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  2. 314835

    Deploying plants will no longer trigger range indicators on Winona’s structures. Fixed bug where Winona’s Generator and G.E.M.erator stop behaving properly after being set on fire and then extinguished. Fixed bug causing Fire Staff not to light creatures on fire. Fixed bug where Heal action did not fail properly if the target has already died. Fixed bug where some assets may not be loaded properly when overriding the special event in world options. Fixed bug where Year of the Pig King minigame can sometimes cause Hound waves to stop indefinitely. Fixed bug where Werebeaver becomes invisible when smashed by a sign during the Pig King minigame. Fixed crash when inspecting old skeletons. Volt Goat herds no longer merge.
  3. 140

    Don't Starve Together Patch 1.40 - 3/7/2019 (PlayStation 4) 1.40 - Fixed a rare crash in the front end. 1.39 - Winona can now build new items: a catapult, a spotlight, and 2 rechargeable generators to power them. - Winona can now craft catapults that deal AoE damage to nearby enemies. - Winona can now craft spotlights to illuminate nearby allies. - Winona now consumes hunger when speed-crafting. - Winona now crafts slowly when hungry (but doesn't consume hunger). 1.38 - Added the ability to purchase items from the in game store, accessible from the Item Collection screen. - Fixed sending invitations from within the game. - Fixed a hang on the "Loading..." dialog after pressing the Play button if your network cable is disconnected or your network connection is lost. More information on Winona's Character Update, Drop System Changes can be found here:
  4. 1118

    Update 1.1.18 - Winona can now build new items: a catapult, a spotlight, and 2 rechargeable generators to power them. - Winona can now craft catapults that deal AoE damage to nearby enemies. - Winona can now craft spotlights to illuminate nearby allies. - Winona now consumes hunger when speed-crafting. - Winona now crafts slowly when hungry (but doesn't consume hunger). Update 1.1.17 - Added the ability to purchase items from the in game store, accessible from the Item Collection screen. - Fixed a hang on the "Loading..." dialog after pressing the Play button if your network cable is disconnected or your network connection is lost.
  5. 313352

    Changes Winona Character Update & Drop System Changes Winona can now build new items: a catapult, a spotlight, and 2 rechargeable generators to power them. Winona can now craft catapults that deal AoE damage to nearby enemies Winona can now craft spotlights to illuminate nearby allies Winona now consumes hunger when speed-crafting Winona now crafts slowly when hungry (but doesn't consume hunger) Bug Fixes Updated strings for examining Bee Boxes containing different amounts of honey. Breezy Vest now provides a small amount of wetness protection.
  6. 312713

    Fix a crash on Starmap screen if a rocket's engine gets destroyed Fix artifact tier names on Starmap screen Fix crash when using "Save as..." Fix font size in filename dialiogue Fix crash when selecting an assignable building if assignment references were broken Clean up broken assignment references on load to prevent further crashes
  7. 312373

    Fix for Sweeper Arm sometimes not being able to reach any storages even when they're in plain sight Add some additional checks to try and track down invalid Errand crashes Fix another crash with input with IMEs such as Chinese Updated Korean and Chinese translations Fix a crash when setting Dupe priority to "disabled"
  8. 312201

    Bug Fixes Pig Shops,houses and guard towers also snap to grid when placed. Cleaned up the art of the pig city item placers. (removed snow and fiesta art) Fix for the crash when approaching volt goats.
  9. 311861

    Balance/New feature Nettle plants don’t reset when they become dry now but they take a little longer to re-bloom. Added Salt Lick to all versions. Bug Fixes Glowfly cocoons still around after the Humid season will expire. Fixed some causes of Mant overpopulation. Fixed Warrior Mants sometimes disappearing or not properly returning to regular Mant. Added a one-time cleanup for surplus Mants and glowflies as a result of previous bugs Fixed assert when glowflies are killed by spear traps Fixed use of telelocator staff without focus in Hamlet Light from windows does not block mouse clicks anymore DLC compatibility popup can now be navigated with joypad Smelter now shows the correct icon on the minimap The City Lamp placer snaps to the grid like the actual lamps do Fixed potential assert when loading bats Fixed potential assert when loading gnats (Dr Seuss calling)
  10. 311694

