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  2. 247173

    Fix issue where Duplicants would incorrectly compute paths Fix crash that could occur when exiting to the main menu Layering fixes for Tubes and Tube Tiles Fix bad text for Compostables Fix autosave names getting infinitely long and crashing Updated artwork for the Transit Tube Access Tube Access meter loads correctly Fix crash when typing a '.' in to a number input Correct layout of the audio options screen Diamond can now be stored under the "Miscellaneous" category Clicking outside the world no longer crashes the game Fix for open doors destroying contained elements
  3. 246924

    Fixes the issue of old cave and volcano worlds being reused. Also fixes a couple ballphin bugs.
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  5. 246879

    Schedule Update Hey everybody, and welcome to the Tubular Upgrade! The Oxygen Not Included team is going on holiday break so we're squeezing in an early smaller update before we go on vacation. We'll resume our normal update schedule when we return in January. What's New? Tubes Advanced tube technology has been introduce to the world of Oxygen Not Included as a new tier of transportation, above ladders and fire poles. Using refined plastics, you can now craft new Tube buildings throughout your base and drastically improve travel time while sending your Dupes on a ride. Key Features Transit Tubes: New Transit Tubes, Transit Accesses, and Tube Crossings have been added to help your Duplicants zoom from place to place in futuristic style. Tubular! Ice Sculptures: Build new glittering ice sculptures in your base for a well-earned decor boost... but be sure to turn the thermostat down. Berry Sludge: A "delicious" new recipe has been whipped up at the Microbe Musher, creating a sludge of mashed up berries with an exceptionally long spoilage time. QOL, performance enhancements, and more: This will, as usual, address many important bug fixes and game crashes, but more importantly it will drastically improve frame rate and functionality in late game saves or bases that met certain conditions (like a great deal of items in storage, for example). Those who saw frame rate crawl in earlier games should see a major change, so get back out there and push the limits of your base expansion! Frequently Asked Questions Our 6 week Upgrade schedule will resume in the New Year, and our next update after the Tubular Upgrade will land on February 8th. Thank you again for supporting our game, and happy holidays from everyone at Klei! View full update
  6. 246676

    tube entrance status no longer flickers madly if partially powered tube crossings/joint plates can no longer be built on top of other buildings fixed conduit ball rendering in overlays on linux enabled release optimizations
  7. 246513

    Tube Accesses powering logic tweaked to make them charge better in low wattage conditions Tube Tile Bridge is now made of plastic Tuned decor on Tubes and Tube Bridges Fixed incorrect startup resolution on OSX Duplicants should no longer get stuck on doors that were closed using automation Sand pockets in the Hydrogen Jungle now have the same amount of sand as everywhere else Updated Chinese translation Time Of Day sensors no longer mess up each other's settings if you select them one after another Travel methods which don't use athletics (Tube, Pole) don't level up athletics either. Fix crash when selecting a two-material building for construction and one of those materials is unavailable
  8. 246289

    Tube Access now has charge like a battery, only consumes power while charging, uses a portion of its charge when a duplicant launches from it. Tube Access is now 3 tiles wide Adjusted costs of Tubes and Tube Access to make tubes less expensive, end points more expensive Cost of ladders adjusted to coincide with tubes. Adjusted cost of Creature Delivery point to a meaningful number Fix Hypothermia double-debuffing the cooking attribute Fixed ground rendering issue on OSX Shader fixes to improve rendering on Linux Improved Tube Tile Bridge artwork Duplicants should no longer get stuck in an infinite delivery loop when the item they want is on a tube Berry Bar takes the correct form of Sleet Wheat now Calorie count should no longer show negative values when you have lots of food Fix issue where Tube Accesses would sometimes not be connected on load
  9. 246228

    Just a small one for the missing walls in vanilla DS
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  11. 246040

    Transit Tube Crossing now correctly links two tube networks. Transit Tube Access no longer has charges, simply requires power to function. Tube launch time decreased Duplicants can no longer "lane change" between adjacent tubes Fixed some "Unknown" tiles never clearing when a ruin is explored (only fixed for new worlds) Fixed a crash that could occur with the flush toilet Transit Tube Access now has a red status item if it's not hooked up correctly Fixed a crash that could happen while building wires New song added to the game Poles no longer use athletics when travelling downwards, but have had their base speed raised to be consistently fast for all dupes.
  12. 245789

    Fixed some controller bugs and a graphic problem with shadow creatures in Linux and OSX
  13. 245679

