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  2. 236679

    Research screen scroll bar should no longer be missing Duplicants should no longer get Food Poisoning/Slime Lung when using the Impervious Immune System setting. Stress vomiting Duplicants infected with Hypothermia should no longer vomit Hypothermia germs Wearing a suit should prevent your Duplicants from getting the "Unclean" effect when stepping in liquids meaning they should no longer want a shower while using a Suit. Updated Simplified Chinese localization
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  4. 236264

    Fixed a crash that could occur when using Animal Traps Fixed a crash that could occur when destroying electrical buildings Fixed a crash that could occur when inspecting the atmosphere section of a plant
  5. 236191

    Idle dupes returning their suit should now put their suit in the locker instead of dropping it on the ground if the locker they are returning it is closer to them than the arrow it is attached to. Fixed a bug where you could no longer dump the contents of Storage Lockers onto the ground. Duplicants should no longer sometimes ignore Storage Locker settings. Duplicants should no longer deliver food to a Refrigerator if that Refrigerator is not set to accept that food. Airflow tiles should now be properly detected as a room wall. Fixed a bug where rooms were not being properly detected. Newly discovered resource categories will no longer be automatically delivered to storage boxes where the storage box does not have the all button checked. Fixed a crash that could occur when dupes are working at a fabricator. Fixed a crash that could occur during room detection. Fixed a crash that could occur when going to the bathroom. Fixed a bug where circuits were no longer overloading. Animal Relocator selection box should now match the size of the art. Fixed a crash that could occur if a translation had bad format specifiers for the Duplicant personalities.
  6. 235856

    Plumbing further into the depths of the asteroid, our Duplicants have made a fortuitous discovery - oil! Will the colony flourish into an energy-rich paradise? Or devolve into a mire of sweltering heat and suffocating fumes? Welcome to Oxygen Not Included - Oil Upgrade! So What's New? Hydrocarbons Oxygen Not Included has received a whole new collection of Hydrocarbon resources, along with research and buildings to manipulate them to your benefit. Among these new Hydrocarbons are Crude Oil and Petroleum, which you can use to manufacture versatile plastics for advanced technologies and luxury commodities. Key Features Oil Biome: Journey down into the asteroid's depths to obtain the valuable Crude Oil that awaits in this new biome. You may even make some new creature friends along the way. Oil Wells and Geysers: Seek out Oil Geysers and tap them with Oil Wells to extract their precious fuel. You may need to sacrifice some fresh water in the process, however. Petroleum Generator: Use the new Oil Refinery to produce Petroleum and fuel your new high-powered Petroleum Generator. Plastics: The Polymer Press will allow you to start manufacturing your own plastics, unlocking a new tier of advanced and germ-resistant materials. Try not to heat them up though; Naphtha byproducts are no use to anybody. Suits Suits are heavy-duty hazard gear designed to keep your Duplicants breathing in any environment. With these new additions, you control when and where Duplicants must wear protective suits as they go about their work and keep your base running. Key Features Atmo Suits: Crafted at the new Exosuit Station, Atmo Suits increase digging speed and shield Duplicants from unlivable temperatures, gases, and conditions. They may slow your Dupes down a bit, but being slow is better than being dead. Checkpoints and Docks: Use new Suit Checkpoints to mark off areas where Duplicants must wear Atmo Suits and prevent them from entering dangerous places unprotected. Once done they've finished their business, you can store and refill your exosuits back at the Suit Docks located next to your Checkpoint. New Overlay: Enter the Exosuit Overlay to view docks and the checkpoints marking where Duplicants must change into suits. And More Rooms: When areas you've built fulfill certain requirements, they will now be recognized as designated rooms. For example, an area with a toilet, sink, and a door will now be recognized by Duplicants as a "Bathroom". Completing rooms will grant bonuses to the buildings within them and make Duplicants more efficient. New Overlay: Enter the Rooms Overlay to view all current completed rooms in your base and the bonuses being granted by them. New Creatures and Buildings: Sink: Tired of filling and emptying Wash Basins all the day long? Well now you can build your own plumbable Sinks, complete with clean and dirty water pipes! Plastic Ladders and Tiles: Use your brand new plastics to improve the infrastructure in your colony. Plastic ladders and tiles are faster to run on, and their natural antiseptic properties will even keep germ spread at bay! Slicksters: These slippery little scoundrels can help you recycle your colony's excessive carbon dioxide production into sweet, sweet fuel. Plus they're cute! Comfy Beds: The meaning of the word "discomfort" is sure to fade from collective consciousness once you build your Dupes these fancy beds. Heavi-Watt Joint Plate: Run Heavi-Watt Wire through walls with this industrial joint plate. Apothecary Unretired: The Apothecary has been reintegrated and can now be used to create general medicines for sick Duplicants, or tasty Vitamin Chews to boost individual immune systems. Research Tree Changes: Existing techs have been separated out into more chunks so you have more choices about how to tackle your tech problems, and costs have been rebalanced to fit. Improved Daily Report Breakdowns: Reports now display more varied and accurate information about your colony's activities throughout the day, for example - how many embarrassing bathroom accidents your Duplicants had that cycle. Disease Mass Limits: New disease mass limits mean germs can no longer reproduce ad infinitum, which is nothing to sneeze at. [BETA] Simplified Chinese Translation: We've added a new BETA translation in Simplified Chinese. Additionally, community translations are still available and we are working to provide more translations for many other languages as well. Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions and more! A big thank-you to those of you who joined in on the Oil Upgrade Open Testing - your reports, feedback and contributions mean a lot to us and we really appreciate you lending us your time to test the game. Enjoy your time with the Oil Upgrade, and we'll see you in space! Frequently Asked Questions
  7. 235671

