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  1. @minespatch I've seen some sweet fanart of my stuff from you, I'm returning the favor!
  2. Don't Starve Comics

    I've been summoned. For the shameless self-plug, I guess!
  3. To be fair, I wanted to implement my version of the giftwrap (because all assets are already done), but after having some troubles with implementing it I decided to not touch Festive Pack anymore. The Pack works now, and maybe its code is not perfect, but I also don't want to break anything at this point.
  4. I'm not that much into modding anymore, but as they say, "never say never".
  5. Yup, yup! Wendy as a goth lolita, aka Perona.
  6. Maxwell, the Revolutionary. How fitting.
  7. If it's a tanuki, then it's definitely missing something very important between its legs XD But yeah, it's Japan-esque, to fit with character's kimono skin. *Ahem* SUUUUPEEERR!
  8. I dislike all mobs that swarm you and stunlock you so hard that you can do nothing but just watch your armor break and HP go to zero. Grumble Bees. These things aren't so bad at first, but then they spawn so fast you can't keep up and get stunlocked to death. Shadow Splumonkeys. You thought you'll just stroll around these Monkey Huts, hm? Then Nightmare Cycle happens. These buggers never stop chasing. Birchnutters. For something so small, they sure are a big annoyance. They don't deal much damage, but it's the stunlock that's gonna get you killed. Lavaes. They'll try to stunlock you, and if they fail at doing that, they'll burn you. And if that doesn't happen, then you can be sure that their mother will finish you off. Oh, also they always have auto-attack priority higher than Dragonfly herself, so better keep mouse-clicking that huge dragon, because your character will try their hardest to kill that small worm nearby!
  9. It's quite fuzzy and cute in here, I gotta say.
  10. Yep! It's the same one I've posted some time ago here... This Wes/Wigfrid pic was just laying down as a sketch and never finished... until recently, that is. --- More non-mango pics: Nothing like taking an ol' good dump.
  12. Actually this way you'll only spawn Wolfgang Statue Base (which can be upgraded only by Wolfgang himself). To spawn finished statue do: local p = c_spawn"wolfgang_statue" p.components.upgradeable:SetStage(6) Hats can be put on him/retrieved by anyone, though! Yup!
  13. Thank you!~ :3 Thank you! Hah, yeah, he's one of my favs! WX's would need some redesign, because he lacks "coolness" in his design (that's why I haven't drawn WX yet... He's kinda boring to draw, to be honest). That's all you gonna get from me: Top quality. Because I was bored in school :V
  14. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Yes, I am. As long as I'm not base-building. Because when I'm base-building, hounds kill everybody, base burns to the ground and children cry.