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  1. I don't get the reasoning here, Verdant chests worked just fine last year. Plus, as many have stated, the lack of Verdant chests makes it practically impossible to get some of the new skins. Due to a lack of spools, and of course a lack of the items dropping in the first place, it seems that the only way to get the items is... via the store. And while a lot of players buy the skins because they are collectors and want to get them all before the event ends, some of us don't want to spend a lot on skins, and rely on the chest drops to get a few skins they really want. P.S. I opened my verdant chest when the event started this year, hoping for new items and I really am regretting it because it was my only verdant chest and now I can't get another and now I'm scared plz send help
  2. I've been playing a while, and I got a regular common item for my common drop, and a regular classy item for my classy drop. Are Verdant Chests reinstated this year?
  3. lmao wolfgang hulk hogan klei you really did it now

  4. yeah but could they give out the new characters for free and only sell the character's skins? I mean yeah I wanna support Klei, but I don't want to be locked out of a gameplay experience because of a paywall, and I'm pretty sure a lot of you would agree. To be honest it sounds like that something that a certain company that rhymes with Telectronic Farts would do... But honestly while I would pay for a character anyways, I really stand by what Klei once said about the lack of DST DLC, about not dividing the community's content. I think the same thing would apply here; it divides the community on ways they can experience the game by altering who is able to play as different characters.
  5. Klei: Makes heirloom skins for old owners of DST skins

    Me: grinded on trade sites and trade servers for past few weeks, made decent profit

    Me: hey maybe ill buy skins with profit before updates drop so I can get heirlooms

    Steam Market: 5c47b0888d940_ScreenShot2019-01-22at4_07_43PM.png.323e5a2cf34d0fee67a8d1682c867718.png

  6. inb4 market prices suddenly increase for some reason.

    Yes, the main reason I use the ocean glitch early-game is to rush ruins. Due to the very twisty and dead-endy nature of the caves, using an ocean glitch can make it so you can find the ruins more easily.

    Is there a way to glitch into the ocean efficiently, without having to build a wardrobe or place a lureplant, something not very resource-consuming the can be done Early-Game?
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I moved all the stuff to the other ice box.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Hopefully Mafia City Memes are still in season.
  11. Aw jeez, I'm stupid. Gotta change that then
  12. When will Winter's Feast end?

    1. Raspberry Shake

      Raspberry Shake

      It's just like the ending of the Krampus movie.

    2. Pab10Suarez




    3. minespatch



      Charlie fixed it.

  13. World hopping!

    World hopping allows you to change your character, so how could Roc change your character? All things considered, it's very likely Klei will add another teleportato set in the world in order for you to world hop.
  14. Yeah, I wrote the wrong, thing. Edited to be right now.
  15. None of the Don't Starve playable Characters could have entered the Constant BEFORE 1906, because ALL of the characters are brought into the world by Maxwell, and they all have things to say about Maxwell. Since Maxwell didn't get into the Constant before 1906, none of the players could have entered before 1906. Alright, with that out of the way, I'd like to propose some things. First thing to note: It's entirely possible that the devs weren't fact checking the date of creation of every single trinket they put into the game and based quotes around them. Second thing to note: A lot of people have this misconception that Webber must have had a scientist father, but he has one quote, ONE QUOTE, which talks about how "Father used to work on something like that" when examining an Alchemy Engine. Most of his quotes talk about farm life and stuff. It's most likely he's referencing a milking machine or some science-y thing used, well, on a farm. Third thing to note: RetCons exist, and you really shouldn't be trusting stuff stated, added, or changed a VERY LONG time ago, (like, early DS development) Alright, That's all I wanted to say.