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  1. I think all creatures in the game need a hunger limit. Would save on food. Kind of hilarious when I debug in 100 or 200 dragonpies for a boof and they still act like my cats.
  2. One track they could extend is the "Return of them" leitmotif. It's a quiet subtle track that's atmospherically puts one on edge.
  3. Did you do a design of Astor in the other thread? I'm confused why you made another thread unless this is going to be a ongoing story?
  4. What is etf? Love the dynamic position. Not exactly a dutch tilt. Love how you did the clouds! You studied the style well.
  5. It'd be fun if the Forge mods could give the players a chance to try her out. I remember seeing this on Instagram this morning. Still hoping Klei does valentine skins in the future. The possibilities... Hell yeah! Mumsy and Pearl need more love.
  6. You so cheeky. Dynamic poses for wx. Love the details. Would be cool for the WX update. My favorite is the manic smile on the top left. Sounds like my early times in the fandom trying to figure him out. Hey, it's me when I'm trying to keep myself awake while playing Oxygen Not Included or Darkest Dungeon Is Wilson treating his eyebone like a maraca? Daaaw, is Wilson acting like a father trying to get Webber a sense of cleaness or...? Is the brain icon due to Wilson derping? Did something similar. I'm guessing Maxwell is asking the "oink" line? Like a child pretending to be "doctor". Had to give a focus to "Evil Chester". That got me. Nice on Walani! She doesn't get enough attention. Webber being a cute as a button shota. Too cute. Little tribute to Webber's mustache, I take it you saw the new concept art they showed(I know this was made in october, but I was curious). B I G sister.Imagine Deerclops fighting Kaiju Abigail. I can see the Megaman influence on Wheeler. Though I also see a bit of the Big O manga, that Max Fleisher meet anime touch. You can never have enough time for Hollow Knight. Is all goooood. Sparkle desu Glommer. The eyes gives me Felix Colgrave vibes though. I take it he hasn't napped in a while? Nice work on these faces, the turn of the neck is subtle. Excellent work with the domineering shading. Though I can't tell if he's leaning on a couch or his Forge book got gigantorized with a enlarging invention by Wilson. Is Wortox saying "Yup"? Cute piece. Don't stress about the date, it's pretty good. Definitely getting Big O anime vibes from the retro look of WX, even if it isn't your intention, I love how solid you did the design. Excellent stance for Maxwell. If you used paintdotnet, firealapca, or gimp, I could see a special stand alone piece with this. I can kind of see why you doodled Monika. The two characters pull victims into their world hoping for a form of redemption. Tragic characters in their own right.

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    Something tells me Moreef has met Denikus.

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      moreef you sneaky little...

  8. Dr. Potatolove or how I learned to love farming potatoes
  9. Totally for this. I highly recommend something akin to Pepe Delux's "in the cave" or that incidental Dark Crystal music when Jen is traveling.
  10. I wish the rocket system was a bit more simplified for me. Just even the idea of makinr rockets are a bit overwhelming because of the swap and choose style of the rocket instead of the stereotypical "tube with a launcher and cone" that I'm familiar with real life. Kudos to those who love the system Klei made but I avoid the space travel because of my dumbness.
  11. Goathead cane and the crystal christmas lantern. Something about the way they did the snowflakes is just so pretty.
  12. Webber is constantly drawn like a cute kitty, it fits. Your take on Willow reminds me of Earwig from Ghibli.