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  1. These are really atmospheric! They capture a lot of the darker, gloomy side of the game that I tend to forget because I'm too busy trying to survive in it, heh.
  2. This Ancient Fuelweaver looks intense! Can't wait to see the finished product Nice. Are you just changing the appearance of Wilson/Any other character or are you adding different gameplay of some kind?
  3. I like what you did for Woodlegs, it sorta fits him. Also your very Robotic-And-Not-Human WX is great. Oh this one... Is funny. XD Lately I've been practicing ruins rushing, so I've been having quite the bit of run-ins with the Ancient Guardian. I'd say a good deal of my failed attempts or nearly-failed are because of THIS GUY right here. You did really well drawing the ancient guardian though! I don't think I've seen a more detailed/realistic drawing of him before, so I think what you did here is really cool - Not to mention Wilson, heh... Oh, and Wilson is shiny! Nice going designing how the Thulecite armor would look on a 'more humanoid' character than what we see in-game. Aha... I never thought of them being on the same timeline. Though so much Lovecraftian-Type lore for stories has come out lately, it might warrant for a lot to be combined... Possible at least, though Don't Starve is a little more separated from the typical Lovecraft, or at least, it seems to design it's own shadow-creatures and it's own concepts - A highly creative game. DD is also very creative, but it also as a bit of a different focus. Don't Starve is focus on a Whimsical theme, emphasizing it's raw creative aspects. Darkest Dungeon is pretty closely tied to the original Lovecraft though- The newest DLC I saw was for the Color of Madness, which is a meteor from space and stuff. Lovecraft had a lot of space in his stories but in particular, he had 'The color from Space,' which was a meteor that came down to earth that boasted a new color that humans had never seen before. As a result, the color had no name, because it was new. The Color of Madness reminds me very much of that story or at least it's concept. At any rate, They seem to be extremely... Unique, albeit still evil. Independent and individual maybe, They don't appear to associate with other forms of evil very much. I could be mistaken though. Then again, everyone seems to find the horrors of the Constant to be something new. I suppose maybe after the Darkest Dungeon incident was resolved, though, it would make entirely perfect sense to try and wipe that from history - So as not to invite any fools to meddle with such things again. Though also I find with Darkest Dungeon that it mentions those mer-folk, who appear to have been there long prior to the Ancestor's meddling, merely surfacing to trade. They appear to be an extremely ancient race, but it seems like if merfolk existed in Wilson's world, someone might figure out. (At least, when one dies somewhere it could potentially wash up on the beach - If it were truly a race, it seems as though there might be much more than that, though.) It would be hard to wipe away that existence, perhaps. He he, that makes sense. I wonder if Shadow-Donuts even taste good, though. Do they even have substance? I guess that's better than shadow-salad.
  4. YEEESSSSSSS! I love this a lot. It's a very accurate drawing of him and extremely detailed - This is really impressive Oh, if you ever want a better view of this guy, by the way.... Zoom out the camera as much as you can during the foggy screen in Humid season. It will zoom out SUPER far and then remain like that after the fog has passed. When I got stepped on by the Roc as WX-78, I got to have a nice look at what stepped on me. He has clouds on him and trees and plants - But clouds would shield the hard work you did here. Maybe a gust of wind blew them away for a little. Meanwhile... Woodie hates birds... His serious expression is actually rather amusing to me, since I know that even if he thought the Roc was gonna take him to it's nest so he could get the Ro Bin and Queen's scepter - It's still a bird and the last thing he wants is it's weird mouth anywhere near him. Is he a little... Chubby, here? Ah, a donut. Of course, They would provide only EVIL varieties of food for those on the throne, it's just the stress that keeps our characters slim - Until/Unless, I guess Wilson here got used to it. For a quick moment I thought he had tattoo'd himself with that carrot, and I was like 'What'- ...I see a Darkest Dungeon reference on his arm. The detail is very nice, especially with the lines for his coat and the way you did his pants. The garland is a nice touch, heh. And his coming-in beard... I like how you remember Wilson's beard. I feel like it's so frequently forgotten.
  5. Poor Woodie. I wonder how long it'll be until he can't take it anymore... This one was funny too, especially Wicker's calm demeanor about it. Y'know, what's the Gnaw gonna do after he curses everyone, and then no one is willing to cook for him anymore because they're cursed already and have no incentive? And will then eventually leave his forsaken area and swim off into the sea? Then will no one be left to help his hunger? (I called the Gnaw a 'Him' for the sake of making it easier to refer to them.) Clearly I don't think the Gnaw thought this through, heh. But it hasn't failed on them yet either, so until it does, I suppose they have no reason to change their method.
  6. Wilson's mournful expression is very interesting, a contrast to the usually cheerful snowfallen Wilsons I see. Makes one wonder what he's thinking about.
  7. I wonder who Willow is talking to as she covers over Webber's ears? Probably Maxwell or something, he seems like the sort who would talk about murder I guess, or WX-78. Though I've heard Wigfrid mention it as well, but less in a way that could be considered needful of censorship. Webber's blank expression during all this is hilarious.
  8. The way you draw the tiny ghosts is really appealing, they make for a nice effect. The mini-comic with Wilson XD His angry fist-shake as he runs away... Very amusing
  9. Very nice! The accuracy on them is so pristine, it's really quite good. Do you plan to do more than just the pig house?
  10. Your work has a very nice feel to it, it seems to echo the original style in it's scratchiness but I find that to be a good thing. I like the stuff you've put up so far! I hope there is more to come.
  11. Awww, more adorable webbers! The style you do him in is very nostalgic for me, a bit. I like it a lot!
  12. The marsh one made me think of glommer for a bit, heh. But the ruins one is super accurate! You got it just right, screaming face of agony and all!
  13. Ohh, what adorable Wigfrids' and WX's! They're so cute! And I love that fuel-weaver coming in too! I do like the stuff you put on this thread quite a bit.
  14. I somewhat agree with you, in the way that I think they've all sort of gotten over their violence in order to work together to survive - It's a hard world after all, no reason to make it harder by competing... Though I would suspect certain characters still have tension, like Maxwell's ego or WX-78's... Attitude about organics. Probably more like arguments in a family though, and less like a war of bloodshed and death.
  15. I wonder if Wigfrid might be the heavier of these two, if Webber were really spidery and skinny, and then if she had MUSCLES... But who knows, heh. Well, there is a 'Future' skin offered in concept art for a few of the characters, so it can't be entirely out of place. Wes looks... Familiar... Is he based off of something? At least, that robe looks like something our brother would wear, just with a Z on it instead.