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  1. In Beta, Making Applied Horticulture needs 5 seeds and 5 manures. The problem is seed! Because changing crop to seed doesn't give normal seeds, the only way to get it is just picking it from ground. Making 1 book needs 5 seeds but only way to get them is just picking?? wow... I hope there be change. should be more way to get normal seed or just reduce the cost of Applied Horticulture. Or maybe able to make Applied Horticulture with any seeds.
  2. I found this thermal stone skin has image error(?) if skinned stone is in inventory or ice box(maybe chest too but not tested) it just shows gray color even if stone's temperature is below 30 degree that one(skinned only) should be freezing white but it doesn't so i dropped gray one and the one that should be white is still gray while in cursor but if dropped on ground it become freezing white as normal. but picked up and in inventory... become gray and with mod(Show me) you can see its temperature.