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  1. I don't think DST qualifies as Roguelike/Roguelite in the original meaning nor in the sense usually understood. Specifically because people do not start over until they manage to win. There is no victory condition, only a risk of losing. Luck doesn't make or break a playthrough. Circumstance does not encourage players to vary their playstyle. What makes a game a roguelike, if not a constant need to adapt and weigh options? The only part of Don't Starve which meets my expectation of a Roguelike is Adventure Mode. I cannot participate in the poll because I'd have to answer questions I cannot give meaningful answers to.
  2. These aged like fine wine, given the Eye For An Eye update.
  3. Wow, I didn't think this mod would work at all anymore. No idea how this causes issues with NucleusCoop. I didn't even know that exists. It'd probably be wise to generally re-make this mod, because the UI has changed a lot in those seven years.
  4. If you click on the Klei Points icon in the game (specifically in the Collections) it logs you in directly via API. If that works, you can then paste the reward link in the URL bar. I did that shortly after this link has been posted and it worked.
  5. Hello all! When Island Adventures started four years ago, we couldn't imagine it becoming such a big and long-lasting project. Many people have come and/or left the crew and many breakthroughs and miracles have been performed. The mod has come a long way. However, in recent times, there have been mounting problems we are not equipped to deal with. Most notably, Don't Starve Together itself has grown and changed much. The overlap of DST and SW content comes not only with technicalities, but also increasingly complicated bugs, and big gameplay issues. Therefore, we have decided to forfeit Maxwell's tropical paradise to Queen Charlie, and let her form a different kind of island adventure. More specifically, we will not finish missing or incomplete content (such as treasure hunt, volcano, quacken, &c.) nor patch bugs that occur with new game updates. However, the Steam Workshop page and the GitLab repository (including the entire development history), will remain online and public, for posterity. Heroic strangers may use this to continue developing and send a "Pull Request" to get their solutions applied to Steam Workshop. If a part of Island Adventures seems useful for a different mod (e.g. the climate transition code), we'd gladly let the other mod take it. However, we insist the mod's Steam Workshop page mentions this, for the purpose of avoiding misunderstandings. Also, feel free to consult us about that. We may be able to provide context and code explanations to help incorporate it. Thank you for the fun years! -the Island Adventures devs
  6. This issue has been resolved in an update to the mod tools.
  7. Update: This issue can be circumvented by temporarily renaming the mod on Steam Workshop. (e.g. add an 'a' to the title) Still not sure what causes the issue, but since it seems to happen based on alphabetic order, I should be able to identify the mods responsible (assuming it has nothing to do with hidden mods). (I have not yet disected the source code.) EDIT: Turns out a (1) hidden mod I am contributor for causes this issue. The Steam API does not let me get any details for this one Workshop Item, but happily tells the mod tools that it's in my workshop list. The mod tools fail as soon as reaching that item in the alphabetic list, regardless of which game said item is for.
  8. Bump. I can't be the only one who is unable to update mods because of this. Note that the list is in alphabetic order and stops at some point. The last entry is not necessarily the first item the user is not uploader of. Is the source code of the uploader tool available to us?
  9. I only noticed this because @Hekateras has the Contributor items now as well, and told me about it.
  10. As of recently, the Steam Workshop API appears to have changed. When the uploader tool fetches the list of mods on the workshop, it gets all the mods you've uploaded, but also all the mods you're mentioned in as "contributor". Unfortunately, contributors still cannot update mods. The big problem, however, is that the mod tool fails to parse (or even just receive?) this new list format, and thus does not offer to update some mods. I am currently unable to update several DST, DS, and Invisible Inc mods because of this.
  11. In my HUD Hotkey mod I did this: GLOBAL.TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(GetModConfigData("key"), function() local wilson = GLOBAL.ThePlayer if wilson and wilson.HUD then if wilson.HUD:IsVisible() then wilson.HUD:Hide() else wilson.HUD:Show() end end end) This only works because HUD is purely client-side (i.e. it only affects the person pressing the key). For your case, a RPC or alike would be needed. Kzisor's code seems to use RPC under the hood too. By copying from Kzisor's RPC Handler example and my Key Handler example, you should almost have everything needed. However, you'd also have to send the RPC in the Key Handler function. I cannot recall how that works. To clarify, it would look something like this, I imagine: GLOBAL.TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(GetModConfigData("key"), function() local player_character = GLOBAL.ThePlayer if player_character ~= nil and player_character.prefab == "yourcharacter" then --TODO send RPC "yourhotkeyname" for player_character end end) AddModRPCHandler("yourmodname", "yourhotkeyname", fugg)
  12. Is the reward a warm feeling coming from my chest?
  13. Mentioned in that other report as well. Apparently a lot of things are affected with icantdothatosis.
  14. Sorry to keep the shopcat thing going, but this is a Klei official meme, as indicated by the URL: Edit: and here are a couple I made myself to get the point across.