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  1. They kind of look like they should be in rpg maker with that mold. Woby's eyes closed kind of makes her look like she was waken up early. Poor Moleworm, so confused.
  2. Efap doodles. Rags had a hilarious story of a lovebird who clung to him and made his life a hell to be with. I wanted to see what my version's of @toki-dokke's Greek god designs would look like. Due to how pronounced Poseidon's lips are, I doodled a camera. Father is back, so more underbridge comics.
  3. Zyn as drawn as a Hollow Knight bug. The character already looks like a bug, so I thought it'd be hilarious.
  4. Sorry for the long wait, indeed~ Thanks for asking. You weren't kidding, a ton of people on Instagram liked it. And the Filmmaker comic is finished. Big thanks to @Quoth143 and @Theinsanefruitloop for letting me loan their characters. Hippotamoose and Baby boof doing my forced meme. Hippotamoose being a fancy model. Hippotamoose being a jerk. @jouste's Horace drawn as a Audience boar riding a pitpig. Mosslings adopt a parent. Wilba sails on a new stead for the Moon sea. A relatively controversial art I did that the mods removed from the Stream thread when it was inks. Just thought it'd be fun to show Warbucks as a hunter. Not sure how this one wasn't removed originally. But here we have Warbucks exploring hieroglyphics, seeing how Dungbeetles were praised(not official lore). Wilba throwing shade. Wilbur's experience with a spider-monkey. Piko fails eating a hippotamoose.
  5. Must be a new problem. The sandwich quest was never a problem to me before.
  6. Press f8 to report and to finish it, just don't eat the sandiwch. Hand it back to the owner.
  7. The tranquility in his face is relaxing to watch.
  8. hey minespatch, i have heard you mention your cat a few times (Cosmic? isn't that the name?) but i have never seen any photos. would you mind sending a few pics?

  9. Tried the disepenser all materials priority 9 method got me a cleaner space. The bins within the base get the items I want to be filled in while the bins outside keep random debris.