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  1. 'To your health" - gives enemy the tipsy argument, expands. I suppose the devs would also love to make it give us the tipsy card
  2. I don't expect to 'win'. I just want to participate. Thank you for allowing drawings.
  3. Well actually I'd be fine with both. Devs add some decorative items about nature and then release a bunch of nature-themed skins for structures and items.
  4. Simply how to cool down water without rocket science stuff or exploits
  5. I'm puping water from like 2 Cool Steam Vents and a Salt Geyser. The water goes through 2 ancient machines that make cold but it only makes the surrounding area hot instead of getting colder. It's in a radiant pipe made from refined gold and I've made it go like 80g per pocket. Am I doing something wrong or should I wait untill I've drained the geysers dry from the water that accumulated b4 I tamed them?
  6. I'm not sure I understand what you meant. I mean, of course devs could just add more skins to structures and call it a day. But I'd like them to instead add more decorative items. Of course after RoT is done.
  7. Uhhh... yeah? We have an entire crafting station and crafting tab dedicated to making fancy statues. Why can't we have ones related to spooky things. Or survival, nature, magic, clockwork etc.
  8. Yeah... that's kind of the point. I'd like Klei to (after RoT ofc) dedicate a few updates to things like building, ambiance, old content and such. Well that's obvious, isn't it. That's why I didn't list stuff like Lune Trees or Stone Fruit Bushes. Everything can be used as a decoration but some things exist solely to be used as a decoration.
  9. Hello, new thread. This is sort of a continuation of my last thread, in which I talked about dst's ambiance. That's cuz ambiance and building mechanic play a major role in the endgame. Anyway... 80% of dst's building mechanic is skins. I'm sorry but someone had to say it. It's most obvious durring this time of the year, durring Hallowed Nights. If you want to build a spooky setpiece then the vanilla game only gives you Totally Normal Trees, the rest you have to buy/get lucky with presents. Let's recap what Klei has done durring RoT to expand building in dst: -Trees won't aggresively spawn themselves in the middle of your build -Added missing bosses' statues -You can now craft turfs The biggest addition was probably the turf-crafting station. We can now make one place prettier without making other place uglier. Imo there's still a lot Klei should work on after they're done with RoT. After all every playthrough leads to endgame and dst's endgame is underdeveloped Discuss... I guess