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  1. I can't describe how this alternating... thing... makes me feel. It is very impressive, that's for sure, and somehow it makes me think of quartz. Happy h. christmas!
  2. Yes, though it won't be needed a lot since the ocean will be in the same world as the normal DST world unless you specifically change the settings to generate it as a different world.
  3. Well, what do we have here? Calm, yet a bit rough. Like something seemingly broken that has actually just slowly taken a different shape. Idk let me say this kind of weird philosophical stuff.
  4. Today's song is too much for me to comprehend. I thanks for these relation ship advice. Much girl take gifts I buy. Is more good than before advice now. But still not kiss me or say thank.
  5. mhmmmm I totally agree with Tylor Name it "Hell"
  6. I am not a fan of the monotone guitar riffs, but the rest of it is admittedly pleasant. 009 is nice, much nicer than James. I'm impressed you didn't cheat and upload it as "todays song" eventhough it's really old. I would have totally cheated.
  7. Normally, it is not a wise idea to make noise. When it is a good idea, however, you will want the Sonic Boom™ to maximise noise production! It can be heard by every single guard* and makes them all investigate the general area of the noise**. *Deaf guards and drones excluded **Guards at gunpoint may have their priorities sorted out and won't investigate Warning: Standing near the device when using it may cause brief hearing loss or even unconciousness. Do not use near children. FACTS: Use from inventory All people in 1-tile radius are KO for 1 turn, including the user (!) All guards (who can hear) "notice" a random location near the user Soundbugs trigger 7-turn cooldown, no charge needed Acquired from Nanofabricators TIPS: If the mission objective is heavily guarded, send one agent to the other end of the office and using the Sonic Boom. It will keep the guards busy for many turns and your agent has enough time to recover and hide. Derek (Contingency DLC) can deploy his Beacon, go somewhere else, use the Sonic Boom and then teleport to the Beacon to elegantly escape the guards. If you KO a guard using the Sonic Boom, he will wake up after you end your turn. If he sees your KO agent, he'll either pin them or shoot them immediately when they stand up next turn. To avoid this kind of mess, send another agent to pin KO guards, or prepare elsehow. (Trademark not pending) Download: >>> <<<
  8. [DST] Minesweeper

    Not only is this a thing, people actively develop and bugfix it. Astounding!
  9. I don't think you have your credit card. Prove it by showing me clean photos of both sides of it!
  10. Can a match box? Insert meaningful reply here. Also insert the obvious pun.
  11. Tonight's song reminds me a bit of 121-ALB, but definitely has a different, vitreous charm. They said "You can't just loop the same four seconds for a minute and call it a song", but today you've proven them wrong!
  12. Today's song is exciting and cheerful, but the lead instrument gives it an unnatural vibe. The best scene I could think of is one of those huge travelling carnivals. People doing good modern beats.
  13. I love how Wendy's halloween "flower" is the normal eyeplant while Abigail's is doing a bite.
  14. It's the funny kind of awful! A happy and proud tune. Fitting for those scenes in movies when things get so perfect and fantastic that you get slightly sick from them.
  15. Geni's Random Art thread

    Your girlfriend sure likes curves!