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  1. She's an enigma. Says that she didn't notice gestalts untill she has already settled there. Talks about how she used to have flower garden and berry bushes. All of those things mean that she (and crab king I assume) had basically built an entire home with gardens and hooks after the lunar islands were created and that enough time has passed for those things to decay. I guess either time works very differently in the Constant or years have passed between Turn of Tides and She Sells Seashells canonically. Perhaps they lived gestalt-free for a while and then Moon's influence affected them by forcing Crab King to go and find the altar piece. Since then everything withered away, Pearl aged, CK mutated and went insane. Either way it seems that those 'sudden events happening in dst's lore' are actually taking years. As in the ocean becoming sailable took years after Moon's piece landed. How else do you explain Crabs' story arc without wondering how come the survivord didn't find them b4 hermit island was abandoned.
  2. His age doesn't have to do with anything, his apperance yes but not age. Look at Wurt, she's young and people consider her cute, just like Webber. For her idle Klei could have made her pull out a pet fish out of nowhere and, like, smooch it or smile while looking at it. But they didn't, they made her scratch the top of her head instead. And that's a good thing, it's simple, unique and fits her character. When it comes to idle animations Klei has to think of something special that will fit the character. And we sometimes end up with weird ones like Warly taking a whiff or Wigfrid bowing. But when it comes to Webber, he has 4 legs sticking from the back of his head. It's like he was made for idle animations. It could have been something simple and unique like moving those legs in a disorganized manner with a slight facial reaction. And yet Klei looked at that potential and decided that it's not enough, that it must be cute and expressive. After all it's Webber, the fan-favourite. I suppose I'm also mad that it's unnecessarily cute, but ds/t burtonesque and dark aesthetic dying is a topic for a different thread.
  3. Some things I have to say. I don't mind changes we got right now, they sound good on paper. However... -I do hope spiders got a total overhaul animation-wise. They have no idle animation (as in boping up and down to simulate breathing), no idle animations (animations that bring life to mobs) and no proper animations to exit/enter den. -I think that if spiders got a little more dangerous Webber players would be more useful with those pacify/downgrade skills. Spider nurse in dens 2 and 3 instead of 1 warrior. Goes around (I presume) healing other spiders, not so much attacking the player. Would be nice to see spiders cooperate like ants. -I am not happy with Webber's idle animation. It's pushing the cute-ification and is kinda out of place. I mean come on, he has 4 additional limbs for crying out loud. Surely you could've made them move or something for his idle. Will Wilson then pull a test tube out of nowhere, just like Webber silk, so that it explodes on his face and his hair bounces back into place? Is that cartoonish enough?
  4. They could just remove turfs from structures and add the landscaping tab as an alchemy engine level science. Terra firma tamper would then only add on to this tab instead of unlocking it like it does now.
  5. I'd rather the devs added new turfs instead of making skins for them. The potential is there, they just don't want to tap into it. Here let me list some things: -white carpet made out of bunny pufts -black carpet made out of slurper pelts -spotted 'carpet' made with tentacle spots -stone floor make out of cut stone, a counter part to the wooden floor -festive floor bought with cawnival tickets -white wooden floor made with driftwood -checked desert floor made with desert stones Like I said, the potential was there all along
  6. Hello (once again) My PC has been repaired and so I spent the last few days playing dst. So this time my opinion on Cawnival is actually based of my gameplay experience rather than just watching someone else's. Don't worry I'll keep this short, it's just my general feedback to Klei. The event, much like I have predicted, got boring about an hour after I constructed it. Sure, building a little setpiece with turfs, plants, fireflies and cawnival decorations was nice... but I have built like 4 different setpieces already in my world. It's nothing special. The minigames serve as yet another way of watching in-game days go by while I try to convince myself that I'm not wasting my time. Mystery boxes are kinda a cheap time-grab for players that have to collect every available cawnival decoration. And the decorations themselves (maybe apart from midsummer lights) look out of place everwhere else. Sure I can place some decorations in my base since most bases usually have no distinguishable themes. But most of the decorations are strictly for cawnival builds. This isn't anything new, I mean heck, look at Winter's Feast's stuff. Try to place a festive table in a survival or sea-themed build. Overall this feels like an event for the sake of an event. It did pretty good for its first irl year, I can see that thought and effort went into making it. Perhaps in 3 years it'll be a lot better. My wish to Klei is that now you guys focus on the base game. For me the content we got in 2021 so far was underwhelming (except march qol). I'd like some updates that focus on more variety in sprites and animations, randomized stuff that keeps the gameplay somewhat unpreditable and obviously new big content like new biome with its own flora and fauna (obviously introduced through multiple updates, I know you guys can't make stuff that fast)
  7. Winter's Feast's curios are still on the top of their respective lists. It's nothing gamebreaking but it's a pretty similar issue to when the dst forum banner wasn't changing properly
  8. Smoldering and wildfiress fit summer thematically and are a decent mechanic. Summer has the potential to be an interesting and engaging season. It's just that it's way too dangerous and hostile when compared to other seasons' mechanics. Winter limits your ability to gather resources and forces you to wear/use special equipment, however it allows you to gather special resources which come in handy throughout the entire year. Plus your food lasts longer Spring forces you to wear special clothes and avoid certain mobs. Other than that everything is pretty easy, in fact common rain means that plants grow faster and your crops and constantly watered. Summer, however, has nothing that the player could benefit from. It forces you to spend a resources whether it is to build a summer base or an oasis base. It forces you to wear special equipment either to walk through the sandstorm or to keep yourself cool for longer. It forces you to avoid every non-protected part of the map, unless you're willing to risk a wildfire or use an ice staff. In return you get nothing- lazy deserter is way to situational Summer is high risk, low reward season. That's why going to the caves is usually the best option
  9. Like wooden floor but made out of cut stone. I mean, there are so many sources of stone in the game; you might as well give us another way to spend this resource
  10. Well that depends on when one clears the ruins. Flying light source that can be crafted relatively early on would be somewhat useful for players that don't rush ruins
  11. Actually, it sounds like a problem with summer and its mechanics. A problem which a summer-themed event could have tackled at least a bit. You don't burn a bridge down (nerf caves) because people don't want to swim in the river (spend summer on the surface).
  12. Nothing, and I wasn't talking about them. Those actually fit the construction site requirement as they are big enough for it or are just an upgrade of an existing structure. I was talking about future and current recipes or maybe some sort of future hard mode. That, for example, pigman house would require boards, pig skin, cut stone but also a golden nugget and a piece of meat. Something like that. More ingredients required for some recipes that can be made on the go. I suppose what I wanted to say is that the 'maximum 3 ingredients' crafting rule is, imo, limiting.