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  1. Polluted

    Ker crawled up to Daafite. "Hello! I'm a Ker!"
  2. Paxton's Magical Land of STUFF!

    1. Paxtonnnn


      Nevermind, finished the drawing.

  3. Mena's Random Arts of Stuff and Things

    a n g e r y d o g g o
  4. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

    (It's also my birthday but that's less fun to say)

    1. WaddleDee



      The cheesiest image I could find, just for you.

    2. DragonMage156


      Happy b-day/Friday the 13th!! ^_^

  5. *unholy screeching in an attempt to wake up thread*
  6. Polluted

    (Into the bar)
  7. Polluted

    Ker was also there.
  8. Paxton's Magical Land of STUFF!

    SHUT UP (Me quoting this and writing that was a joke I made a couple weeks ago when I was looking through my old art and decided not to make the joke until I actually had some art to post)
  9. Polluted

    Ker ignored the glares, and looked at the Satyress walking into the tavern. What was that? He followed her curiously.
  10. Polluted

    Oh, the dragon thing was going away anyways. Ker decides it's best to just ignore her for now and go back to Twent. He crawled over to him, seeing that he was nervous about something.