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  1. It better also be like winter's feast when it comes to developement. The last thing I'd want would be another event that the devs consider 'this month's content update' like year of the x
  2. Holding space to continuesly pick items or chop/mine was already a thing.
  3. For the mods and curious alike- I have no idea how to contact any of the people that take care of the fanon wiki so I'm making this forum post. Since RoT has seen a lot of events result from 'Moon''s actions I think that the 'Moon' should get its own wiki article simmilar to the one They have. Describing the entity's motives and the effects of its influence upon flora and fauna.
  4. The game already has 3 mutant mobs in it. Discontinuing lunar horror doesn't fix anything for those that can't stomach it and removing the existing 3 will cause an outrage in the community. Add more lunar horrors and a toggle that changes their apperance; both sides will be happy. I am very much in favour of body horror, crystal growths design.
  5. More like clean up all those useless text posts
  6. Unfortunatelly that's pretty much a lie. Lunar mutants were VERY well received by the community and we were all waiting for more of the creepy content. Then a loud minority, that probably doesn't even make 5% of the playerbase, decided to whine about how Klei didn't include an option to turn the mutants off. Klei, obviously, instead of including said option decided to scrap the whole idea. Wouldn't be surprised if their chinease partners had something to do with it since blood and gore is a taboo in China. And saying that it didn't fit the game is a poor excuse. Lunar mutants went through idea phase, concept art phase, gameplay and sound design phase, were part of a trailer and even drawn on art streams. That was quite a lot of time to think about them, Klei. Not to mention that the original 3 are still in the game, so you didn't gain anything but an annoyed community.
  7. Yeah... dst's kinda like that. Even after the long awaited YotB had arrived I became bored with the game after about 1 play session. Probably not the first and not the last time this will happen
  8. Alright some clarifying When I said that you can get every reward under 2-3 games I said that under the assumtion that one would be satisfied with 1 or 2 beef skins. In one of my worlds I simply got myself the flowery beef as it fits the theme of my base the most. If one plans to get every single skin then it'd probably take a bit more time, yes. I did not think that bell would act like an eyebone, thanks for the info skye. Breaking bond messing with domesticated beef's behaviour is still accurate. And now about how great this update is because of qol. This is exactly why I think this update could've been better. As many people already speculate those qol changes and beef skins will be kept in the game, most likely added back in the March QoL update. Those qol changes could've been added in any qol update but instead were thrown into the yotb one to compensate how the update itself kinda sucks. Once those qol changes become a part of the game yotb will have nothing of value to add. Yes as yotg was the first chinease event and everything added with it was new and unique as opposed to subsequent events which reused lamps, firecrackers and beast costume. And gobblers giving red pouches for being fed was good and simple enough that anyone could enjoy it. Right now if one created a new, fresh world they'd probably not be able to enjoy this event as they'd simply not have resources required.
  9. Hello, new thread. Chinease new year events were always kind of lacking, with them becoming stale after a while. But god dang is yotb the worst so far. Lets start of with the fact that it takes like 3 stacks of logs and a stack of gold (sorry Wurt) just to participate in this thing. The bell, while a welcome addition, could use some changes as currently bonding with a beefalo prevents you from parking it and breaking the bond messes with domesticated boof's behaviour. The rewards for the event can be fully acquired after 2 games, since you get costume sketches at the end and beefalo statue sketch is cheap. Thanks to @Hornete's thread one can get their desired boof skin in no time. The whole event gets stale after literally 2-3 games. Speaking of which, I'm calling it right now that boof skins will become weavable/purchasable and will appear in skin packs. As I said- imo this is the worst chinease event alongside yotc.
  10. That behaviour isn't new. Beefalos always ran away from you after dismounting. Sometimes they used the walking animation and sometimes the running animation.
  11. Sounds ambitiously. But if the 'portal' was just a complex wormhole players would simply utilize Lazy Deserters. Unless Klei'd prevent that.
  12. Domesticated Beefalos are suppsoed to never enter mating season. However if you bond with it and then break the bond durring spring it will enter the amting season and attack you (even though it's stil ldomesticated)