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  1. Imagine if someone mods the robot shark from James and the Giant Peach with the mechanics of the new shark?
  2. Congrats on this one getting featured on Amino. I can see why this piece was chosen. So.... MAxwell has a bare chest? Interesting interpretations of the birch tree and butterfly. Sorry for the suggestive smirk emoji I responded with, this is really good! Curio collector art please?
  3. Interesting interpretation of Wendy. She looks like she has a independance with her stern personality. Is that Maxwell next to her? Love the cross of her legs. Makes a nice pose and adds a interesting silhouette. Your take on anatomy is good. I hope you ink your work later. The drawings will be picked up better with ink. Once again with the attitude. Love her questioning of the rose since it belongs to Charlie. Guilty Gear Willow in the future? Love this image of Wynter. Cuddling up with Chester is pure wholesomeness. Your take on Willow gives me Tite Kubo vibes. Might be the eyes. Wish there was a bedhead collection for the cast. Nice take on Charlie! With Lucy's reaction, she must be flustering over the pure bara that Woodie expounds to her excitement. Walani's pose just shows off her attitude. Love how you did her eyes. I imagine this is directed toward Maxwell.
  4. @Haystack joined the forums in April. Sorry I missed you, dev.:wilson_smile:

  5. The extra fluff on Woby is too adorable. Love the tiny details on Walter's hat./
  6. You could turn these blob creatures into mutated oil creatures from the skitter Squids. That's good, it means farther away from art blocks.
  7. Just like the scene from Swan Princess. Geese aren't ducks, but this is worth it for the joke.
  8. KITTY??? I gave a deep laugh with that pun. That's gonna look awesome with my king crab mast.
  9. Wait, is that a reference to the ainu loli dragon?
  10. Wheeler would probably have more mental pressure if she had to deal with both the Herald and robot. Love the way you did the ground! The lighting is beautiful.
  11. He went from bara grandpa to a tender pop rock singer. Maybe a cousin of Glenn Yarrsborough. Apparently he looked like that in May on some youtube videos but now I'm trying to find his previous look. I thought I found a image but it was actually Wrux.
  12. The concept for overeating looks like it was introduced since the very beginning but haven't been explored in the final product.
  13. Here's some of mine. One for the friendly scarecrow and the other for Maxwell's fencers.
  14. Despite being sludge, they definitely resemble shadow monsters. The dapperness is just the witch applying heirs of class despite their true nature.
  15. With the way the world is, the Constant is slowly turning to look better. Especially if all you have to worry about is wildlife.
  16. I could see color coded borders(but it'll probably mess with the type of negotiation and battle card colors).
  17. Yeah, make a game. Maybe a game messing with light and dark similar to the flash game "Shift"?
  18. It looks like she took hair tips from Wheeler. Always fun to see another person's interpretation of Wilba.
  19. My first time reaching the throne, I decided to debug with each stage to get Wilba to the throne. I'm a bad player.
  20. The blossoms are beautiful. Thanks for showing their progress.