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  1. Non-DST Art

    true that
  2. Non-DST Art

    4 or 5 years ago XD
  3. Non-DST Art

    This is June she is from the other comic I'm going to be working on
  4. Non-DST Art

    wow i haven't drawn her in a long time she came out alot better
  5. Non-DST Art

    eh on and off but I have got a lot more done i just found my reading glasses so it helps me see better with reading and drawing
  6. Non-DST Art

    man this is taking along time but it's half way done
  7. yay back to drawing for me^^ had to take a long break from it was messing with my eyes so i had to stop for a little

    1. minespatch


      Sounds stressful but congrats! Must be relieving to get do what you love.

    2. artistcrab


      very much so I don't like not drawing for a long time it like breathing for me XD 

  8. Yay 2000 REP!!

    1. minespatch


      Congrats bud. You made it.

    2. DragonMage156
  9. Meet Winona!

    omg i love this meme
  10. Non-DST Art

    more then one story will be told with this comic giving Slender and the others a Bg story
  11. Non-DST Art

    Coming next fall 2018
  12. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    lovely art work I always look forward to seeing art from you
  13. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    omg i just love all your new art XD
  14. Non-DST Art

  15. Non-DST Art

    yes they are i will give a back story at some point when i get that dollmakers comic back up and running