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  1. There was an update today that appears to have silently fixed this. Squee! (I merely checked if itemdefs.lua:augment_neural_mapper has the ingnoreAugmentCount17_13 trait again, and it does, so I assume the other patches are in as well.) Besides the, the anims.kwad and characters.kwad updated.
  2. In addition to what Cyberboy2000 said, there's a daemon "Jolt" which reduces the KO time of currently KO guards at the time it gets activated.
  3. For that, you would need to wrap the ondeploy function of the item, I think.
  4. The easiest way I can come up with to do this is to AddPrefabPostInit for all the planted plants ("berrybush", etc.) and wrap their inst.components.pickable.ontransplantfn (make a new ontransplantfn that calls the old one) Code example (freely written and thus untested) function ontransplantfn_new(inst) --your code here if inst._ontransplantfn_old then inst._ontransplantfn_old(inst) end --your code here end function MyPostinitFn(inst) if inst.components.pickable then inst._ontransplantfn_old = inst.components.pickable.ontransplantfn inst.components.pickable.ontransplantfn = ontransplantfn_new end end AddPrefabPostInit("sapling", MyPostinitFn) AddPrefabPostInit("grass", MyPostinitFn) --etc. The catch is that this won't work for any plantables that might be added in future updates if they aren't pickable.
  5. Wurt

    Since the Gorge has people turning into merms, and sick pigs living in a swamp, the common assumption is "They are cursed pigs".
  6. Wurt

    I hope it is a dragoon!
  7. Hi, I didn't read most of the thread, but basically, when an inst gets Remove()d, the object gets invalidated (inst:IsValid() == false, removed from registered global Ents list, etc.) but keeps existing in memory (until all references to the object are removed, at which point the Lua garbage collector makes the memory available to new data). This means you can access removed inst as long as you have a direct reference to the object. The reason you shouldn't rely on accessing removed inst is: As soon as the server shuts down, the data is lost. So make sure to transfer the data to the planted bush and save/load it properly there!
  8. The Cute Animal Thread

    Poldi and Ingo also like watching sunsets together. Photo by Tanja Brandt
  9. I got invisible Bull Kelp. Here's the stats for all of these transient issues: dump.txt
  10. Yes I meant that, and you made a good point. There's no logical reason it shouldn't be FOODTYPE.GOODIES then.
  11. Warly's Incorrect Trinket Quotes

    fixed in
  12. It should probably be changed to FOODTYPE.GOODIES, like Taffy and Jellybeans. On the other hand, none of the component foods are edible by Wigfrid. (edit: That is irrelevant, as explained below.)
  13. Does this happen when you host (with or without caves?), or when you join a server?
  14. Can't see vegetables as Winona

    Do any of these things "fix themselves" after relogging?