    fixed a crash that could occur when a dupe was done showering even more room detection optimization you can now set the clearance on an Exosuit Checkpoint to only allow dupes to cross if there is room available in one of the attached exosuit docks has room disabled generators no longer get added to reports as wasted power
  8. 235374

    Improved room detection performance Flatulence is no longer reported as polluted oxygen Fixed a crash that could occur if a dupe died while they needed to go to the bathroom Duplicants should no longer have a little red dot on their chin when eating/sleeping Storage Lockers should no longer be missing their meters Loading a game while in a custom game should no longer cause a crash
  9. 235181

    Gas displacement should no longer have a directional bias. Dupes should no get stuck when walking passed a disabled Exosuit Checkpoint Dupes wearing clothing should no longer ignore Exosuit Checkpoints Dupes should no longer remove their regular clothing when recovering breath Tinkering now improves Oil Well depressurization speed Duplicants should no longer complain about being hot when wearing the Exosuit unless they are in an extremely hot area Duplicants should no longer have helmets appear when going to sleep after unequipping an Exosuit Duplicants should no longer have dozens of tiny outfits floating around their heads when eating after unequipping an Exosuit
  10. 234935

    Dupes will no longer deliver multiple suits to a single Exosuit Dock Gases should no longer render behind liquids Dupes should no longer ignore flush toilets if they need to go to the bathroom at night Re-enabling auto repair should no longer cause the dupes to repair a building if it's already at full health Animal Traps should no longer trap multiple creatures Hatches should no longer disappear if they are released from a trap on top of a tile they cannot dig into Morbs and Oil Floaters should now be deliveriable at the Animal Relocator Fixed a crash that could occur when inspecting the status of a trap Door access controls no longer prevent dupes from walking through them if the door is set to open Dupes will no longer shower until they die if they are infected with Slime Lung Deodorizer is no longer considered industrial machinery Carbon Skimmer is now considered industrial machinery Priority buttons should now appear immediately after clicking sweep on a piece of ore Algae Terrariums should no longer over pressurize Increased Polymer Press drop interval. Plastic is still made at the same rate but it drops larger pieces with longer intervals. Increased Crude Oil and Petroluem flow. They should move a little more like water and less like magma. Liquid Bridges should no longer draw in front of ladders
  11. 234870

    dupes should no longer get stuck when repairing a building
  12. 234832

    dupes should no longer freeze in place
  13. 234773

    Notifications of the same type in quick succession will now play quieter and a shorter more subtle sound Notifications of the same type no longer produce sound when decreasing in count Medicine consumption can now be controlled in the consumables screen Fixed a crash that was happening on loading certain save files Exosuit Dock will no longer charge a suit if it has no oxygen inside it's storage Duplicants working at Fabricators(Microbe Musher, Exosuit Forge) should no longer cause a crash if the Duplicant is interrupted right as they were completing fabrication Duplicants should no longer puke one last time after having food poisoning Digging out a block of sand on the same frame it was about to fall should no longer spawn a bottle of the gas/liquid that replaced the sand Exosuit Forge no longer requires a gas output Duplicants using a suit on the suit required side of an arrow should no longer attempt to do jobs across a different suit arrow which does not have any suits available. This should prevent the "Suit Dance of Death" Duplicants should now handle crossing suit arrows to perform jobs that require passing through substantial amounts of liquid Vitamin Chews should no longer be able to be fabricated without Balm Lilies Oil Well is now prioritizable Duplicants should now remember to flush before leaving the Lavatory
  14. 234607

