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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hey Grifters, We've added some new fun cards to play with, fixed a lot of outstanding issues, and done some tuning of all three brawls. Have fun! GAMEPLAY New Smith random event Added a basic combat behaviour for Bordenkra Smith's brawl is unlockable by beating smith's extant story Shorten the brawls by a quest each day (brawls are supposed to be short and hard!) re-label smiths' brawl as his brawl, not his brawl preview add smith bosses to brawls, boss rush CARDS Tall Brag now has a max_persuasion of 5 Simmer can no longer pick 0-cost cards Fixed bug where unstable_drone wouldn't trigger its damage if you killed the drone before getting to 0 stacks Token of Hesh will try not to choose an argument that is already Shielded. Fixed missing Frenzy upgrade Fixed flavour text of Into the Night Fixed bug where Parvenu was affecting all cards in hand Added 1 damage to batter_up for better interactions with things like evade The Twin bosses' Retribution is now triggered by panic as well as death Racing Snails now use the trained and untrained_pet arguments as support Fixed bug where self-targeted skills removed power from Conditioning Fixed bug where Boosted All Out chose the wrong number of cards Implemented the new cards in smith_tei_ctenophorian_heresy.lua Fixed bug where battle cards with VARIABLE_COST were not shown as having a variable cost Stoke can no longer prevent you from playing Executes UI Making speech bubbles fade out when the negotiation/battle preview fades in Tint stage and bg when showing battle/negotiation preview panel. MISC Lots o' typo fixes
  3. Jason


    Bug Fixes: Fixed MacOS Catalina crashing on startup Bulbous Lightbugs will not try to return home if led far enough away. The wormholes used to link the retrofitted land will no longer cause a sanity drain. (This will only affect newly retrofitted worlds, worlds that have already been retrofitted will not have this change.) Adjusted the Bulbous Lightbug respawn time. Fixed a bug with the minimap icons for the Celestial Sanctum Icon and ward. Greater Gestalts will now play a death animation when killed and no longer drop souls for wortox. Mush Gnomes will no longer continue to spawn spores when it dies Fixed a worldgen bug with the archive that could place the Sealed Portal in other rooms. Traps can no longer be picked up while they are in the process of trapping something (this was causing a bug where the something would be lost) Fixed a mismatch in animation with the Ancient Moon Statues. Fixed invisible Sentrypede fire. Fixed retrofitted worlds Fountain’s of Knowledge Fixed a bug causing certain world settings to not get applied. Fixed bugs with the Moose/Goose and Moslings that prevented them from leaving after the spring. Fixed a bug causing modded client rpcs to be invalid. Fixed a rare crash when the Crabby Hermit is done fishing. Fixed missing strings for moisture resistance wearing off Fixed missing filter string in the cookbook Roasted Birchnuts are now displayed properly in the cookbook recipes Changes: The Distilled Knowledge will give blueprints when unlocked instead of auto granting the recipes. The Astral Detector won’t fold up when it no longer is required, it will wait to be folded up manually.
  4. Last week
  5. Hey grifters, Here is today's update. There is one more tei quest coming next week, and then we're in to tuning and polishing territory. GAMEPLAY New quest - The Ctenophorian Heresy - it adds 4 new unique cards which are as of yet unimplemented (details in the code comments) Fix objective completion for the get_luminitiate objective of Three is a Party. Great Lumin Heist- Fix quest location name '{dignitary}'s Boat' Great Lumin Heist- End convo after letting insider off the hook. Add smith random event. Tune the money precondition for event_loan_shark which makes it really rare. CARDS Faster dropkicks. Redesign Braggart. Fix Magnetic Pulse not triggering when you Gamble. Fix potential crash with Magnetic Pulse if there are no valid targets. Fix crash using Domain. Crash fix for Wrist Rocket. Fix potential crash if certain Chain cards were returned from a Grout Loot Cluster. UI Adding color to the Relationship counters on the Run History screen Adding gamepad support to the Run History Screen MISC Fix fx not matching the play speed of the triggering anim. Fix the looping anim task not being triggered at the right time when play speed changes mid-anim. MODDING print errors loading local and dev mods into the log, in addition to showing the engine warning. wide strings are no longer considered 'plain' by serpent, and will get escaped and quoted when being serialized out by serpent.
