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  1. Mentioned in that other report as well. Apparently a lot of things are affected with icantdothatosis.
  2. Much like Invisible, Inc., the meta is to stay undetected.
  3. Take your phone and come downstairs for the guests and call it oven when you of in the cold food of in the cold food
  4. We could probably make a mod that inserts the symbols into chat upon a key combination.
  5. In my opinion, yes. It captures the value of seemingly trivial information perfectly. Steam (and by extension all desktop) also has many fun mods. If you want to hear more, we should probably move to the respective forum or to some relevant platform. I did not know Shank 2 also uses Lua scripts. I wonder why they'd do that if they did not plan to add a modding API.
  6. I said it in some profile status thread before and I'll say it again: His attitude reminds me of Bob Ross.
  7. Nah, you did, and so did @NormalPinkerton. Numbers go 01, 02, 03, ..., 10, 11, 12, ... For reference: P.S.: You can think of it as turning the "smallest" 0 to a 1, and all 1 to the right of that to 0.
  8. Sorry to keep the shopcat thing going, but this is a Klei official meme, as indicated by the URL: Edit: and here are a couple I made myself to get the point across.
  9. I wonder why they'd add so much weight. The former entirety of the sounds and music folder would be "only" 513 MB (i.e. approx. half a gigabyte), The entire DLC files were barely a gigabyte before this update. (For comparison, RoG is 535 MB and SW is 640 MB. The basegame without DLC directories is 834 MB.) (I did not update yet.)
  10. Finally the standard compiler updated the hitbox calculation. A wonderful day! Thank you!