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  1. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Oh hey, this challenge is a thing again, nice! How about Maxwell being absolutely miserable at a beach?
  2. @Mobbstar, what a surprise to see your name in the credits for Finding Paradise. Good job!

    Also, I know I'm a week late, but Happy New Year, Klei Forums.

    1. minespatch
    2. Mobbstar


      I did a help ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. DragonMage156


      Yeah we was a Freebird beta tester. Yet even I was surprised to see him in the credit at first glance ^^;

  3. Man, I slack on keeping up with the forums for a few weeks, and suddenly you guys drop a bomb like this! This kind of Sneaky Surprise Substance Supplement (I am very alone) is why I love this company and its products. Well, that and... the usual... high quality of those... products... yeah. Anyway, good job, Klei! Between this and Griftlands, I'm really looking forward to 2018.
  4. a46012062e.png

    Thank you, Klei, I think I will "resere" a copy. :p 

    1. minespatch


      What's going on?

    2. MeingroessterFan


      An ad for an Invisible Inc.-themed edition of one of those monthly item boxes. An ad with a funny little typo in.

      Okay, not that funny. But I felt it was worth mentioning.

    3. minespatch


      I just noticed the typo.

  5. I'm still dead, but to fill the gap until I'm not, have some photos from my Nippon trip


    1. minespatch


      Congrats though Klei's embedding is really strange with imgur. Nice shots bud.:wilson_smile:

    2. MeingroessterFan


      Thanks. I didn't take the pics though, our host took them with his magical supercamera. I had to downsize the photos to even upload them. >_>

  6. AquaRC's little doodles and art stuff

    Nice to see some more art from you! And high quality work as always.
  7. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Aww. Only 3 weeks before its completion, too. :c But I totally get where you're coming from. I've got similar feelings about my own challenge, hence why I put it on ice for a week or two. Well, it was fun joining you on this wild ride and leaving stupid comments, hope to do it again someday.
  8. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    "Woah, WX, I like what you did with your hair!"
  9. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    I thought his index finger was a cigar for a second...
  10. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Well, it has been established that spider fur isn't very warm, after all...
  11. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Are you ever not on holiday? Have fun in Spain. I was there this winter, and even in winter it was still unpleasantly hot, so I hope you won't melt. Try the churros, they're really good.
  12. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Forget Worms, the new big game is Spiders! A giant legion of SPIIIIIDERRRS!
  13. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    Who needs arms with legs like these?! Sorry, Webber...
  14. The 100-day-Maxwell-challenge

    OHMYGODNEMO You just gave me the biggest nostalgia trip. I had, like, a bunch of those mole cartoons on VHS as a little lad ;_;