    Hey gang! We're happen to announce the launch of our latest content preview, The Tubular Upgrade! Now, using their discovery of plastic refinement, Duplicants can zoom quickly and safely around your base with brand new Transit Tubes! Just set up some tubes, connect an access point, and WHOOSH! You're ready to propel your Dupes at lightning fast speeds. If you'd like to help test us test this new Tubular content, the upgrade will be available for open testing one week before it goes live. We always appreciate your feedback! Team Holiday Schedule And while we've got you, we'd also like to let you know that over the holidays, the team will be taking a two week break, then resuming our 6 week update schedule starting in the New Year. Our next update after the Tubular Upgrade will land on February 8th. Thanks for supporting our game, and happy holidays from everyone at Klei! About Tubular Upgrade Open Testing The following content is available in the Tubular Upgrade preview: What is open testing? "Open testing" means players get to test drive new content early and give us feedback and suggestions before it goes live. Because this is a preview of the upgrade being released on December 14th, it's pretty likely you'll encounter bugs or crashes while playing these builds. We'll try to fix any problems that crop up as quickly as we can, but it's possible you'll lose progress in your games while playing the preview. Please also be aware that once a save is loaded in the Tubular Upgrade preview, it cannot be reopened again in the Automation Upgrade or previous builds. What do I do if I find a crash or a bug? Post it up on the Bug Tracker and we'll fix it as soon as we can. If you can attach a copy of your save file to your report, that helps us even more as we can pinpoint the source of problem more quickly. Do I have to play the open testing build? Nope! If you'd prefer to only play a stable build, you can continue to play in the current Early Access branch until the Tubular Upgrade releases in full on December 14th. Playing the Open Testing build isn't necessary, but it helps us a lot to receive your feedback and reports - if you're interested, try it out! How do I become an open tester? There's no sign up or registration for becoming an open tester. If you own Oxygen Not Included and want to test the Tubular Upgrade preview, all you have to do is play the Open Testing build on Steam. How do I play the open testing build? Just switch your branch on Steam using the instructions below: Also, for Linux users, don't forget to check out the Oxygen Not Included Early Access, now available on Linux! Happy holidays!
  14. 244816

    Changes The Forge is now closed. (More details here…) Bug Fixes Fixed bug where skins and profile level may sometimes not work properly when joining a server via Steam Friends list.
  15. 244388

    Changes Added 8 new Accomplishments for The Forge. Bug Fixes Pressing w/a/s/d in text boxes will no longer trigger sound effects. Fixed controller bugs in the Curio Cabinet and Lobby screens. Fixed All Survivors Forge Chest review screen layout.
  16. 243968

    Couple more bugs patched. Several Crocodog related fixes.
  17. 102

    The Hallowed Nights are upon you. Existing worlds, with the Event world settings set to Auto, will have Hallowed Nights content retrofitted into the world. To create a world with all current and future events disabled, set the Event world settings to None.
  18. 243469

    Just a hot fix for a few bugs.
  19. 243407

    Console commands now use the new text auto-completion. Fixed bug where pasting text into the console with [Ctrl+V] would toggle off “Remote”. Fixed bug where certain symbols before ":" would prevent auto-completion for chat emoticons. Fixed bug where random character selection sometimes loads the wrong clothing options. Selecting heads in the Curio Cabinet will now load the full outfit. Fixed missing descriptions for some Belongings in the Curio Cabinet. Fixed bug where controller Backpack slots may not reappear when resuming a game as Werebeaver and later transforming back to Woodie. Fixed bug where controller crafting and inventory did not close automatically when Woodie transforms into Werebeaver. Fixed bug with Backpack skins not working properly in game. Fixed issues causing Shop purchases in certain regions to fail due to Steam’s new currency requirements.
  20. 243285

    misc performance improvements
  21. 243104

    fixed a crash that could occur when using the refinery updated chinese translation
  22. 242908

    Added a new auto complete system for character emotes and chat emoticons: Pressing Enter or Tab will complete the highlighted suggestion Pressing Esc will dismiss the suggestions Fixed character quotes for Hallowed Nights skins.
  23. 242561

    fixed a crash that could occur when placing down buildings fixed a bug/crash that could occur with infinite falling sand updated chinese localization
  24. 242441

    Fixed bug with Profile Icons and Portrait Backgrounds not showing up properly in the Caves. Fixed display names for wet items.
  25. 242372

