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  1. Monoxide Memes

    How did you find out my Joshua headcanons-
  2. A strange strange world

    You have awoken on a strange island after being deceived by an unknown voice, surrounded by others just as confused as you. You have no idea where you are, no idea what you're doing here. But you see something, in the distant. A strange clockwork bird? What is it doing here? ---- CLOCKWORKATOO: "Hello hello! Glad to see such new faces pal!" It creaks out in a gravely rackety voice, as it lands in front of you, its metallic smile unfading CLOCKWORKATOO: "Let me be the first to welcome you all to this wonderful little island! It's name? I dunno! CLOCKWORKATOO: "Buuuut I can ensure this place will be a fun land to live in! After all you will be stuck here forever!" It lets out a croaky laugh, grinning in its strange joy, before despite its still sustaining it smile, it looks grim CLOCKWORKATOO: "Unfortunately though, there is a little catch. This island,,, isn't the safest. As you already tell by looking around all you have are a few items, such as sticks and a couple of your personal belongings to start you off. It motioned to some shoddily made backpacks. One has your name on it, inside is exactly what he mentioned. CLOCKWORKATOO: "Other than that you will have to gain things yourself. Such as shelter, warmth, food and weapons to defend yourself. CLOCKWORKATOO: "I will of course watch you all to help you for the start, don't want any of you lot dying in the first day." CLOCKWORKATOO: Now,, I feel I've blabbered on long enough! So with that I bid you farewell, don't stay in the dark too long now you hear?! ---- Hello folks! I thought I'd try one of these roleplay things, this roleplay will feature as little OP control as possible (unless of course characters do certain actions, talk to certain characters that are owned by moi etc.) This group simply follows the traditional Don't Starve plot. Survive and figure out why you're there,,, whilst an annoying metallic bird follows you of course. What happens depends on what the participants characters' do, any small thing could change a lot. I will be keeping track of certain actions, occasionally marking down in a reply saying what has happened in the current roleplay. It may be a rickety start but I hope to be able to make this whole thing work! In order to join all you have to do is fill out this little sheet below! ---- Name: Gender: Age: Personality: Appearance: Strengths: Weaknesses: Inventory: (all characters start with four, one inventory slot will always be taken up by sticks and must be discarded during the roleplay. The other three items are personal belongings of character) ---- QUICK RULES ABOUT CHARACTER CREATION! Whilst your character can be non-human, I would rather not have them have a ton of sorcery skills, a few are fine but nothing major. Do not make your character like, ridiculously flawless, if that happens i'll prolly ask you to uhh fix some things. Do not make your character stupidly old unless there is a clear reason for it thankies. Bad Ref Example Name: Jasper Vernillion Fantastica Maiden Jewel Gem the First!!!1!! Gender: Female1!!1 Age: 100000 Personality: Sweet and kind but will kill u if u support shrek >w< !!! Appearance: NEON PINK HAIR AND RAINBOW EYES!! LITHE BODY AND SUPER KAWAII Strengths: CAN FLY AND HAS AMAZING RAINBOW POWERS!!11 CAN ALSO TURN INTO A DEMON AND IS SUPER STRONG!1! Weaknesses: Jasper has no weaknesses she's too amazing!!11 Inventory: STAFF OF AMAZING POWERS!!1 CANDY x3333 THE POWER OF THE GODS!! NOT LAME-O STICKS XP ---- Other than that uhhh y eah,,, jeez that was a lotta writing,, ;;
  3. Hot Chocolates Art Pit

    It is a mystery And yep I do! Have yet to draw his ref tho
  4. Another Damn Art Blog...

    The best boi there he is! A aaa you draw him supee well hfhdd
  5. Hot Chocolates Art Pit

    Yeet wades mister endless tophat boi And tha nks i thought id join
  6. Polluted

    heblo im gon sneak in and join like a lil idiot howdys) Name: Wade Waldin Armano Sex: Male Age: 31 Personality: A loud and idiotic boy, who seems more interested in saving his precious top hat from dangers than anything else. He has a tendency to forget his friends, not because he doesn't care. He just doesn't have space in his brain for that type of thing. He can usually be found rambling about things, or hiding up in trees from some danger. Wade seems very much more invested in hearing the drama and the scoops of the world, eavesdropping when he can and usually failing via falling out of trees. He can sometimes be horribly clumsy, falling over the smallest of things, but despite all that he will always try to help people... Even if he can't remember exactly who the person hes helping is. Appearance: Image Below v Strengths: He seems to be very experienced with his handy dandy cane, using it to whack folks over the heads at an alarmingly high rate, other than that he seems okay-ish at fending folks off. Along with this he seems to be scarily good at climbing off into trees and hiding, being remarkably silent for his loud personality. Weaknesses: His forgetful nature, loud attitude towards everything, bit of a scaredy cat
  7. Hot Chocolates Art Pit

    thanks for the warm welcome! Hopefully I don't die off in terms of activity h ah nya nya some DS ocs i guess Wadsworth and Wade Wades a lil butt and likes to shove Wadsworth into danger, Wadsworth accepts his fates almost always its a weird relationship.
  8. heblos folks I'm hot chocolate, some people might know me from the ONI side of things but even then thats highly doubtful you do h ah. I uhh draw,, and draw,, and i thought id try to get involved in the other sides of the klei forums,, granted though I'm not like. Supremo artismo. But uhhh I think I'm average-ish. so ye a have a chester to start off i guess?
  9. HotChocolate's meaningless art

    yea a lot of things to finish up here lmao
  10. HotChocolate's meaningless art

    ~~The Pandemonium will begin May 21st 2019~~
  11. HotChocolate's meaningless art

    Aaa thank you! Im really glad you think of it like that hh!
  12. HotChocolate's meaningless art

    He no like the non dergon
  13. HotChocolate's meaningless art

    some sleepy pandifols
  14. Praise the Maker

    Oh man i love this already heck!! Keep it up im super intruigedd
  15. Monoxide Memes

    Longwei is de commanda?? Who is de kween we mus follo