  6. Jason


    Bug Fixes: Fixed being able to burn dust moth dens. Mush Gnomes will now spawn in retrofitted worlds Cave-ins in retrofitted Archives will no longer spawn falling objects Fixed a bug that prevents the Gestalts and Nightmare Creatures from spawning the to grotto once the power has been restored in the Archives. Fixed a save/load bug that would cause the Gestalt vs Nightmare Creature battle to restart every time the world was loaded, if the Archives were powered on. The excessive amount of fissures and nightmare fissures and Nightmare Rampart that spawned due to this have also been cleaned up. Fixed certain entities not dropping loot when killed by greater gesalts. Bulbous Lightbugs can no longer start moving while frozen or sleeping. Lunar Spores now display fire when burning. Astral Detector can find what it’s looking for in retrofitted worlds Sentrypedes shouldn’t despawn when killed.
  7. Jason


    Bug Fixes: Fixed a crash when deploying the Archive Resonator. Fixed a crash when blow darting the centipede. Fixed a missing sound for a retrofitted Grotto. Moon Shrooms can no longer be given to the Mushroom Planter. Fixed an issue causing players to not learn a recipe from the archive puzzle. Fixed a crash when viewing world details when browsing servers. Fixed Milkmade Hats having the wrong cookbook image. Fixed missing turf crafting strings. Nightmare fissures in Grotto use correct art. Fixed a crash when viewing snapshots on certain worlds. Fixed succulents spawning on top of objects in the oasis. Fixed missing Vitreoasis description strings. Changes: Reduced Bulbous Lightbug health. Naked Mole Bats are scary to prey. Milkmade Hats are now slightly easier to make.
  8. Hey Grifters, Today's update is mostly polish and small bugfixes. Things will slow down a bit in the next couple weeks as we really focus on getting Smith ready for his special day. UI Showing money earned on the Run History Screen Added run decks, grafts, perks and mutators to the Run History screen GAMEPLAY New Smith random event MISC Lots of dialog fixes CARDS Fix Pure Incredulous not being playable if you have renown. Fix potential crash with DELTA_RESOLVE handlers causing modifiers to be destroyed twice. (eg. with Crafty+ and Confrontational) MODDING Morning mail is now a global event so that it can be intercepted by more than just grafts.
  9. Earlier
  10. Hey Grifters! We have some good stuff for you today - lots of new (non-temp) dialogue, some new quests, translation stuff, new cards... It's been a busy day! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you all! GAMEPLAY Lots of new (good) dialogue! Added a basic behaviour for Mark Nine Nine and added it to the day2 boss experiment new Smith-Moreef quest: Bounced Out Added a Smith random event Moved Bordenkra to her own script and hooked up her anims MISC Added an (initial) Polish translation Update Japanese translation. CARDS Added new Smith negotiation cards Reworked Renown slightly so that it now decays by 1 every turn Fix "Singled Out" bonus damage being applied to allies. Fix for multiple shield generators not being consumed after the first. UI Fix HistoryScreen crash referencing killed_by agent. Add a floater for when Emergency Shield Generator activates. Showing the number of cards on the deck buttons
  11. Hey Grifters, Another day, another experimental update. Have at it! GAMEPLAY Denikus now uses bandit captain negotiation behaviour (temp) Fixed bug where Renown didn't show intents on its first turn Added a Boon for the Racing Oshnus New random Smith event. Fix lonely oshnu leaving like a mercenary. It might leave, but not for that reason. Added brut to smith_defend_bar_day_1.lua commented out negotiation_data on Andwanette and Denikus such that they use their inherited negotiation behaviour CARDS Fixed bug where Escalation affected damage from arguments Reworked Brag SINGLED_OUT is now marked as a debuff Fixed desc of rescind_plus2 stun_gun can no longer stun if evaded Added a taunt card for Mark Nine Nine Chemist: number of stacks of Distracted are calculated in the behaviour instead of the modifier itself. Fixes a crash if the argument is spawned by a player card. UI Adding relationships information to the Run History screen. Saving dead agents to run history Making the deck buttons on the New Game screen clearer Showing the feats on the run history screen. Saving more data to the run history when ending a run
  12. Hey Grifters, Just a couple of new things today- lots of stuff is in progress and not ready to show. More tomorrow! GAMEPLAY New smith random event Fixed incorrect feats in daily_boss_rush.lua Added boon, bane and death loot for Weezil Added a bane for Brut Added a boon and bane for the second twin boss UI Adding more data to the Run History screen Adding Twin bosses slide animation CARDS Update Mixology wording so it only refers to drinking that restores resolve.
