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  1. too bad the call wasn't recorded... then again, it wouldn't be allowed to get posted if it did... >u>
  2. Some already got theirs... I haven't though... and a few others... I'm in Asia, the other one I know of is in the UK... so I don't think it's based on region... or is it? O__O
  3. Ban xed cus I ship WaterXed
  4. TFW you can put that as your in-game name...
  5. The boarrier just wanted to practice his drums... or be a metroNome
  6. The Constant?

    The way I see it, Charlie is masterminding a great con against Them. She makes it seem like she's pushing the survivors to their doom to please Them but actually, she's giving them more and more ways to get stronger, the items the Bosses drop, new places to gather materials and loot... she even had the Portal opened again (and this will just be me theorizing), to open routes to other worlds to get more things... expanding the survivors' range and also Their entertainment value... if they die, they get brought back... as ghosts... the Constant... before, (back in Single player, which btw is the prequel of DST, making DST the sequel after Maxwell's reign) things changed... After Wilson got released from the portal by none other than Charlie, he retained some knowledge he acquired from sitting on the Nightmare Throne from that brief moment and utilized it to make the DST portal prototype along with Maxwell's help eventually getting upgraded by Charlie to become the Florid Postern we know today. As it was before, each survivor had their own little version of purgatory to live in... all in the same place but never in the same place... but because of Wilson's actions (yet unknown if it was by chance that he acquired this knowledge on his own or by an outside force, most likely Charlie herself), the worlds became connected again and this somehow the shattered fragments of the worlds that each survivor were living in connected making the world a constant... The Constant. That does raise the question though... If Pugna has existed before our band of "survivors" came here, why does he know that the name of the world is The Constant? Could it be that when Maxwell first came here, a great war had broken out obliterating it... he did mention that when he came here, there was nothing... just dust, the void, and Them... (5:12 of the video) Perhaps it was already called "The Constant" before during Pugna's self-exile and since he was in the forge, he didn't know that a lot of things have changed... Assuming that the Ancients had a great war -- or if I may, a massacre -- (after Pugna retreated to The Forge) wherein the Ancients fought against Them... knowing that they can't win against Them, they opted for an alternative... destroying or sealing or limiting Their influence on the other realms attached to the Constant by sealing the heart... the Atrium, the gateway of worlds... Somehow, Pugna found a way or was lucky to find a shard that was away from Their influence, though a desolate place, he and his people survived "with out a scepter to provide for them". That means, that they could have been the Ancients that we've been hearing about.... BUT (and this is a very big but) he and his men do not look insectoid/reptilian in any way... (maybe the Crocomanders but I'll get to that in a minute) From what we've gathered, the Constant contains the Hub (I'm assuming is the Atrium where different worlds can be accessed). With those many worlds, there is bound to be different versions of civilizations ruled and/or conquered by Them. With that, we can assume that each world, The Hamlet, The Forge, etc contained different races... each having their own version of the Scepter and Torch... it could be that each world lived in the same way wherein the Scepter provided and the Torch guided... that could be a way to explaining why he knows of the Scepter even though he does not look like one of the Ancients we know of... could be they transformed from bugs to pigs because nightmare fuel but eh. Also we saw the Ancients transform into Nightmare creatures (which may explain the Swimming Horrors being SW exclusive as they may be in the same boat.) There are so many things to theorize about but so little evidence to back them up... all I can say is that an event catastrophic enough to bring together the races from different shards attached to the Constant could have been brought to the Constant to fight against Them which ended with the Constant being reduced to ashes and the void... (I lost my train of theory after eating a big lunch... dang it...)
  7. Ban pyro for tinfoil hats
  8. The Constant?

    Exactly... as does the Ancient Stalker... but in a way, Charlie IS manipulating events that made the survivors go to these places... the Atrium, which we now know is a gate to other worlds... and the Forge, a stronghold of Pugna and his pigmen... I just wonder if Pugna and the Pig King were from the same world but had a falling out and the Pig King chose to move to the Constant under Maxwell's reign (or maybe even before).. THEY (the shadows) are known for conquering worlds... maybe-- why does this REALLLY remind me of Warcraft XD The pigs are the Orcs, THEY are the Burning Legion... and... for some reason... the situation for Charlie seems to be similar to that of Kerrigan from Starcraft... I love it <3
  9. The Constant?

    I was not able to fully read what Pugna had to say because of the fighting (and my 7-10 sec action delay wtf), but from what he said... and it was a lot... The Forge had MAJOR LORE DROPS The Constant... The Hub... a crossing between worlds... The Forge, the new home of Pugna and his people, far from Their reaches... From that, we can assume the Throne he is referring to is The Nightmare throne, or the Pig king's rule, though I would opt for the first... then again, the Pig King could be the transformed Ancient that wielded the staff. He also has extensive knowledge of Them. He seems to be ageless as well... He referred to us as the Gate Keepers... and asked us if we knew who we were serving... I love this part a lot... The Constant, a place for "New Beginnings"... where our survivors find newfound purpose...
  10. ban genitails cus we're 3 shakes of a monkey's reproductive appendage away from getting the wrath of the mods.
  11. Ban D-mage cus you al contributed to this monotonous insanity and I love all of you for it... ~~please perpetuate this cancer~~ This thread must be hell to keep in the forums as by all rights it should not even still be alive so keep banning people you deranged lunatics
  12. Ban Watermelen because poet sounds like our word Puwet which means butt
  13. UUUUUUUUPPPPPP NEEEECCCCRRRRROOOOO I just got an Asus Zenfone 4 and this is still a thing that's happening...
  14. Forum Game - Which character are you?

    Ban Dmage for giving herself 2 characters and didnt give me one @_@
  15. Forum Game - Which character are you?

    LadyD - willow, cus ~~she's hot~~ is tough but funny Wendy - cus i guess im told i say the darndest things?