    Red alert no longer prevents Duplicants from catching their breath (They will however, hold it for longer than usual) Dupes in Red Alert will get the correct "holding breath" face when holding their breath Can now set emergency priority with the '0' key the same way the other number keys set normal priorities. Fix Filtered Output Pipe icon on the plumbing overlay Fix liquid/gas input incorrectly updating liquid flow if the entire mass was consumed Fix crashed caused by Errand time reporting Cleaned up which systems were responsible for Red Alert from Emergency Priority errands. Now it's controlled directly from the building's priority, so setting the building priority will immediately toggle Red Alert on or off, regardless of whether there is an active chore. This makes it more consistent in all cases and improves the feedback of toggling the building's priority. Buildings and other objects with emergency priority now have a "!!" status item visible in the main game view If a building was only temporarily prioritizable (e.g. because of a Repair errand), it will stop causing Red Alert when that errand is finished. Several temperature and mass related crashes were actually recoverable, so just put a warning in the output log and keep running the game. Fix a crash then the Med Bed is set to emergency priority Duplicants are allowed to remain in a med bed during Red Alert Fix the priority numbers on the Minion Todo List being off by one.
  11. 311032

    One more little hotfix today. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Fix crash when changing Dupe names with Chinese input Fix crash when building plumbing/vents on single-core computers Fix Duplicants getting stuck in a delivery loop if a locker set set to !! priority
  12. 310952

    Once again able to build Pitcher Pump in front of back wall buildings Fix gas leaking if Airflow Tiles or Mesh Tiles are built as replacement tiles Fix priority on Neural Vascillator so Dupes with raised priorities will actually use it Fix crash when building wires and pipes Fix crash when destroying a Geyser in sandbox mode Fix crash when Dupes are Rummaging Increase the priority of Rummage errands Wrangle Tool now correctly sets priority Fix crash when one of the Dupes in a conversation disappears for some reason
  13. 309895

    Balance/New feature Rabid Beetles now have about a one day lifespan once hatched Pig Bankers no longer accept Purple Gems. Their magic is too dark. Bug Fixes It is no longer possible to steal items from locked pedestals Telestaff can be used from inside to outside and vice versa now Fixed the draw order of regrowable vines - they were sometimes drawn behind the door. Slurper can slurp Werewilba, but won’t remove her fur. Also, her fur won’t slip off when wet. Fixed a rare assert when entering the world customization screen. Gnats (and other light seekers) won’t consider Woodie and Wilba lights in were form. Cave flowers wont light up if they have been picked when they “wake up” Fixed a problem with Vampire Bats not showing up in the caves when asleep.
  14. 309851

    Hello spacefriends! We're keeping the improvements train rolling today with the release of our latest Quality of Life Upgrade, QoL MK II! Our team has continued to scour their bug lists and review all the feedback you've given us here in the forums, and we've been working hard to improve our game systems and overall game performance. A high level of focus in QoL Mk II has been directed toward adding tools to communicate how Duplicants are choosing jobs or moving around your base, giving you better, more efficient control of your colony. We've also added a whole batch of unusual Space Artifacts for you to display on your Pedestals, and some exciting new upgrades to the Printing Pod's capabilities. And we've knocked out all kinds of bugs and crashes thanks to your reports! Throughout the rest of the QoL Upgrades we will be continuing to monitor your feedback for more information on how we can improve the game. We've made some serious progress on bugs and polish this update, but there's still lots more to come! We've got even more systems to balance and optimization to perform. As of the QoL MK II release, Oxygen Not Included is now also available on the Epic Game Store. The game is still in Early Access, and we plan to follow the same Testing/Release schedule on Epic that we currently do on Steam. We're supporting both platforms that the Epic Game Store supports, currently PC and Mac. A big thank you to everyone who participated in our open testing branch, we hope you enjoy QoL MK II! What's New and Improved? Printing Pod can now print objects other than Duplicants, to give your colony that little extra boost Added a new priority to the Priority tool, "!!". This will make a highest-priority errand and put the base into Red Alert mode until the errand is complete Added a new side screen for Duplicants which shows all the chores they can perform, and what order they will perform them in Added a new "Errands" tab for buildings (other objects coming soon!) which shows what chores are available there and which Duplicants can work on those chores Reports Menu now shows a more accurate and better categorized breakdown of where Duplicants are spending their time Reports Menu now shows how many errands have been created and completed each day "Long Commute Times" notification if Duplicants have a high percentage of travel time in a day New Artifacts can be returned from space missions, either by astronauts or space tourists -- display them on Pedestals for high decor! Eggs can now also be placed on Pedestals Rocket modules now have a "Launch Tower" background that shows where the rocket will land even after it has taken off There have also been many bug fixes and minor improvements. Check out the full changelist <LINK TODO!!> for all the details! Frequently Asked Questions
  15. 309354

