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  1. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    She's thuggish and proud!
  2. oh

  3. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Yup. The sky domain or light domain has blueberry bushes instead of red berry bushes and peach trees instead of birch trees.
  4. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Wilson, being a loyal servant to Queen Charlie, visits the Light domain to deliver a note to the Light Queen upon the Shadow Queen’s request (a note that had been written by Albert actually). Trying to prove he’s evil, he decides to crush a sun flower. A red sunflower.
  5. How come Charlie was turned into the Night Monster over becoming a survivor?
  6. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Wilson's probably pale as a cadaver. Heh. No rosy cheeks to speak of.
  7. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    This was an outfit designed by @TheBlob
  8. Is anyone else having this issue? (Note: I already submitted a bug report) but whenever I attempt to play DST since this hotfix, a Steam pop up keeps saying that area servers are unreachable (US Denver is my area.) I don't know what the issue is and I've already done what Steam recommended doing with no change. I do have McAfee live safe but I'm not sure if that's the issue.... It's pretty upsetting tbh.
  9. I haven't played DST for about a week or so and wanted to play today but every time I attempt to start a game and download the latest hotfix it runs into an error saying that the content servers in my area (US Denver) are unreachable. I've already tried to do what Steam recommended and it doesn't work.
  10. You guys too? I can't play Don't Starve Together from the same issue. The server won't connect to Denver Colorado and I've tried to do what Steam suggests but it doesn't work.
  11. Patience my friend, when they're ready, they'll make sure to punch us in the face with lore and the like.
  12. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Well they'll leave the structures but the materials will have to be moved.
  13. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    They hauled their camp to the coast line to avoid overheating for the summer. Soon they'll have to haul it all back inland.