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  1. It is possible to make changes in a mod without reuploading every asset in it. Also I wouldn't even be mad if it was a copy of a mod I made on a whim, in a couple of hours. But these mods... I worked countless hours on them. I poured months of work into them, worked tirelessly until they were finished. The "Danka" mod has been uploaded to the workshop in 2015, but I did a character refresh last year, where I have redrawn all art and re-coded and re-balanced the character. I have worked on Don't Starve mods since forever. At this point my content is on par with Klei's. So this is not "advertising" for me in any way. Especially since in 90% of this person's reuploads there is no source listed. When I wanted to do a remake of The Heavy mod, I went ahead and asked the original author. And he responded, and even provided me with some additional art! Well, what wouldn't you know, the content creators on Steam Workshop are actual people. And if somebody is still active on Steam it doesn't take much effort to just drop a comment. You know what takes a little more effort though? Finding the mod ID, searching through your workshop folder and reuploading it as your own creation. Thanks for letting me know that you can't do much here. I was thinking you have more freedom when moderating your own game's workshop. So it's all on Steam's side. And of course they won't do anything unless their legal team is involved, because regular reports are probably just handled with an automated script (knowing how Valve still acts as a small indie studio and doesn't want to hire new people). I have all the assets in higher resolution and *.PSD files (project files), and my upload date and workshop IDs are older than the copies. I am willing to share all the assets, but not my personal data. I have nothing to gain, but a lot to lose here. He stole my work, and now he's going to steal my personal information? Haha, no way. If it's this easy to steal content on Steam, maybe I should just stop making new content. Thanks. Yeah, this person just endlessly reuploads other people's hard work. It is shameful and something should be done about it. But the current DMCA claim system is the absolute worst way to go about it.
  2. Honestly, I'd rather quit modding altogether than risk potential harassment every time some random kid copies what I made. Does the "Report" button actually not do anything?
  3. In the DMCA file it says that my personal data I share may be shown to the person who I am reporting. Why must I show my personal data to some random thief on the Internet? He can copy my content anonymously, but when I want to take it down (while my content on my account has older upload date), I need to share my personal information? That is dumb.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm a mod creator for DST and I create my content for everyone to enjoy for FREE. Do you know what I absolutely despise, though? Shameless stealing of someone else's content. Look at these: These mods have been reuploaded without my consent. Here are the originals: When I asked him to remove these, he deleted my comments. Twice. I asked my friends to report these. After 2 weeks, these mods are still up, so obviously the reports have been ignored. Could I ask all of you to mass report these so that they get removed? Not only this guy does not care what I have to say, he even remarks: Isn't that just lovely? Please report these shameless copies, maybe if enough people report them, that could do something. Thanks.
  5. This is really cool, good job! Something like this should be added to the game, to be honest. I'll definitely take a peek at your code when I'll find a moment.
  6. 1. Jelliet's long hair basically uses two symbols: "swap_body" and "swap_body_tall". Symbol "swap_body" is used by backpacks and armors, while "swap_body_tall" is used by Slurtle Armor and One Man Band. Both of these symbols are actually a copy of one another and they are animated the same (in most animations). I still had to alter them in some animations to make them work as actual hair. 2. The entity is only one here, there are multiple animations though. What you should care about regarding creating a custom player build is the list of symbols which will be overriden in animations of player character, not the animations themselves. You can even delete all animations but one (since compiler checks which symbols have been used in animations, you gotta use each symbol at least once in one of the animations in the SCML, otherwise it's going to ignore unused symbols). I would recommend renaming the entity to BUILD_PLAYER, because otherwise the symbols may act quite wonky. I do not have access to entirety of AnimState code, so I cannot tell why exactly this name has to be used for the entity, but what I know is that it may cause problems. I tried shortly explaining in the modmain of my template how exactly the *zip is loaded by the game, but there is a lot of really specific stuff I would have to show off to explain how exactly the graphics and animations are constructed and understood by the game and compiler. 3. Regarding the tent anims. Even after ~6 years of modding this game I don't have full knowledge of how exactly all of it functions, sometimes I'm surprised myself when I see what happens. Some stuff gets broken while getting decompiled and that's just how it goes. I have successfully unpacked some animations, edited them and imported into the game just to find out that half of the specific objects is just invisible now. Some unpacked animations have incorrectly numbered frames in symbols and the build just doesn't work with animations present in the game. At this point I'm just rambling though. I guess I could write down all of this somewhere so that new modders can have all this stuff accessible. Animating for this game with mod tools we have is working hours on end via trial and error (while trying to not go insane) and that's why I'm making new player animations extremely rarely. Creating player builds is a piece of cake, though. If you have dumps of player animations to test if the builds will look fine in-game and you didn't come up with a build which requires tons of existing animation alterations, that is.
