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  1. Wow, I didn't think this mod would work at all anymore. No idea how this causes issues with NucleusCoop. I didn't even know that exists. It'd probably be wise to generally re-make this mod, because the UI has changed a lot in those seven years.
  2. Hey Myco, long time no see! I can't imagine how such a discount would be provided. If Nintendo even permits selective discounts, you'd probably need to link your Switch account with Steam or whichever else distributor you got the game from. And Klei or whoever did the Switch port for them (it wasn't the original developers!) would have to enable it. Why'd you want the game on Switch anyways? There are no mods on it! :P
  3. you two really want to get this good show over with all of the sudden, huh? 10011
  4. To grant Science Fiction a bit more representation, I'd like to list my favourites from the perhaps most iconic author of the genre, Isaac Asimov. He's usually known for the "I, Robot" collection, but his "The Dead Past" is also very good by itself and short enough to read in one sitting. "The Caves of Steel" is also worth reading, it's a great blend of general scifi and murder mystery. As for the dead-of-outer-space kind of scifi, The Expanse is very good. (The TV show cannot convey all the content and nuance in its short time frame, thus it is subpar to me.) The other kind of novel I "enjoy" is difficult to describe. It is stories that explain unfathomable contexts and foreign perspectives, less extreme than Horror but undeniably real. Topics that are unfortunately considered taboo on forums by virtue of sparking immense discussion, e.g. post-war neglect and domestic abuse.
  5. Do not poll on hams, that's disgusting. Isn't "charcuterie" a broader term for preservation such as prosciutto?
  6. The needle of the rainometer is already precise, to my knowledge. I am not sure about the thermometer's accuracy or intervals.
  7. The DST boats use engine stuff that does not exist in DS. For example, the border of the boat is based on a hollow collision mesh, but DS only has basic collision boxes (and spheres). Most of these issues could probably be circumvented, but that in turn would worsen performance and have the potential of causing unexpected behaviour. TLDR: It would require a lot of work and innovation.
  8. When talking about myself, I usually use [ i / me ] but feel free to address me with [ he / him ] and [ she / her ].
  9. "Voice" is an independent category in the FMOD soundbank and should also appear and independent entry in the sound mixes (Lua) so this particular change would be trivial, I think. Might be best to make a mod for it and simply change the mixes. For the more specific ideas, I am reminded of the Sealnado wind from Shipwrecked, which has its own custom category. It's a bit more effort to implement and might require a rewrite of the settings backend, but I believe to an accustomed developer the only significant difficulty would be to find good default values for all the possible mixes (e.g. what if the player hits Escape, or is getting slurped by a Slurper?)
  10. If you click on the Klei Points icon in the game (specifically in the Collections) it logs you in directly via API. If that works, you can then paste the reward link in the URL bar. I did that shortly after this link has been posted and it worked.
  11. Hello all! When Island Adventures started four years ago, we couldn't imagine it becoming such a big and long-lasting project. Many people have come and/or left the crew and many breakthroughs and miracles have been performed. The mod has come a long way. However, in recent times, there have been mounting problems we are not equipped to deal with. Most notably, Don't Starve Together itself has grown and changed much. The overlap of DST and SW content comes not only with technicalities, but also increasingly complicated bugs, and big gameplay issues. Therefore, we have decided to forfeit Maxwell's tropical paradise to Queen Charlie, and let her form a different kind of island adventure. More specifically, we will not finish missing or incomplete content (such as treasure hunt, volcano, quacken, &c.) nor patch bugs that occur with new game updates. However, the Steam Workshop page and the GitLab repository (including the entire development history), will remain online and public, for posterity. Heroic strangers may use this to continue developing and send a "Pull Request" to get their solutions applied to Steam Workshop. If a part of Island Adventures seems useful for a different mod (e.g. the climate transition code), we'd gladly let the other mod take it. However, we insist the mod's Steam Workshop page mentions this, for the purpose of avoiding misunderstandings. Also, feel free to consult us about that. We may be able to provide context and code explanations to help incorporate it. Thank you for the fun years! -the Island Adventures devs