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  1. Also another thing I forgot to add were Herald's drops. He'd drop his scarf. It'd be used in crafting wormhole. Since y'know shadow magic and stuff. Plus he comes out of the ground. You'd have to place it once somewhere and again in another place
  2. Wilba: Quotes are fine although I'd prefer her mentioning her father more. At some point she used to snort while talking. I liked that. If you removed it Klei then I hope you bring it back. Put in case it's not removed then i found a bug that she doesn't snort in RoG. Wormwood: Many of his quotes are repetitive. They seem unfinished tbh. For example his quote for boss arival is "Eyeball head branch incoming" or something like that which obviously refferences Deerclops. Except that he says that when any boss (Moos, D-fly, Bearger, Sealnado) arrives.
  3. Ban zerologist for having half of the posts on this page
  4. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    Pretty cool that you draw other people OCs
  5. I mean… she knows him enough to call him "TIS TRADER KING". I'd be much easier if she had more quotes about her father
  6. Wilba doesn't say that PK is her father. So I guess he isn't.
  7. It's sad to hear that as Sw still could have a lot of cool content. Now I don't know how being a game developer on steam works but couldn't Klei make Sw cost as much as Hamlet? Cuz in my opinion Sw adds as much content as Hamlet. And if they'd ever decide to seriously work on Sw again (bigfixes, new content, underwater world) then that'd be a good opportunity for them to, as I said, make Sw cost more and make it so that old players would also need to buy new update. If that's possible on steam ofc
  8. [Game Update] - 309895

    B-but... but... Mah moth mob baby!
  9. I guess not so much "new" as "finished". Her old transformation was her kneeling, spazzing out and trying to howl because it was cut. It looked pretty unfinished. Right now her changing animation is much more polished and, what I personaly like, right after changing she sits still for like a second then opens her eyes and (I think) smiles. Right after that she does a long howl and music kicks in with it which looks really cool. Her old attack/do stuff animation was her slashing with only 1 hand. Now she swings 1 hand and then another, like a swimmer. Her transformation back to Wilba also looks more polished.
  10. @watermelen671 in case you're bored. Werewilba got some new animations
  11. Merm trying to fish. And this… thing. Don't ask
  12. Well yeah. That's the most logical conclusion. He's made out of living logs, that's how he can walk, talk and do stuff. But it's the knowlege from the green gem that allows him to be conscious and act human
  13. Snakeskin hat no longer protects from lightning.
  14. I've went to the caves at the, I belive, end of the winter and when I came out it was summer. I'm on PC steam in case that matters