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  1. Also is there a way to get the veggies off the scale aside from switching them out?
  2. What do you do with the giant produce? How do you eat it?
  3. Anyone figure out how to spot what the little ghost is looking for? So far I get that the minigame is essentially a new version of the find the things from the Adventure Mode of DS, and the little ghost gives of a bigger and bigger halo when you're close, but I can't seem to find what it's looking for. EDIT: Nevermind! Found it!
  4. So cool we also get a look at Jack Carter! Twins run in the family!
  5. So the Winter's Feast Table is like the end table and you have to find it in the world?
  6. Still haven't found any of the islands. Kinda bummed. 

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      I also decided to generate a world on small instead of the standard size (large).

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      Charlie became Charlie Columbus.

  7. WX-78 now has a polar opposite in Wormwood.
  8. I er...thought I'd post this. Hope OC's are somewhat ok here.
  9. 1. D'aawww, most likely. Poofy Webber so cute! 2. The Pogs become his minions. 3. I would kind of figure since she was in the dark for as long as Maxwell was on the throne. Like Maxwell, I think the changes to her would not be fully understood either. 4. Thanks! 5. Ehh, I don't know. And thank you!
  10. It's been awhile Humid season in Hamlet for Wilson.Humid season in Hamlet for Willow The Aporkalypse does stuff to Albert. “Pretty lady is now Pig King’s Bride.” Bobbie gets caught by Pigmen as the Year of the Pig King begins and ends up being betrothed to the Pig King. She’s tried to escape but the Pig Guards are keeping a very close eye on her and she’d rather not her hounds get killed by them. Now it seems her only hope is for Wigfrid, Wes, Wolfgang, and Albert to win the matches against the Pig Wrestlers.
  11. Playing Hamlet I can't seem to pick up ground turf anymore when I try to jazz up my base.