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Everything posted by minespatch

  1. I would love to see this forum have more reaction buttons. Could use a "Wow",  "Daaaw" or "cringe".

  2. This track could work either in a chase scene or a exercise video. Love the beat. Makes me feel pumped up.
  3. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Is that a peach tree behind her?
  4. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Well, despite being accident and violence prone, at least he gave the old college try.
  5. What's on your mind?

    Early? So... When is your birthday if you don't mind me asking?
  6. What's on your mind?

    I noticed a old thread that @DragonMage156 did a while back. I thought I'd carry on the thread. I'm grateful for the friends I made here. You guys never abandoned me when others had.
  7. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    Right picture feels better. There's way more space, feels less cramped.
  8. What's on your mind?

    In Japan, Halloween events are in summer. They feeling telling spooky stories cools off people.
  9. Charlie's Sister [Spoilers]

    You haven't done anything wrong, man. Asked a legitimate question. Necroing a thread is kind of a worry but don't worry, the thread is still up.
  10. Extoller's Off-Topic Art

    I can see you put a lot of time into this. Nice touch on the smudged word box. Adds a sense of danger to the narrative. Love the used of the color green here.
  11. Extoller's Off-Topic Art

    For that first page, it looks like a good entry into the world you're making. The silhouettes work too. Pretty close to the show style! Dib looks slightly off due to the line curves but except for that, the rest looks show quality. The shading helps.
  12. Brownish red is kind of Klei's color theme.
  13. Irrational/Stupid Fears

    Future Don't Starve concept critter?
  14. Dupe-A-Day!

    Getting better, buddy! Your lines are getting stronger.
  15. oh

    Love the Dutch angle on this piece! Sharp use of the color red, interesting silhouettes for the splumonkeys, and a fun sense of adventure.
  16. OKAY Y'KNOW WHAT (Artssss)

    What's she sad about?
  17. Extoller's Off-Topic Art

    If this thread gets locked, just message JoeW next time. He'll unlock your thread. Looking forward to the comic when you post it.
  18. Yet Another Art Thread

    Looks fine to me. Pretty cute character if you ask me.
  19. Started out nice until the alien ducks started quacking. Kek.
  20. I'm still going to wait until a dev confirms.
  21. @Diabu

    Found another Kleimon.

    1. DragonMage156


      So that's who he was. I saw him in "Profile views" :p

    2. minespatch


      Added his profile among the rest. His picture looks like something from a political poster.

  22. Don't Starve Shower Thoughts

    Sure, I'll screencap it for later.
  23. Sorry to hear your friend isn't on. It's a lovely piece. Love how gentle it is.
  24. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    I prefer the muscle on Spyra on the first one but your coloring is getting cleaner. Nice work on what you did.