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  1. Jand's Arteries 3.0

    Hey, Happy Saint Patty's Day. Have the one and only true alcohol: Leprechaun Blood. Or Milk...
  2. Questionable Things

    In DS I played around with console for a few hours and somehow managed to make my biggest cause of death "Ressurection Sickness".
  3. I've gotten one before events became a thing: Maxwell Untriumphant. Elegants themselves are just rare. They're like a 1% chance or something.
  4. Not described in either creature description or dictionary thing boi. Just said they can be ranched and their made of DuPe Ooze.
  5. Thanks! But what about slicksters and pufts?
  6. So for forever everybody has known how to feed hatches. You just plopped down some materials or some food and they ate it up and excreted some coal for your generator. But coming in with the Ranching Upgrade, I have litterally no idea how to feed all the other creatures. I'm trying to breed shinebugs but they're just so unhappy because they're always starving. I put algae, dirt, fetilizer, metal, and rock in the feeder and on the ground, and they don't eat it. I put mush bars and fries on the ground and feeder. Same with slicksters and pufts. I have no idea how to feed them... Somebody please explain to me?
  7. Rounds down, so none.
  8. Yup! 4 basic areas to a) learn mob attack ranges and rates, b) learn basic hit ans run tactics, c) learn to keep an enemy in the same place by moving at the right times, and d) learning special attack patterns (usually from bosses). 4 intermediate areas to a) multiplayer kite, b) kiting dragonfly (yes it deserves its own thing), c) tripling damage by using a combination of repetetive mouse clicks and ctrl-f's, and d) kiting more than one enemy at once
  9. Ideas in Suggestions and Feedback were used in Don't Starve Together. (Mostly in alpha, and beta/early access, maybe ANR?). Now it's used by modders and the like. Until then we can wait around for a big update chain, where they'll need some inspiration.
  10. This game seems to be unfair?

    Kiting makes the game a loooot easier.......................
  11. Welp I got a pretty fun kiting basics-to-intermediate map. If you need help with any attack patterns or certain mobs just hit me up! Honestly, the only hard thing about the caves is a reliable food source. Bring buttloads beforehand and you'll be fine as long as you have a lantern or miner hat. Eat mushrooms for sanity and health, watch ground for shadows during earthquakes. Ruins: You don't nessecarily need to fight anything. Make sure you have tons of gear prepared and go in guns blazing with your... hammer and bush hat. Hammer those piles for gears. Fighting mobs in the ruins isn't required.
  12. Ban @watermelen671 because you should choose this one! :3
  13. Giants Mechanics

    Actually... it's the old bell... RIP.