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  1. ======-> Well there it is. Don't want to go in there though, you heard spiders one night when you were close and you didn't bring any armor. Not that you could make any.
  2. I usually go to my boyfriend, but before I had him I mostly had music and drawing (thats why I draw so many battered wilsons oop-). also i like to hug this axolotl plushie one of my ex's got me for my bday its soft n cute an makes me feel happi
  3. the kind of tired sleep cant fix
  4. ======-> You should be close to one of the forests now. Hopefully you got enough grass for what you plan on doing. ======->
  5. Wilson: Continue following the road Very strange day today. ======->
  6. ======-> You don't have time to waste on thinking about it. You also take the 1(One) grass near you. >Wilson: Continue following the road
  7. now to not do any full renders for several months
  8. ======-> Strange. Could've sworn someone poked you. ======->
  9. nah i just like to pretend i teach them memes with no like further explanation or something so it just results in these kinds of happenings. same thing with the poggers "comic" i did. someone had to teach wes what poggers is.
  10. spoiled for some gore, its not that bad i think. also speedpaint is in there as well