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  1. Okay, but how do you activate them?
  2. I like him and how he's just utterly fascinated by the Constant. Quick question though, how do you use his Fryfocals??
  3. I did notice her quote for her Voxola skin after making this, so you guys have me there. Still what if there was someone else connecting the dots??
  4. This is why I love lore updates.
  5. True true. But someone would've had to investigate the fires afterward wouldn't they? They'd have to investigate the cause of the fire and who went missing.
  6. I don't think that's what they're going for. I kinda figured Maxwell's line pre-dates DST.
  7. He kept it pretty vague.
  8. Someone has been keeping track of the disappearances for sure. Maybe even Jack Carter?
  9. Maxwell himself said time moved differently in the Constant and it's pretty much a given that the characters come from different places in time as well as different backgrounds.
  10. (Copied from my Tumblr) At the beginning of Winona’s short we see a bulletin board that is connecting Charlie to Wagstaff’s factory, i.e. Winona and Wagstaff. It’s easy to say it was Winona but the thing is Winona had no idea of what Wagstaff was doing and subsequently vanished with her boss. Someone else is making connections and it could be someone who works with the police (No I’m not say it’s Albert) or who works as a detective. Either way, someone is connecting the dots.
  11. Universal Blueprint Shops.

    Ooh, I like this! And the Carpenter could work there too!
  12. Why hello Wagstaff.