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  1. Pigs to actually act like intelligent members of a vilage. Picking up seeds and planting wild crops. Harvesting berry bushes and grass tufts. Plus some idle animation. Litteraly the more idle animations in the game (not just for pigs) the better
  2. No disscussions in the meme thread. If you want art assets then go to @watermelen671's 'Datamining thread' in 'Return of Them Beta' subforum, please.
  3. The 2 subforums should stay as they are. That means separated. What should be done however is deffinitely moving Sugestions and Feedback higher. As of now it's way to low for most forum users to notice. Sure, great idea. But it's not only sunshine and rainbows now, is it. What if devs find an 'unpopular' suggestion and decide to add it into the game but then it turns out that the community hates it?
  4. That's is what I want Maxwell's short to reveal. But remember that we already know how Wilson got into the Constant. Which means that Maxwell might as well be right before Wilson. Putting Wilson as the last one would feel better imo
  5. Could't agree more. I hjope we get to see what happened to him on the Nightmare Throne Tho I do hope that Maxwell ends up being just b4 Wilson. As of now character cinematics didn't show characters being actually sent to the Constant. And since we know most of Maxwell's backstory I think it'd be neat if his cinematic showed him kidnapping the rest of the characters. That way we'd know both every characters' backstory but also how Maxwell tricked them
  6. Well I'm not a game designer. But I don't think that these mechanics need anymore changing. The moon cucles are fine as is and I think that my idea of a creature or… something changing depanding on the moon phase is good enough. Frog rains and wildfires are fine as they are. And diesease is just a boring mechanic. Tbh I always set it to 'never' when creating a new world
  7. I'm sorry I just had to give my thread a proper burial
  8. Yeah I know that. Thing is- not many people visit that (or rather 'this' since mod moved the thread) place. Suggestions and Feedback earned itself a reputation of a place where you go to write something like 'Add Squirels' and that's the entire thread. I wanted to get the attention of many forumers and create an actual discussion. Just look at the majority of threads present here. 3-5 replies and less than 200 views. How would I know what the community thinks about my idea with a total of 7 people commenting something. Same goes for Klei. They wouldn't know if the community likes this idea or not
  9. I could ask you the very same question... In my original post (OP) I said multiple times that forced content doesn't eaqual a Deerlops or a hound wave. Yet you only see it from that perspective. What is more the ideas you give are exactly what most experienced players (that you mentioned) dislike. A content that you very well might not know even exists. An island you have to swim to. A boss you have to trigger. Klei has already proven that they can handle things that I mentioned in OP. A new player on a 600+ days server isn't attacked by 20 hounds. Also... Klei added Antlion. That's forced content
  10. Since JoeW encouraged more discussions about game's future I figured I might as well bring up the topic of progression once more. This time I'll try to give less ideas on what can be added and focus more on why progression should be added into dst. Let's start with aknowledging on how dst functions right now: To new players dst is quite hard provided that they're going in blind. If they decide to watch tutorials/read wiki etc then all they need to be a qualified 'experienced player' is some practise. Learning kiting paterns, crockpot recipes, farms designs and all that. Once you learn these, dst can become quite predictible and even dull at times even if you haven't experienced all of its content yet. This is because majority of new content is optional or decorational. Bosses that you need to disturb yourself, long journeys that reward you a statue sketch. You've already seen everything the game can throw at you, the rest you have to find yourself. Many experienced players here suggested that Klei should add more forced content. The most common response is 'No it'd make the game too hard for begginers'. This is where progression comes into play. It'd allow Klei to add more forced content without making early game too hard for newcomers. Progression can occur in 2 ways: actions done or days survived. I believe that both of these ways should be added into the game. Now I hear you saying 'What's the point of progression, you'll learn what happens after what and will be bored again'. And that's why I'm putting out an idea of randomness. Thanks to it every playthrough could be different. To give some examples we can already see in game: Antlion (forced content), map's shape, skeletons, locations of salt statues, setpieces. Randomness combined with progression would definitelly spice things up as you wouldn't be sure what your action could've just caused. Keep in mind that when I'm talking about forced content I do not mean 'Hounds and Deerclops attacks-like content'. Forced content might as well be a small inconvience to the player simmilar to sanity drain of a dead player or Skittersquid running across your screen. Progression could also very well be related to atmosphere and ambiance. Remember that when talking about a big change to the game you always have to see beyond what's only written Now for some examples: -Seasons receiving new content after you've survived them. If you think adding all of this would make seasons feel overpacked with stuff then the game could pick only one effect for this year which wouln't happen in the next one (unless the game rolls it again) -Natural Pig villages being more randomized. Wild crops growing here and there. Sometimes a bonefire could be present -Pigs getting smarter after some time. As in they're able to plant their own wild crops, collect items, create tools and armor. AI also gets smarter of course. Player would either be forced to use other helmets or a new source of pig skin could be added. -After visiting Lunar Islands/Assembling the crafting station there'd be like a shockwave that'd indicate a big thing has just happened. An arrival of new critter to the main island. This mob would act differently depanding on the moon phase, not just the full moon. Speaking of it full moons would be more lively now. -After some time eagle-like birds appear on the main island. Neutral but can be deadly. -After crafting something at pseudo science station insanity could have more effects. Or a new Shadow Creature that instead of killing you makes your life a nightmare -After some time the sea gets filled with groups of aggresive pirhana-like fish. If you don't want to deal with them you'll need to do some special stuff -Defeating the Fuelweaver sets a chain reaction of sorts. -A small ant-like bugs which are only for decoration and atmosphere As you can see forced content doesn't have to be a destructive hound wave or a boss visiting you. Progression doesn't have to immediately change your entire gameplay. Discuss, give your own ideas and if you're against it then do tell why Tldr: Progression allows forced content without discouraging new players. Forced content doesn't always have to mean a boss arriving at your base. More randomness would spice things up so the game doesn't end up predictible.
  11. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    Another thing that let me down a bit with Hamlet is the lack of lore. I was hoping for a reveal of pigs history or that the ruins would contain something that could sched more light on Ancients or Constant in general. Unfortunatelly we didn't get much, tho I've seen some people making assumtions about the Aporkalypse calendar
  12. The Dlc is meant to be harder than previous ones. For example seasons are shorter which means you have less time to prepare. And yes, you do manage a town. At some point of the playthrough you'll be able to build your own pig houses and collect taxes etc
  13. Monoxide Memes

    Blame Klei not me