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  1. Ria's Art Book

    I didn't post my dragon Kage concept?? Well I have now.
  2. Ok so I realized that a couple people actually like my DS comic: Wilson meets Red. So I decided to post it here with a couple other crossover art pieces. Comic page 1: Page 2 part 1: Page 2 part 2: Comic page 3: I personally love some of Red's expressions in the first two pages XD Here are a few others I did before/during the comic. Science Machine: Carrots: Wilson's Squirrel Problem: And lastly, comic page 4: --- Fanart showcase (I know I've already posted these in my off-topic art thread but I wanted to show them here and in the ONI thread too). These will be mostly focusing on DS OCs, character interactions and related art styles. Also sorry in advance if you guys see your old art and cringe ^^;
  3. Anyone interested in a roleplay group?

    Wait, is this a server RP where we have to be in character? Cos I'm not good at that ^^;
  4. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    Some baby OC stuff:
  5. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    Hey, I recently registered for these forums (you may have seen some of my posts in the DS discussions and artwork threads) and I thought, why not post some of my artwork here. I recently started drawing DS themed art but I plan to post more of what I've drawn (such as dragons, FNAF, original characters, cute chibis, Spore, comics strips and perhaps even Old vs New drawing comparisons) which is why I put this thread in the off-topic area of these forums. (Due to my post constantly disappearing before I finish editing, I'm just gonna post the DS art for now. I plan to post more here later. If you want, you can check out all my drawings on DeviantArt, the links are on my profile ) Ok first off, I use to draw mostly dragons and animals because I couldn't draw humans. That was until late 2014, where my sister introduced me to this site called DragoArt. It had heaps of tutorials to help me improve (they even have DS tutorials now ^_^). And a few months ago, I watched some Draw with Jazza tutorials on YouTube to help more with proper body proportions and eventually got to where I am now, sort of. This was before: XD Sorry for so many drawings of my character -_- but that's it for now. --- And now for special features of nice people who offered to draw my character (or who's free art raffle I was lucky in ) Note: This won't be in any specific order. Also, there maybe some pictures with more than just me in it for the sake of including almost everything. Well that's all I have atm. If there's anything I forgot or you want me to add, please PM me and I'll add them or give you a reason why I can't. Also thank you for all the wonderful art, it means so much to me! ^_^
  6. Horsey's fanfart thread '<'

    Relatable. I don't know why but that made me thing of a vine (language warning)
  7. It just dawned on me that we might get a Jack Carter reveal...
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Klei: *Breathes in Abigail's direction* Wendy: ^
  9. Count to 200 without interruption

  10. a thread for dev memes

    Klei: A corporation full of adults able to make complex games and multiple updates for the community. Also Klei:
  11. Screenshot Showcase - Off Topic Edition

    Some of the folks on Discord said it's most likely a store brought asset so they're good.
  12. Count to 200 without interruption

    Saaaaame. I need to learn more number puns! Till then:
  13. Ria's Art Book

    Thought I'd post it here as well: Reference image:
  14. Left it kinda late but here's my entry. Have I ever uploaded a coloured piece before? Based off an illustration from a storybook of mine: Volt goat as a dragon? I feel like I could do better. I would have drawn more but I ran out of time.
  15. Screenshot Showcase - Off Topic Edition

    Looks strikingly similar >->
  16. Screenshot Showcase - Off Topic Edition

    What's my Garden Paws cow doing in this game?!
  17. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Me but cookies XD
  18. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Text too small, can't read ^^;
  19. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Now who's going next: Me, @toki-dokke or someone else?
  20. Infinite Peril's totally off-topic art

    You'll get better and more confidence as time goes on. Maybe try using Don't Starve backgrounds for a starting point.
  21. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

    This is just funny XD
  22. Fabop's Photo Shack

    Adorable SQUEAKS!!
  23. Count to 200 without interruption

    10 We've breached double digits guys. Now let's make it to a triple ;u;