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  1. Here we go again And though time goes by I will always be In a Klei with you counting 73
  2. Camembert insert picture of that stupid hamster here
  3. It looks decent, but nothing like Don't Starve. Which is good for a mobile game.
  4. But the nintendo page says: -Character selection: Start with any of the 10 unlockable agents in the game, plus 8 agent variants, and 10 starting programs to crack corporate security. EDIT: There are eight (basegame) agents who have an OnFile and an Archive variant, plus (basegame) Monst3r and Gladstone makes ten unlockable agents and their variants, plus the four DLC agents implied in the later bulletpoint. There are five (basegame) generators to start with, plus DLC Burst, as well as five (basegame) breakers plus DLC Golem. As such, the Nintendo page has the correct numbers for the known basegame, but no mention of Ritual or Siren.
  5. Finally the world may harness confusion power.
  6. Hello there, I've looked through your older "Introduction to some Components" forum post, and besides understanding some other useful information, I didn't quite find the one I was looking for. The post is archived so I couldn't comment, but maybe you can help me out on how the "amphibious" component works out, or how I can trigger it.

    1. Mobbstar


      I have not worked with the amphibious component very thoroughly before, but it is relatively new to DST and requires stategraph work alongside itself to function. Refer to the hounds for an example. The component triggers the "jumping" state if necessary, but the actual swimming and such are your problem, the component merely sets the "swimming" tag and lets you SetEnterWaterFn and SetExitWaterFn and does not do anything else in this regard.

  7. Please be aware that in the case of monetisation, different guidelines apply. Klei may invoke rights to influence or otherwise get involved with the developement of The Community Content. The general agreement between Klei and mod developers may be void.[1] P.S.: If you really need the money, you could consider setting up a donations box (for example "kofi", possibly incentivised with community-wide rewards) or a "Patreon" system.
  8. "Tackle" as in Fish Decorations? Can I have singing Popperfish please?
  9. There is now Fish Meat from Shipwrecked? (EDIT: Wurt's change mentions it)
  10. Poldi and Ingo also like watching sunsets together. Photo by Tanja Brandt