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  1. Ban D-mage cus you al contributed to this monotonous insanity and I love all of you for it... ~~please perpetuate this cancer~~ This thread must be hell to keep in the forums as by all rights it should not even still be alive so keep banning people you deranged lunatics
  2. Ban Watermelen because poet sounds like our word Puwet which means butt
  3. So basically... "Darkness" is a name they give Charlie for those that don't know Charlie herself personally and it's a double meaning when they say "Darkness is coming." or something like that? OK.///
  4. UUUUUUUUPPPPPP NEEEECCCCRRRRROOOOO I just got an Asus Zenfone 4 and this is still a thing that's happening...
  5. Forum Game - Which character are you?

    Ban Dmage for giving herself 2 characters and didnt give me one @_@
  6. Forum Game - Which character are you?

    LadyD - willow, cus ~~she's hot~~ is tough but funny Wendy - cus i guess im told i say the darndest things?
  7. For all the time I've been here, I have adhered to these "truths" DS is the first in the timeline and starts with Maxwell's Reign DST is what happens after DS' Adventure Mode, effectively making it a sequel Due to nagging and against Klei's initial decision, we got DST DST was not an easy thing to accomplish as it was not built for multiplayer They cared enough about the faction of the fans who wanted it that they had to go against their own wishes and create DST even though it was literally making a new game from scratch code-wise [citation needed] After DST's success, more players have moved to DST Financially, and as an indie company, you need to follow the money. BECAUSE YOU CAN'T MAKE GAMES WITHOUT GETTING MONEY TO PAY PEOPLE TO MAKE THE GAMES. After they've gotten enough money, they teamed up with another company to help them develop a DLC for the now "dead" Don't Starve that started it all. If you have Shipwrecked on DS, you can expect to sell more copies of DS:SW as it's "new content" This will pay the people who make the game and if they're lucky, they can save up TO MAKE NEW STUFF. But as you might expect, you can't pay your staff if you only sell "this" many copies at such a low selling price I know, we'll give them something they've been waiting for...[lore which will lead to additional content] DST introduces skins! To differentiate your Wilson from that other guy's Wilson to some degree They're Free! (for now, as a test run) Whoops, keeping servers up takes money Guess we need to sell some skins for upkeep Believe it or not, most skins cost less than $0.50. IDK how many people need to buy the game and buy skins to pay a single person for those skins Boom Elegants. DS is getting traffic again from SW but it seems it was not living up to the standards it set... we need our in-house team to work on it after the contract with the other company gets voided... [citation needed] We don't have that many people on staff We can do it, it'll just take some time to roll-out new content... best not keep their hopes up in case we can't deliver. But we'd love to give them more stuff. We've worked hard on this... So DST's going smoothly, our old games don't make as much but they're still gems and people love them, we'll keep making new games cuz we love doing this... [citation needed(?)] Hey guys, remember that thing? Well maybe not, because it was a surprise... **DROPS ANR TRAILER** @u@ New content! A LOT! DST is feeding DS its funds... but most people don't seem to like it... we need to give DS, THE PREQUEL something that doesn't clash with DST, THE SEQUEL and its lore, as you know, it's basically DSTwo (Don't Starve Two) Cuz you know, code and stuff No, we can't just scrap DS and put everything in it into DST like Adventure mode and caves that don't need shards... BECAUSE CODE AND STUFF [citation needed] We also can't scrap DS as it's the IP that started all this, and we can't just ERASE it after everyone else bought it. More content OK, since we're getting stable, we should do something more for both. Some of the staff previously worked with MMOs Multi-player games and events sound good Holiday Events. Boom! Event-exclusives. Boom! Now we can afford to make more stuff We're gonna fix stuff in SW We're gonna do more stuff for DS and DST in general I say they're managing the situation swimmingly... not that it will please everybody but it keeps all this afloat... Oh yeah.... Steam is meeting a tough competitor, Tencent. Chinese players seem to love DST. But they have a different way of doing things there... We should stay alert... you know... just in case... [citation needed] They want platform exclusives... but we don't want our Steam players getting left out... Tencent gets Roseate and Steam doesn't... yet... [citation needed] Steam has GoH, Tencent doesn't... yet... [citation needed] Klei store is a thing... we can afford to make more stuff if we can sell some merch, also, why not add Skin Codes for them too cuz, why not?! These are nice. Yay... now that we can feed the staff, we