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  1. What about a bookbug that lurks in the library?
  2. I wish this was a return of them boss.

  3. I bet the gears looking like brain thoughts was unintentional. There's a tone of depression from my perspective. Especially with the intense shading.
  4. Is there a way for Klei to win people back from this?
  5. That's probably the response klei needs to improve it. The disappointment from several players will give them a direction for the future to improve upon.
  6. This video is me currently with my battle with the air conditioner. :wilson_laugh:

    It feels nice to be cooled down during the summer but have to turn off every fifteen minutes due to my skin getting chilly

  7. Don't think I'll get the job but it was a interesting experiment. Efap art Underbridge art Apus singing Death Grips Takyon. Art to a fren called Lazy Ninjjer. I liked the simplistic cat ninja design. The art brightened their day. Part of the alpha testing session today. Lutin was going mad and clung to the players including my Scoobo.
  8. @JarrettM chastising @jambell for putting we-we in wa-wa during that one stream they were on.
  9. Request on deviantart to draw WX as Geno from Mario rpg. Didn't feel like drawing a background. Reference to the Joke in Atlantis the lost Empire. Thought it was funny to have Wortox's hat slump down despite his horns. Wortox's iconic laugh.
  10. I like the use of colors. Makes them look like they should be the stars of a shoujo anime.