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  1. I found this thermal stone skin has image error(?) if skinned stone is in inventory or ice box(maybe chest too but not tested) it just shows gray color even if stone's temperature is below 30 degree that one(skinned only) should be freezing white but it doesn't so i dropped gray one and the one that should be white is still gray while in cursor but if dropped on ground it become freezing white as normal. but picked up and in inventory... become gray and with mod(Show me) you can see its temperature.
  2. I thought there must be bug related to wortox teleport and found this during teleport, wortox not taking damage but armors do idk this is bug but feel like. so uploaded.
  3. drew victoria woodie resting in the woods not satisfying fire effect and other things but my skills are not enough to make them perfect... it was fun anyway! hope to draw my imagine more precisely on next drawings.
  4. @ScottHansen Me and my friend still can't make server or even made server, server stop after few sec. here is my client_log. client_log.txt
  5. cleared Forged Forge Mod with 4 player what a small head just...something?
  6. lets play chess killing misery toad wolf solo day 666
  7. Then no need to get another blue print like bundle wrap, napsack etc? If it does, i think it makes game quite easy
  8. after todays update, people around me cant enter the cave. Anyone else who have same problem?
  9. Oops yeah. i thought here is PC/Steam Forum. Sorry for confusion (Bug Tracker banner is linked to this PS4 bug tracker)
  10. there are some bugs after game updated 1. cant see server information (only 'view tags' and 'toggle server name' are activated) 2. cant play host server which is made before update. when try to play that server, message pop up 'dedicated server failed to start' 3. only admin can enter the cave in the server that made after update. except admin, no one can enter cave 4. while playing game inspecting player make kicked out from server. 5. chattings are not disappear after time goes these are the bug i found and heard from others
  11. water and magma, is this balance? c_gatheranimals() gathered 10000 spools!