can now hire some new blood and make new games... A resource management game that's both cute and daunting and will require players to learn thermodynamics to survive? Hmm how about a 3D First Person Platforming game that lets you live out the floor is lava when you were a kid? And an RPG? That looks bad*ss and lets you decide to be either good or evil Oh yeah, remember the times when we helped out other companies with their games? Now that we can afford some leeway, we can publish CotND, and The Darkest Dungeon, both very cool games [insert this one in the proper part of the time line] So yeah... well, unless you have years of experience with game development and business, I guess you can tell them what to do... BUT ofcourse, they still keep all praises and most of all, the criticisms in mind... if it weren't for these two battling it out in the forums, they might not know what the fanbase thinks... this is basically a huge survey form that produces tons of stats on what they can do to improve on their business practice and game development. ... I forgot what my point was... carry on.
  8. Oh, what? I woke up at 4:30am because I had to take a huge shi-- uh shot and saw the trailer in my recommended while on the toilet... That's some good sheeeet...
  9. @minespatch Do see now the error of your ways?! For that, a punishment shall befall you! You don't really need to apologize XD **Messages something to MinesP**
  10. ASHES TO ASHES, DUSK 'TILL DAWN... The occult was something of a family business... years of wealth accumulated through expeditions into ancient places, uncovering wealth and knowledge, power, treasures... and curses. Daniel always wanted to go with them, but his frail constitution held him back. He would stay home and read through the books and study the artifacts that his parents brought home and through the years, started practicing the dark arts. His parents were always generous; they had donated so much to their little settlement that it became the rich little town it is now... but through the years -- as if through a terrible curse -- their luck finally ran out, raiding tombs and dark places cost a lot, and the payout seemed to become less and less, these places have either been raided before or had nothing in them in the first place... they were growing desperate. As a last ditch effort, they funneled all their wealth to finding the ultimate treasure. On one of the expeditions to an ancient Aztec ruin, thought to be the entrance to El Dorado, the City of Gold, they had encountered a mural... through it, as it depicted, lied the lost city... a great find indeed... but at the cost of their lives. The cave in came suddenly, his parents had died, crushed upon the rocks, a handful of the expedition crew came back with what little they could. They came home in crude boxes containing their remains. The crew brought back with them his father's walking cane that came from an African Witch Doctor, and his mother's journal filled with information and maps to the lost city... they were all that he had left of them. These men have been loyal to his parents through the years now look to him to continue the family business... he knew he had to be strong, for his sake and his parents' legacy... Years of studying had payed off, with expeditions he lead from the rich and perilous tombs in the Middle East, to the deep forests of Asia, he had started to make a name for himself... but he felt the spirits of his mother and father linger still... as if he himself had unfinished business that he had to take care of so that they may finally rest in peace... he knew what he had to do of course... he was just not ready... not yet... That place holds great promise... but it's too perilous... he did not want to endanger his men, they were the only family he had left. Researching for his next big find lead him to a remote island in the Caribbean, he had found that a Spanish galleon had once sunk around these parts and was filled with gold shipments presumably used for a great crusade... a cache in case they needed more funds to turn the tides of war. Trekking the islands, he found a small village, a perfect place to gather information... but someone else had the same idea... there he was... a man taller than him, an adventurer by the looks of it... their eyes met...
  11. *cracks knuckles* Yeah, lemme clear up the lore behind Daniel and Jerry. *writes a strongly worded letter to @Fidooop*
  12. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    Because the moment I saw you, I knew that my O__O were only for you... And since you were gone... so did O__O ... Ban LadyD for making me get my "O__O" title back Smooth
  13. The Rumor Thread [Forum Game]

    I heard LadyD is actually a shark fin
  14. Half Life 3... It's over.

    O__O Glados and I thought it would be funny
  15. Hi Wilson... er Nicola Tesla? Game: Time Quest Platform: Mobile Game Why did I post this? Cus I see Wilson... a harmless resemblance of Wilson... a scientist... with that hair... granted it's Tesla...