  13. Hey Grifters, Some boss changes today, and some requested modding stuff. I've had my head in design-land working out our last suite of quests for the debut. I'm attaching my notes below, but I make no guarantees of legibility or the degree to which the finished quests will resemble the plans! GAMEPLAY Use oshnu wranglers instead of laborers in the snail racing quest Added death loot and a boon for Brut Added a boon and bane for twin_boss1 Updated Brut's behaviour Added a new experiment for Smith's day 1 bosses Disabled old experiments that were no longer in use Added death loot for the twin bosses CARDS Updated desc of CHASER to be more clear MODDING Default mod aliases to the mod ID if not specified, so that the paths in Content.PLAX_DATA are aliased. Clear Content.SORTED_PLAX_DATA when adding a new plax, so that it will be regenerated. Fix plax saving for mods; the installPaths are unaliased so the paths need to be handled differently than they were. Ensure new plaxes are associated with the same mod as the currently open plax by default (the combo box indicated as such, but the value wasn't being assigned if the combo box was left untouched)
  14. Hey Grifters, We're getting closer to having the full Smith debut in the game. Here's what we're currently missing: quest variety: (two more for tei, one more for moreef) boss alts (Brut and the robot bodyguard) additional smith negotiation cards (exact number t.b.d) possibly more events/oppos (need to do some testing to see how repetitive they currently are) This list isn't written in stone, and is subject to additions/removal. We need to make sure we leave enough time for testing/tuning/translating! Anywho, here are today's changes: CARDS Fixed bug where Squeeze didn't calculate the cost of drawn cards correctly Clarified description of the Grout Monster's Enrage condition Fixed rare crash caused by chaos_theory Reworded the description of Hubris to match its effect Fixed missing card art and target_mod for tidepool_pods Added the Retribution buff for the twin bosses GAMEPLAY New smith quest: side_smith_delicate_negotiations Simple oppo for any hesh friend. Fixed bug where event_stolen_wallet.lua would get stuck in a certain branch of the dialogue Fixed bug where the decks in Smith's day 2 boss experiment were not being applied Fixed bug where Animal Bond would heal just hovering over the convo option to eat fixed brenna skin Fssh now loves you by default Added a boon for Fssh and a bane for Kashio Fights in the boss rush daily now still give death loot but don't offer a draft UI Reserve overflow shown with a label instead of just a growing bar of portraits. MODDING Localize mod_option spinner value name strings. better type-checking when priority sorting the mods table. Move ally images into their respective CharacterDefs for better extensibility.
