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  1. Hi Wilson... er Nicola Tesla? Game: Time Quest Platform: Mobile Game Why did I post this? Cus I see Wilson... a harmless resemblance of Wilson... a scientist... with that hair... granted it's Tesla...
  2. Installer files missing

    Parts? Click on install game my dude...
  3. Kevin AWOL?

  4. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    I heard that xed and the rest up there have forgotten to make a rumor about the person before them... also, that cheese is actually made out of moon rocks
  5. Hi everyone

    White background.. I smell google translate...
  6. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    I heard LadyD heard wrong? wait... **Checks pyro's title-badge** Uh... no?

    Thanks jelly, I'm watching episode 2 of the series now... >_> what am I doing with my life

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Asparagus


      Yeah, just change the art direction to hand-drawn and it's basically an anime... a mahou shoujo kind of deal based on the plot

    3. Asparagus


      Yep... even the endings (are cheesy) look like anime endings from like the 90's or early 2000's


    4. ImDaMisterL


      It'd never be as good as Mahou Shoujo though

  8. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    inb4 someone forgot if they gave someone a title or not and just gave them one...
  9. Whats going on ?

    **reads latest posts** ... Me:
  10. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    I heard geni's screams can shatter glass panels 5 inches thick
  11. Thinking about having my member title be "Abreeable" during April Fools... or maybe the whole month of April

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    2. Asparagus
    3. Donke60


      Hmm really I thought default it would override to the title JoeW gave you before going into senior member.

    4. Asparagus


      Well, the default is you get "Senior Member" once your content count goes up to a thousand... I think...

  12. Went to Invisible, Inc.'s forums to look for Inv. Inc. Badges... found none, gave up after like 3 or 4 topics... (apostrophe after a period for an abbreviation?)

    1. ImDaMisterL


      I went there looking for its theme, but it gone

    2. minespatch


      Have they given up?

    3. Asparagus


      v(  ' - ' )v

  13. Ban L for having and even number of 4 badges and keeping my pseudo-OCD in check
  14. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    I heard that Dmage is getting all her information from a mysterious guy driving around town in a minivan...
  15. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    Yay badges! ... Now we must hunt for those who have Eets, Shank, Ninja, and Inv. Inc badges O__O