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  1. I hope so too! I love the Invisible Wilson! (We can only pray for a gorgon WIllow haha!) Thanks so much! Thought I'd give my own take on Charlie! ^_^
  2. I made my own skin for Willow, she is a gorgon! With additional sketches!
  3. Thank you!! ^_^ I tried to give her an eerie feel, so I made the background like that!
  4. Thanks so much!!! <3 It took me forever to post again sorry!! Here is the new Hallowed Nights skin though! I love her ;-;
  5. Thank you very much!! I'm planning to make all the girls in a similar style ^^
  6. I have been slow with art sorry ;-; But I have drawn Willow's vic skin!
  7. Thank you!! <3 My brush that I used has a scratchy texture to it, is that what you mean? ^_^ I would like to try and give them all a 'cold stare' vibe!
  8. I finally got around to one of these, It was fun! I hope I'll have time to do more :')
  9. She is quite the evil one! >:D Wow thank you so much!!!! You have given me the idea to maybe redraw some of the portraits with my own twist to them
  10. Oh it does too! It's quite nice thinking of it like that! Quickly painted Shadow Willow
  11. Not exactly, I did sort of merge the two together instead
  12. Forgot I never uploaded this :') Here is the summer koalefant!