  15. Hey Grifters, We have some new NPC stuff, and a new boss fight experiment to try out! See if you can defeat... the twins! GAMEPLAY Added death loot for the Oshnu Wranglers Added and hooked up new boon and bane for the Oshnu Wranglers Added a basic behaviour for the twin bosses Added a new experiment to test the twin bosses (including harvested decks) Added death loot for the poor merchant Set up behaviour for the Oshnu Wranglers Added a new event for Smith Fixed bug where side_smith_great_lumin_heist.lua repeated the follow up step infinitely CARDS Fixed incorrect adrenaline gain on lean_green_plus GASEOUS_HERD now shows the tooltip for INFLATED as well POWER_LOSS now triggers a turn later for NPCs so that they get to use the power before it is removed Temporary parasite cards will now hatch. Beware, lest the bog take you! Default parasite hatch functions now pull from ALL defined cards flagged PARASITE. Fixed incorrect target_count on twin_1_punch Fixed bug where destroying multiple auction item arguments in Sal's auction didn't remove/give multiple cards/grafts Tweaked the upgrades for gunlsinger Stonewall: nil-check delta on MODIFIER_CHANGED handler, which can be nil. MODDING mods can specify a dependency order by specifying load_before/load_after tables. Thanks RageLeague! Default parasite hatch functions are exposed via Content.HatchNegotiationParasite and Content.HatchBattleParasite. Localize mod_option spinner value klname strings. UI Making the progress widget on the New Game screen wider, to accommodate other languages MISC Prevent Rook Day 3 Dead Drop crash by validating Flekfis' core argument before trying to add weaknesses. Prevent out-of-date save data from crashing when viewing Unknown Concoction Added missing title for Buleet
  16. Jason


    Bug Fixes: Stopped Sharks from rotating the world. Wigfird’s short linked in her compendium.
  17. Update 1.1.67 (Xbox One) The Wigfrid Deluxe Wardrobe and Wigfrid Winged Victory Chest will now contain the Winged Victory Belongings skins. People who previously purchased these chests will receive the items for free into their account in the next few days. Fixed string issue with inspecting Walter's tent. Wigfrid animation tweaks and fixes.
  18. Don't Starve Together Patch 1.92 - 10/01/2020 (PlayStation 4) The Wigfrid Deluxe Wardrobe and Wigfrid Winged Victory Chest will now contain the Winged Victory Belongings skins. People who previously purchased these chests will receive the items for free into their account in the next few days. Fixed string issue with inspecting Walter's tent. Wigfrid animation tweaks and fixes.
  19. Hey Grifters, We have some new content for you today. And the usual round of fixes. Have fun! GAMEPLAY Hooked up the new anims for the Oshnu Wranglers Add Poor merchants New Smith Quest: The Great Lumin Heist The option to reject payment in event_bladder_attack.lua now previews the change in relationship UI Preventing invalid acts from crashing the Run History Screen CARDS Tank and Scatterphase now both have damage/counter equal to their stacks rather than the effect and stacks being different warp_vial now transforms at the beginning of the turn exclusively, even if not in hand, to ensure that if it is improvised, it still has an effect. warp_vial transformation should trigger before rejig.
  20. Hey Grifters, Here are some fixes, straight from our keyboards to your screens. There are some fun works in progress that you'll see later in the week that you might be able to peek at if you look in the files, too. CARDS Fixed bug caused by CYBERNETIC_HEARING Fixed bug where Mark could be triggered despite attacks being evaded Bossbit's "Gas" can now be targeted by anything. Light still only targets Gas. Fixed bug where Mirrored Degrade only hit 1 target on the second resolve Oshnu Slime now correctly decays Added missing upgrade highlight for Boosted Game Piston now displays a counter Added missing desc to Wide Fixed Escalate now expends Reworked Concussed to work for all characters Fixed bug where Rehearsal could not double the damage of a card multiple times. Fixed bug where Veteran's Wire could prevent you from getting the shill bonus from picking cards with a bounty Fixed incorrect stool_pigeon upgrade Forced Adrenaline, Mouthwash: minor card text edits for consistency "Tiny Stinger" now passes itself as the source of the defend removal, this fixes bug with interactions chitinous The "The Spider" graft now refreshes the graft bar in the overlay to properly reflect its counter UI fix end of preview message for smith Hovering negotiation intents now shows damage arrows where applicable. GAMEPLAY fix snail racing quest followup Fixed bug in event_wandering_chef_smith.lua Added a NO_REWARDS flag to daily_boss_rush.lua (the pack draft is still there after every fight) Fixed bug in event_bladder_attack.lua Marking Smith's social boon as a boon, instead of bane MODDING OptionScreenButton have a highlight on/lose hover. Support a generic button-type option to mod_options (see Shel's Adventure) Add a HarvestStrings table to mod tables for localizing loose mod strings. Harvest strings from the mod_options table.
