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  1. https://twitchtracker.com/kleientertainment/streams/41839294990 With some sluthing, I found a page that found the stream and has thumbnails of what was shown but it looks like the stream was deleted.
  2. I made the stupid mistake of not screencapping the concept art, did anyone screencap?
  3. "My partner's at it again with his nemesis -sigh-" Maxwell must be horrified of her biting him again.
  4. Can a dev get the archived video up? I'm worried, usually the archived video came out immediately after the stream was over.
  5. That's why I want to get to see the archived version badly. I need to see those once I download the video with twitchleacher.
  6. @JoeW @JanH mind finding out what happened to archived version of the twitch video?
  7. image.thumb.png.60a0c0c3d089d52df8e197f3c6ad73ba.pngThe chat went wild when the bugnet concept got showed.

    1. beanboy12


      the net looks like it would say "EAT OF THEIR FLESH AND DRINK OF THEIR BLOOD." unironically it looks horrifying

  8. Good first attempt, you'll get to perfection.
  9. I'm trying to find the stream link for the archived version but it's not there.
  10. image.png.489da7a8d43329e638216708a3b481dd.pngOoooooooof The show had a quarantine two months before covid was announced.:wilson_shocked:

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    2. minespatch


      Yup, underrated show. I wish people would stop trying to think it's supposed to be a "laugh a minute" type of show. I see it more like a fantastical soap opera similar to Dark Shadows.

    3. Mr0idealistic


      I forgot dark shadows was a thing

    4. minespatch


      My father loves that soap opera. He's a big fan of vampires.

  11. Beautiful editing and the song is pretty catchy. Nice work using what you can. Hope we'll get more animations for the devs to abuse in the future.
  12. Good luck to those players who know how to use rockets and avoid radiation, I'll stick with my swamp and plugslugs.
  13. eyyy, Pearl outfits. I have to wonder what her fighting in the Forge would be like?
  14. I love the underwear subtleties but yeah, I'd love small changes for the main outfits as well.
  15. 6:30 my time. Father woke me up and the day is getting warmer.
  16. Spoiler


    7 hours ago, Sunset Skye said:



    I tried....:wilson_dorky:

    Pretty sure @GreenWyvern can make a mashup better than this. The reason I combined the music is because the farming track had a John Kander type of beat. 


    1. beanboy12


      ive never regretted reading hidden content before this...