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  1. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    My father did this one for the pun. He used the sketch refs that the devs posted on the stream that I printed out for reference. Since it's a gag, it's a one time ting. Here's his storyboard. It's amazing what he can do on his right hand since the car crash busted his dominant left hand.
  2. Welcome to my thread! I got into the lore of Don't Starve thanks to my buddy @toki-wartoothxx. Hopefully I can get the game in the future but thanks to non-game materials like the comics and animations by Klei, I can appreciate the world building before I get to play the game itself. Steam summer sale wooohooooo Ready to play and maybe make comics and study sketches about. Such material inspired me to make art. Here's what I've drawn so far: Wilson and Pines Twins find Apophenia Lio has a Kodak moment with Maxwell William Carter's Liminality And some non-DS related art with the game style: Klei's Herbert West Don't Starve Bob, it's alright Don't let the league starve This page for my non-Don't Starve art. This page for my Oxygen Not Included art. This page for my Invisible Inc. art. This page for my Griftlands related art This page for my Hot Lava art To do list: Commission Quest: Info on Skeledork Skeledork interpretations: Comics: skeledork expressions: Art by my father Works featured on streams Update: 6-28-2016 Thread gets a updated title, hopefully it doesn't confuse things. Update: 6-29-2016 About to get the game, added a greeting. Update: 7-4-2016 Got the game, thank god. Update: 7-12-2016 To do list Update: 7-19-2016 Interpretation section Update: 8-28-2016 oc posts
  3. Same energy though. I had to bring the meme back. I'm getting tired of the bickering and waiting for the forums to quiet down again.
  4. He's Willow's best friend. Hey, if you think about it, we might finally get to meet the Walter that was in Willow's Watermelon quote.
  5. Annnnd the forums are bickering about what Willow needs.... And I'm just here trying to juggle a webcomic and chatter with friends.57d88eaf3fbda_arielcrashescopy.png.f4477e568355dc01195b75672d7c6f8e.png

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    2. minespatch


      You'd think they would wait and see next month.

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      I joined the fray, I won't lie, but still, we gotta wait till we see her in action now.

    4. DragonMage156


      Meanwhile, I'm just waiting for that lore heavy short and continue to never play as her XD

  6. I'm indifferent. New Klei content makes me happy.
  7. silly drawings i make

    You'd think Klei would've had Wortox as the "It's just a prank, bro" update.
  8. Thanks so much. The wiki was missing this and I wanted to do a Hot Lava crossover in the future.
  9. I know that Buddy buds give off floral scents but how about Bluff Briars, Jimping Joya, and Mirth Leaf give off a oxygen boost? If not Jumping Joya, Jumping Joyas can be the alternative to wheezewort giving off heat instead of cold.
  10. Wagstaff Lore

    It's not in the short. It was in the stream with a extended version of the board.
  11. Does anyone have a image of a character wearing a fashion pumpkin? The wiki doesn't have a image of a character wearing it.
  12. silly drawings i make

    You sure you don't want to make a "Diary of a wimpy starver" AU?
  13. In defense of Bernie

    Were-bear. Here a bear, everywhere a bear bear Ol' mcWillow had a bear bear bear bear bear bear
  14. Fan art

    Looks kind of like Murdoc Niccols in a Maxwell cosplay. Princess and the Frog needs a Don't Starve mod. The film takes place in 1920.
  15. In defense of Bernie

    Oh, that's the mechanic from the Forge... Unless Bernie is becoming the size of a hunchback pigman.
  16. I would've suggested spoiling your work due to the huge amount but thanks for making a thread here. Beautiful amount of detail on this! Also love the correct touch on the tallbird feet. I'm strangely thinking of my own drawing:
  17. I here... ONI(RUSPHIL)

    I think it's this website's translation function. Why is Liam looking shy here?
  18. @zergologist requested so here's a memes thread for those who need to post:
  19. silly drawings i make

    They were goats, but it'd be even more tragic if the goats were originally human.