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  1. Thanks to my friends, I'm way more confident into making this thread. Beardlords seem to be sanity based but bunnymen seem to leave carrots when they die. Is there a correlation between the two species? Perhaps we'll get bunnymen and rabbit lore during year of the rabbit?
  2. My life

    You made a life size wendy???
  3. Horsey's fanfart thread '<'

    Wendy is judging grooves.
  4. Bruhmoment23's art thread

    You should do a second one referencing the first poster.Might be funny.
  5. I'd use the name Cyberta for your new character. Who enraged Wesley?
  6. You should draw her like cave woman.
  7. Mirthandir's Mirthandart

    I totally prefer that name over "singles awareness day". Do you have a instagram?
  8. i think that this is art

    Does this mean Klaus Higgsbury has a stomach mouth?
  9. That sounds like a problem.Hope they fix that before release. Would love to see Sweepy bottle the pee that dupes urinate.
  10. Sorry................
  11. Due to me making my world "metal rich", materials don't matter to me much compared to metal.
  12. Rat Race Music

    Now I want to see a high speed beefalo chase where Wilson and Maxwell do firestaff shooting at each other as this music is playing.
  13. Piece I did two years ago. Buzzard from the Goon meets a buzzard, glamour Buzzard, and a ton of blindfolds.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  15. image.png.fec5c4fee64a6342941da8e761e672b4.png

    First I'm getting popularity on Instagram and now FIRST PATRON AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    1. GetNerfedOn


      Congrats for the success and progress, spatch! :D

    2. galaxybread


      i have no idea what instagram and patron is so gud job

  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    show me.
  17. In the short "Tree's a crowd", Lord Sludge and Wortox narrator Emmet did a cover of the log driver waltz at the beginning. I would love one of the devs to poke Emmet to extend that. It's a beautiful little ditty Emmet made that I would just love to hear more.
  18. Wild Neutronium appears!

    How did that happen???
  19. Is this like that one stream where we got to see the rancher hat being finalized?
  20. Post any current vids you find hilarious:
  21. Wait a sec... IF this is Bahni's update, does that mean the upcoming short is about her?