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  1. Maybe Charlie is trying to pull a double-cross on Them. She wants to open the gate and maybe doing so will give her the key to free herself from Them.
  2. Anyone figure out how to spot what the little ghost is looking for? So far I get that the minigame is essentially a new version of the find the things from the Adventure Mode of DS, and the little ghost gives of a bigger and bigger halo when you're close, but I can't seem to find what it's looking for. EDIT: Nevermind! Found it!
  3. So cool we also get a look at Jack Carter! Twins run in the family!
  4. So the Winter's Feast Table is like the end table and you have to find it in the world?
  5. Still haven't found any of the islands. Kinda bummed. 

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      I also decided to generate a world on small instead of the standard size (large).

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      Charlie became Charlie Columbus.

  6. Kind of dumb but are there any good indicators of when you're getting close to an island? All I find are the rocks.