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  1. Could you give the punching animation to a Gobbler? Pretty sure they share a model with pigmen and merms
  2. Seems like it, I hope we get more skins for 'natural' items like the Tam o' Shanter.
  3. Isn't it a bit rude to ask this right after they announce the next DLC character is free?
  4. This is so exciting! Is he free for a limited time or will he always be a character that comes with the game?
  5. No problem! I’ve done the exact same thing before, had the weavable filter on and made a post asking about it before realizing.
  6. Is the weavable filter on? (Little spool icon above your items)
  7. You can actually do this with all the events when you create a world (though it won't affect skins)
  8. Now give him the new straw hat skin, I’ve heard it’ll make it even funnier.
  9. I have all the reward emotes (like /carol and /fistshake) and /swoon, but it doesn't show up at all. Same for the Belongings, Portrait Frames, etc. But they're still in my Steam inventory.
  10. I'm getting a really weird glitch, I can't see any loyal, reward (like /yawn), or Proof of Purchase skins in-game in my item collection, but they're still in my Steam inventory. Edit: I had the weavable filter on, please disregard everything I say from now on.