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  1. Bluegeist's Fanart

    The webber and WX both are really cute! Especially the one with the quote where WX is clearly and obviously holding a cute little puppy.
  2. I like that webber, actually! The smile is very cute, something about him is rather aesthetically appealing. But then, I kinda end up staring a Webber a lot for that reason XD I don't think we have any long-term artists here who focus intensely on webber? I mean long-term. Like, Rubi is long-term and does Wendy... But y'know maybe she's the only long-term focus we have, now that I think about it.
  3. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    The shading really gives it impact! It's rather impressive. I love his Magmatic skin, gotta say it again, so I reaally like this ^^ I see you worked well with the lines, they're very smooth and well-placed. The angle at the top of his helmet looks borderline 3-D. Very nice job.
  4. Ria's Art Book

    She's a character very fitting to a rabbit for sure. Maybe she'd make an interesting actual Don't Starve character; You could make it so bunnymen defend her, and give her increased sanity drain from 'scary' things like spiders and such. I don't know what to make of Darkness for her though. Seems like she'd need to be okay with it somehow if she wanted to live in the caves with the bunnymen.
  5. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    This is some pretty amusing randomness. XD The scorpeons and skiing Mr Skitz(?) I like the most, particularly the one who can't reach the cookies...
  6. Sketches of 汀~

    I think the little Wigfrid is really cute.
  7. Yes, this is the one I can see XD The one I said looked like Gish. I showed it to my brother and he agreed, it's rather Gish-esque. It's the one that isn't loaded for you, that is also not loaded for me, but thanks to DragonMage I can see it.
  8. I really like this webber drawings.The way you do expressions with him is very appealing. The middle one/last one before that one that doesn't load, the way you draw the mouth reminds me of the game Gish. Me and my brother played that game a lot when we were younger... Generally, the way you do his teeth just makes me weirdly happy for the sake of nostalgia I guess.
  9. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    The extra winona is super cute! I've been coming to like Winona a little more as a character after getting her Gorge skin and playing her a little with it.
  10. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    My attempt at doing a art on both the unreleased snow-monster and Panazej's spider-icequeen creation. Went with a boater hat to differentiate from the top hat. I find the angry moany face on the spider queen to be pretty funny, especially since it's supposed to be a 'queen' XD Ah, this is a peaceful one. I see they're sitting next to one of those 'Maxwell Lights?' Lucy wearing a scarf and hat is hilarious, it's great. Really made me smile there. Ah, I always saw Charlie as the one who delivered the presents. Some people argue and tell me it's Krampus though... But I mean - Isn't Krampus evil? And Charlie already gives us presents - And we get the presents in the dark only... I feel like the whole 'complete darkness = present' thing is a dead giveaway. It's gotta be Charlie, right?
  11. Sketches And Destruction

    Wow, I see why you like it, it looks awesome. Reminds me of Hamlet vines a little, actually. I hate those weird vine monsters, they're incredibly annoying. It also reminds me on your ideas with Lureplant Wendy, too.
  12. Sketches And Destruction

    The gas mask Wendy is really neat, I love the expression on it! By the way, Hamlet has added an official gas-mask now. I haven't drawn it yet, but I'm sure it will come of use in many future doodles around the forums.
  13. I've got lemon juice in my eye

    Is that goop in the crockpot? Did abi make wet goop and blame it on Webber? These dark ones you do are really cool actually, I find them interesting. Maybe you should do one with Charlie and Maxwell - I don't think you've ever drawn Charlie anyway, have you? (Honestly I barely have either.) These are pretty good, very diverse. Nice work. Though I do have trouble seeing the dividing line for faces vs open space, making it hard for me to identify the faces on some of them... You did very well with them though, for sure. Maybe others have less trouble with it than me for all I know. Ahh, Walani must have mentioned something about them being friends, of the sort of mention that would cause such expressions. What a trouble-maker... It seems like something she'd do though.
  14. Hey, look, bug people

    Well, there is something to be said I think. Look at the pigs in the normal ROG. They simply do not stand as civilized as the pigs in Hamlet. The Wildboars in SW show a little more promise as they fit one more word into a sentence than the ROG pigs, but they're still nothing like Hamlet pigs. Yet we still consider them pigs. Somehow pigmen are found over a great many places in the constant. Forge has them, Gorge has those swamp pigs, Shipwrecked and ROG, and Hamlet... Pigs everywhere. But, of varying degrees of advancement. Even merms seem to depict this as well, with merms in ROG taking over pig houses and many living in it at once - Meanwhile in SW they build their villages and have their own islands with their own fishermen... And in the Gorge we get some interesting lore concerning merms, though it does make me wonder if all Merms are descended from those 'Cursed,' or if some existed naturally prior. (If some did I would predict they lived in Shipwrecked, they seem most at home there and most individualistic here.) In fact, in Shipwrecked, I think the Merms might be more advanced than the wildboars. So if creatures show varying levels of cleverness... The Mants must be to the Ancients, as the Wildboars are to the Hamlet pigs. The hamlet pigs are taller and drastically different in appearance to wildboars, as well as being more civilized. But they're also both pigs. After all, both the Mants and the Ancients lived underground. And all varieties of pigs live in houses. And all varieties of merms like swamps or marshland, or moist habitat of some kind. The mants probably are not in and of themselves Ancients. Though they might be related. But it's definitely fun to see something of how they might have vaguely looked or vaguely been like...
  15. Cameo Draws Don't Starve

    There's so much stuff on this thread! You have a lot of interesting and funny work here, I like it a lot. I'm gonna have to catch up with it all, though. ^^'