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  1. Ah but you forget that Wickerbottom wears glasses...and her eyes are entirely shut closed and she still gets around.
  2. It's his "winter coat"
  3. could've just gotten images of them from the internet and if you needed images of them in-game wearing a certain item isn't there a way to take "screenshots" on PS4 I swore I remember that being a feature.
  4. Maybe he'll take someone's soul if he shakes hand cause that's how some would signify sealing a deal.
  5. Wormwood flower trail

    I believe it's to show off the particle effects that the devs can pull off it could indicate that life flourishes when Wormwood is around or... it just means that you're at the full stage of bloom thus you have a faster movement speed, and higher hunger drain.
  6. Yeah fam, my thoughts exactly.
  7. Foliage as a filler

    Yes but you can still get some from tumbleweeds in RoG.
  8. [Game Update] - 312201

    Why do they have art assets for winter?
  9. Why are you using Skype in 2019 that's the real question that needs to be answered here
  10. Ball Pein durability

    Thanks so much I never knew why my ball pein hammer was losing lots of durability for no reason.
  11. Pugalisk tail

    I thought most images of these "pinecones" were called artichokes in the code.
  12. Pith Hat with Wormwood

    Don't forget you can also make the bat cowl to see through the fog and it also gives you night-vision.
  13. [Game Update] - 307715

    Alright we get it, you vape
  14. [Game Update] - 307715

    But he doesn't even...