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  1. I found this thermal stone skin has image error(?) if skinned stone is in inventory or ice box(maybe chest too but not tested) it just shows gray color even if stone's temperature is below 30 degree that one(skinned only) should be freezing white but it doesn't so i dropped gray one and the one that should be white is still gray while in cursor but if dropped on ground it become freezing white as normal. but picked up and in inventory... become gray and with mod(Show me) you can see its temperature.
  2. agree. if each character's battle strategy with their own power become various, players can choose character and strat it must be really big joy not just difference of dmg like wolf or wig. idk if possible to make variable battle strategy without making 'class'. if there is class... it would be like just Forge extension and i dont want it. anyway hope each character have its own unique strat using ability extremely
  3. what about SW's obsidian tools? they dont burst into flame immediately but flame anyway. fire spread faster in DS but players can control it. thats why i told make fire but player can control it. this is the situation i want. maybe my explanation is insufficient... anyway fire is risk but fiery weapon without fire? of course I didn't said any details of weapon, but i think its needle and thread. cause i said only risk not advantage, it might looks quite negative. i want high risk high return. and i think not that big problem. if played game little bit, there is no one who kills red hound middle of base(without flingo). same situation. and this sounds nice anyway.
  4. Idk which kind of weapon will be fine. but if there is, i think adding this kind of traits will be proper. new weapon's ability make burn things nearby and willow should be able to extinguish the fire herself or with her unique tool not luxury fan or water balloon. of course, we have to play game to know how things changed, but for me, looks like no refresh. like winona, adding some unique recipes will also be nice.
  5. contents are not that less but of course, as playing much, players feel need of more contents. so i think lack of contents... but soon there will be more contents :0
  6. expected next subject will be wortox. so started earlier and finished today. and trying to draw minotaur wortox too. but idk if i can on time
  7. I thought there must be bug related to wortox teleport and found this during teleport, wortox not taking damage but armors do idk this is bug but feel like. so uploaded.
  8. I tested few things and found no sound with emotes. All emotes sounds missing.
  9. drew victoria woodie resting in the woods not satisfying fire effect and other things but my skills are not enough to make them perfect... it was fun anyway! hope to draw my imagine more precisely on next drawings.
  10. this is painted a week ago and this is what came up to me watching steam trying to overload wx-78