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  1. But... to be surrounded by monkeys you'd need to keep going deeper into ruins cuz there is always slurper/nightmare fissure biome b4 monkey biome. And if you kept just casualy going deeper into literally the most dangerous place in the entire game it's kinda your fault that you died there.
  2. Hello, this is the thread where you can feel nostslgic and share stories of your 1st times in Don't Starve or other experiences. Here are some of mine -Enemy cannot be stunlocked=unkillable -What's that sound? -OH GOD I HOPE NO MORE HOUNDS WILL COME -The only way to burn trees is to wait for lightning to hit them -What are crockpots useful for? -Building fire pit day 6=this is my base now -Caves were an instant nope for me. -Being surprised by Winter and staying next to the fire untill I've burned everything -Hey why is this beehive red? -Drying racks are awesome! -I know how to beat winter- I'll just sleep through it! I've ran out of grass... and food... -OH GOD WHAT'S THAT GROANING?! -Why is it raining so much in autumn? Oh it's 50/50 if you start with spring or autumn. Screw that. -Wait, what do you mean I should explore the map b4 creating a base? -Shipwrecked is awesome! Why isn't my torch working?! -How was I supposed to know that lightning rod is a must?! -WHY IS VOLCANO ERUPTING EVERY 2 DAYS?! -Hamlet is awesome! Why isn't there any flint or grass lying around? (didn't notice machete right next to me). Oh you have to flip these stones -WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BEETLES AND BATS?! -Hello BFB let me just run between ur legs. Oh your head is follo- *squish*
  3. 1. This ain't a thread for this. Others agree with me ("thanks" upvote and no upvotes on flexing posts) 2. Mod will delete that meme (breaking forum rules- don't be disrespectful towards other users)
  4. How about we get back to memes cuz no one cares how much money you've spent on this game?
  5. Anything that requires you to sacrefice your backpack (unless it's an armor) is an instant no for me chief
  6. Another reason to play Warbucks: If you're good enough at getting money you can survive the entire lush season on Warbucks's sanity regen. If you have at least 100 oincks you can regenerate sneezed sanity faster then your character sneezes. Of course you'll still drop items but i don't find that that annoying tbh
  7. Mobs that walk on water

    Shadow creatures are bugged i think. Swimming horror should spawn in lakes and Terror beak/Crawling horror shouldn't walk on water. I think Klei messed something up when they fixed bug with hypopotamooses walking on water. Mants often walk on water if their nest is too close to the lake. So both of these are bugs
  8. The Aporkalypse

    Speaking of ambiance I had some ideas in mind (prepare for quality paint drawings) Since Ancient Herald being related to ancients is basically canon I thought of these -Some sorta human-looking shadow monsters that'd disappear when player gets close just like Mr. Skits. Or even better- make them seem Innocent at first but as you get closer they scream/jumpsacre you and then dissapear -Pangoldem hiding for the durration of aporkalypse -Ancient ruins should have less pig ghosts in them maybe 2-3 instead of 5. -Also I think that some paintings/symbols in the ruins should lit up or change appearances. -Hand looking trees could start moving like hands. Not actually dangerous but creepy anyway. -Lake changes colour to look like blood
  9. They are terrible and only useful if you want to farm nightmare fuel. Also if you're trolling then stop
  10. I'd recommand bringing pan flute for his krampus phase, unless ur friend can rely on Abigail
  11. Also durring Winter's Feast Klaus respawns every 20 days like D-fly and BQ so you can really farm him
  12. Durring Winter's Feast you get what you'd normally get + a present with cookies and electric milk + a present with festive boubles/lights/ornaments.
  13. Wigfrid is DUUMMBBB

    Don't play Wigfrid lol For real tho Hamlet is still in early access so I guess Klei is going to add food for Wigfrid *remembers Shipwrecked coffee and Wigfrid* Yeah scratch that, just don't play Wigfrid
  14. chesters bone burned

    When chest burns down all items fall out of it. Also eye bone is indestructible. What you said is double the impossible