  7. Hi, The "nubs" are a symbol in character's build not used in actual animation. They are meant to be used to override an existing symbol in character's build (other body part which is actually used in animations) when a specific skin is equipped. You can take a look at my Custom Player Animation Template, which IronHunter linked in a post above mine. That template includes all symbols used in most player animations. "Wrist" symbol is actually called "arm_lower_cuff" in the build. For example my "Jelliet" character uses "hairfront", "swap_body" and "swap_body_tall" to represent her hair. Of course I had to alter a lot of animations to make it work as I intended, but the point is - you can use other symbols in your character build other than those shown in Extended Sample Character template.
  8. You can create a new animation using this template, and for the special idle animation you don't even have to create a new state, just simply load in the *.zip with anim.bin in your character's prefab and add the line below in your character's master_postinit: inst.customidleanim = "idle_animationname" Stategraph reads animation name from this variable and tries playing it during "funnyidle" state. If it doesn't find a variable with this anim or this variable is empty, it plays the default "funnyidle" animation. And if you're asking how to add a new symbol, then yes, that's possible too. You would need to add an "override build" with inst.AnimState:AddOverrideBuild("build_name") or simply just add new symbol to animation, and compile it. That would mean leaving files other than anim.bin (a ton of unneeded graphics), so I would recommend compiling and loading that symbol as a separate build. I may create some more extended tutorial about animations and stategraphs in DST at some point, but currently I'm leaving it as is.
  9. Hi everyone, I had a bit of free time today and I decided to dedicate it to updating Custom Animation Template. New changes include: - Added "hairfront" symbol. - Added "customanim_mount" - animation of player riding on beefalo. I will update the .zip in the main post shortly. You can download this template on the Steam Workshop: ...or you can just click on the attached file. Enjoy.
  10. Hi, I know the answer to this issue. So basically, you use Ktools - krane isn't very good at decompiling textures so that you get proper original sizes. What you see is a "broken" character build in Spriter, but the actual coordinates in SCML are *mostly* accurate. How to fix this? Well, just overwrite all decompiled symbols with the original symbols of the Esctemplate character. Simply copy-paste the folders and it should all be good.
  11. The camera behaviour doesn't reset if you despawn while standing on a boat. It stays in its fixed position until you jump on it again.
  12. What a great thing. Great work and thanks for sharing! My subscribers will be able to use Mala Mi's skins once again! Working on an update right away.
  13. Mod characters don't use their oval portraits in the character menu screen nor in the character inspect screen during gameplay:
  14. Version 1.6


    Automate gathering resources! --- --- G10MM-3R is a drone version of Glommer. Design inspired by Drones from Slime Rancher. It can: - Pick up various inventory items (uncooked food and resources), - Pick resources like Grass, Saplings, Berries, etc. - Harvest Bee Boxes/Farms/Meat Racks (when configured), - Hack resources like Tall Grass/Vine Bushes (when configured). It will store all its items inside a modified Glommer Statue (dubbed "G10MM-3R Base"). It doesn't need any fuel - it will work until broken. You can find its blueprint by mining the Glommer's Statue (or by defeating bosses in Shipwrecked/Hamlet). It's craftable on the very top of the "Science" Tab. --- G10MM-3R on Steam: This is a port of my DST mod. You can find it here: