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  1. oh hey lawl, this is still alive XD I'm surprised
  2. lawl it is actually funny how people found my thread while I went pretty innative XD
  3. oh hello there lawl wait who :u
  4. Ok I know this is a probably SUPER old question I should have replied ages ago. In hollow knight most mushrooms are alive and moves...that is pretty much the best explanation I can give you :'y
  5. After ages of not drawing a single thing about DS, I ended up drawing something, kinda related? well, it has DS characters in it :B Was playing hollow knight and came a cross a character called Willoh, immediately made me think of Willow, so I ended up doodling something. Again in Hollow knight, there are spiders and they look...interesting, so I wanted to draw Webber as one.
  6. sorry if I have not been posting as often, had been taking a break from DS and DST...other games kind of kidnapped my attention away, but hopefully I will return with new portraits for the hollow knight mod and other stuff.
  7. ss+(2017-04-12+at+10.04.30).jpg

    1. artistcrab
    2. minespatch


      Insert "You come to the wrong neighborhood due to squat pose" png.

      He's lookin' good with it.

  8. bloody hell with the metheus puzzle t-t

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    2. halfrose


      bloody hell with mastermind that thing is luck based, which makes it a head ache inducing trial and error specially when it is online with no stable connection.

    3. artistcrab


      your telling me i have been at this for over a few hrs ><

    4. minespatch


      Me and @Pyr0mrcow trying to finish this tomorrow.

  9. Hollow Knight is my Alcoholic drink now, because I just woke up with a headache.

    Gotta sober up.

  10. front idle working fine, gotta work on fixing the side a bit more.
  11. DO IT, SAVE UP, GET A CONTROLLER AND THAT GAME, IT IS GOOD, VERY GOOD. with its chibi hands of course, that are chibi so you don't get to see fingers
  12. bigportraits \ o_o / character \ O - O /
  13. fite me you and I both know the helmet shape is based off bug pincers XD I know it is not, but the fact the entire sentient world is made of bugkind I just like to call it a bug too lmao