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  1. Nah only this morning when I noticed the thread's 399 pages long. Anyway enough of continous quoting. Seeing that something was posted on the meme thread and it turns out to be just someone quoting the meme is disappointing
  2. Another milestone incomin' lads
  3. Count to 200 without interruption

    156 Speedrun to 200 while the mods are asleep
  4. Imo it'd be neat if the Merm King ended up being the Elder Pig from the Gorge who unfortunatelly succumbed to the mermification
  5. Sorry but most of the ideas I've presented were based around non-combat actions: years survived, exploring the sea and lunar Island. Some parts of the content should be locked behind Fuelweaver fight as it's an important event in the lore.
  6. 1. Pigs and most likely Bunnymen hate her 2. She's vegetarian Those are enough to balance her perks
  7. So Woodie's cinematic was a big Canadian joke, which is best described with a comment I've found under that video: 'Where's the animation? All I saw was an average Canadian trying to chop down a tree'. But future characters' cinematics hopefully won't be like that. Which brings me to this question: How will Webber's cinematic be handeled? From his quotes it's heavily implied that he ended up in Constant because Maxwell promised to turn him back into human. Which means that he got eaten by a spider in the real world. Which brings a question of how did a dst spider end up in the real world? Not to mention that the whole idea of Webber being eaten by a spider and then living inside it is absurd. For the longest time my headcanon was that he got eaten by a Spider Queen. And since Spider Queen turns food into spiders and she didin't digest Webber he got turned into what he is today. What I'm trying to say is: what will Webber's cinematic show us? Pre-Spider Webber? Webber having flashbacks from his normal life? Webber being eaten by a spider? It better doesn't end up being a Woodie's cinematic where we'd see post-rework Webber fighting a boss or something like that.
  8. I wonder what 'Likes Durians' means? Are Durians Dragonfruit 2.0 for her?
  9. Y'know I like to think that Klei has changed when it comes to dst. They've already proven to understand what we expect from characters (compare original Winona's perks to Wortox's ones) etc. And by looking at the fact that they've decided to change background ocean into a playable area, I also want to believe that they're ready to add these changes that we're being suggested since NR into the game.
  10. Wurt

    Well that's low-key disapinting