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  1. I really don’t want to go off-topic, but here’s my prediction: The way they capitalize “Pet Fish” makes me think that it’s a special item to her, and it probably gives her sanity. Again sorry for going off-topic, just wanted to say that.
  2. How much will all of the Hallowed Nights skins be?
  3. Wurt

    I just assumed the event short will also be the character short.
  4. Wurt

    I feel like we should be more hyped knowing that he’s coming in about a week. (I really can’t imagine Klei releasing a Hallowed Nights short without giving us the update.) .. we definitely should avoid going as crazy as we did yesterday, though.
  5. Wurt

    Yeah I agree, I'm just saying part of the blame is on us. Honestly, I'm just glad we almost have an actual release date.
  6. Wurt

    I'm gonna be honest, we kinda set ourselves up for disaster. I know there were a lot of things pointing at Wurt being released today, but we got way too hyped. I'm sure they'll release him when they release the short, and I'm excited to least have a more specific release time.
  7. Wurt

    I think we've just been saying "news" so much we've forgotten it isn't just information. I might be wrong, but I assume they meant a release.
  8. Wurt

    Well, they said the short will be coming next week.
  9. Wurt

    Do they usually release shorts a week before updates?
  10. Wurt

    .. why would they change the design of a character just because people think it might be something else?
  11. Wurt

    Unless they made that tweet just to throw us off, I doubt it
  12. Wurt

    Yeah, I find it a bit weird people are just suddenly giving up hope when nothing has really changed. I'm not saying we should be sure we'll get news today, but hope isn't all gone.
  13. Wurt

    Wait, is it too late to get news now? There's still a chance we'll get news today.
  14. Wurt

    what if Wurt ends up being a Wes-level character (.. I'd probably still play him after all this hype)
  15. Wurt

    He's definitely a mermified goat, no doubt about it.