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  1. DS/DST Reanimate

    Maxwell can be the victim.
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Video or remix request: do a cover of Aerosmith's "Dream on" but replace "dream on" with Wilson's:
  3. Mystik's starving arts

    I can just imagine that V For Vendetta song playing behind him. Also love the subtle lines around Wren to show he's also not in charge.
  4. Paxton's Magical Land of STUFF!

    "ZOINKS!" Is he high strung on coffee?
  5. I chose Wilson since I'm a nasty degenerate pleb.
  6. I just googled in images.google.com for Don't Starve concepts. If Wilson was arrested in our world, imagine the traumatic flashbacks he could have.
  7. @Quoth143 did a drawing on that. Judging by the screencaps, those conquistadors might be the authorities.
  8. Those flowers are beautiful! Your base is organized.
  9. Is that comment based on those waterfaring Rooks in Shipwrecked? Nice lighting! Even the background is subtle.
  10. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    What decided to go for a golden theme? Something celebrity? Interesting perspective on this piece.
  11. So that explains his depressed face. Must be painful to feel dapper while also walking on rocks.
  12. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    I've seen people do art of Wilson suffering the same problem too.
  13. Spindlewick's Art

    Fuel to mess with the Wendy loli-fans. Also, brilliant use of parody. I know what you were using~
  14. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    I see you're channeling Toni's drawing for RWP. The background is complementary for her dark personality.