were called that since Maxwell kept them alight to keep her away,
  7. Poor Webber

    No the bipedal spider is the monster.
  8. WX OP?

    You just now found out he's op in every dlc?
  9. I was beginning to start a grass farm since I seemed to lacking in grass so I got some grass tufts by digging up tall grass and brought them back to my house and starting fertilizing the grass with rot then I crashed. Could it be because I used grass tufts that came from tall grass?
  10. Whenever I start my world it crashes for no reason I'm playing as Wickerbottom on day 36 and the only other reason I can think of what might be causing me to crash is that I have some pre-built house decorations in my crafting menu. Here's the crash log Please notify me if need anything else.
  11. New Armor Is Really OP

    *Slaps armor*
  12. New Wapon? [IT IS HUGE]

    It's even bigger if you're Wolfgang
  13. Wait a minute this isn't the ham weighing thread...
  14. Quick question if you already set up a system, code, etc for skins wouldn't be easy to add more skins or are there more factors when it comes to adding more skins?