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  1. So I have this thing I sorta started thinking on which I'm planning on doing but I don't know much where to go other than possibly not very good options. The idea is to make a button like shift, or any other key that when pressed would increase said character's speed. The only way I can think at the moment is with "GLOBAL.TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(GLOBAL.KEY_J, function()" but I don't know if that is the best way to go around. Does anyone have any idea how to do that? I really appreciate the help Thanks for reading!
  2. That actually did it! it works now after adding that! Thank you both for helping me out, I would have most likely been stuck in this for the longest time if you two didn't come here and helped me through my inexperience! Thank you a lot, you guys are the best!
  3. OH heck sorry my bad I forgot to put it here! I forgot and thought I had attached it too, heck. ord_microwave.lua I'm almost certain I didn't place it properly, I never overwrote a component like this, sorry for the big mess.
  4. after waking up and trying some other things, this gave me a different crash. client_log.txt
  5. Well heckity I didn't know that at all. I just tried it but it led me to crash with the game telling me the issue went to 'cooking', I might be overriding it wrong. As for 'cookpotfoods' no, didn't even consider that. Well actually, I would need more insight on that. It's first time making a custom crockpot so I am, almost entirely blind on it.
  6. Wait is it actually possible to call a component into a prefab? the only way I've ever used for overwritting component is 'AddComponentPostInit' for the modmain.
  7. All I'm doing is making an item that is identical to the portable crockpot Warly has, however, even by just copying the prefab and changing the proper names for anim files etc, I get stead crashes saying the issue are on the stewer component or parts. I have no idea what exactly the issue is at, I would be super glad if I got a pointer on what might be going on. In case, here is the prefab and the error log. ord_microwave.lua client_log.txt "cripts/components/stewer.lua:141 in (method) StartCooking (Lua) <125-171> self = oncontinuecooking = function - ../mods/ordinary rick/scripts/prefabs/ord_microwave.lua:140 oncontinuedone = function - ../mods/ordinary rick/scripts/prefabs/ord_microwave.lua:133 ondonecooking = function - ../mods/ordinary rick/scripts/prefabs/ord_microwave.lua:122 onharvest = function - ../mods/ordinary rick/scripts/prefabs/ord_microwave.lua:149 onstartcooking = function - ../mods/ordinary rick/scripts/prefabs/ord_microwave.lua:61 onspoil = function - ../mods/ordinary rick/scripts/prefabs/ord_microwave.lua:108 inst = 100327 - ord_microwave (valid:true) spoiledproduct = spoiled_food cooktimemult = 1" Thank you for your time!
  8. [Game Update] - 309895

    It is essentially done, I just never got around in making the character inspect lines.
  9. Wilson is a scientist that is down to earth.


    Boi needs no shoes.

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      Now Wilson can do science with Kos XD

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      Just needs socks.

  10. Long time I don't draw the bunny boy Willoughby. He was the first character to make Kos feel like a dad //in denial// Triumphant or not, Kos still has a fondness for the lad. Willoughby belongs to @Dannyelling
  11. 558d8c0ca778bc89df815e08bc009afb.gif.84fc193d5889ef6ae48efee5227ec6f5.gif


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      Not a fan of moths but even I would adopt that ^_^

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      I remember when you showed the flats on discord.:wilson_dorky:

  12. OH LOL Which? you mean the statue of kos that does the same as the moon dial...or...? I dun remember ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ might as well update stuff Now for King and here the concept of custom walls Just a little comparison between Kos old rose skin and new one:
  13. that is his idle animation, I made it pretty while ago XD ________________________________________________________________________________________ Possibly redesigning kos rose skin and today drew the concept for King's rose skin
  14. Because the ghost is a most accurate representation of what he really is. I actually had more objects than materials modded, like i have tools, a custom crafting station, etc etc. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ <-- with his crown and deconstructor so Triumphant kos is done, WOOT This is another object i added in game, its basically a telelocator base that is a bit beefed up but also has the consequence of being more expensive and the staff needed to use it has less uses.
  15. this-is-fine.thumb.gif.2bb2902a687cf034ed1fb9683d4afe46.gif

                                                    M O O D

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      I feel this is related to your last status XD

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      There's a strange sense of whimsy and contentedness in his face but the swinging around feels like frustration.:wilson_ecstatic:

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      one that is cute X3 two i know the feeling