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  1. yep, still having problems. you see, it is not the process of decompiling animations. uhhh...for example, you got the ax cutting animation, you see the symbol chances to a swinging "blur" at a few frames. If I make a custom ax, copy the lua 1 to 1 and put it in the game, the symbol won't swap, and i have no idea why.
  2. I've had my fair share of fights with spriter, compiler and everything involving mod tools, perhaps I'm just making excuses to fight them but this time I have been running into an issue which might be oversight, or might be something else. I know some animation in spriter, i've done so to make custom idles etc. I noticed the axe has an animation when you swing it on trees, checked its stategraph and i don't see anything where it tells it to swap the sprite, I have made my own animation for custom weapons [a gun], problem is; swap_object doesn't change to the next in the animation as intended, stead of going from swap_object-0 to swap_object-1, it remains at swap_object-0. I realized that when i decompile an ax, and mod it back, it also loses its animation frames. Is there something I'm missing here? should i be adding the animation within the object swap build? or is just the compiler that hates animations? thank you for reading by the way. I'm just, very confused. If there is no way around it, i'll have to improvise
  3. Reading my old broken english kills me inside

    1. minespatch


      You've improved so much.

    2. Mobbstar


      You still exist! wow nice!

      Not sure which timeframe we're talking about, but your English wasn't bad back in 2016, was it?

    3. halfrose



      I think it was not THAT bad but goddamn there are some bits of it I stare like 'why I sound like an odd robot sometimes in those old forum posts'

      and yeah, I may not speak much here but I often check around when I need some modding help

  4. It is essentially done, I just never got around in making the character inspect lines.
  5. Wilson is a scientist that is down to earth.


    Boi needs no shoes.

    1. artistcrab
    2. DragonMage156


      Now Wilson can do science with Kos XD

    3. minespatch


      Just needs socks.

  6. Long time I don't draw the bunny boy Willoughby. He was the first character to make Kos feel like a dad //in denial// Triumphant or not, Kos still has a fondness for the lad. Willoughby belongs to @Dannyelling
  7. 558d8c0ca778bc89df815e08bc009afb.gif.84fc193d5889ef6ae48efee5227ec6f5.gif


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      Not a fan of moths but even I would adopt that ^_^

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      I remember when you showed the flats on discord.:wilson_dorky:

  8. OH LOL Which? you mean the statue of kos that does the same as the moon dial...or...? I dun remember ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ might as well update stuff Now for King and here the concept of custom walls Just a little comparison between Kos old rose skin and new one:
  9. that is his idle animation, I made it pretty while ago XD ________________________________________________________________________________________ Possibly redesigning kos rose skin and today drew the concept for King's rose skin
  10. Because the ghost is a most accurate representation of what he really is. I actually had more objects than materials modded, like i have tools, a custom crafting station, etc etc. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ <-- with his crown and deconstructor so Triumphant kos is done, WOOT This is another object i added in game, its basically a telelocator base that is a bit beefed up but also has the consequence of being more expensive and the staff needed to use it has less uses.
  11. this-is-fine.thumb.gif.2bb2902a687cf034ed1fb9683d4afe46.gif

                                                    M O O D

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      I feel this is related to your last status XD

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      There's a strange sense of whimsy and contentedness in his face but the swinging around feels like frustration.:wilson_ecstatic:

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      one that is cute X3 two i know the feeling

  12. OH BOY...

    API-modded skins ain't working due to update...that means for the moment I can't test my mod lol

    Klei what did u do...

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    2. DragonMage156


      They "accidentally" leaked their next big event as far as I can tell :p

    3. halfrose


      their accidental leak is preventing me from testing the items i just got done < v >

    4. DragonMage156


      Dammit Klei >u<

  13. Aaaand new objects Sanity pillar will serve to well, give you sanity, but the idea is that it only does so if you go mad. When person is mad it comes out of the ground and recovers sanity, once person leaves state, it goes back down. At least this is the current idea. A 'save me from dying' thing. Diamond turret is...well, a turret. Can't make a server with caves? no problem, now you can have a turret made of steel, gold, glass and red diamond. The current recipe thought for those are: Glass Pillar(Sanity pillar): Glass - 8x White Diamond - 1x Steel - 1x Diamond Turret: Red Diamond - 1x Steel - 6x Glass - 3x Gold - 2x Noting: Glass needs 10 rocks each White diamond needs about 16 rocks last i checked Steel needs 2 iron //you gotta mine flintless rocks Red diamond needs a white diamond and a red gem Recipe might change but so far that is my line of thought
  14. And that is exactly how his ghost looks like now XD ________________________________________________________________________ I was doing a test run with kos new eye shape to update his DST sprites, here is the difference ------------------------------------ And here is the concept of the skin that will replace his Untriumphant. Why am I replacing it? Because Kos...weirdness is no longer canonly created by the shadows, so it no longer makes sense for him to be untriumphant. So there you go, he gets influenced by shadows and perhaps becomes worse than he already is.