    Added background art to all doors to indicate that they prevent gasses from leaking into space Fixed layering on gas rendering. Now all pipes and other background objects are partially covered by gasses, drywall and world background are fully covered. Fix for Dupes incorrectly binge-eating tiny amounts of food Duplicant Errand list correctly hides errands the Dupe would be unable to perform Clicking certain notifications no longer moves the camera to the top left of the world Remove redundant hotkeys in some tooltips Revised artwork for rocket towers Made several previously-untranslatable strings translatable Fetches for micro-amounts are forced to complete "Errands" tab shows on more than just buildings, e.g. digs, critters. Let us know if it's missing from anything still! Fixed more text layout/wrapping bugs Fix a crash when deleting a Duplicant or Critter with sandbox tools Adjust height of the Critter Lure so that it has room for the bait Proper fuel meter shows on the Liquid Fuel Tank Liquid Oxidizer tank meter no longer stays behind when the rocket launches Liquid/Gas/Solid cargo bay meters are hooked up. Adjusted wordings on Rocket checklist to make it more clear when there are problems Red Alert no longer prevents Emergency chores from being completed Fixed priority of Find Somewhere Safer chore Added tooltip for Emergency priority Added priority values into tooltips on the Priorities screen
  16. 309157

    Bug Fixe Fix assert on world customization screen for people who had presets derived from “Default Plus”
  17. 309027

    Balance/New feature Wormwood has an extra (short) anim when poop healing. Compost Wrap heals Wormwood for more now. Each world type (DS/ROG/SW/HAM) now has its own set of worldgen presets (to prevent incompatible presets from being applied) Bug Fixes Werewilba won’t be groggy in the humid season from her body hair anymore. Werewilba can now eat food by selecting it and clicking on Wilba with it Thunderbirds shouldn't unfairly target players anymore and ignore lightning rods at times. Uncatchable Glowflies fixed. Fix for the disappearing trawlnet (when full) in Shipwrecked Werewilba’s health gets properly set on load Werewilba can now Spelunk caves in Vanilla and RoG Wilba no longer turns into Werewilba when removing the Silver Necklace after a full moon Drying racks that burn will produced cooked versions of their item if they can cook, otherwise they will spawn a burning version of the item if they can burn. Walking sticks and stalks can burn now. Hammered dry racks will drop their item. It should not be possible anymore to generate a world without seasons. Wormwoods planted seeds will continue to grow after a load. Werewilba’s light won’t go out when she’s struck by lightning now. Falling things should not stay on top of a ruins fountain now. Cleaned up some decoration conflicts with pig ruins generation.
  18. 308684

    Fixed issue where pre-printing and post-death time logs were inaccurate Liquid Fuel Tank background now shows up Report Screen headers are now translatable Airflow Tiles and Mesh Tiles now block gasses and liquids from escaping into space All doors now prevent gasses and liquids from escaping into space (art coming soon!) Gasses render in front of background buildings like Drywall All doors can be walked on top of, in either orientation, open or closed. Hotkeys are explicitly inserted into many strings now instead of appended at the end (for Translators) Puzzle Cube artifact displays properly Conduits placed across multiple Hydroponic Farms should no longer block liquids from flowing down the pipe Emergency priority creates notifications to make it easier to find those Errands Games there were saved while a Care Package was in the process of being printed will no longer crash Fix several cases of Duplicants repeatedly picking up micrograms of ore Duplicants will prefer to run across the tops of ladders rather than climbing across them Bunker Doors should no longer animate while the game is paused Anti Entropy Thermal Nullifier no longer incorrectly gets "Too Cold" Fix a crash when trying to save invalid temperatures Updated artwork for many of the rocket module backgrounds Improved some logging for Errand errors to help us track down bugs
  19. 308440

