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  1. If a spiderden spawns or is placed directly at the shore, the spidercreep can spawn on ocean tiles. Presumably the tile check happens in the function that spreads creep, but not the one that starts it. GIF showing the problem:
  2. Time to totally hijack those new tags for our own purposes!
  3. Wes & Balloons

    " Balloon beefalo " Beefalloon
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    What people really want when they complain about the Willow Refresh Mr.Mulk made decent suggestions regarding inventory burning in his Willow thread, feel free to discuss it there!
  5. MrMulk convinced me on the Island Adventures Discord chat that Inventory Burning would be a neat ability to add back. Also, it makes Abigail even less unique and useful, so I am completely on-board with it! Just give it a visual FX (and if Willow gets total fire immunity, also give it a damage cap). Maybe let Willow pick up burning items? That'd either make her a much better "firefighter", or make Inventory Burning easier to implement. Also, just pitching an idea here, what if Willow has fire immunity, but takes damage from overheating instead? EDIT: Before I forget: Remember to give Klei some respect, everyone. They literally said they'll change the perks some more before releasing the update. <3 EDIT2: Why no, I didn't read most of the thread, just the original post and some highlighted ones.
  6. I like the idea of her speed buff getting negated by wearing armour! (edit: I meant specifically the 10% base speed buff)
  7. Wall Math

    Version 1.0


    Have you ever wondered why repairing walls takes three times as many wall items than placing those walls took? It's pretty stupid. This mod makes repairing walls vastly more effective and thus cheaper. To balance this, walls start at their smallest stage when placed. This can be changed in the mod config options. Furthermore, repairing walls with their main resource is now exactly as effective as using wall items (ignoring additional materials like rope for wood walls). Not sure if Klei couldn't do basic arithmetic, or if they intentionally made six rocks be significantly worse than the walls you can craft with them. Now the maths check out! Also on Steam Workshop:
  8. It's a team effort. You gotta mention @Zarklord too, at the very least. He completely rewrote and improved so many of the core mechanics!
  9. Sorry to bother you, but i saw an old post you helped someone with, about tuning sanity, making them lose sanity on the water. I am trying to get rid of woodlegs sanity loss on land. No one else seems to know what to do, or hasn't replied to my post. Please help. I have tried deleting parts of woodlegs prefab to do with sanity, but when starting a game, it crashes. Thank you

  10. Visual filters, mostly. The insanity "wobbles", for example, are completely engine-side and untouchable by mods. The shortsightedness blur and infrared vision are new filters in the DS engine and probably won't get ported to DST unless Wagstaff as a whole gets ported.
  11. Despite the Moggles working by turning smell -> vision, Wagstaffs short-sightedness still blurs everything. Surely he isn't short-olfactioned too?
  12. Minisign code: local function OnDrawnFn(inst, image, src) if image ~= nil then local atlas = nil if src ~= nil and src.replica.inventoryitem ~= nil then atlas = src.replica.inventoryitem:GetAtlas() else atlas = GetInventoryItemAtlas(image..".tex") end inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("SWAP_SIGN", atlas, image..".tex") Minisigns use GetInventoryItemAtlas for vanilla items. This returns a string and it works just fine. If the item has replica.inventoryitem:GetAtlas() (presumably mod items), that returns a netvar hash, not a string. OverrideSymbol cannot use this hash. Minisign cannot display such items. Inspecting a player displays the current equipment using GetInventoryItemAtlas too. In "Island Adventures" we now edit GetInventoryItemAtlas instead of setting inventoryitem.atlasname Here's the IA code for reference: I suggest you let mods insert their atlases into GetInventoryItemAtlas one way or another. It reduces network traffic and is easier for the UI.
  13. Maxwell's Unshadow (Untriumphant) skin is "Pre-Damnation". As for the Minotaur, I'm not sure if it's more of a costume or a GoH. The Survivor skin gives us a lot of room for interpretation here, minotaur may as well be GoH.
  14. Version 1.0


    Based on this: This project is a complimentary one to help you understand FMOD, and to give you an idea of how to make complex sounds. Open the README.txt for more info.
  15. How imprecise is it, and how does updatelooper fix this?