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  1. Winter's Feast???

    I remember reading Peter's comment. If it's released during Christmas(the 25th) that'd be a cool present.
  2. Scaring them to get poop?
  3. Ah, so the norm. Also, is Wendy trying to avoid tallbird?
  4. Zek's Collection of Assorted Shenanigans

    I can see it now. Is this a ongoing story?
  5. Zek's Collection of Assorted Shenanigans

    You might want to fix the link.
  6. Winter's Feast???

    So... New years will still be next month?
  7. This massaged my mind. I like how it went. Nice work man. I could see this in a 90s anime.
  8. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Not the literal Hogfather? Though yeah, Wickerbottom is the most charitable person of the group. I'm sure instead of coals, she punishes by pulling ears.
  9. The Melon's Art Thread

    What is on Ari's back?
  10. Winter's Feast???

    Maybe it'll be like Hallowed Nights where the event will be a month later?
  11. Wilson could build Walani some steampunk skates.
  12. Noticed and agreed. Would like a tweak.
  13. Another art thread

    I use paintdotnet but what can I assist that you're having trouble with?