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  1. Dupe-A-Day!

    Its a ghost boi
  2. Escape the Lab

    Oof sorry i was real busy yesterday like I said this aint a high priority of mine UwU
  3. Dupe-A-Day!

    So,, that new animated short am I right-
  4. Help i ate too much food and now i cant stop scream-burping

    1. DragonMage156



      Also never been here before. I see a Cocoa in the background ^_^

  5. Escape the Lab

    I didnt even think of the crooked man when I made that dupe there hhh ah. The crooked man is cool UwU
  6. Escape the Lab

    The Janitors Closet seems to be locked, all 12 can hear is some insane gibberish he can make out two sentences in whoever's in there's rambles "I love you Mrs Broom" and "IF ANY OF YEH LOT COME IN I'LL SMOTHER YER BLOOD ALL OVER THE FLOOR!" ,,,12 thinks its best to leave whoever's in there alone,,
  7. Escape the Lab

    The dupe began to unravel herself as 12 got up.
  8. Escape the Lab

  9. Escape the Lab

  10. Escape the Lab

  11. Escape the Lab

    The strange dupe wandered over to 12s side of the table and sits herself down.
  12. Escape the Lab

    As she speaks 12 seems to notice that she's been slowly getting up from here seat during the conversation
  13. Escape the Lab

  14. Escape the Lab

  15. Escape the Lab