  21. PeterA


    Changes The Wigfrid Deluxe Wardrobe and Wigfrid Winged Victory Chest will now contain the Winged Victory Belongings skins. People who previously purchased these chests will receive the items for free into their account in the next few days. Fixed string issue with inspecting Walter’s tent. Wigfrid animation tweaks and fixes.
  22. Update 1.1.66 (Xbox One) Weaponized Warble should now apply to all weapons rather than just the one you're holding the moment the song gets activated. Fixed a couple crashes when applying the song effects to followers. Fixed a crash when using the "Heartrending Ballad" and "Clear Minded Cadenza" songs. The battlesong items should now be burnable. Fixed a crash when Woby despawns. Fixed a crash when loading a world with a saved Klaus that is dying. Fixed a crash when haunting a burnt tackle station. Fixed a crash when inputting certain characters into the search bar. Added some sound fx to the fishing rod.
  23. Hey Grifters, We have a small but mighty changelist today - some more content for Smith's story! Lots more content to go before the big Nov 5th Update (the Smithening). GAMEPLAY New Smith/Moreef quest: Three is a Party snails have morale, so that they can be subdued Added a behaviour for Brut (still needs balancing and tweaks) Added a new Smith event where Smith meets Rug Add missing shop dialog to steven Added a new smith event Oshnus can now negotiate! CARDS Fix crash related to Amnesty unshielding a modifier that was already removed.lua
  24. Don't Starve Together Patch 1.91 - 9/25/2020 (PlayStation 4) Weaponized Warble should now apply to all weapons rather than just the one you're holding the moment the song gets activated. Fixed a couple crashes when applying the song effects to followers. Fixed a crash when using the "Heartrending Ballad" and "Clear Minded Cadenza" songs. The battlesong items should now be burnable. Fixed a crash when woby despawns. Fixed a crash when loading a world with a saved klaus that is dying. Fixed a crash when haunting a burnt tackle station. Fixed a crash when inputting certain characters into the search bar. Added some sound fx to the fishing rod.
  25. Hey Grifters! Stuff! And things! We're just working through our backlogs, so this one is a little here and a little there. A cornucopia of patch notes!. MODDING Mod Screen: Hide Unsubscribe button if you are already unsubscribed. Assign mod_id to ConvoStateGraph instances so convos can access the mod they are associated with. Add basic mod support for exposing custom user settings in the OptionsScreen. GAMEPLAY Clean up smith's store interactions, and add a special shopkeeper Added new Smith event The opinion events causing Sal's night merchants to dislike for you choosing to help the other merchant are shown in the corresponding option tooltips. Added death loot for the Heshbladders Set up combat behaviour for the Heshbladders UI Fighter status change events animated asynchronously. Notably, you won't have to wait for a single Erchin to flee for combat to proceed. Showing the Custom Game warning in red on the New Game Screen Making the Perks selectable with gamepad on the New Game Screen Added a Perk Screen ingame, where one can see all currently active perks Smith's BOTTLE_TRACKER now listens for CARD_MOVED to determine when bottles are added/remove to prevent things like status_pinned from interfering with the tracking Fixing the layout when a new Perk is unlocked CARDS Do Over: reduced cost to 2. Scorched Earth: shows the number of non-hostile cards currently in the discards while in negotiation. Fixed bug where counter wasn't triggered by cards with 0 as max damage (such as slug smash) even if they dealt damage Added upgrades for knuckle_down and overdrive Added second upgrade for Smith's Degrade and Stool Pigeon Lowered damage of flead_upgraded_shoot but increased its wound to 2, for parity with unupgraded flead Reduced alleviate amount on Looper by 1 Reordered description of blademouth_beating to clarify its effect Fixed edge-case where Recoverable health could carry over to next turn in rare cases Reduced the damage of the Bogger Cultivators aoe attack but it now also applies exposed to non-player fighters Damage previews should now accurately reflect damage avoided by evasion Revised how unknown_concoction works to fix save/load bug All ScalarAccumulators in negotiation_engine.lua are now initialized before the negotiators to fix a bug with Confrontational Fixed bug where Stonewall wasn't triggering unless you removed all renown bottle tracker accounts for bottles in the opening hand. Fix a softlock in Moxie presentation by only showing if Smith is already idle, for now.