    Bug Fixes Known seeds will now grant Wormwood sanity boost like random seeds Wormwood can only use Poop, Guano and Buckets-o-poop to heal. And the bucket gets more than one use. No more unintended Ash-strats. Fixed crash when trying to drop equipped item in zoomed interface with controller. Fix for potential crash when harvesting drying rack Wormwoods planted seeds won’t crash the game when hit by a ground pound Fix a rare assert when Wilba sometimes transformed back from wereform Fixed potential assert with rainbow jelly migration. Fixed the non random seed placer No more seeds will spawn at 0,0,0 when Wormwoods plants them Fixed a tuber tree crash Fixed tumbleweed disappearing at the world edge.
  20. 308103

    Bug Fixes Fix for being unable to bundle if the game had saved while bundling Wilba will now transform from her Werewilba form upon resurrecting Mini signs won’t fail to deploy if the mouse is on a object when the character goes to place it. Remapped controls should save properly again. Flytraps won’t crash the game for Wormwood now Flytraps won’t attack wormwood for carrying vegetables now. Werewilba can't equip a backpack now.
  21. 307940

    Bug Fixes Fixed two "random" crashes ( scheduler.lua and shelf_slot.lua)
  22. 307799

    Bug Fixes Stopped rare pig relics from moving around during a load Fixed broken interaction with items on shelves. Fixed graphical positioning of items when taken off shelves
  23. 307715

    The Character Update is now live! This update focuses on making our new Hamlet characters more interesting for you to play, particularly when playing outside of the Hamlet world. Wilba has inherited one of her father's more colourful characteristics, namely, she now carries the same curse that inflicts all of her father's family with dreaded werepigism. Also, all of pigkind from Hamlet's town pigs to those of ROG will now recognize her as the king's daughter, and pay her tribute in the form of gifts. We weren't very happy with how Warbucks was working out. While trying to find ways to make him work, we decided that he just wasn't as interesting as we would like, and so we've made the decision to start from scratch. You can still continue your Warbucks saves as his files will not be removed from the game, but he will no longer be in the official lineup of starting characters. Instead, we would like to introduce to you our new character, Wormwood! Who knows where this creature of nature came from, but he'll likely grow on you. Thank you for playing, and we look forward to hearing your feedback! New features Added options for disabling the decorative vines and the canopy shadow in Hamlet for lower-end hardware. Blooming Rainforest trees will drop burrs when chopped Bug Fixes Webber's disguise will show up if put on the ground now. Fixed random startup crash with blueprints in Hamlet compatible worlds. Fixed assert when trying to launch the game with The Screecher mod enabled. Lazy Forager doesn’t collect items off shelves anymore. Affected saves should be fixed Bundling wrap now works with controller. Zoomed inventory management (with controller) should now behave properly with shelves. Fixed "Text not found" in recipe popups when not near needed prototyping machine. Fixed an assert on load of some Hamlet compatible ShipWrecked worlds. Burned crops just produce burnt seeds unless fully mature
  24. 307409

    Bunker Doors now always animate, even if offscreen, to fix automation timing issues Made the "current chore" in the dupe list more prominent Ladders which have been "replaced" can now be used by Dupes Most frozen gasses are now categorized "Liquifiable" and can be stored. Fix word wrap on Vitals screen labels Fix duplicants trying to infinitely fetch to fabrication machines Rocket modules now have a non-interactive "background scaffold" so you know where the rocket goes even when it's in space
  25. 306910

    Duplicants should no longer get stuck in place if they have to hop down on to a horizontal door Text alignment/spacing fixes to the Pedestal screen, Jobs Screen dropdowns, Fix crash when spawning a new Care Package Pedestals correctly set decor on load Fix crash when Duplicants are thinking about their next errand Fix crash when clicking a care package and then a Duplicant on the Printer Pod screen Building errand list and Duplicant ToDo list now show available errands in realtime, along with better messages for why a dupe can't perform the errand at a building (instead of just being blank). Current errand on the ToDo list is shown at the top Fix cases where a Dupe would incorrectly pathfind or get stuck at a access controled door if they approached it from a diagonal. Ladders can now directly replace other ladders
  26. 306670

    Hey friends! Wanted to get out a fix for the med beds before the weekend. Have a good one! Fixed med bed errand priority to Personal Needs so bedridden dupes will actually get out of bed to pee. Some balance changes to the portal Care Packages Some portal Care Packages are now gated by discovery, others have had their minimum cycle altered
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