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  1. i think that this is art

    i keep forgetting klaus doesnt have a tail
  2. i think that this is art

    beyblade: cat edition the child is dead, the spider is removing the dead body
  3. i think that this is art

    spider vomit
  4. my bad. i've only had dragonfly following me through wormholes, not any other boss, and i never really used the purple staff. I also had dragonfly actively follow me in general despite not being aggro'd at me. I think dragonfly and bearger are the only two ones that are more aggressive than deerclops(?) but i could be wrong?? i know that moose goose doesnt follow because she just shows up, honks at you to shoo you away, lay her egg and despawn. i do know that dragonfly did follow you through wormholes way before QoL update, and that its suppose to deter players from turtling into their base and never leaving.
  5. Dragonfly follows you through wormwholes before the QoL update iirc. All bosses give a warning before spawning, like hounds (except for moose/goose, who only honks once before spawning due to not actually being able to destroy structures, only damages them if they have hp like walls) and all characters will announce a boss is spawning as well so im going to assume that 1.) you were doing something that made the characters say something that overrode the boss warning 2.) you were playing as wes and whatever lets you hear sound inside the pc is broken or 3.) you were playing a character but didn't hear the boss sounds/had music too loud and forgot they even said anything. also about the "impossible to kite", i'd recommend this video for you to watch for dragonfly.
  6. i think that this is art

    wrong thread buddy, this is my corner
  7. i think that this is art

  8. i think that this is art

    hhhgghgh i forgot i never posted the hotline Miami au on here willow got parts of dragonfly, wilson got krampus (for his special he has a gun)
  9. i think that this is art

    monster people talk about seasons
  10. i think that this is art

    ==> You also snatch the flower off screen.
  11. i think that this is art

    Wilson: Chop the tree down Already on it. ==>
  12. i think that this is art

    ==> Odd, the tree wasn't here before. The flower was. > Wilson: Chop the tree down
  13. i think that this is art

    spoilers because gore : )