  26. HugoM


    Weaponized Warble should now apply to all weapons rather than just the one you're holding the moment the song gets activated Fixed a couple crashes when applying the song effects to followers Fixed a crash when using the "Heartrending Ballad" and "Clear Minded Cadenza" songs The battlesong items should now be burnable Fixed a crash when generating the world with certain mods
  27. Update 1.1.65 (Xbox One) The Curtain Calls Though she may have left her old life far behind, Wigfrid still feels its echoes... and an irresistible desire to perform. Recently, she has begun honing this side of herself even further, using the power of performance to stir the hearts and minds of her audience whether it be by lifting their spirits, frightening them out of their wits, or giving them the courage to take on the world. For this venturesome Viking vocalist, all the world's a stage... and she will play her part well. Update Notes Wigfrid has been refreshed. Key changes: When in combat Wigfrid now gains Inspiration, which, as it fills her meter, allows players to use the new craftable songs. Fighting stronger foes will provide more Inspiration. Disengaging combat will cause the inspiration to diminish. Wigfrid has a new Stagecraft crafting tab from which she can make her new songs. Singing adds a buff to all players in an area around Wigfrid, which remains active as long as she keeps her inspiration level up. As Wigfrid's inspiration raises, she can perform up to three abilities at a time. Some abilities have an instant effect, at the cost of reducing Wigfrid's inspiration. Fallounders and Bloomfin Tuna can now be placed in the Crock Pot, contributing as small meat and small fish. New skin sets available!| Wigfrid Deluxe Wardrobe (11000 Bolts of Cloth) Wigfrid Winged Victory Chest (3000 Bolts of Cloth) Winged Victory Chest (4000 Bolts of Cloth) Starter Pack 2020 (8000 Bolts of Cloth) For a limited time Wigfrid's past skins are 50% off. New Streaming Drops! We are adding the Sorcerer's Circle Telelocator Focus skin to the Crystalline collection. For more information on streaming drops and how to get them, check out our support topic here. Coming up! Hallowed Nights is coming up next month and we really wanted to focus on the content update so we aren't making a lot of changes to it this year, but we will have a little bit of new stuff and some fun new Hallowed Nights Skins. The team is working hard on the next big update we're calling "Forgotten Knowledge". We're keeping this all under wraps for now, but we'll have more details as we get closer to the October content update. Maybe this little teaser will be enough to hold you over until then. That's it for now. Thanks again for playing, have fun out there! Check out the original forum post for more details.
  28. Hey Grifters, Here are today's fixes. Diligent file watchers will find other tidbits that aren't ready to be talked about, as well. But we wont' be spoiling any surprises here, now will we? UI Added gamepad support to the End of Day screen Don't show the loot screen if you are about to lose or win the negotiation Daily. Adjusting the position of the selected character on the New Game screen, so it stays in the center, independently of the window aspect ratio/resolution Preventing the Characters Info sidebar block from consuming hovers/clicks intended for the character anims under it CARDS Kindling: no longer removed by self damage. Add a maximum argument count of 13 (including core) to prevent breaking the UI. Wide Fixed has Expend, but is AOE. Lumin Darts now uses the shared throw anim smith_defend_bar_day_1.lua now applies the shield to the core argument before adding supporter arguments reworked targeting on Smith's Confrontational Revision: no longer tries to replace your core argument. Nap: now calculates defend bonuses in its card text Muddle now gives 2 defense per debuff, by applying 2 stacks of muddle, for consistency. Ditch: Fix crash if there are no cards to discard Fix upgraded Bravery from spawning the wrong modifier GAMEPLAY Added two new Smith events (a regular and a follow up) Try to Look Scary: Add no-flee flag. Stunned fighters can't run away or be replaced by backup. Bossbit can show up in plaxes (for mods). Move ActData:InitializeAct before world region initialization. Again, for mods, this shouldn't change any behaviour for the base game. Change daily seeding so it includes a hashed value instead of the rounded time, which causes blatant cycles due to its periodicity. Use 'defend' anim for any entity that doesn't support 'dodge'.
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