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  1. It certainly is quite something... You could probably play this in a lot of situations, but somehow I think of Buddhist viharas (pagodas that offer shelter to wandering monks)
  2. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    There's word Donke is scared of Iris. :3
  3. Non-DST Art

    Eventhough the are old, they show a lot of zeal and devotion. I mean, just look at the background of the last one! The experimentation with shading and linework is also very apparent, a good sign. The only thing better than birds is birds with extra limbs.
  4. "If we don't find a weakpoint, this is going to take a while!" The pace makes for a more strategic battle, or perhaps a bullet hell of sorts. The synths sound kind of eerie. I kind of wish the train-sounding intro actually came back up as percussion or such. The ending of the track should be the actual ending of the theme when victory is achieved. Too many games just give you generic explosion sound no.2 and maybe a (1) victory fanfare, thorough the entire game.
  5. I like it a lot, but I won't even try describing it. O.o Simply uneffable.
  6. StarTheFox's Furred Art

    You must be made purr :3
  7. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    I heard genie doesn't know whom of the tenths of LadyD to not give any deserts or other kinds of barren landscapes tonight. *sass-o-meter rising*
  8. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    I heard geni doesn't know I secretly have a second account for when I'm not busy being a tenth of LadyD.
  9. I had to think of crystal caverns this time, just walking and climbing at your own pace through a sparkly, kind of narrow environment. Must be the tranquility coupled with the noise persisting as if in a small room.
  10. The game uses DebugRender to better visualise some things like worldgen, pathfinding, etc. However, I can't figure out how to enable this. It'd be a great help to have this tool, so if anybody happens to know how to get it, please let me know! EDIT: Here's an example of what I mean:
  11. I agree, if I had to title it, I'd call it "On the Verge of Crisis". The doots may seem obnoxious (mostly because they reminded me of DST sounds at first), but it's surprisingly easy to get used to them.
  12. Paint and Animat

    Woah, nice job! This looks like a turn-based RPG move. Her arms feel too long in some poses, might just be me being stupid, though.
  13. What's on your mind?

    Santa comes to the islands of the southern hemisphere using the R.S. Frosting and delivers to individual coastal towns on a surfboard. That sleigh is expensive to use, you know? Besides, Santa tries to stay carbon-neutral so much, he doesn't even mind surfing with the presents.
  14. Those bright percussions set the whole thing off, it doesn't sound really intense, more like a silly office fight. But if flash games have taught me one thing, it's that silly fights can be difficult too, and this track has an underlying atmosphere suggesting just that.
  15. It's fine! And it was nice of you to suggest it. I merely corrected you so people wouldn't try installing an incompatible mod and get angry.