    Flipped Transformer's meter should now be in the right place Duplicant's who have to pee but cannot reach their preferred assigned toilet will now attempt to rush to the nearest bathroom if it's urgent Fixed a crash that could occur on load if your save file was attempting to spawn an object that had been removed from the game Changed the molecular masses of Petroleum and Napththa so that they will not get stuck in the middle of other liquids which have the exact same molecular mass Thimble Reed now produces seeds Reported Oxygen consumed by duplicants is no longer double their actual Oxygen consumption Exosuit Dock should only fill 200kg of it's storage with Oxygen and leave the other 200kg for the suit Assignables should now be properly unassigned on Duplicant death Trapping and releasing a Morb should no longer crash Mess Hall tooltip should now display room size Reduced cost of the creature trap Improved Oil Well efficiency Medicines should now be able to be stored in Ration Boxes/Fridges Duplicants should no longer take an Immune Booster if their immunity is at 100%
  15. 234418

    Exosuit Dock should no longer fail to charge a suit if it's attached pipe is empty Morbs should now be trappable Oil Well meter should now work Plants should no longer look offset when using Rotated Farm Tiles Increased Polymer Press conversion rate Decor overlay should no longer reveal items in the fog of war Ruin doors should now properly reveal fog of war when opened Fixed a bug where the research screen could scroll infinitely
  16. 234293

    fixed an issue with loading save files from version 234177 Exosuit Forge should now be prioritizable
  17. 234175

    Low pressure natural gas should be easier to see in the world Exosuit Dock has increased oxygen capacity Oil Refinery is now four tiles wide Polymer Press should no longer run if it runs out of oil to process Sink should now improve decor Fixed a crash that could occur when using text input boxes Fixed a bug where you could grow two plants on top of each other using a Farm Tile in combination with a Planter Box Clinics no longer limit the range at which you can use a Toilet/Ration Box Neural Vacillators can now be unassigned Heavi-Watt Joint Plate should no longer consider itself in an invalid construction location Increased the cost of Heavi-Watt Tiles
  18. 234177

    fix for game sometimes freezing when dupes enter the oil biome
  19. 234130

    added modal popup for Chinese language mod selection
  20. 233745

    The Shipwrecked update has been in the beta for a week now. Thank you to everyone who's posted issues you've found. There are still a couple things I want to look into. One being some weirdness with the coffee plants I've seen mentioned a couple times, as well the Tiger Shark seems to be acting a little weird. I'll continue to monitor the bug tracker until we put the beta live, so please continue to post bugs you find there. This update is live on the "beta" build on Steam. Edit: I deleted a previous post of this same update as I needed to change the format a bit, but I was unable to edit it. Sorry if that caused any confusion.
  21. 233071

    Fixed issues with running the game on Windows XP.
  22. 232512

    fixed slime lung sometimes not showing up in new worlds
  23. 231825

    germ icons should now properly disappear in the germ overlay if a duplicant no longer has any germs plants should no longer sometimes unmark themselves for harvesting fixed a performance/memory leak dupes should no longer get stuck at the wash basin/orescrubber/hand sanitizer fixed a bug where your starting base would sometimes be fully entombed
  24. 230787

    OU-230787 disease overlay performance should be much better interrupted auto disinfection jobs should no longer leave progress bars behind fixed a crash that could occur if a dupe died while using a wash basin fixed a crash that could occur if you backed out of minion select fixed another crash that could occur if your user options import was interrupted
  25. 230587

    OU-230587 cooking station should no longer overheat as much auto-disinfection of a building should no longer prevent the player from prioritizing the building auto-disinfection threshold can now go up to 1million fixed a crash that could occur if the object the dupe was carrying evaporated fixed a crash that could occur when importing your user settings from the AU update if you had certain anti-virus software installed Tasteful Memorial tooltip should no longer cycle through all available messages
  26. 230365

    OU-230365 auto disinfect can now be disabled in the germs overlay empty pipes should no longer prevent irrigated farm tiles from allowing growth as long as the farm tiles have liquid inside of them storage locker should now save their user set capacity valves should no longer create disease dead putrid odour dupes should no longer cause a crash mass displacement should no longer sometimes cause disease to multiply direction control building buttons have new button text/icons
  27. 230103

    The following changes were made to make the beginning of the game easier to deal with disease, while keeping disease management a factor in later stages: Significantly increased speed of disinfection Made disinfection an automatic chore with an adjustable threshold in the disease overlay Increase the speed of Food Poisoning germ die-off on buildings and ore Increased the speed of using the wash basin Improved messaging for disease management Bugfixes: Burying a dupe with food poisoning should no longer cause the game to crash Using the liquid cooling fan should no longer cause a crash Dupes should no longer forget to use flush toilet Increased wash basin delivery priority Refrigerator gauges should now work even without power
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