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  1. If we go by the Forge, Wilson is a necromancer. He can revise himself and others from the dead. He's kind of the team medic as a doctor... But he's probably a failed doctor just as he is a gentleman hobbyist scientist.
  2. Kind of looks like a flapping hand going "Oh behaaaaaaaaaave"
  3. It'll take the devs a while since you got the eleven already implemented and then you got the new five. So that's 16 characters needing a effigy design.
  4. Oh yeah, a character themed meat effigy update would be great.
  5. Mainly something related to the throne and maybe some more things related to the mad science lab.
  6. What inspired you to do that relaxed pose with Wendy?
  7. So basically a Moleworm-kin who acts like a con artist? Interesting reinterpretation. The skull-like face is a unique touch.
  8. Unimplemented mob from Hamlet. A mimic for traps.
  9. Love the piece, the silhouette is dominant,. You could tell what he is even if you blacked out the design. Eyyyy, I can see this as a actual critter Return of them: Sketchbook monster.
  10. Wow! That came out quickly. How long did that piece take? Nice reference to that short. Really makes Wes seem courageous. These twp seem complementary. Though I guess the extra elements of sweets for Webber really help with the color. Just has a cheerful tone.
  11. Wilson seems to have his nose snubbed while Maxwell and his niece are just being antisocial.
  12. Back in the day when the Gravitas scientists were making dupes in secret.
  13. I'm still waiting for Crabapple trees... Jason please.........................