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  1. A very worrying mod on the workshop

    well iirc japan has a legal consenting age as 13 or something(please correct me if im wrong), but im not sure what china's legal age of consent is... so it could be from some cultural sort of thing going on?
  2. A very worrying mod on the workshop

    it makes me even more nervous because look at how many downloads the mod has might wanna fix that
  3. A very worrying mod on the workshop

    please keep your fan fictions to wattpad
  4. so uh, this mod keeps appearing the thumbnail for this mod is worrying enough, but at first there wasnt a english translation, as it was in chinese; until now i found out that there is a english translation for this, which just confirmed my suspicion. Original: translation: now its obviously this is very broken and choppy, so it might just be not the actual meaning of the mod until you see what the images links' names are while i am aware that the devs dont have the character's age set in stone, wendy is always mentioned as a child in the game iirc so this is all bad news please i hope this does not fall on deaf ears, i could report the mod but i alone might not be able to change this.
  5. i think that this is art

    the usual
  6. i think that this is art

    everyone's here
  7. i think that this is art

    im sick with the flu and cant put much effort into drawing and i always wanted to draw this quote but never got around to it
  8. i think that this is art

    well there is a way, but its way more work and less sustainable than bee boxes for multiple reasons !.) the fully grown toothtrap plants has a better chance for dropping nectar 2.) you have to find a honey chest inside the ever changing pathways in the mant hill and put the nectar in 3.) its really hard enough to grow nettle plants without wicker's books and/or dripple pipes, since they nettle plants have to have the wet prefix for the timer to start, so you need to hope you got a world gen that has multiple things, and having a room in a mant hill have both the exit/entrance and have the honey chest in the same room, its way too annoying to even try now i hoped that the pherononstone would act like the mant's version of the key to the city, but i dont know how building those would work... tl;dr only way for honey farming in hamlet only worlds is too rng dependent on world gen
  9. you can see it in action in the game a day before the bat wave in hamlet, they sleep in the cave clefs, and killing them in there makes the bat waves much more manageable.
  10. i think that this is art

    before the QoL update, it was still uncraftable
  11. i think that this is art

    why is it that you can craft bee mines but not bee boxes in hamlet
  13. What is the point of Mandrakes?

    relogging the game changes all the gems on the ruin statues, so you wouldn't really need to do anything but just relog a few times to get the green gems.
  14. this is the code within the nettle_plant.lua the error here is that it's looking for winter in a hamlet world, which doesn't exist. and I havent seen anything in the season manager .lua file that points out that winter can be a different season depending if the world was using hamlet's worldgen.lua or not, thus making that nettles can only grow if wet.