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  1. Could someone give me a high quality image of the gingerbread and gingerpig profile icons?
  2. And I was just about to post that I was overusing the new outfit, it's so good
  3. You know what, scratch that. I actually really respect you aren't using this crossover as an excuse to make a ton of extra money from the skins
  4. This looks amazing, though is there no option to buy all the new skins? I might've just missed it but I can't tell
  5. I put my spiffy skins in the Trade Inn and got an Heirloom Deerfrid skin. I also noticed that while in-game the Costumes are marked as Heirlooms, they aren't on Steam. I sold the skin to get more skins for spool so I'm not complaining, but I feel a bit worried that I've accidentally cheated the game with this.
  6. no more christmas

    it's halloween now

  7. I said this before but I don’t think anyone saw it, could I see the gobbler with the pigman/merm’s punch animation? Pretty sure they share the same model and I’m curious how that’d look Edit: And could I have images of the new minigame’s icons?
  8. Could you give the punching animation to a Gobbler? Pretty sure they share a model with pigmen and merms