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  1. In case somebody doesn't know what a mimic is: an enemy that looks like a structure that tries to attack player by surprise. Ruins' labirynth has a lot of chest. I've read on wiki that apparently they can mess with your stats or items % but tbh I've rarely seen them do that. Heck (at lest for me) they rarely spawn DDD. I thought they're supposed to be a trap. Mimics could be a nice addition to those dangers. And there's also a potential for mimics in Hamlet. Afterall Hamlet's about dangeon exploration and that's literally the perfect place for a mimic.
  2. Did you seriously not get my point? ...enemies die by fire but drop normal loot. Loot doesn't turn into ash
  3. Yes please. This is a meme thread not a meme page- can yall stop adding unnecesarry comments everytime someone posts a meme here. Seriously, things have been okie-dokie for 3 years and suddently JoeW has to use the "thread will be locked" argument Smh
  4. Don't Starve Comics

    Sorry but can you number the pages in your comics like you used to so it's easier to follow?
  5. Maybe give her an aura that prevents enemies killed by burning to drop ash. Y'know Willow's fire obsession got turned into a kind of power in the Constant, just like Wicker's books. Enemies in maybe 3/4 tiles radious for Willow won't drop ash when killed by fire.
  6. Devs said that this update will "prepare the ground" for new content so I imagine something like Heart of Ruins- new biome but nothing to do in it yet
  7. Ban Pab for not speak England good
  8. QoL2 (pls Klei)

    Basically what you see on the screen is uploaded to your map In singleplayer it's way smaller
  9. QoL introduced things that ds needed like fences and ability to do stuff while holding max items. Bundle wrap and beefalo riding was nice but not really that needed in ds. There're still however many QoL things missing from dst. Things that need to be added: -Map icons like stumps, burnt trees, golden rocks etc -Map discovery range like in dst. -Caves and ruins protecting from overheating Things that would be nice but aren't necessary: -Scaled furnace -Meteor rains (without moon rocks) Well those are what i care about. If you have anything else you think should be ported from dst then write it.
  10. spooky bosses

    I agree that Shadow pieces are p spoopy but there's jsut something about Deerclops. No matter how many times I have killed him, his growling b4 arrival always sends a chill down my spine.
  11. What a lovely town
  12. His face didn't come out as I had wanted but oh well
  13. This thread lately "I expect nothing and I'm still let down"
  14. Ban GetNerfedOn cuz I never said they were harmful