    [T H I S I S A N A U T O M A T E D M E S S A G E] Hello [USER], and welcome to the Automation Upgrade! Our Duplicants have been hard at working researching new and wonderful technologies in the depths of their cosmic prison, and happily to say, they've come up with a brand new system of base management: [AUTOMATION]! So relax, take a load off, and let the machines do the work! What All's New? Automation A brand new collection of automation-based items have been introduced into Oxygen Not Included, allowing you to wield Boolean logic to run your base at absolute peak efficiency. Logic sensors, switches, and gates are among a few of the items you can now use to turn your base into a literal well-oiled machine. Key Features Logic Gates: AND, OR, XOR, NOT, Buffer, and Filter gates are now available for devising and building you own logic circuitry in your base. Sensors and Shutoffs: Thermo, Atmo and Liquid Sensors: Detect ambient air pressure, temperature, and liquid pressure with these sensors to turn your machines on and off. Construct built-in safeguards against overheating and high pressures, or just turn your machines off automatically when they're no longer needed. Clock Sensor: Duplicants crave structure! Start scheduling your Duplicants' day cycles with these clock sensors, allowing you to determine the exact time of day your systems should turn on and off. You could even turn out the lights when it's time for the colony go to bed. Weight Plate: Trigger your automation grids when creatures, ore, or Duplicants press down on these new floor switches. Signal Switch: Automation just doesn't feel right without a human touch - or a Duplicant one at least. Use these manual switches to input Active or Standby signals into automated systems at your leisure. Liquid, Gas, and Power Shutoffs: Use automation to precisely control when and where precious resources flow in your base. Duplicant Checkpoints: Combine these doors with other switches and sensors and you can control exactly when and where Duplicants are allowed to travel. Prevent Dupes from entering dangerous environments, or signal them to travel to remote areas only when valuable resources are available. New Building Inputs: Automation ports have been retroactively added to all existing compatible buildings, meaning they're ready and waiting to be automized! Automation Overlay: Enter the Automation Overlay to see your new circuitry in all its glory. Refinement A new mid-tier family of construction materials has been added between raw resources and plastics, allowing you to use refining techniques to purifying your metals into more efficient refined metals. These refined metals can be used to construct new buildings, or to create improved versions of existing buildings, such as wires and tiles to upgrade your infrastructure colonywide. Key Features Rock Granulator: Crushing down raw minerals with this Granulator allows you to renewably produce sand, and yields you a bit of refined metal as well! Metal Refinery: New metal refineries allow to efficiently process refined metals in bulk, but be warned - the runoff can get a bit toasty. Metal Wires: New wire types such as Conductive Wire and Heavi Conductive Wire have been added using new refined metals, improving wattage handling and decor. Metal Tiles: These tiles majorly improve decor and transfer heat quickly through your base. And More Fire Poles: Got somewhere you need to go, fast? These fire poles are the answer! ...Unless you're trying to climb back up, that is. Aerial Creature Lures: This attractive device can lure those pesky flying creatures that until now have evaded all your traps. Set it with some bait and those Pufts and Shinebugs won't be able to resist! Mini Gas and Liquid Pumps: Cute, tiny little pumps are now available to build for those situations where a regular pump is just too much. They're both power efficient, too! Tempshift Plates: Slow down or accelerate the rate of heat transfer in certain areas using new Tempshift wall plates. Their efficacy depends on the type of material you use to build them, so choose wisely! New Ruins Setpieces: What new things are hiding within your world, waiting to be discovered? You'll need to explore to find out! Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and more! Tweaks Existing sensors and some switches have been reworked as automation buildings and can no longer be connected directly to power grids. Oil and other hydrocarbons have new solid states, and will now freeze when reaching low enough temperatures. The Research Tree has been expanded and revised to include new buildings and improve the experience of researching new technologies. Finally, we'd like to give a big thank-you to everyone who participated in the Automation Upgrade Preview - as always, your reports, feedback, and contributions have been especially helpful in developing new content for this upgrade. Thank-you and enjoy the Automation Upgrade, [USER]! [E N D O F A U T O M A T E D M E S S A G E] Frequently Asked Questions
  26. 242238

    Fix bug where XP and chests did not update properly until the game was closed and restarted.
  27. 242186

    Pressure sensors no longer get "stuck" on vacuum. Weight Plate will correctly un-trigger if the thing on top of it disappears (e.g. a creature is trapped) Fix for crash using Flush Toilet Fix for invalid temperatures on closed doors Fix for duplicants being unable to jump to a ladder over top of a door Refineries hide undiscovered materials Aerial Lure no longer consumes ore (slime still sublimates) Aerial Lure can be properly logic controlled Creatures don't clump so tightly around the Aerial Lure Improved Aerial Lure control screen Build Menu only takes one right-click to fully close now Updated art for Time of Day Sensor Updated art for Gas Shutoff Neutronium is once again unbreakable Updated artwork and interact for Rock Granulator Hydrogen Crystal Thermal Displacement Device is now known as Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier Misc. text and description updates
  28. 242081

    Re-opened the Trade Inn. Fixed missing Bernie or Abigail if a player rejoins after being disconnected right as the match starts. Fixed invisible Werebeaver bug when using Woodie’s Gladiator or Challenger skins. Fixed animation bug when using Step Dance emote while mounted. Fixed animation bug when reading The End Is Nigh: Gilded Edition. Fixed animation becoming frozen sometimes while opening chests in the Treasury. Fixed issues causing Weaving items to fail unexpectedly. Added more detailed messages explaining errors while purchasing items in the Shop.
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