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  1. Everything introduced in RoT, except the ocean (and even that is debatable),is underutilized
  2. Babying the game? Alright maybe not so much, although it is slowly creeping its way in with brigther colors, smiling spiders and annoyingly cheery farming music that plays whenever you look at a vegetable. Trailers. Bad. I'd say that this change in artstyle has been happening for at least 3 years now and it shows. The devs saw how much they can get away with. I mean, in the switch trailer the survivors are straight up potrayed as if they're on an adventure. In Wx-78's cinamatic (and mind you character animations probably have more time put into them than update videos) non-memory segments are animated almost exactly like regular update animations. Sketchy lines, gone; outlines, gone; darker colors, gone. The main menu art style is also looking weirder and weirder every update. Deteriorating. As much as I enjoy an animation every update if I could choose between quality and quantity I'd obviously choose quality because without it we get stuff like EotS update where the 'big reveal' was completely overlooked by everyone as Alter was just flat colors. I mean that RoT's 'big finale' was so pathetic that I haven't seen anyone talk seriously about dst lore since. Compare Alter and CC to Metheus and AF in terms of community's excitement for lore. And also compare animated Alter to animated Fuelweaver. I don't see any benefits to what Klei is doing with artstyle and lore of dst other than 'more children interested in game, more money in pocket'. I understand that teams change and not everyone can perfectly copy oryginal artstyle but come on, Minecraft is older than dst and yet its cubes haven't turned into spheres yet.
  3. My best guess is that the human that became Wx was Wagstaff's friend/father who was very ill. Wx was their way of 'treating' his illness. Or just escaping dying of old age. Y'know science-fiction-style. I'm saying that cuz the person's silhouette looks like he might be balding and have a beard; classic way to show an old man.
  4. The old artstyle was much better than the new one. New artstyle is making dst look less unique as if Klei is trying to appeal to wider audience by babying their game akin to that pointless 'infinite growth' dream that companies and game devs seem to have.
  5. I fully agree that a good downside is what keeps me interested in a character most of the time, hence why 2 of my oldest worlds are Wormwood and Wurt. My idea for Wx-78's downside: Everything that they eat has to be slowly absorbed (as in their chemical engine needs time to work), all of the food's stats are slowly (faster than jellybeans but not too fast) absorbed 1 by 1 (first hunger, then health, then sanity). Idk if its a 'playstyle-defining' downside but it could force the player to think ahead if they should start healing durring a bossfight as they'll have to wait for hunger first and to pay extra attention to dodging while their stats are slowly absorbing. Also 'use-type' healing no longer affects Wx
  6. I think the role of 'advanced primal humanoid species' should go to pigmen not merms
  7. We need a 7th slot so that you can equip both the light module and the music box module so that Wx-78 can become Fredrick Fazbear
  8. I want a NPC that will call me a failure and spit on me
  9. Anything's more exciting than current WX so I'm looking forward to this rework
  10. Now that's a proper way to write a backstory. WX inserting their own words into what seems to be an article-like text 'corrupted program'-style is cool and the binary spam of 'too late' is kinda like in those 'analog horror' videos