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  1. I put my spiffy skins in the Trade Inn and got an Heirloom Deerfrid skin. I also noticed that while in-game the Costumes are marked as Heirlooms, they aren't on Steam. I sold the skin to get more skins for spool so I'm not complaining, but I feel a bit worried that I've accidentally cheated the game with this.
  2. no more christmas

    it's halloween now

  3. I said this before but I don’t think anyone saw it, could I see the gobbler with the pigman/merm’s punch animation? Pretty sure they share the same model and I’m curious how that’d look Edit: And could I have images of the new minigame’s icons?
  4. Could you give the punching animation to a Gobbler? Pretty sure they share a model with pigmen and merms
  5. You can actually do this with all the events when you create a world (though it won't affect skins)
  6. Now give him the new straw hat skin, I’ve heard it’ll make it even funnier.
  7. I have all the reward emotes (like /carol and /fistshake) and /swoon, but it doesn't show up at all. Same for the Belongings, Portrait Frames, etc. But they're still in my Steam inventory.
  8. I'm getting a really weird glitch, I can't see any loyal, reward (like /yawn), or Proof of Purchase skins in-game in my item collection, but they're still in my Steam inventory. Edit: I had the weavable filter on, please disregard everything I say from now on.